How To Attract A Girl: The 25 BEST Tips (It’s SOLID)

To make a girl attracted to you, there are few things you need to know.

how to know if a girl likes youThere are things to do…

…and things to avoid.

Whether it is to attract a girl for love, to attract a girl for a kiss, to attract a girl through texting, or even to attract a girl without talking

In this article, I’m going to share with you 25 solid tips (field tested) that you can to use to attract a woman you like and take the relationship to the next level.

Let’s go:

1. To attract a girl, don’t look for her validation:

The first thing you need to understand is that you should never look for the validation of the girl you want to hook up with.

Do not beg for her affection.
Do not ostensibly try to please her.

Because if you do this, you’re going to communicate in a more or less obvious way that you need her affection.

You’re going to communicate her in a more or less obvious way that you need her.

And you know what?

This kind of attitude makes women run away.

Women are looking for a man who is able to give.
Not for a man who can only take.

Women are look for providers, not for takers.

Women are looking for a stable, secure and emotionally healthy man.
Not for a doormat.

To attract a girl in a solid way, don’t put her on a pedestal.

Consider yourself as having a value greater than (or equal) to hers.
Otherwise the game is already lost.

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2. Smile (when you approach her):

When approaching a woman you want to seduce, smile.

Whether it is to approach a girl who’s alone or to approach a girl who’s with her friends.

Whether it is to approach a girl in a night club, to approach a girl in the street, or to approach a girl in public transports.

By smiling, you communicate right away positive emotions.
You set the tone for the rest of the interaction.

On the other hand, if you approach a girl by pouting or by looking depressed, you’re going to communicate negative emotions.

Have in mind that when you approach a girl you don’t know, she doesn’t know why you’ve approached her.

Ideally, she should be able to understand from the first second why you’re here. At the sight of your facial expression, and then by hearing the tone of your voice (I’ll get back to this).

So when you strike up a conversation with a girl you want to attract, smile.

Obviously I’m not telling you to smile during the whole conversation (you would look like a complete idiot):

I’m telling you to smile during the first seconds of your approach, so that you can insufflate positive energy in the interaction.

Then you can stop smiling and adopt a more neutral facial expression.

And you’ll smile again only if it’s justified.

3. Look right into her eyes when you talk to her:

To effectively communicate your thoughts and emotions, look at the girl right into the eyes when talking to her.

Or should I say, right into the eye (you’ll agree with me that it’s difficult to stare at both eyes at the same time).

Choose one eye (her right eye or her left eye), then stare at it when talking to her.

By looking at the girl right into the eye when you talk to her, you radiate self-confidence and solidity.
And you can effectively connect with her.

On the other hand, if you say something by looking away, what you say is going to sound fake :

You’re going to look like a guy who doesn’t believe in what he says.
You’re going tolook like a guy who is not honest.
You’re going to look like a guy who is not at ease or who is insecure.

The girl is going to feel that something is wrong.

So when you say something to the girl you want to attract (especially if it’s something important, like your opening line), look at her right in the eyes.

4. Make her understand (quickly) that there’s something going on between you:

Like a lot of guys, you’ve probably already tried to hit on a girl who was seeing you as no more than a friend.

how to attract women“Let’s be friends”

Sounds familiar?

It happened to me a lot back then…

The friend zone.

But I have some good news for you:

This is a situation you can easily avoid if you make sure to make the girl understand quickly that something is going on between you and her.

It can be done as soon as you approach her (if you use a direct approach where you compliment her).

It can also be done during the conversation, by declaring to her that you find her attractive (compliments are very effective for this, as well as stare and physical contact).

Be at ease with your desire.

Cause from that moment, the girl will know that she can’t consider you as a mere friend.

She’ll see you as a potentiel lover.

Make sure to make her understand that you find her attractive, but at the same time that you don’t need her.

Like James Bond who can be quite undertaking with women, but whose attitude clearly communicates that he doesn’t need them.

5. Lead:

To make a hot girl attracted to you, be in control.
Take the lead.

Your ability to lead is very attractive for a woman.

And if you’re dating a shy girl, this character trait will be of use.

Women love when they can just give in to a man who fully controls the situation.

It is your job to direct the movement.

It is your job to take the interaction to the next level:

  • To invite her to do something together later (and thus to invite her to put her phone number into your phone)
  • To ask her out, and decide when and where you’re going to meet
  • To decide where to sit when you take her to a bar or to a restaurant or where to go when you go have a walk with her
  • Etc.

It is your job to lead.
Do it.

6. Don’t put any pressure on yourself:

Too many guys put a lot of pressure on themselves when it comes to attracting a girl they like.

