How To Make A Girl Laugh: 8 EXCITING (And Solid) Ways

If you wonder how to make a girl laugh in an excited way, you’re in the right place.

funny things to say to a girlIn this article, you’re going to discover 8 powerful ways to make women laugh.

You can use these techniques to make laugh a woman you’re attracted to in such a way that she’ll be turned on and attracted to you.

Most of these tips also work to make a girl laugh over text.

Being able to make a woman laugh is very useful to trigger positive emotions…
And thus to easily take the interaction to the next level.


When you seek to make a girl you like laugh, it’s easy to look like a clown or a bozo, or like a guy who is trying to prove himself

It’s easy to look like a needy guy and thus to kill the attraction you managed to generate earlier.

To make women laugh in an excited way, you must do it in a certain way.

You must do it in a SOLID and masculine way.

This way, the results you’ll get will have nothing to do with the results of the guys who use conventional methods you can find here and there on the internet.

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What you’re going to discover here has nothing to do with the shitty techniques you can find elsewhere on the internet.
Those shitty techniques that make you look like a weak guy or a bozo…

You won’t have to make dumb jokes or to appear super funny or humorous.

You won’t need a powerful sense of humour either.

By applying the tips you’re going to discover below, you’ll be able make women laugh while getting them to feel your masculinity and your dominant behavior.

They’ll feel completely relaxed by your side and just give in into your masculinity.

But before giving you these 8 techniques, I must lay the groundwork of what we’re going to see below…

Let’s ask ourselves this:

What makes a woman laugh?

In which situation a girl with whom you’re interacting is going to start laughing?

And more precisely, in which situation a girl is going to start laughing while being turned on and attracted (to you, of course)?

An idea?

Let me give you a hint:


A girl starts laughing when she feels out of step.

She starts laughing when there’s a misunderstanding that kills the seriousness of the interaction.

The misunderstanding must me significant enough so that this change of vibe becomes obvious for the girl.

Women are followers by nature.
They wait for the man to take the lead.

That’s why a girl will rarely create this misunderstanding by herself.

A woman will rarely allow herself to break the seriousness of an interaction.
She’s much more likely to respect the initial seriousness of the interaction and match your vibe.

That’s why if YOU always stay serious, chances are that the girl is going stay serious as well, and won’t allow herself to laugh (or at least not laugh in an excited way).

It is up to you to break the seriousness of the interaction.

That’s how you’re going to get the girl to get her freak on and laugh.

In order to break the seriousness of the interaction, you’re going to introduce a misunderstanding.
You’re going to introduce an offset.

This misunderstanding, you’re going to create it by putting the girl out of step.

You’re going to characterize the girl as being out of step.

In other words, you’re going to portray her as being anormal within the context of the interaction.

Since she’s going to feel non-conforming, she’s going to try as best she can to get back in conformity again.

Okay Jack, I get it, but how does it make her laugh?

I’m getting to it…

This misunderstanding, it’s you who’s going to create it, in a deliberate and obvious manner (at least in retrospect).

So that the girl clearly understands that it’s YOU who created it, in a deliberate and playful way.

So that the girl understands that you’re playing with her.

So that she understands that you don’t take her seriously.

And thus, she’s going to get catch up in the game and start laughingWhile being turned on and attracted to you.

She’s not going to laugh out loud, but she’s going to laugh like a charmed and attracted woman.

And this is exactly what you want to trigger here.

The girl will felt dominated by your control and your masculinity.
She’ll feel that she can just give in into you.


Now that we’ve laid the foundation of the techniques I’m going to share with you, let’s begin with the first technique:

1. Make a girl laugh by playfully accusing her:

The first way to put a girl out of step in order to make her laugh is to playfully accuse her.

For instance:

  • Playfully accusing her of lying or being dishonest
  • Playfully accusing her of going too far
  • Playfully accusing her of being nasty
  • Etc.

I insist on the playful way of doing this:

If you take out the playful aspect, your message might be misinterpreted and thus not create the desired emotions.

The girl must feel that at this time, you don’t take the interaction seriously.

She must sense that you’re playing.

Here’s an example of a conversation in which you playfully accuse the girl of lying to you:

– Her: “I’m an accountant.”
– You: “You’re lying to me.”
– Her: blablabla
– You: “It’s not possible, you don’t look serious/petty/geeky… to be an accountant.”
– Her: blablabla
– You: “It is not good to tell a lie.” said with a little smile
– Her: “Hahaha but I’m not lying to you, it’s the truth!” laughing

2. Suggesting that she’s not right in the head:

The second way to put a woman out of step in order to make her laugh is to playfully suggest that she’s not right in the head.

She says something to you, you deliberately interpret it as being a mistake on her part.
You deliberately suggest that she’s mistaken.

And when the girl insists and tries as best she can to convince you that what she says is not some bullshit, you accentuate your suggestion, by playfully suggesting that she’s not right in the head and that she should see a doctor.

how to make a girl smileI insist on the playful way of doing this:

The goal here is to get her to understand by herself that you are playing with her.

It’s by exaggerating your statement – in a playful way – that you’ll get the girl to understand that you’re messing with her.

And when she understands that you’re playing with her, she will not only start laughing, but she might also slap you in a more or less gentle way to look like she’s fighting back or punishing you for what you’ve done to her.

And when a woman slaps you in this fashion, it’s generally a good sign.

3. Not believing her:

The third way to make a girl laugh in an excited way is to deliberately appear skeptical.

She says something to you, you don’t believe her.

