13 Signs She Wants To Break Up With You (And What To Do)

What are the signs your girlfriend wants to break up with you (but maybe doesn’t know how)?

What are the signs she wants to end the relationship?

signs she wants to break up but doesn't know how personal experience

If you’re in a relationship with a girl and you suspect that she may be tired of you (and thus wanting to leave you), pay attention to what follows.

The 13 signs that we’re going to review here come from the hundreds of breakup situations that have been exposed to me by my readers and clients over the past few years.

These are very specific women’s behaviors that indicate that something is wrong and that she may be leaving you soon.

If you spot one or more of these signs, it’s time to ring the alarm bell…and most importantly, to act on them.

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Let’s get started.

13 telling signs she wants to break up

Let’s go over the 13 most common signs that your girlfriend or wife may want to end her relationship with you.

The more of these behaviors you spot in your partner, the worse the situation is.

1. She stops planning for the future with you

Your partner used to look forward to the future with you, she used to make plans (with you), talk excitedly about your plans together…

This is now over.

She no longer talks about the future with you.

As if you’re no longer part of her future.

When you start talking about it (whether it’s about a project you have together or about your relationship), she avoids the subject, or is very critical of it, but without giving solid arguments.

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2. She’s cold

Your partner has become unusually cold with you.

She doesn’t touch you anymore, she no longer says ‘I love you’, she no longer snuggles up to you, she no longer takes interest in you, she gives you short and dry answers…

You feel that a certain distance has set in between you and her.

If she’s always been like this, there may be nothing to worry about. However, if it’s not like her, something is definitely wrong.

Either she’s pouting after an argument (in which case she may not intend to leave you and is just giving you the cold shoulder temporarily), or she’s distancing herself because she intends to break up.

If there’s no apparent reason for her sudden coldness, get ready to be dumped (or take matters into your own hands to turn things around).

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3. You’re not her priority anymore

You’re clearly not her priority anymore and she makes sure you feel it.

If it used to be easy to arrange a one-on-one date with her, it’s now more difficult, if not impossible.

She always has something better to do: friends, family, work, various activities…

You feel like you’ve been sidelined.
You feel like you’ve faded into the background.

This is a sign that she doesn’t value you as much as she used to.

If you spot this sign in combination with other signs seen here, it doesn’t look good.

4. She doesn’t want to have sex anymore

Has she recently been refusing to have sex with you?

Has she recently been systematically finding an excuse to avoid sex?

This is an indicator that something has changed.

Something blocks her.

It could be a sign that she has met another man, or that she prefers to put some distance between you and her so that she can detach herself more easily in preparation for the breakup.

If her refusal to have sex with you continues over time, get ready to be dumped.

5. She’s not the same in bed

Your sexual encounters are not the same anymore.

She seems elsewhere during sex.

She’s not as horny as she used to be.

She’s not as active as she used to be.

She refuses to do certain things (certain sexual practices, certain positions…) that she used to do willingly.

This is a sign that she’s distancing herself from you.
She no longer feels as close to you as she used to.

Her feelings and desire for you have waned.
To the point where she may be questioning her relationship with you…and may have already made the decision to leave you.

6. The complicity between you is gone

You’re no longer as close as you once were.

Your girlfriend has stopped opening up to you on certain issues.

You’re no longer the first person she comes to when she’s heard some good news and want to share them.

She no longer makes jokes…or laughs at yours. In fact, she doesn’t even understand your jokes anymore.

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You used to have your own private jokes… she seems to have forgotten them. To the point where you have to re-explain them to her when you refer back to them.

You’re like disconnected from each other.

If it’s a temporary situation that happened because of an argument, there’s probably nothing to worry about. But if there is no apparent reason for this sudden disconnection, it stinks.

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7. You feel like a ghost to her

You used to be the center of her attention. She only had eyes for you.

Now, it is as if you no longer exist for her.

You feel as if you’ve become the invisible man.

She doesn’t look at you anymore.
She hardly speaks to you (only when necessary).
She doesn’t listen to you as she used to.

That’s a strong sign she’s not into you anymore.

signs your gf wants to break up certified relationship coach

More subtle variation:

She may very well not ignore you when it’s just the two of you, but deliberately ignore you in public.

That’s a sign she wants to dissociate herself from you in the eyes of others.

She no longer wants to be seen as being in a relationship with you.

She is already setting the stage for the post-breakup.

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8. She’s no longer jealous at all

She used to be jealous a lot.

When she didn’t hear from you for a little too long, she would suspect you were with another girl and make a scene.

