How To Tell If A Girl Likes You: 42 Signs That She Likes You (For Real)

How to tell if a girl likes you?

How to know if a girl is interested in you?

If you’ve been asking yourself those questions, you’re at the right place.

In this article, I’m going to share with you 42 signs that a girl likes you.

signs she wants a relationship with you

Being able to notice these signs will help you understand when a woman is attracted to you, and if so it will give you the confidence to push forward.

That’s how you’ll pass her shit tests successfully, with ease.

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42 signs that a girl likes you:

Without further ado, let’s run through the indicators of interest showing that a woman is into you.

If you notice one or several of those signs, chances are that the girl is attracted.

Some signals have more weight than others (I’ll tell you when a signal is excessively strong), but every of them is a good sign.

Let’s start right now by the first sign that shows that a girl has a crush on you:

1. She often looks at you:

look a great way to know if a girl likes youOne of the most obvious and common signals of female interest.

When a girl looks at you, whether it is by making prolonged eye contact or shooting short glances your way, it’s a clear sign that she’s interested in you.

During conversations where there are several people involved, a girl who is into you will often look at you , and will speak to you more than to the others.

Especially when she answers a question (which can be a question not necessarily asked by you but by another member of the set).

2. She smiles at you:

A girl who smiles at you obviously feels something positive about you.

She is not necessarily attracted (especially if you’re in her friend zone) but it’s still a good sign.

In the same way, if a girl doesn’t smile at you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not attracted. She might just smile in order to appear polite.

3. She compliments you:

A girl who pays you a compliment is seduced.

If a girl compliments you – whether it is on your shirt, on your shoes, or whatever – chances are that she’s attracted to you.

That’s especially true if you’ve just met her or if you don’t really know her yet (she can even use this compliment to start a conversation with you, I speak from experience).

4. She is curious about you:

She asks you some questions.

She wants to know more about you.

It’s a sign that she’s intrigued or that she finds you fascinating.

Either way, that’s a good sign (it also works if you wonder how to know if a girl likes you by text: she asks you a lot of questions).

5. She tries to fill in the blanks during the conversation:

Whether it is during your first conversation (just after you approached her) or during a date, if the girl fills in the blanks, she probably likes you.

She tries to avoid pauses during the conversation the same way some guys would try to avoid pauses during a conversation with a girl they want to seduce.

That’s why I like to leave pauses when I’m in a date with a girl. Precisely to get her to fill in the blank and to invest into the conversation.

It also allows her to sense that I’m solid and not needy, since I don’t desperately try to keep the conversation going.

6. She asks you if you have a girlfriend:

An obvious sign that she’s into you.

She wants to know if you’re single.

A confident girl might also ask you this in order to encourage you to take action and take things to the next level.

7. She mentions your hypothetical girlfriend:

It’s a subtle way to find out whether you have a girlfriend or not.

Most girls won’t ask you directly if you have a girlfriend or not, they will rather use indirect ways.

One way to subtly find out if you have a girlfriend is to mention your girlfriend, and thus leading you to rectify the saying of the girl if she’s wrong.

If you correct her, then she knows that you’re single.

8. She asks you for your phone number or invite you to do something later:

If a girl suggests doing something together (with you) later, it’s obvious she wants to see you again.

There’s a very good chance that she’s into you.

So take her number and use it to see her again… and seal the deal.

Some girls though will be too shy to ask you this sort of things (or they’ll simply consider that it’s the job of the man to do it), so don’t wait for the girl to ask you out in order to take things to the next level.

9. She establishes physical contact:

She finds ways or excuses to touch you, or she lightly touches you on the arm or the shoulder.

It’s a sign that she wants to take things to the next level. She wants to go sexual.

That being said, some girls are naturally more tactile than others.

So you shouldn’t assume that every girl who touches you is attracted to you. It depends on the girl and the context.

10. She’s running her fingers through her hair:

does she like meIn order to enhance her face, a girl who is attracted will often make sure to keep her hair out of it.

She will also stroke her hair and play with it.

11. Her body is directed towards you:

The more you value the company of someone, the more your body will naturally be directed toward this person.

If the body of the girl is pointing in your direction, it’s a sign that she finds you attractive.

If she turns in her seat towards you, she clearly values your company. You’ve got her full interest and attention.

12. She’s touching herself when talking with you:

It’s a sign that she’s turned on by you.

She touches herself while interacting with you.

This is something she’ll usually do unconsciously.

13. She’s licking her lips:

She moistens her lips or runs her tongue over them.

Again, it means that she’s turned on by you.

Most of the time, this is something she’ll do without even thinking about it.

14. She stands close to you:

A girl who is attracted to you will naturally try to come closer to you.

Now, if a girl doesn’t try to come close to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not attracted. She can do this in order look more hard to get and raise her value in your eyes.