– Her: “I play handball.”
– You: “I don’t believe you.”
– Her: blablabla
– You: “No, it’s not possible.”
– Her: “But yesss, I assure you! Stop this hahaha :)”

This technique is quite similar to the two previous ones.
The difference here is that you’re not going to accuse her or to suggest that she might not be in her right mind.

You can combine this technique with the previous ones, for instance by starting to say that you don’t believe her and then accuse her of lying to you or of losing her mind.

4. Suggesting that she’s weird:

It consists in playfully treating her like a weirdo or a skip.

Whatever some girls may say, women hate stepping out of the mould.

They hate not being in accordance with the society they live in and being seen as abnormal people.

And girls who define themselves as rebels or anti-system are often those who are the most into the mold.
They are often those who are the most manipulable (and manipulated).

Women are biologically hardwired to stick to the social rules of the society they belong to.
It’s a matter of survival.

A weird woman is a woman who risks social exclusion.

attract her with humor

When you suggest to a girl that she’s weird, you put her out of what is socially acceptable for her.

And she’s going as best she can to try to get back in the mold.

To do that, you can for instance point out to an aspect of her behavior (or of something she said) and use it to portray the girl as weird, in a playful way.

It can be on her line of reasoning, on her way of doing things, on her way of holding her fork, on her way of eating or chewing, on her way of using her phone, on some words she uses, whatever.

There is a myriad of way to characterize a girl as a weirdo.

Use your observation skills and seize the opportunities.

What is crucial here is to point out to something that is not important to her.

You must not use this technique to make fun of a complex she might have or of something that matters to her.

5. Suggesting that she is extreme on certain things:

As we’ve just seen, women generally make sure to stay in the mould.

When you characterize a woman as being extreme, she’s going to try to get back into the mould, by justifying herself or by trying to clarify what she said.

And when she realizes that you exaggerate even more and you’re playing with her (in other words: when she realizes that you deliberately put her out of the step), she’ll start laughing.

Sometimes, she’ll immediately realize that you’re messing with her.

As for the previous way, you’re going to use your observation skills and grasp the opportunities.

You can for instance point out to an “extreme” action on her part (for instance if she uses her knife in a kind of brutal fashion when you’re having diner together at the restaurant), you can point out to some “extreme” words she uses (if she tells you that she hates a particular activity), and so on…:

  • “God, you look like a brutal woman, I’ll have to be careful.”
  • “Are you always that brutal?”
  • “You look unequivocal, I’ve never heard someone hate that much this occupation. You’re an extreme girl.”
  • Etc.

funny questions to ask to a girl to make her laugh

Note: if the girl doesn’t understand your touch of humour, it’s better to move on and not to insist. Some women don’t have a very sharp sense of humour.

6. Make laugh a girl by imitating her in a caricatured manner:

When you imitate a girl by gently making fun of her, you put her out of normality.

Because you imply that her behavior is not normal and is worth laughing.

Thus you’re going to trigger the same reactions as previously, and lead her to laugh.

You can either imitate her talking, either imitate her moving, or both at the same time (it depends on her behavior you want to mimic).

But you can’t do it anytime any which way:

Do not seek by all means to imitate her.

You would look like a guy who’s trying to hard.

Do it only when it’s justified.

For instance when she talks in a particular fashion (for example if she says something in a proud/snob/enthousiast/etc… way) or when she moves in a specific way.

And when you mimic her, mimic her in a caricatural manner.

This way, she’ll immediately understand that you’re messing with her.

what to say to a girl to make her like you

7. Amplifying a trait of the girl:

It consists in sharing a vision deliberately exaggerated of erroneous about an aspect of the life of the girl.

For instance about where she comes from, about what she wants to do in life, about what she’s studying, about her job, about her hobbies, etc.

It’s about depicting an exaggerated reality so that the girl tells to herself that you see her as being outside the norm.

This way, she’s going to try to prove you wrong.
And when she sees that you’re playing with her, she’s going to start laughing.

For instance:

– Her: “I play handball.”
– You: “You must be very brutal during games.”
– Her: blablabla
– You: “I’m sure you tackle the opposing team’s players.”
– Her: blablabla
– You: “I could see you discretely trip them up.” with a little smile

Another example:

– Her: “I play piano.”
– You:Your neighbors must hate you.”

You can combine this technique with some of the various techniques we saw above. You can for instance start with this technique, then accuse the girl of lying when she tries to prove you wrong (technique number 1).

8. Deliberately misinterpreting one of her statements:

You can make a girl laugh by playing with what she’s saying to you.

When the opportunity arises, you deliberately interpret what the girl tells you in a way that gives a different meaning to what she wanted to say in the first place.

You lay a trap that is going to get her to laugh when she discovers the truth.

– Her: “I like when it’s hard.” (in the sense difficulty)
– You: “Not so fast, we barely know each other and you start talking dirty…”  (by interpreting hard in the sense of erection).
– Her: “Haha this is not what I meant!”

You can also deliberately hear something different she wanted to say initially:

– Her: “I find ducks very tasty.”
– You:You find dicks very tasty… Alright…”

Make a woman laugh: what you absolutely need to understand:

When you seek to make a girl laugh, your goal is not really to make her laugh, but to turn her on.

Laugh is only one of the tools that can help you do so.

Use the tips you’ve discovered here with moderation.

Although these tips are effective to trigger laughter in a solid and masculine way, if you overdo it you’ll look like a weirdo or like a guy who’s trying to prove himself.

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