17 (Huge) Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You

What are the physical signs a woman is attracted to you?

How to read a woman’s body language to determine whether she’s interested in you or not?

woman is interested - reading female body language signs

That’s what we’re going to see in this article…

…with 17 body language signs of female attraction.

Some of these signals may seem obvious to you, but others may surprise you.

Let’s get started.

1. She faces you with her body

The more her body faces you, the more attention she gives you (and thus the more she’s interested in you).

Conversely, the more she turns her body away from you, the less attention she gives you (and thus the less she’s interested in you).

Knowing this body language signal can be particularly useful when interacting with a group:

The more the girl turns her body toward yours (rather than toward others), the more attention (and therefore interest) she’s showing.

Another example:

You approach a girl in a bar or club.

If when you start the conversation this girl starts facing you with her body, it’s a good sign.

It means that she’s physically invested in you.

On the other hand, if she barely moves (or worse: turns her back on you), it’s a bad sign.

female body language signs to know woman is interested


Being aware of this sign of attraction will also help you spot women who want to be approached.

If a group of two girls have their bodies facing outward (rather than facing each other), it means they’re open and want to be approached.

2. She looks at you

When a girl stares at you, it means that she’s somewhat interested or curious about you.

In other words, she’s not indifferent.

woman is interested body language cues prolonged eye contactThere are various ways she can do this.

For instance, you’re in a bar chatting with your friends, and this pretty brunette is discreetly staring at you from the other side of the venue.

You’re in class (or at work) and this cute classmate (or colleague) looks at you in a prolonged manner from a table a little further.

In short, she’s checking you out.

You don’t leave her indifferent.

If she makes sure to do this discreetly, this sign of interest won’t be easy to spot. But it’s not rare that a girl gets be caught in the process (some women even do this on purpose, to subtly let you know that they might be interested and thus encourage you to approach them).

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3. She holds your gaze

When a woman holds your gaze (especially during a moment of silence, when neither she nor you are saying anything), that’s a sign she’s expecting something.

A woman who looks deeply into your eyes for a long time is a woman who wants something to happen between you and her.

She’s trying to communicate her interest to you, or to arouse you.

woman is interested signs of attraction and body language signals

On the other hand, a woman who constantly avoids your gaze is a woman who is either not interested at all or is shy by nature (in which case you should try to spot other attraction cues).

Generally speaking, a woman who never looks you in the eye when she talks to you or who often looks away like she’s distracted or bored – is a woman who is not very interested.

That said, just because a woman never looks you in the eye doesn’t mean she’s not attracted. She may well be intimidated and find it hard to make (and maintain) eye contact.

Hence the importance of paying attention to other signs of interest listed here.

4. She keeps her hair out of her face

An interested woman will make sure to look at her best.

read body language she's relaxed lightly touchingTo this end, she may clear her face by pulling her hair back, to allow the daylight to make it appear brighter (and thus more attractive).

5. She keeps touching her hair

When a girl plays with her hair (for instance by wrapping a strand around her finger, or by caressing it), it’s a sign she’s aroused.

Especially if she does it while looking at you.

In most cases this is no accident.

6. She strokes herself

A girl who strokes herself in your presence (especially when she’s alone with you, and even more if she does it while looking at you) is a girl who has some desire for you.

You don’t leave her indifferent, and this leads her – consciously or unconsciously – to caress herself.

For instance, she may stroke her arm or shoulder with her hand. She may also play with her ring.

When a girl touches herself in your presence, it is no accident.

Among the physical signs a woman is interested in you, this is one of the most revealing.

7. She bites her lower lip

Another obvious sign of female attraction.

nonverbal communication huge signs a woman is attracted to you

It’s a very sexual gesture, which communicates a strong desire for you.

A woman who wants to present herself as a challenge to you by playing hard to get will avoid biting her lip in this way at the beginning of a date (or she’ll do it in a subtle way).

8. She moistens her lips

Just as when a woman bites her lip, a woman licking her lips should tip you off.

You’ll observe this gesture more often than the lip biting as it is a less sexual gesture. It’s less obvious than biting your lower lip.

A woman may pass her tongue over her lips to moisten them, in order to make them look more sensual, more voluptuous (a bit like after a stroke of lip gloss).

Consciously or unconsciously, she does this to make herself more attractive in your eyes.

If she moistens her lips several times during the date (especially if she does it while looking at you), it’s a sign that she’s attracted to you.

Among the gestures that betray her interest in you, this one is worth knowing.

9. She smiles at you

Here, I’m talking about a real smile.
Not a fake smile.

I am also talking about a smile of an attracted woman.

body language a woman is interested maintaining eye contactIt’s not because a woman smiles at you that she’s attracted to you.

Many women smile out of politeness.

Or because they’re used to smile a lot.

Or because they just think you’re nice (like a good friend, but nothing more than that).

That’s why we must distinguishing a real smile from a fake smile (this is the first step)…

Here are some key characteristics of a fake smile:

  • A fake smile disappears quickly (sometimes abruptly)
  • A fake smile is often asymmetrical: the girl only curls her mouth on one side (usually the right one)
  • A fake smile is exaggerated: the corners of the mouth go up higher (and faster)

Now, let’s get to the most interesting part:

How to know if a genuine smile is a smile of an attracted woman?

woman's body language she'll start looking at you pupils dilate

To determine whether the smile of a woman is a smile of an attracted woman or not, you’re going to pay attention to two key indicators:

👉 The intensity of her gaze:

Does she have sparkling eyes?