When you put pressure on yourself, the girl feels it.

She feels that you’re not at ease.
She feels fragility.

In a small dose, it’s okay, but when it’s too much, it breaks.

If you put too much pressure on yourself, the girl is going to tell herself that it’s because you’re not used to interact with girls like her or that you’re afraid of the outcome or the interaction.

And in both cases, you look like a needy guy.
You look like a low value guy.

Women seek to climb the social ladder.
They’re naturally more attracted to men that can help them do so.

And if the girl you want to attract realizes that she’s the only person in your life, she’s going to tell herself that something is wrong.

She’s going to tell herself that you don’t have many things to provide her.
She’s going to tell herself that you’re not an accomplished man.

7. Use humour in a solid way:

how to attract a girlTo attract a girl, humour can be of use.

But there are traps you should avoid.

A woman who laughs with you, by complicity or because she felt stupid after your tease is a woman who will have greater chances to end in your bed.

However, a woman who laughs at you, out of mockery, disdain or embarrassment, will have lesser chances to end in your bed.

Do not desperately try to make a woman laugh.

You could easily look like a guy who invests himself way too much into the interaction.

It’s better to just seek to play with the girl.

Laugh will then come naturally.

Laugh is a consequence of an attitude which is going to turn her on.

It’s not laugh itself that is going to make her want to sleep with you (laugh can even be anti-seduction).

8. Make her feel your warrior spirit :

An effective way to attract a girl you like is to make her feel your masculinity… by letting her feel your warrior spirit.

It’s no news that women are attracted to masculine men.

By feeling your masculinity, the girl you want to attract is going to reveal her feminity.

That’s how you’ll get her to see you as a potential lover, and not as an asexual guy who can be no more than a friend.

To make her feel your warrior spirit, no need to crush skulls… Finding a point of disagreement and actively disagree with her is enough.

Instead of always trying to agree with her, find things on which you can disagree, and hold your position.

It’s an easy and effective way to make a girl feel your warrior spirit.

You show her that you’re not here to please her.

She realizes that you’re not needy (like all those other guys who do everything they can not to upset her).

She feels that you have a pair of balls.

9. Tease her:

Teasing a girl is an effective way to stand out.

By teasing her, you show her that you don’t take her seriously.
Unlike of the other guys who bend over backward to please her.

The girl understands that with you, she can let go.

You pull her off the routine.
She feels swept off her feet.

10. Speak slowly:

Many men speak too quickly when they interact with a girl they like.

By speaking too quickly, they implicitly communicate several things:

  • That they are nervous
  • That they are used to be interrupt when they talk (that’s why they talk as fast as they can so that they can deliver their message)

The alpha male speaks slow-ly.

He does’t talk as fast as he can like an ultra nervous guy.

He knows that he’s going to be listened to.
He knows that others will let him speak.

Observe around you or in movies the men who look self-confident and dominant.

You’ll notice that most of the time these men are calm when they speak.
You’ll notice that they speak slowly, by posing their words.

If you’re like most men out there, chances are that you talk too fast when interacting with girls you like (and even when interacting with people in general).

I know I did.

Especially a few years ago when I started approaching girls:

I was talking way too fast.
And I wasn’t even aware of it.

During the interaction I had the impression that I was speaking calmly. But when listening back the records of these interactions a few hours later (yes, I recorded myself), it was obvious that I was talking way too fast.

To attract a girl in a solid way, speak slowly.

11. Leave pauses:

This advice works in combination with the previous one.

When a girl says something to you, don’t answer her right away.

Take the time to listen and to process what she has said.
Then answer her back.
With serenity.

Avoid to react nervously to every action or every sentence of the girl.


Have in mind that you may be speaking nervously without noticing it.

I had to listen back to my records to finally notice that I was reacting too nervously at most of the sentences of the girls. And that made me look like a anxious and freaked out guy.

So leave pauses.

Whether it is after the girl tells you something, or between your own sentences.

The girl you’re talking is going to perceive you as way more masculine and solid.
And she’ll be much more attracted to you.

12. Adopt a self-confident body language:

Your body language says a lot about your emotional state and your self-estime.

The way you stand, the way you move, your facial expression… Those elements of your body language can help you build your game, or break it.

No matter the words that come out of your mouth, if you say them by shaking or by being curled up on yourself, you’ll be seen as a panicked guy with low self-estime.

On the contrary, if you say your words in a calm and self-assured way, by adopting a relaxed posture, you’ll be seen as a solid and self-confident man.

Have this in mind the next time you interact with a girl you want to attract.

Move slowly and calmly.
Not rapidly and nervously.