But girls who try to come close to you are generally attracted, whether they are conscious of it or not.

15. She mimes your movements:

This is basic NLP stuff.

When a person (unconsciously) mimes your movement, they are in tune with you.

When a girl mimes your movement, it means that she feels at ease with you.

She trusts you and feels comfortable around you.

That’s a good sign.

16. She exposes her neck:

how to tell if a girl likes youThe neck is an erotic and erogenous area of the body.

Most girls get horny when kissed on the neck.

When a girl exposes her neck, it generally means that she’s turned on and attracted to you.

She might tilt her head to the side, so as to draw your eyes on her.

She might do this consciously or not. Either way, it’s a solid sign that she wants you and is trying to seduce you.

17. She exposes her wrist:

In the same way as with the neck, a girl exposing her wrist is always a good sign.

It shows her trust and willingness to submit herself to you.

A girl can reveal her wrists in an obvious fashion by placing them on a table with palms up, or in less obvious ways whenever the palms come up.

18. She holds your gaze:

This is a solid indicator of interest.

When a girl holds your gaze, it generally means that she’s into you (unless you’re in a fight with her and that she wants to make her point).

A girl who holds your gaze is a girl who wants to seduce you.

It’s a girl who seeks a connexion with you.

It’s a girl who seeks to make you horny or to encourage you to take action.

She might be smiling or not while doing it. It doesn’t really matter.

19. When she looks away, she looks down:

signs she loves you but is scaredWhen a girl looks down after making eye contact, it generally means that she views you as being higher value than her.

And when a girl sees you as higher value, it means that she sees you as a potential lover, whether she’s conscious about it or not.

Women are biologically programmed to want to mate with men of higher value than them. In order to climb the social ladder and increase their chances of survival.

When a woman sees you as a high value man, she’s going to feel attracted.

20. She inadvertently rubs her chest against you:

When a girl constantly makes sure to get closer to you, chances are she’s attracted.

Especially if she makes sure to touch you with some sexual parts of her body.

It will appear accidental to you, but you should view this as a sign of interest (especially if it’s done repeatedly).

She wants to get closer to you or to make you horny.

It might operate below conscious, but the purpose is the same.

21. When she is sitting next to you, your legs touch:

When a girl is comfortable touching you, or being touched by you, it’s a sign she’s ready to get more intimate with you.

It’s a sign she trusts you and wants you to take things to the next level (or at least she’s ready to let you do it).

If, when your legs touch, the girl doesn’t move her leg away, then she probably has a crush on you.

22. When she catches you looking at her, she right away improves her posture:

IOI womanThis reflects her will to raise her value in your eyes.

It reflects her will to appear more attractive in your eyes.

She realizes that you’re looking at her, and then she does everything she can to look better at this very moment.

This includes improving her posture, for instance by standing upright and perking her chest.

23. She leans toward you:

A girl who leans toward you is a girl who values your company.

She is invested into the interaction.

It’s a sign that she respects you and sees you as high value.

24. She plays with a straw/lollipop/toothpick in her mouth while looking at you or talking to you:

She mimes a sexual move in your presence, not necessarily being conscious of it.

It’s a sign that you make her think about sex.

She’s turned on by you.

That’s a strong indicator she might want to go sexual with you.

25. Caressing an object in her hands:

This is quite a similar sign as the one we just saw.

She mimes a sexual move in your presence, without being necessarily conscious about it.

You make her thing about sex and she’s getting horny.

26. She tells something in the ear of her female friend and both of them start to laugh:

It means she wants to play with you or provoke a reaction from you.

She wants to get your attention. She wants to make you want to chase her.

In short, she’s into you.

Or course, a girl who does this doesn’t necessarily want to seduce you, it could actually be mean and bitchy.

But if you have the right attitude, chances are that the girl does it in order to play with you and seduce you.

27. She asks you for a light, or starts a conversation with you in any other way:

how to know if a shy girl likes youA girl who initiates the conversation with you, no matter how she does it, is a girl who is potentially attracted to you.

Many men won’t take this as a sign of interest, because it seems too subtle to them.

You should understand that girls don’t use front-end approaches like men do.

They behave in a much more subtle way. Because they want men to do the job.

Women can only guide men or send signs in order to encourage them to take action.

That’s why it is crucial to be able to notice those signs that show that a girl like you.

28. She asks you what your name is:

This is a strong sign that a girl is interested in you.

A girl who asks you what your name is is a girl who wants to know more about you.

She’s curious about you.

29. She asks how old you are:

Another strong sign that a girl is interested in you.

She wants to find out if you’re a good fit for her.

She finds you attractive and wants to know more about your features, like with a product she would be interested in but not 100% sure to buy yet.

30. She asks you about your family:

Another strong sign that a girl is interested in you.

She wants to know more about you, about your relations with the members of your family, and so on.