She would look at every little detail that could indicate you were unfaithful.

It may even have become suffocating.

Now, she doesn’t seem to care much.

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She’s not paranoid like she used to be, trying to spy on you or catch you looking at another woman.

It’s a sign that she’s not as afraid of losing you as she used to be.
And therefore she’s not as attached to you as before.

Even worse: in her head, she may already be done with you.

Hence her indifference.

Of course, there may be other reasons: she may have matured, gained confidence in herself (and in you)… But if you spot this sign in combination with other signs listed here, that’s a red flag.

9. You feel she’s hiding things from you

Has she become very secretive with you lately?

Unless she’s preparing a surprise for your birthday (or some other occasion), this doesn’t smell right, especially if she’s become cold and distant.

She doesn’t talk to you about herself anymore, she seems to spend more time exchanging messages on her phone, she has started coming home later than usual…

No doubt about it: your partner is distancing herself.

There are things going on that she doesn’t want you to know about.

She may have met another man, with whom she’s currently cheating on you.

A man for whom she may be about to leave you…

10. She avoids contact

She avoids communication.

She avoids your gaze.

She removes your hand when you put it on her.

That’s a sign that she’s no longer comfortable with you.
Or that she wants to distance herself from you to prepare the ground for the breakup.
Or that she is cheating on you and is ashamed of it.

Either way, it stinks.

The breakup is not far off.

11. She takes more time to respond to you

If she’ve suddenly started taking a long time to answer your texts or calls (or even not responding at all), her interest in you has dropped. And she may be texting someone else.

Same thing if her texts have become abnormally short, as if she’s bored of texting you.

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You have the feeling that it’s now always you who must initiate the conversation by sending an initial message.

She no longer invests in your text conversations as she used to.

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12. She has distanced herself from your friends and family

Your partner has suddenly distanced herself from your relatives.

That’s a sign that she’s trying to put some distance between you and her, and that she’s already started to cut ties.

She wants to break up, and is taking steps to make the breakup easier.

The first step is to cut the ties with your social circle.

When this is done, the ties between you and her will be weaker, and the separation will be easier. Like a formality.

signs that a woman is fed up in a relationship she's unhappy and chemistry fades

Note this process can be unconscious: your partner simply doesn’t feel attached to you anymore, and naturally detaches herself from your world.

13. Her friends and family are suddenly distant with you

Your partner has announced to her relatives her intention to leave you, and as a result they understand that they have to distance themselves from you.

That’s why the’ve suddenly become cold to you.

They stopped reaching out to you, they stopped checking in on you… Instead they make sure to maintain a certain distance.

In case your girlfriend’s relatives never liked you, you don’t have to worry more than that (since they were always distant with you). But if your relationship with them was rather good, something is definitely wrong (especially if you notice other signs listed here).

 first date she's starting to watch netflix

So much for the 13 most common signs that a woman wants to break up with you.

One of these signs alone is not necessarily a sign of an upcoming breakup, especially if it can be explained by other reasons (argument, bad day at work, stress…).

On the other hand, if you notice several of these signs at the same time, it’s clear that something is wrong in your relationship.

Especially if they last in time.

To learn how you can turn things around and avoid separation, read on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s now answer some common questions that I get from my subscribers and readers on today’s topic.

➡️ How do you know if your wife no longer loves you?

One of the most common causes of separation is obviously the loss of feelings.

It can be useful to be able to spot this loss of feelings early on so that you can quickly take action in order rekindle the romance, in order to escape a painful separation.

To detect the loss of feelings in your wife, pay attention to her non-verbal communication:

  • her gaze
  • her touch
  • her posture
  • the tone of her voice
  • etc.

If she doesn’t look at you as she used to, if she avoids your gaze, if she stops touching you, if she avoids your caresses, if she doesn’t face you with her body anymore, if she talks to you in a dry or blasé way… you can see it as a sign that she doesn’t love you as much as she used to (or not at all).

Especially if you notice one or more of the signs listed above.

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In this case, it’s time to act.

➡️ How do you know if your girlfriend or wife is thinking about someone else?

To determine whether your partner is thinking about another man, I recommend you check out this comprehensive article:

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➡️ Why does she want to leave me?

Your partner may want to leave you for different reasons:

  • loss of love feelings
  • loss of sexual desire
  • repeated disrespect on your part
  • infidelity
  • financial problems that make it impossible for you to provide for her and her children
  • on a whim, under the influence of emotion
  • etc.

To turn things around, use one of the strategies (ideally a combination of them) I show you in these posts:

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