How To Start A Conversation With A Girl (Over Text Or In Person)

Today, we’re going to see how to start a conversation with a girl in an exciting way.

tips for starting a conversation with a beautiful womanYou’re going to learn what to say to a girl to start a conversation with her

Depending on various things, such as the place, what the girl is doing, whether it is a text conversation or a real face-to-face interaction, and so on.

You can use the techniques I’m going to share with you to strike up a conversation with random girls (complete strangers) or with girls you know.

You can use these tips in order to approach girls you find attractive, arouse their interest, and make them attracted to you.

You can also use these tips to start a text conversation with a girl online (on Facebook, Tinder, and so on).

Maybe like a lot of guys, you have a girl in your sights, but that you’ve never talked to her

Because you didn’t know how to make contact with her

And like a lot of guys, you probably come across many hot girls every day…

Girls who sometimes give you a look or even make a call to approach…but you don’t dare to approach, because you don’t know what to say or you’re afraid of screwing things up…

And that’s okay.

No one really taught us how to start a conversation with a stranger.

And certainly not with a hot girl we’re sexually attracted to.

And because of that, we miss many opportunities to meet beautiful and interesting girls with whom we could live exciting experiences.

And over time, it becomes frustrating.

one word answer despite interesting conversation starters

We think back about all those beautiful girls we came across but that we couldn’t approach.

In this article, I’m going to give you some keys that will help you take action more easily with the girls you find attractive.

Next time you come across a hottie, you won’t feel lost ;).

We’re going to run through the different places where you can start a conversation with girls.

And for each of those places, we’re going to see how you can strike up a conversation in an attractive way.


Let’s start right now by talking about the first place (or rather the first type of place) where you can start a conversation with a girl:

1) Start a conversation with a girl in a public place:

We come across pretty girls every day.

On our way to work or to university, at the supermarket, at the gym…

Yes, we often come across girls with whom we would like to get better acquainted ;).

And some of those girls even give us some little looks (it’s rare, but it happens).

And you’ll agree with me to say that not being able to make contact with attractive girls who look at you insistently can be very frustrating over time.

That’s why it’s quite useful to know how to start a conversation with a hot stranger in public places, whether it’s on the street, in a store, in the supermarket, on public transportation…

And that’s what we’re going to see right now.

best conversation starters and conversation topics

As you’ll see, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

It doesn’t require you to play a role.

You’ll stay yourself, natural.

In order to start a conversation with a girl in public places, it’s useful to make a distinction between two types of situations:

• Situation 1: the girl is moving

how to have a conversation with a womanThe girl is moving from point A to point B.

For instance, from her work to her home.

From her home to the supermarket.


The most effective and natural way to start a conversation with a girl on the move is to go direct.

To be straight about it.

You politely stop her by declaring in a confident way (and with a little smile on your face) that you noticed her and that you find her attractive.

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To do so, you’re going to compliment her.

You’re going to pay her a compliment, such as “I think you’re gorgeous,” “I think you look really nice,” “I find you very sexy…”

It’s the most natural and exciting way to start a conversation with a random hot girl who’s on the move.

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great conversation starters to avoid awkward silence

You must understand this:

The girl doesn’t know you.

She doesn’t know who you are at the time you approach her.

And in order not to be seen as a strange guy or as a beggar, you must ensure that the girl understands right away why you’re there.

When you approach her with a sexy smile on your face and you pay her a compliment showing that you find her attractive, she immediately knows why you’re there.

When you do it correctly, she immediately sees you as a honest and solid man who is at ease with his masculinity.

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“Excuse me ;), Hi…I just saw you from the other side of the street…and I think you’re gorgeous.”

After that, you point out something special you noticed about her (like something she’s wearing, the way she was walking, her hair, and so on) and you start making assumptions about her (like what she’s doing in life, where she comes from, what she’s doing right now, and so forth).

Simple and effective.

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What could be better than that?

• Situation 2: the girl is static

To start a conversation with a static girl, you’re going to act in a slightly different way.

Here’s why:

When you approach a girl who’s on the move, she can decide to leave whenever she wants by for pretending she’s in a hurry, for instance, or simply by continuing walking without saying anything.

She has a ready excuse to put an end to the conversation.

Which is why she doesn’t feel trapped.

She can feel relatively at ease.

This is not the case when you approach a static girl.

deeper topics for pretty girl and smart people

A static girl (for instance, a girl who is waiting at a bus stop, who is sitting on a bench, who is waiting for a friend…) can’t just say, “Sorry I’m in a hurry, I have to go.”

Firstly, because it’s not true.

And secondly, because there is a reason why she’s waiting at this place at this moment.

To start a conversation with a static girl, you’re going to proceed in a manner that doesn’t put a lot of pressure on her.

start a conversation with a girl you likeIn short, you’re going to take it slower.

You’re going to be less direct.

You can, for instance, ask her for information.

But for information a little more original than directions or the time

You can, for instance, ask her if she knows a cozy place with a WiFi connection where you can work on your laptop.

Starting with “Excuse me. Hi,” with a smile (by being polite and friendly, you display some kind of social intelligence, and the girl doesn’t see you as a creep or beggar).

After that, you pay her a subtle compliment and you move on to another topic.

2) How to start a conversation with a girl at a party:

Parties are events where you can meet quite a lot of pretty girls.

