What Makes A Man Attractive To A Woman [9 Irresistible Traits]

What do women like in men?

What makes a guy attractive to girls?

If you’re wondering what are women attracted to in a man, read carefully what follows.

what do girls find attractive in guys

In this article, I’m going to share with you 9 traits women find attractive in a man.

You don’t need to possess all of these qualities to attract women effortlessly, but the more you have, the better.

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Let’s dive in.

1. The ability to lead

Women are naturally attracted to leaders. That’s why making a woman feel that you might be a leader will make you much more attractive in her eyes.

And this starts right from the beginning of the interaction.

When you interact with a girl you like, you must lead the interaction.

Because if you don’t, the girl is going to do it instead of you.

And you’ll look like a passive guy, who just follows.
Which is not attractive.

If the girl feels the need to lead because you can’t, you’re dead.

negative personality trait for long term relationship

It’s your job to lead.

You’re the man, you’re supposed to be the one in charge.

And that’s what women expect from you (even the “strong” and “independent” women).

So take the lead.

Send her the first text message, ask her out on a date, choose the venue (even before you ask her out), choose where to sit, when to leave, and so on.

You’re the one in charge.

Women like to be led.
And they want to be with men who have that ability to lead.

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2. A high social value

Women are biologically hardwired to be sexually attracted to men of higher status (the men who offered them the best chance of survival when we were living in tribes in hostile environments fulled of saber tooth tigers and other dangerous predators).

Sure, our living conditions have evolved since the stone age, but our brain has remained more or less the same.

As a result, consciously or unconsciously, women are still attracted to men who can move them up the social ladder.

sex appeal and confident behavior for long term relationshipsThere is a reason why women are attracted to celebrities and rich, influential men.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be rich or famous to attract beautiful women.

To begin with, you can be seen as higher status just by being a celebrity in your social circles. By knowing people and having a rich and vibrant social life.

3. A sense of humor

But not just any sense of humor.

Women should laugh with you. And not laugh at you.

Think of the laughter triggered by teasing. The laughter generated by complicity.

Sensual laughter, complicit laughter, winks…

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4. The spirit of adventure

Women like men who get them out of their routine. Men who get them out of their everyday boredom.

That’s why a man with an adventurous spirit is attractive to women.

physical features healthy immune system for reproductive success

A man always ready to try new things, to push his limits, make women vibrate.

5. The ability to persist

Persistence is one of the qualities that make the difference between sexually attractive men and others.

If you’re wondering what women like in men (and more specifically what makes them sexually attracted to a man), you can’t skip this trait.

heterosexual men with attractive face and self awarenessPersistence is the art of not letting yourself be discouraged at the first obstacle.

It’s the art of continuing the fight until you achieve success.

In dating, it’s pushing until you seal the seal with the girl or she rejects you for good.

Women are attracted to men who are able to persist.

A man who is able to persist can be impressive.

There have been several times when I’ve approached a girl who was being difficult, indifferent, or even rejecting me outright. But I continued to engage with her, letting her see that I was not affected by her apparent lack of interest.

This often led the girl to sense that I had a strong self-confidence and that I was not the type of guy who gives up at the first hurdle. Which finally made her attracted to me (or at least curious) and start investing in the interaction.

6. Social skills

A socially intelligent man is a man who understands the mechanisms that govern social interactions.

higher attractiveness ratings: women love man physically attractive with light beard

He’s a man who knows how to interact with women (and people in general) to make them feel that they’re part of the same team, and thus create a feeling of complicity.

Social intelligence is attractive in that it is a quality that enables you to climb the social ladder much more easily, and thus gain status. And women know this.

So make sure to work on your social skills.

7. Knowledge

Knowing some stuff, being educated, having knowledge to share… allows you to carry on interesting conversations with women.

You can captivate them and make them vibrate more easily.

Women see you as intellectually stimulating guy who has the potential to bring them value by sharing interesting information, anecdotes, stories…

It’s not the most important attraction criteria, but it definitely helps.

8. Shameless sexiness

Expressing without shame your desires to the women you find attractive is very powerful to make them feel attracted to you.

women's faces own skin physical attractivenessWhen you express your desire for a girl in a solid way, she senses your masculinity.

And guess what:

It turns her on.

It naturally excites her feminine part.

And her feminine energy is magnetically attracted to the masculine energy you give off.

Like a magnet.

9. A good look

Many guys neglect this crucial point…

The look.

I don’t often talk about it on Road To Solidity because there are blogs that do it better than me and that are fully specialized on the subject. But don’t think it’s not important.

A good look makes it easier to make a good first impression. Before you even open your mouth.

Conversely, a shitty look makes you lose points right away.

Now don’t worry : you don’t necessarily need to dress in expensive and fancy clothes.

All you need to do is dress like a respectable grown up man (and not like a child—so avoid the gothic, rapper, or skater looks…).

Think James Bond.

attractive qualities in a man good sense for long term partner

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