She Likes Me But Doesn’t Want A Relationship [7 Things You Can Do]

What if a girl likes me but doesn’t want a relationship?

she likes me but doesn't want a relationship just one night stand

When a girl says she doesn’t want a relationship with you, it can be confusing (and frustrating).

Whether it’s a girl you’ve already kissed (or slept with, maybe several times), or a girl with whom nothing sexual has happened yet.

You know she likes you (or at least that’s what she says), but somehow she doesn’t want you in her life. She doesn’t want anything serious with you.

Is there a way to make her change her mind?

That’s what we’re going to see in this article.

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Let’s dive in.

Signs she likes you but doesn’t want a relationship

First, you should ask yourself if she really doesn’t want a relationship with you.

How strongly is she opposed to something serious with you?

Let’s review 9 signs that she (really) doesn’t want to commit to you.

This will help you know if her lack of engagement is real, or if it’s just a strategy to make her want you more.

1- You’re not part of her future

She doesn’t see a future with you.

Quite the opposite of a woman who would like to commit to you: a girl who’d like to start a serious relationship with you would imagine her future with you, and would let you know it by leaving some clues during your conversations.

For instance, by mentioning a possible trip you could make together…

Or by saying something that implies that she plans to introduce you to her relatives…

Or by jokingly talking about your future honeymoon or your future children.

In short, anything that implies that she’s planning for the future with you.

If the woman you want never talks about a possible future with you, that’s not a good sign.

2- She says she just wants to have fun

A woman who explicitly tells you that she just wants to have fun is probably not looking for a relationship with you.

It doesn’t mean she’s not looking for a relationship with a guy. What it means is that she’s not looking for a relationship with you.

(If you want to learn more about what women want in a man, check out this post)

she kissed me but doesn't want a relationship just casual sex

It’s a nice way of telling you that it’s not going to happen with her.

Maybe because you don’t meet her requirements for a long-term relationship.

And so she’s not considering anything more with you than sex.

3- She’s not curious about you

A woman who sees you as a potential boyfriend will naturally show some interest.

She’ll ask you personal questions that a woman who sees you as just a piece of meat would not.

Not only will she be curious about you, but she’ll also be enthusiastic about your plans, and even encourage you to carry them out.

Whereas a woman who doesn’t want anything serious with you will be rather indifferent.

Even blasé when listening to you.

4- She’s not jealous

I most cases, a woman who is never jealous with you is a woman who doesn’t care that much about you.

If she sees you hitting on other women and she doesn’t care, it’s not a good sign.

It means she’s not afraid of losing you. And that even the idea of another woman stealing you doesn’t bother her.

She’s not attached at all.

5- Her friends come first

A woman in love (who wants a serious relationship with you) will make you her priority.

Not always, but most of the time.

She’ll make sure to put you first, ahead of her friends and plans.

Whereas a woman who doesn’t want anything serious with you will most of the time put you second to all that.

For her, you’re secondary.
Like a placeholder.

6- She never has time for you

Does she often come up with the “I’m super busy” excuse when you ask her out?

If so, it means that she has other priorities. Or that she’s just avoiding you (and using this excuse to not be too harsh with you).

Either way, she doesn’t want you in her life.

At least not for more than a few casual fucks.

Conversely, a woman who wants to get serious with you will make sure she finds the time.

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7- She says she doesn’t want a relationship right now

To appear nice (and/or to keep you within their orbit), some women will simply tell you that they don’t want a relationship “right now.”

Which gives you hope that this might change in the future.

The truth is, it won’t (unless you change your behavior with her, which we’ll get to below)

When a woman tells you she doesn’t want a relationship “right now”, all it means is that she doesn’t want a relationship with you.

If this girl doesn’t want a relationship right now, it’s just because she just hasn’t yet met a guy she’d like to settle down with.

And it may be enough for her to meet a guy she finds very attractive for her to suddenly want a relationship.

8- She sees you as a “great” (or “perfect”) guy

This sign is deceptive.

A woman who claims after rejecting you that you are “such a great guy” is just a woman who seeks to soften the blow.

In fact, she may even be sincere when she compliments you that way.

Except, she sees you as “perfect” or “great” as a friend.

She sees you as the ideal “good buddy”, always there to do her favors or to be her confidant when she needs to share her sex stories or her heartaches (with other men than you, of course).

Like her best girl friend (or gay friend).

But not as a boyfriend or a worthy sexual partner.

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9- She’s too comfortable

Another misleading sign.

Most guys naturally think that a woman who feels super comfortable with them is a woman who is ready to commit to them.

That’s a mistake.

waste time my crush likes me but doesn't want a relationship

What it shows is fore and foremost that this woman feels too confident with you.

Because she doesn’t give a shit about what you think of her.

She doesn’t see you as a man to seduce.

She doesn’t see you as a challenge.

Conversely, a woman who’s really in love will be afraid to do or say something stupid in your presence, for fear of losing you.

If there’s no tension between you, it’s a bad sign.

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Why doesn’t she want me?

The more you spot some of the signs above, the greater are the chances that this girl doesn’t want anything serious with you.

Let’s now look at the possible reasons why she might not want to start a serious relationship with you.

Reason #1: She’s not attracted (or no longer attracted) to you

She may have been interested in a serious relationship with you in the first place, but you did something that killed her desire for you.

You screwed up somewhere and as a result she no longer sees you as a potential boyfriend.

Maybe you displayed neediness.
Maybe your attitude was not masculine enough.
Maybe you didn’t fuck her properly.

In short, you made mistakes that turned her off.

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why dont she want me heart broken on first date

She may now just see you as a good friend with whom she can have some casual fucks from time to time, but not as a guy to settle down with for the long term.