Whether it’s in nightclubs, in bars, at friends’ places…

It’s possible to have exciting experiences there.

To strike up a conversation with a girl at a party, don’t bother.

The more banal and unoriginal it is, the better.

I know it sounds strange, but here’s the truth:

Women are used to all those shitty pickup artists who constantly approach them with pickup lines, and each one’s stranger than the last.

Hot girls are used to guys who go all-in to grab their attention and stand out.

This is why by being nothing more than natural and normal, you stand out.

Again, I know it may sound strange, but believe me, I’ve tested tons of stuff in the field and attended dozens and dozens of parties (if not hundreds and hundreds…).

A simple “Hi” with a little smile and a banal question such as “Are you from <name of the town>?” will do the trick.

Girls you approach might not be very receptive in the beginning of the interaction, but when they understand that you’re a normal guy who has nothing to prove to them, they will start feeling much more at ease and will open up to you.

At a party, it’s better not to use a direct approach like you would use to approach a moving girl on the street.

how to talk to womenBecause at a party, the girl is under much more social pressure:

She doesn’t want to be seen as easy or as a slut by her friends.

And that’s why she’s probably going to play hard to get.

She’s not going to make your job easy.

Not to mention the fact that you’re going to be coming across the same girls during the entire party.

That’s one more reason not to approach girls in a straight way.

A light and banal pick-up line that is said with low investment is the way to go.

3) How to start a conversation with a girl in college or university:

Starting a conversation with a girl in this college or university is quite similar to starting a conversation with a girl at a party.

The difference here is that it doesn’t last hours, but an entire year.

You’re going to come across the girl not over a period of hours, but over a period of months.

Thus, for the same reasons as above, forget about a direct approach.

You’re going to come across the girl many times throughout the year, so if you miss one opportunity to approach her, you’ll be able to take another chance another time.

Exception: if your college of university is very big (a big campus), forget what you just read and proceed like you would when approaching girls on the street.

But if your college or university is relatively small, it’s better not to use a direct approach.

how to start a conversation with your crush

To start a conversation with a girl in this environment, just make sure to be at the same place as her when you both have a few minutes or more to chat:

It can be at the coffee machine, at the cafeteria, at the smoking area (I don’t smoke, but it can be a useful place to strike up a conversation with a hot girl), in front of a classroom while waiting for a teacher, and so forth.

You come up with a question such as:

“You attend chemistry/biology/psychology class, right?”

And then you tell her that you noticed something about her that made you think that she could attend the course in question.

Then you get the conversation flowing.

You can also make an assumption about where she comes from or about her hobbies.

And if you attend the same class as her, you can ask for her assistance or offer your assistance when you’re in the classroom.

4) How to start a conversation with a girl at the gym:

Like in college or in the office, you’re going to come across the same girls every week over the course of an entire year (or more).

For this reason, don’t use a direct approach.

Instead, come near her: not on purpose, but kind of accidentally (at least it’s what she should think). For instance, you can make sure to perform an exercise by using a machine close to her.

body language and non verbal cues in real life

Then, during your break time, you strike up a conversation with her by asking a question about the exercise she’s performing (if this exercise looks unusual) or by making an assumption about her.

What is important here is that you don’t approach her with a high level of investment.

You must do it in a cool and relatively detached way.

You just kill the time before your next set.

And remember that you’re going to come across the girl every other week, so don’t rush things.

5) How to start a text conversation with a girl:

A distinction should be made between two cases:

• You want to start a text conversation with a girl who let you her phone number:

For instance, a hot random girl you met on the street.

An effective way to do that is to send her a short text message that doesn’t require an answer (that way, the girl won’t feel any pressure and will be able to willingly invest herself into this text conversation).

For example:

“It was a pleasure to meet you ;). I hope you got home safe. Jack”

“It was nice meeting you :). Jack”

Simple and effective.

If you didn’t act needy or scare her before taking her number, she should reply.

how to start conversation with girl on textThese text message examples may seem banal and unoriginal, but this is precisely why they work so well.

Because you don’t over-invest.

You act in a natural way.

You are a normal guy.

You don’t try to prove anything.

You don’t try to trick the girl with shiny stuff.

• You want to start a text conversation with a girl with whom you had no contact for a while:

In this case, you’re going to reactivate the girl.

You’re going to re-establish contact with positive emotions.

There are various ways to do it: you can, for instance, mention something during your day that made you think about her.

Again, keep it simple.

6) How to start a conversation with a girl online:

How to start a conversation online with a girl you don’t know?

text conversations about dream job and common friends

You’re going to use a simple yet customized line.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Observe her profile details (pics, hobbies, etc.).
  2. Try to guess things about the girl on the basis of what you just observed.
  3. Start the conversation by making an assumption about her (ideally, the assumption should be unexpected and get the girl to wonder why you thought that way about her).

For instance, if the girl seems to like wearing flashy colours, you can imagine that she’s a fitness coach, or that she studies art, or that she loves running, or that she’s a hardcore clubber, or whatever (the goal here is to spark her curiosity and get her to reply).

You can use this protocol to start a conversation with a girl on Facebook, on Tinder, on dating websites, and more.

What to say next?

Being able to start a conversation is great.

But it’s only the beginning.

To break the ice with a girl and take the interaction to the next level, you need to get the conversation flowing the right way.

In a good direction.

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