9 Signs A Girl Doesn’t Like You (And What You Should Do)

How to tell if a girl doesn’t like you?

What are the signs she’s not interested?

Whether it’s a woman you’re in a relationship with, your ex, or a girl you’d like to start a relationship with…

signs that your girlfriend isn't sexually attracted to you she's faking

You may have feelings for her, but something tells you that they’re not mutual.

Worse: maybe she doesn’t care about you at all.

What are the signs a woman is not attracted to you?

And if it turns out that she’s not, what can you do to create attraction?

That’s what you’re going to learn in this article.

Let’s go through the 9 most common signs that a girl doesn’t care about youand how you can turn things around if it turns out to be the case.

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9 signs she doesn’t like you

The more of the signs listed below that you spot, the higher the chances that this woman doesn’t give a damn about you.

1. She doesn’t answer your texts

She ignores your text messages.

Maybe she doesn’t even take the time to read them.

cell phone signs that a girl doesn't like you over text one word word replies

Maybe your texts get lost in all the messages she gets from the other guys who want to bang her.

Or she’s just too busy to pay attention.

Either way, you’re far from being a priority for her.

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She’s not interested enough to take the time to answer your texts.

…unless ignoring your texts is a deliberate action on her part (for instance if she’s pouting and wants to punish you by ignoring you, or if she wants to appear more desirable by acting hard to get, or if she has feelings for you but wants to forget you), you can see this as a sign of indifference.

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2. She always takes a long time to answer your texts

Every time you send her a text, you have to wait hours (or days) to get an answer.

Sure, she does reply (which is better than no reply at all). But not necessarily for the right reasons.

She may only text you back out of politeness, or to avoid appearing disrespectful.

Or, if you’re “lucky”, to keep you within her orbit, in case she can’t find anyone else in the future.

Either way, it’s not good.

signs a girl doesn't like or wants just a friend


When a woman takes a long time to text you back, it may be a deliberate strategy on her part to appear more desirable in your eyes, by acting hard to get.

But when that’s the case, it happens just once or so. The rest of the time, she’s active, she invests herself.

If she systematically takes a long time to answer you, it’s a clear sign of indifference on her part (especially if you spot other signs listed in this article as well).

3. She only sends you (very) short messages

The text messages she sends you are only a few words long at most.

She never sends you long messages.

She never expands on her responses.

She just answers you briefly, as if she was too lazy to write.

Sometimes she doesn’t even take the time to reread her text before sending it, and send you texts full of typos.

For her, it’s a banal task like any other, which she does mechanically, without enthusiasm. Almost like a chore.

4. She never tries to revive the conversation

Whether it’s in your text conversations or face-to-face conversations, she doesn’t try to keep the conversation going.

She never tries to fill the gasps.

This is a sign that she doesn’t feel the need to move things forward with you, and/or that she isn’t trying to make you like her (unlike an interested woman, who would make sure to keep the conversation going so that you don’t perceive her as a boring woman, like I show you in this post).

5. She indulges in familiarity (too much familiarity) with you

This one is vicious.
And many men fall in the trap.

Naturally, you may think that the more familiar a woman is with you, the more comfortable she feels with you.

And indeed, she does feel comfortable.
Too comfortable.

Because she has no expectations.

body language signs a girl doesn't like a guy

As a result, she allows herself to do anything and everything (for instance burping, farting, speaking rudely in your presence, or some other things a bit subtler but still not making her attractive in the eyes of men).

The opposite of a woman who cares about what you think of her, and who would therefore make sure to mind her manners in your presence.

6. She hardly ever looks at you

She hardly ever pays attention to you.

To her, it’s like you don’t exist.

You’re like a ghost to her.

The only time she’ll look at you is when YOU make the effort to talk to her.
But the rest of the time, she doesn’t offer you this privilege.

That’s a clear sign of indifference.

7. She almost never faces you with her body

Our body language can betray our interest in a person without us even realizing it.

A woman who turns her body towards yours (even without looking at you), is a woman who is not indifferent.

The more her body faces you, the more she is invested in you.

body language signs a girl doesn't like you and most men

Conversely, the less she faces you, the less interested she is.