And adopt an open body language when you want to transmit positive energy to the girl you’re talking to (especially during the first seconds of your approach).

13. Use emotions rather than logic:

Many guys get it wrong when they try to convince girls to have sex with them… Instead of making them want to have sex with them.

They rely on logical arguments, on rational speeches…

But that’s not the way it works.
Women don’t work that way.

how to attract girlsTo attract a girl, you must speak to her emotions.

Not to her reason.

Women are emotional creatures (men also, of course, but much less).

You don’t turn a girl on with a cold and logical reasoning.

But by an interaction full of emotions and sensations.

To attract a girl in an effective way, you must be able to trigger the right emotions at the right times.

The girl will associate these emotions to you and she’ll want to sleep with you.

14. Feel the emotions you want to transmit:

This advice works in combination with the previous one.

You’ve understood – thanks to what we saw above – that to attract a girl, you must speak to her emotions.

But how to you do it concretely?

How to transmit effectively the emotions you want her to feel?

Well, the easiest way to do it is by feeling yourself these emotions.

Because emotions are contagious.

When you say something the girl, if you make sure to fully live what you’re saying, she will feel those emotions.

Hence the importance of being aligned with what you say and to be grounded in the present moment.

When you say something to the girl you want to attract, feel first the emotions you want her to feel.

The words you use are only a vehicle to carry those emotions.
If they are not filled with the right emotions, they won’t have the desired effect.

15. Avoid hackneyed questions:

Hot girls are often approached and hit on by various guys.
Several times a day for some girls.

A whole bunch of guys try to pick them up on the street, on social networks, in night clubs, in the gym, in college, at work, etc.

And most of them do it the wrong way.

They usually subject the girl to the same boring questioning consisting of boring questions such as:

  • Where do you come form?
  • What do you do in life?
  • How old are you?
  • Where do you live?
  • What kind of music do you listen?
  • Etc.

Hot girls find it annoying to be asked day to day those predictable and boring questions.

And you know what?

If guys constantly ask those questions, it’s not really their fault.
It because they don’t know what else to say.

And that’s understandable: they need some matter to be able to build a conversation with these girls they want to attract.

And to this end, they need information.
That’s why they ask all those questions.

Others ask those questions in order to fill the gasps.

But here it is:

It is annoying.

So avoid asking those hackneyed questions when talking to a girl you want to seduce (especially in the beginning, when she doesn’t know you).

Instead of asking questions, make assumption.

For instance, instead of asking “Where do you come from?” say “You look like you come from New York”.

It changes everything.

It works like a charm.

16. Let her invest in the interaction:

When the girl you want to attract engage in the conversation, let her talk.
Don’t interrupt her.

Because the more she talks, the more she get involved into the conversation.

And the more she get involved into the conversation, the more this interaction becomes important to her.

Because the more you invest in something, the more value you attach to it.

So when a girl you just approached starts talking about herself, let her invest.

17. Make her jealous:

Insidious but tremendously effective: when you talk to a girl you want to attract, talk about other girls.

Praise girls you just met or girls who are friends of yours.

For instance:

“We have a new colleague at work. She’s a very smart girl, and what’s more very sexy. She’s always dressed with style.”

“We just formed new groups for the biology class, I was sitting next to a girl I hadn’t taken time to know before. And finally we get on very well.”

When you talk this way about another girl to a girl you want to attract, this one will get jealous.
Even if she wasn’t particularly planning to hit on you.

It’s an effective way to generate attraction.

The girl you want to attract realizes that she’s not the only one in your life, and that you may very well look elsewhere if you want to.

It makes her understand that she’s going to have to fight to stand out.

And if you wonder how to attract a friend, you will find this way of doing particularly of use.
It’s by generating jealousy that you will her make want to chase you.

Another powerful way to generate jealousy is simply by letting her see you with other girls.

18. Keep some of the mystery alive:

how to be irresistible to womenAs you might expect, mystery can be a real turn on.

Coming out as mysterious is not hard to do.

You must remember this:

During an interaction with a girl you want to attract, the topic of conversation must not be about you, but about the girl you talking to.

You’re going to make the conversation about her.
By getting her to reveal always more about herself and about the things she is passionate about.

And from there, you’ll be able to easily build a conversation that will turn on the girl.

And in the end, you won’t be talking a lot about yourself.
The discussion will be tailored to the girl: to her passions, to her projects, to her dreams…

Of course, you’ll also talk about yourself and your passions, for instance when the girl will ask you a question. But you won’t be making endless monologues:

You’ll limit your answer to one or two sentences, then you’ll shift again the projector on the girl.