Questions such as “Do you have brothers and sisters?” are strong indicators of interest.

31. She is playful and tries to tease you:

A girl who tries to challenge you is a girl who wants to get your attention or test you.

Either way, it’s a sign she’s not indifferent to you charm.

She invests emotions, time and energy in an interaction with you.

32. She laughs when there is a point of disagreement:

She doesn’t want to upset or displease you.

That’s why she tries not to bring negative emotions into the interaction.

It’s a sign she likes you.

She might also simply disagree with you in order to challenge you, but be laughing at the same time so that you can realize right away that she’s playing.

33. She gives you a nickname:

Again, she wants to play with you.

She wants to build complicity with you.

brunette playing with her hairShe wants to get intimate.

It’s a good sign she might want a relationship or casual sex with you.

34. She tries to find things in common with you:

Obviously, a girl who tries to find things in common with you is a girl who wants to create a connexion with you.

She wants to build complicity and get intimate.

Just like some beta male would desperately try to find things in common with a girl he wants to bed.

35. When she goes to the bathroom, she comes back to see you first (before going to see her friends):

When you’re interacting with a girl in a club or in a bar (or even at a friends’ party), if she comes to see you first after leaving you for the bathroom, it means that she values your company.

She feels comfortable with you and enjoy your time with you.

She doesn’t feel the need to go to see her friends and would rather spend time to chat with you.

It’s a sign she likes you.

36. When she does or say something, she looks at you in order to gauge your reaction:

This applies when you’re interacting with a set of several people.

A girl who is interested in you is going to give you more attention than to the other members of the set.

She’s also looking to receive more attention from you.

And since she wants you to like her, she’s going to gauge your reaction after saying something.

37. She looks at you when you’re not looking at her:

An obvious sign that a girl is attracted to you.

clear signs she's into you

She secretly looks at you.

She shoots short glances your way and darts her eyes away when you look at her.

Just like some beta male would stare at a hot girl and quickly look away when being caught.

38. She introduces you to her friends:

If a girl introduces you to her friends, it means that she sees you as high value (or at least as equal value as hers).

She’s proud of knowing a guy like you and feels comfortable to introduce you to her friends.

It’s not the strongest indicator of sexual interest, since she could do this with a friend zoned guy, but it’s better than nothing.

39. She buys you a drink:

A girl who buys you a drink (or who wants to buy you a drink) is a girl who values you company and wants to invest in you.

She’s ready to invest money, in addition to time and energy.

Every time a girl has bought me a drink, I easily beded her.

One thing to mention tough: don’t expect very feminine women to buy you a drink.

Girls who do this are usually the ones who see themselves as independent and “strong”.

Not the kind of women I like, since I prefer feminine girls, but when an attractive girl offers me a drink, why should I refuse?

40. She takes the time to say you goodbye before leaving:

At a party (whether it is in a nightclub, in a bar or at a friend’s place), when a girl takes the time to say you goodbye, it means that she wants to leave you with a good impression of her.

It also means that she wants you to remember her.

Either way, it’s a sign she likes you.

She wants you to take her number in order to see her later.

41. When you leave, she asks you where you’re going (or why you’re leaving):

At a party, a girl who likes you is obviously going to be disappointed when she realizes that you’re leaving.

And chances are that she’s going to ask you where you’re going or why you’re leaving.

If a girl does this, there’s a good chance she’s attracted to you.

42. She invents reasons to talk to you or to be alone with you:

A girl who tries to be alone with you is a girl who wants you to take things to the next level.

In most cases, she wants you to kiss her or to fuck her (depending on the context and the location).

This is a solid sign that she likes you.

How to tell if a girl likes you? What you need to understand:

Knowing all these little signs is pretty useful to feel more confident around a girl who displays some of those signs.

Because it confirms that you’re on the right track.

It confirms that you’re doing things right and that the girl is attracted.

But that doesn’t mean you should be obsessed with these cues and view them as mathematical rules.

If you’re obsessed with these signs and desperately try to notice some of them when interacting with a girl, you’re not going to be in the moment.

You’re not going to be pro-active.

You’re not going to be focus on the interaction and on your game.

That’s even worse when you don’t have much experience with women..

Many guys focus on things that doesn’t matter, instead of being focused on the actions they should take.

When I’m interacting with a girl, I don’t try to notice any of these signs.

how to tell if a girl is interested in youIn fact, I don’t give a shit about them.

Yet, I notice them.

But I don’t need to focus on them to notice them. That’s the difference.

Thanks to a lot of practice, I now know most of the signs that show that a girl is interested. But I don’t try to notice them. I don’t look for them.

Instead, I assume right away that the girl is interested.

And when I notice an indicator of interest, it reinforces this initial belief.

It gives me more confident and makes me enjoy the interaction even more.

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