Does she look at you with her eyes wide open?

Are her pupils dilated?

If so, it’s a sign that she likes what she’s seeing (you).

She’s unconsciously trying to allow as much light as possible to enter her pupils. In other words, not to miss anything that is happening in front of her (you).

Typical of a look of an attracted woman.

👉 The duration of her gaze:

Does she maintain eye contact for a long time during her smile?

If so, chances are her smile is a smile of an attracted woman.

You have her full attention.

And by her gaze she’s making sure you know that she’s interested in you.

The longer she holds her gaze while she smiles, the better.

10. She looks down

If she breaks eye contact by lowering her eyes, it’s a good sign.

It indicates submission.

She considers you to be superior to her.

Be careful though: this gesture can be considered as an indicator of interest only if the girl has maintained her gaze for a certain amount of time breaking eye contact.

Otherwise it would simply mean that she looked down by reflex, to avoid contact.

She may still be interested (she may be shy), but it’s much less certain than after a prolonged look.

how to tell if a woman is attracted to you draws attention

On the other hand, if she does this in conjunction with another sign listed in this post, she’s probably very interested. For instance, if she looks down while biting her lip, or while smiling (or both).

11. She pushes her chest forward

You’re on a date with her. In a café for instance.

You’re sitting opposite to each other.

She leans slightly towards you…as to give you a nice view of her cleavage.

Of course, she does this as if it were nothing (she may not even realize what she’s doing), but the purpose remains the same: to turn you on, to arouse desire.

hand gestures and lock eyes with dilated pupilsShe may also stretch lengthwise, pushing up with her hands, hollowing out the back and thus bringing the chest forward, making it appear more prominent.

12. She rubs up against you

Among the signs that a woman is attracted, this one is particularly telling: she’s seeking physical contact.

An attracted woman will often find herself standing close to you.

No matter how hard you try to maintain a certain distance, this distance will “magically” shrink.

And for good reason: this woman will constantly get closer. As if she was magnetically attracted to you.

To the point where her body might even end up touching yours.

For instance, if you’re standing next to each other, her arm will touch yours; if she’s sitting next to you, your thighs will touch; if you’re sitting across from each other, your feet will get closer until they touch; and so on.

Your bodies will end up touching, as if by magic.

personal space she's engaged she'll strokeShe could even go as far as to rub up against you.

For instance, rubbing her chest against you as you come across her in a crowded place, backing off against you, accidentally stepping on your foot…

“Inadvertently”, “unintentionally”, as if nothing happened.

In fact, it doesn’t really matter if she did it on purpose or not, since the actions that express her interest in you can be done unconsciously.

She’s attracted, so she naturally feels drawn to you.

Conversely, if the girl maintains a certain distance and immediately withdraws when your bodies touch, it’s either that she is not interested at all, or that she is not yet ready for physical contact.

13. She touches you

In a similar way as the previous sign, a woman who touches you in an assertive and direct manner is likely to be interested.

It’s just that she’s more confident and thus allows herself to be more direct.

In either case, the goal remains the same: to reduce the distance and create a contact.

body language changes while asking personal questions

Be careful with this gesture though, as it can lead you down the wrong path:

Some women are very tactile by nature and touch everyone.

So observe how the girl behaves with others before drawing any conclusions.

If she touches everyone indiscriminately, you can’t take this as a sign of interest.

The previous sign is more reliable (though more subtle).

14. She gives you a little slap

A girl who hits you playfully (for instance after you teased her) is a girl who wants to be play with you.

She’s having a good time and doesn’t see you as one of those needy guys who are ostensibly trying to please her.

random objects woman likes to draw attentionShe may also hit you to rebuke you in a playful way (to show that she can fight back and she’s not a pushover).

She may also do it to test your toughness.

Or again to create a physical contact between you.

Among the gestures of an attracted woman, this one speaks volumes.

15. She mimics your gestures

Not a sign of sexual interest per se, but rather a sign that she’s comfortable with you.

When two people are in sync (in other words, when they’re on the same wavelength), their gestures are synchronized.

This is called mirroring.

paying attention body language signs chair closerIf the girl mimes your gestures (this often happens subconsciously), it means that she feels good in your presence. Which is obviously a good sign.

A few examples:

You bring your glass to your mouth to take a sip, she does the same.

You run a hand through your hair, she does the same.

You change your sitting posture, she does the same.

Sometimes almost instantly.

16. She exposes her neck

The neck is an erotic and erogenous area of the body.

Most girls get horny when kissed on the neck.

When a girl exposes her neck, it generally means that she’s turned on and attracted to you.

She might tilt her head to the side so as to draw your eyes on her.

She might do this consciously or not. Either way, it’s a solid sign that she wants you and is trying to seduce you.

17. She exposes her wrist

In the same way as with the neck, a girl exposing her wrist is always a good sign.

It shows her trust and willingness to submit herself to you.

A girl can reveal her wrists in an obvious fashion by placing them on a table with palms up, or in less obvious ways whenever the palms come up.

Physical signs a woman is interested in you: what you need to understand

Make sure you spot several of these gestures before you draw any conclusion.

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Also pay attention to the context, and take into account the personality of the girl (you’ll notice fewer indicators of interest in a shy girl than in an over confident one).

Also pay attention to everything surrounding the interaction:

  • Did the girl arrive on time at your date (within 15 minutes or so of the appointing time)?
  • Did she make herself beautiful (sexy clothes, hairstyle and makeup)?
  • Does she often make herself available for you?

If you can answer yes to these questions, it’s a very good sign.

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