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Reason #2: She’s met another guy

Maybe she’s recently met a man she finds more attractive than you.

Nevertheless, she might want to keep you around for fun (or just in case), until her relationship with that other guy has finally materialized.

Reason #3: You don’t meet her expectations

She thinks she can find better.

Which is typical of female hypergamy.

So she stays with you until she does.

You’re her backup.

Reason #4: She just wanted to get laid

She may never have been attracted to you in the first place.

Maybe she just wanted to have fun, and nothing more than that.

To her, you’re just a common sex toy, which she uses for physical pleasure, in a cold way, without romantic feelings.

Reason #5: She’s been brainwashed

Some bitter women may have convinced herself that they would be happier alone. That she didn’t need a man. Or even that they should hate men.

Such women may develop emotional barriers that make it hard for them to consider a serious relationship with a man.

That said, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to make a woman like that fall in love with you.

You can indeed break down or reduce these emotional barriers.

But for some girls, it’s a waste of time and energy (the good news is that these girls are rarely the most attractive).

Reason #6: She has a complicated personal life

Maybe this woman is getting out of a relationship.

She may just have left her boyfriend, or been dumped by him.

As a result, she may not be ready for a new relationship. She just wants to have fun in order to forget her ex.

To her, you’re just a rebound guy.

Reason #7: She’s a hardcore feminist

In some extreme cases, a woman may be totally subservient to feminist ideology.

In this situation, she may have come to believe that starting a relationship with a man who still has some balls is a submission to the “patriarchal” system (set up by the evil “white, straight, cisgender, men”).

A woman may not want to commit to a relationship for one or more of the reasons we’ve just discussed.

Whatever the reasons, it’s often possible to change her mind…as long as you know which buttons to push.

What can I do if she doesn’t want a relationship but wants to be friends?

…or if she sleeps with me but doesn’t want a relationship?

Let’s take a look at 5 things you can do to turn things around with this girl.

1- Adopt a more masculine attitude

If this woman doesn’t see you as a man to settle down with, it may be because she thinks you don’t have what it takes.

She may not see you as man enough.

You can change that by adopting a more masculine attitude (more on this here).

2- Distance yourself

Counterintuitive, but tremendously effective.

Currently, this woman probably takes you for granted.

She probably sees you as a guy who is totally into her.
Maybe like her sweet little lapdog.

Needless to say, in these conditions she can’t develop any desire for you.

Because you’re not a challenge in her eyes.
There’s no mystery, no uncertainty.

She sees you as a predictable, boring guy.

If you want her to start considering a relationship with you, you must flip the script.

You must make her want to chase you.

woman's attraction why start dating other guys

For this to happen, she needs to see you as a challenge.

One way to trigger this feeling is to distance yourself from her.
By suddenly stopping giving her attention.

It will intrigue her and renew her interest in you.

Better yet, it will titillate her, sometimes to the point where she’ll feel the need to win you back and prove that she deserves your affection.

And at that point, you’ll be the one in the position of power.

It won’t be you who’s in need anymore, but her.

better idea spending time with new person

If you do this right, you can even use this strategy to make her fall in love with you.

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The mistake to avoid at all costs at this point is to start acting like a needy guy again, trying to convince her to start a relationship with you, or (worse) begging her to like you back.

You need to keep the emotional upper hand.

3- Reject her

This technique consists in subtly rejecting her by making her feel that YOU are the one who might not be looking for a committed relationship.

Or that you haven’t yet found a girl who really makes you want to commit.

What’s going to happen when you do this?

That women is going to feel rejected.

And she’ll want to prove you wrong.

By trying by all means to conquer you.

To prove to you that SHE is worth it.
That SHE is better than the others.

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4- Make her jealous

Using jealousy can be extremely effective to create an intense desire in a woman.

Whether it’s a sexual desire or a love desire.

By making her see you as a man that women want, you dramatically increase your value in her eyes.

But that’s not all…

By making her feel that she could lose you to another woman, you also make her realize that she may be more attached to you than she thinks.

She realizes that she may be missing out on an opportunity that won’t present itself again.

That may be enough to make her take the leap.

5- Become a better version of yourself

Whether it’s by improving your physical fitness, dressing better, developing your social skills, developing your finances

In short, anything that could make her see you as a man of higher social status.

But (and this is key) without giving her the impression that you’re doing this for her.

Otherwise she’ll just see you as a desperate guy who’d do anything for her (which is anything but attractive).

feel smothered by most men and steer clear

And wait for the best part:

If these changes are sudden, it may even lead her to think that you’re making all these efforts because you’ve met another woman (or because you plan to).

And therefore make her experience some fear of losing you.

Which will motivate her to make some efforts to keep your attention…and to take things to the next level with you.

She’ll soon tell herself that if she makes all these efforts for you, it’s probably because she’s more attached to you than she thought.

And that maybe you are the man of her life.

6- Take action

Stop trying to convince her with words.

You can’t make a woman want to be in a relationship with you using logical arguments.

It’s an emotional decision, not a rational one.

If you want to move things forward, you must be physically enterprising. You must escalate, in order to elicit in her some sensations that will make her feel connected to you.

Touching her, kissing her (on the lips but also on other erogenous zones of her body, like her neck), making love to her…

She won’t be able to develop feelings for you without it.

7- Keep some mystery

If you’re wondering how to make a woman you’re already sleeping with want to get serious with you, mystery is your best bet.

To reinforce her desire, keep the doubt alive, don’t tell her everything.

You want her to ask herself questions about your feelings for her.
Wondering what you were doing on a certain day at a certain time, when you weren’t answering her messages.
To feel that other women might get their hands on you.

It’s by leaving grey areas like these that you’ll drive her crazy about you.

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