Welcome to Road to Solidity, your road to empowerment, freedom and success!

Road to Solidity is a blog that was founded by Jack Vitel, relationship and dating expert.

He was once a full time engineer but after years of suppressing his love for psychology and social interactions, he decided to focus instead on his passion: to help men live the life they want.

Jack traveled a lot and during these times. He was able to understand what men really need and why most of them struggle to attain success.

He started Road to Solidity to finally help men find their true self and reconnect to who they really are.

Road to Solidity understands that man has what it takes to become a better, more masculine, more charismatic and more efficient version of himself.

This transformation is not about changing who you are but it is about optimizing what you can do.

Road to Solidity is finding a man’s true masculine self.

Jack Vitel and his true calling

Jack has great experience dealing with all kinds of people. He has helped countless guys open their eyes, get to know themselves better and revive their lost confidence in their true manly capabilities.

Jack has a true passion for helping and connecting with people. One might say that he has found his true calling after he quit his work as an engineer to focus more on his company.

He speaks several languages, among them are English, French and Russian. He has a great sense of discipline which allows him to efficiently use his time and energy to assist people.

Jack wishes to help more people by imparting his confidence, discipline and passion to those who need it the most.

Road to Solidity is not just a blog—it is a new lifestyle and a new lease on life.