And in the end, she won’t know much about you. And that’s how she will find you mysterious.

She’ll know the main part, but there’ll still be many things she’ll need to explore.

19. Make her feel at ease by making her understand that you’re normal:

To make a girl attracted to you, you must be able to put her at ease.

In the first place, she doesn’t know you.
You might very well be a psychopath or have bad intentions.

It’s completely normal to be suspicious.

In order to establish a connection with her and make her receptive to your moves, you’re going to put her at ease.

You’re going to rassure her about the fact that you’re a normal guy.

But not anyhow…

You’re not going to say her: “Don’t worry, I’m not a psychopath, everything will be fine ;)”

You’re going to proceed in a subtler way.

During the conversation, you’re going to act in a way that the girl understands and feels that you have a social life (and a certain status), and that women appreciate you.

You’re going to do this through your attitude and some anecdotes you will tell her.

And this way, the girl will see you as a normal guy, with whom she can feel safe.

20. Show indifference:

make her want youRemember what we saw above:

To attract a girl, she must see you as a challenge, and not as a guy who would do everything to get her.

You must act in a way that make her feel that you have choice, and that you can go see elsewhere if you like.

This girl is not the only girl in your universe.

Sure, you find her attractive, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to choose her.

To make her to feel that, you’re going to show indifference once in a while, in order to raise doubts in her mind and get her to question your intentions.

Don’t hesitate from time to time to come out aloof and hard to get.

It goes without saying that these techniques must be used with moderation.
Otherwise you’re going to fuck it up.

21. Don’t be hesitant:

Women want a man who knows what he wants.
Not a man who is constantly unsure and always questioning himself.

Man = Action.
So take action.

Don’t be this weak guy who is afraid to take action and who is constantly doing things by half.

When you compliment a girl you like, do it with confidence and authority.
Don’t wait for her answer or her validation.
You express you point to view, period.

When you say to a girl that you would like to see her again on a date, say it with conviction, by looking right into her eyes. Without going up in pitch like you would when asking a question.

When entering into a bar or a coffee shop with the girl, don’t be hesitating when choosing a place to sit.
Spot a table, walk toward it, and sit.

22. Don’t ask for permission:

Let’s get things straight in order to avoid any misunderstanding:

When a girl clearly says no, it’s no.

If she firmly rejects you, it means that she’s not ready to move further or that she’s not interested.

And at this point, you must stop.

But when it comes to taking action, for instance to kiss her, to establish physical contact, to ask her a bold question… Don’t ask for permission. Just do it.

Again, a man must take action.

If you always ask permission to the girl for every single thing you do, she’ll quickly get tired of it.

Because what she wants is a man who takes action. It’s a man who takes over.

That said, if the girl clearly makes you understand that you go too far or if she clearly rejects you, you must not insist.

Don’t ask for permission, but do not rape her.

23. Be unshakable:

Some women will frequently test your solidity with shit tests or various spikes, or by rejecting you.

You must understand that it is absolutely normal.

She does that either to test you, or in order not to look like too much easy.

Some girls will test you to see if they can easily destabilize you.

Don’t play her game.

Be unshakable.
Don’t let those shit tests affect you.

Women will find this attitude extremely attractive.

24. Assume that she’s interested:

what do women wantWhen you interact with a girl you want to attract, proceed on the basis that she’s interested.

Always assume that she finds you attractive and that she secretly wants to have sex with you.

This way, you’ll adopt a self-confident and exciting attitude, which will get the girl to actually be attracted by you.

Perhaps that the girl won’t be interested in the first place, but the fact that you’ll treat her as a girl who is interested will actually make her interested.

On the other hand, the guy who wonders if the girl is interested (or worse: who tells himself that she can’t be interested), is going to be hesitating and look unsure, which will prevent him to attract the girl.

Your beliefs shape your reality. They have a powerful impact on it.
So make sure that they help you reach your goals, and not the other way around.

25. Persist:

Being able to persist is crucial to attract a hot girl (and to attract girls in general).

Some hot women you’ll interact with will deliberately reject you.
Either to test you, or not to look like easy (to protect their reputation).

It’s not rare that a girl rejects you in the first place only to let herself be kissed afterward.

It’s not rare either that a girl decline your invitation when you invite her to come to your place, only to let you convince her a few minutes later.

Most of the time, she’ll do that to ease her conscience and to raise her value.

That’s why you should always persist before considering that a girl is not interested.

Some girls will reject you several times before giving in to you.

The key here is not letting yourself be affected by those rejections.

Show emotional stability and keep a masculine and playful attitude.

Women will find you even more attractive, and will get really turned on when seeing that they can’t destabilize you.

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