If she never points her body at you, it’s another sign that she doesn’t feel connected to you (and doesn’t want to be).

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8. She never asks you questions to get to know you

You are the only one who asks her questions to get to know her better.

On her side, nothing.

She just answers your questions, maybe sometimes returning the question out of politeness, but that’s all.

She doesn’t try to get to know you better.

9. She doesn’t seek to hear from you

She never spontaneously reach out to you to ask about you.

Nor does she try to ask your friends about you.

Another sign that she’s not interested in your life.

And therefore that she doesn’t care.

10. [BONUS] She tells you about other guys she’s slept with lately (or would like to sleep with)

She complains about this jerk who has just dumped her.
Or about a guy she’d like to sleep with (or date).

You feel like you’re her confidant, like her best friend.

This may not be a sign that she doesn’t care about you at all, but it’s clearly a sign that she doesn’t see you as a potential lover (or boyfriend).

She sees you as a friend, but nothing more than that.

In other words, you’re in a friendzone.

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she's not into you and flirts with other guys

Unless it’s a deliberate strategy on her part to make you jealous (in which case it’d be a sign that she’s interested), it’s clearly yet another sign that she doesn’t care about you.

She doesn’t care about me: what to do

You’ve spotted some of the signs above, confirming this woman’s indifference towards you.

Now, what to do?

👉 Step one: understand the reasons for her indifference.

If this chick doesn’t care about you, it’s a desire issue.

She doesn’t feel any desire for you.

Either she never felt any, or she’ stopped feeling any.

The question you need to ask yourself then is this one:

What caused this woman to not (or no longer) want me?

Is it because you displayed too much neediness (like her little dog)?

Or is it because your attitude in her presence wasn’t masculine enough?

Her desire may have been killed by subtleties you don’t know about, such as small mistakes or clumsiness on your part.

👉 Step two: act accordingly.

Once you’ve figured out the mistakes you made, you can take actions designed to turn things around.

In the case you’ve displayed too much neediness, you must take a step back.

Not only to give her some space (and stop being seen as a sticky guy), but also to allow her to finally take interest in you.

She’ll start questioning your interest in her, because of your sudden distance.

mixed signals red flags

You can also put her in competition with other women, in a subtle way (she should not see this as a deliberate strategy on your part, as discussed in more detail in the article linked at the very bottom of this post).

In the case she doesn’t see you as masculine enough (and therefore as a potential sexual partner), you must do what’s necessary to be perceived as manlier.

Not necessarily physically, but in your attitude.

And especially in your non-verbal communication.

It may only take a few adjustments to completely change the perception that women have of you (check out this post if you want to learn more about this).

obvious signs a girl doesn't like you she's interested in other guy

My recommendation: if you have any doubts, work on the two points listed above, it’ll help for sure.

Frequently asked questions

And now, my answers to three questions that come up a lot among my readers and subscribers:

➡️ How do you know if she’s losing interest?

One of the best indicators that a girl is losing interest in you is when she starts paying less attention to you.

She doesn’t look at you as much as she used to.

She doesn’t talk to you as much as she used to.

She’s less invested in your relationship.

➡️ How can you tell if a girl is playing you?

One way to tell if a girl is playing you is to pay attention to the indicators of interest and disinterest she sends you. And the context in which they appear.

If she’s indifferent most of the time but shows interest when she needs a favor from you, she may be using you.

Similarly, if she only shows interest in you when she feels you’re slipping away from her, it’s because all she’s interested in is having you under her control (to satisfy her ego, or to keep you within her orbit just in case).

➡️ When to give up with a woman?

If you feel like you’ve tried everything (distancing yourself to make her want to chase you, jealousy, a more masculine attitude, improving your lifestyle…) and it hasn’t revived her interest in you, let it go.

At least temporarily.

This prolonged (and real) distancing on your part might be enough to make her come back to you (because making her see you as a challenge again).

signs she is not sexually attracted to you scarcity mindset

Circumstances may also change, and somehow lead her to start perceiving you as a potential lover.

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