13 Signs She Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You (+ What To Do)

If you have a “sort” of relationship with a girl you like (maybe you’ve kissed or slept together)…

But are not a couple yet…

You might wonder where this is going.

signs she doesn't want a relationship with you anymore dating advice

Maybe something tells you that this girl doesn’t want a serious relationship with you.

One day you feel like things are moving forward. The next day, you’re back to square one.

If that’s the situation you’re in, it’s possible that this woman doesn’t want to get involved in a relationship with you.

What are the signs a woman doesn’t want a serious relationship with a man?

That’s what we’re going to see in this article…

…with 13 signs she won’t commit (or not looking for commitment).

1 – She plays the strong woman (study, career)

She seems ambitious.

She studies a lot. She works hard.

She’s focused on her career.

It looks like she has established a strict hierarchy between career and relationship.

signs she doesn't want to date you relationship problems

Despite your power of attraction, she’s made up her mind.

She doesn’t want to invest in a relationship.

Of course, you can change her mind by appealing to her emotional side (women are particularly loyal to their emotions). For instance, by taking her out for a drink and showing her a good time.

But is she really worth your investment of time and energy?

That’s a question you need to ask yourself.

2 – She just wants you to have sex with you

You’ve managed to sleep with her. Now you see her on a regular basis.

How do you know if a woman just wants to have fun and is not looking for commitment?

She comes to see you and leaves the next day (or that same night).

She almost only talks about sex with you.

warning signs she's interested in exclusive relationship

She may be nymphomaniac who only thinks about sex (and on the one hand, this may please you and satisfy you).

Or at the very least, a modern-day promiscuous girl whose only aspirations are to fuck and party.

Rest assured. Women are not all like that.

Many are still looking for love and therefore a serious relationship.

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3 – She only sees you as a friend

Your relationship is platonic.

You’ve tried your best to attract her. But on her side, no sign of interest on the horizon.

She likes to tell you her gossip, go to the movies with you, go shopping with you. But that’s as far as it goes.

She doesn’t care about you more than that.

She sees you as just a friend, her “good buddy” and has no desire to commit to you.

She doesn’t want a romantic relationship with you.

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4 – She’s a hardcore feminist

If this girl has feminist ideas, she may want to embody her “ideal” of the “strong independent woman”.

This notion implies that a woman is capable of providing for herself, and doesn’t need the help of men to survive.

Feminist ideology characterizes men as oppressors. It states that men have “oppressed” women over the past centuries.

Thus, the goal of feminism is to free oneself from the “oppressive, patriarchal man”.

For some hardcore feminists, this means avoiding a relationship with a man at all costs.

If the girl you like is a hardcore feminist, it will be more difficult to make her want to commit to you.

A sexual relationship is still possible. But a serious relationship, that’s another story. You’ll have a hard time convincing her.

That is not to say that it’s impossible, but is it worth it?

5 – She’s already in a relationship

She already has a boyfriend, who she’s attached to.

Or she is engaged, or married.

In this case, it’s likely that she doesn’t want to love another man.

It’s normal and rather reassuring.

6 – She is not jealous when you mention other girls

You have mentioned other girls in the course of a conversation…

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She remained unmoved, or simply smiled. In short, it didn’t bother her a bit. It didn’t make her jealous. It caused her zero harm.

She may even have given you some tips on how to seduce one or the other of these girls.

If that’s the case, she’s most likely not interested in getting involved with you.

7 – She avoids physical contact

You’re on a date. Or on a walk.

You grab her hand, she pulls it away.

You try to kiss her, she avoids the kiss.

You touches her arm with your hand, she takes if off.

If she avoids physical contact, you may see this as another sign that she doesn’t want to commit (yet) to you.

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8 – She shows no interest in you

She shows no curiosity about you during a conversation.

She doesn’t invest herself (or very little).

She may even be cold and distant.

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In some cases, this can be a test: she tries to destabilize you.

For instance, she might deliberately act as if she was uninterested in you in order to see if you’re the kind of guy who flinches at the first hurdle, or if on the contrary you can persevere like a man.

9 – She talks openly about having a casual relationship

If this woman explicitly talks about just having a casual relationship with you, it means that she’s not looking for anything serious.

At least not at the moment (or not with you).

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dating app clear sign she's comfortable for new relationshipHow do you attract a woman who’s not looking for commitment?

Here is the key:

The intimacy and emotional closeness developed in a casual relationship can give rise to attachment.

Put another way, your sex buddy could fall in love with you over time (provided that you don’t make attraction killing mistakes).

So in some cases, a casual relationship can develop into a serious relationship.

10 – She seems bored

When you’re trying to engage in a conversation with her, she doesn’t contribute much. She seems bored.

This is a subtle way of telling you that she’s not interested in you.

She doesn’t want to tell you directly (so as not to hurt your feelings), so she just acts aloof.

It’s her way of communicating her absence of interest and feelings for you.

11 – She’s afraid of getting her heart broken

How do you know if she’s afraid of commitment?

Take a look at her loving past.

If this woman tries to resist you despite being clearly attracted to you, she may be afraid of getting her heart broken.

This may be the result of bad experiences in the past. Her past relationships didn’t go as planned.

chronic excuses ideal partner friend zoningThis could make it difficult to get her to invest herself.

However, if the symptom is mild, then she may just need a bit more time to get to know you. It’s up to you to be patient in this case (but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to keep trying gradually to take things to the next level with her).

12 – She mentions other men

During your conversations, she sometimes mention other men.

She mentions this guy she’s texting, or this other guy she went to a date with. Or even this guy she has a crush on.

That’s not a good sign.

Sure, it may be an attempt to make you jealous (maybe she’s deeply in love with you and wants to take revenge on you for not being as attached to her as she is to you). But if she knows about your feelings for her, it’s likely that she does this in order to let you know that she’s not looking for commitment.

You can then draw the conclusion that she’s not interested in you. Or that she just see you as a friend.

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13 – She never texts or calls you

If this girl never contacts you on her own, then she may not be interested at all.

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If she doesn’t call you directly but texts to you, that’s still fine (it’s even totally normal at the beginning of a relationship).

But if she doesn’t text either, that’s a bad sign.

If she doesn’t answer your text messages (or takes several days to respond, with one-word texts), you can see this as a sign of disinterest on her part.

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