How To Make The First Move On A Girl: What You Absolutely Need To Understand

How to make the first move on a girl?

First, there’s something you need to understand…

making the first move

One of my readers recently asked me this:

How can I ensure that the girl makes the first move and not the other way around?

Or how do I implicitly make a girl understand that I want to be with her?

Let’s get one thing straight:

You don’t ensure that the girl makes the first move.

It’s your job to make the first move. Not the girl’s job.

A girl will never make the first move (well, she will occasionally, but she almost certainly won’t be a girl you’ll be attracted to…).

Trying to get a girl to approach you is not the way to go. It is a waste of time and brainpower.

You will only complicate things and kill the attraction between you and her.

The hot girls you want want a man, not a wimp who can’t even act courageously.

It’s not the girl’s job to make the first move.

Seriously, how often do you see hot girls approaching men on the streets or in nightclubs to seduce them?

It happens, but it’s extremely rare (I point out that this statement of fact doesn’t include hookers or girls who want to trick you).

And quite frankly, when a girl makes the first move, she becomes less attractive in my eyes.

Because a girl who makes the first move appears less feminine than a girl who waits for a real man to take action and approach her.

That’s how we’ve been wired, and that’s how things have been working for thousands of years.

Our primal nature has remained unchanged this whole time.

how do I make the first move on a girlDeep down, we are still sexually attracted to the same things:

Men are attracted to femininity.

Women are attracted to masculinity.

A woman who makes the first move to hit on a man doesn’t appear very feminine.

In the same manner, a man who waits for the girl makes the first move doesn’t appear very manly.

That’s the way it goes.

Those who claim the opposite are either girls who are unsure about their femininity, or guys who haven’t developed solid masculine traits yet.

If a random girl approached you on the street to tell you that she likes you, it would feel strange, wouldn’t it?

It would be unusual.

If a girl approached me by declaring straight-up that she likes me, I would find her less attractive right away.

I’m so used to these hot feminine girls who wait to be approached:

This is partly what makes them feminine.

They seek a masculine man to match their femininity.

But let me reassure you:

It doesn’t mean that women are idly waiting for you to approach them.


Typically, a girl who wants you to approach her will try to get your attention.

She will send you calls to approach.

A girl can do this in a variety of ways:

  • She can look at you insistently.
  • She can touch you (you know, sort of accidentally) when you come across her.
  • She can talk loudly when you’re near her.

By developing your sense of observation, you’ll be able to easily notice the girls who want to be approached by you.

Now, how do you make the first move on a girl?

Many men try to do it in a roundabout way…

As if they were ashamed of their desires.

That’s definitely not attractive.

Some guys even plan to befriend the girl first before expressing their desire (if they manage to do so).

But most of the times, this doesn’t work.

And they get that dreaded line: “let’s be friends.”

how to make the first move on a girlYou must make sure that the girl feels that something is going on between you and her right away (as early as the first interaction).

You can make her feel that by your glance, by the tone of your voice, by your facial expression…

The girl must feel some sexual tension between you and her.

She must see you as a potential lover, not as a potential best friend.

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