She Stopped Texting Me: 15 Possible Causes (And What To Do)

We went from texting everyday to nothing

She stopped texting me suddenly

she texted me everyday then stopped woman's perspective

Why did she stop texting me?

What does it mean when a girl stops texting you?

That’s what we’re going to see below…

With 15 possibles reasons why a girl stopped texting…

And what you should do to make her want to text you again.

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Let’s get started.

She stopped texting me all of a sudden: 15 possible causes

Let’s go review the possible reasons why this woman may have cut off contact with you:

👉 The date didn’t go well

You met up for a first date but it didn’t go as planned.

The girl has have been disappointed by your attitude, or turned off by some mistakes made.

You may have made a positive first impression on her when you first met (whether in real life or online), and she was hoping for more.

It turned out you didn’t meet her expectations.

So she stopped texting.

👉 You were too invested by message

You’ve been too clingy by text lately.

For instance by asking her too many questions, by sending her long blocks of text, by immediately answering every one of her texts, by showing excessive enthusiasm…

To the point where she started to see you as a guy who is completely into her. As a guy who is all over her.

This may have scared her, and killed her desire for you…

“Why does he send me so many texts? Am I the only woman in his life? Doesn’t he have anything else to do?”

She may have felt overwhelmed by your excessive interest.

There’s no better way to drive a woman away.

👉 She realized that she didn’t really know you

You may have managed to create a spark of attraction during the first interaction (for instance when you met her in a club or on the street). But you didn’t create enough trust to make her feel comfortable enough to communicate further.

Until now, she may have answered your texts out of politeness, or to avoid appearing mean.

She may even have been enthusiastic at your first texts (especially if the emotions from the encounter were still fresh in her mind).

But she realized that in the end she didn’t know you.

To her, you’re just a stranger she met in a flash, with whom there’s no real connection.

So she prefers to end the communication.

This woman stops responding.

👉 She’s (really) busy

She may have had busy week.

Work, classes, family…

She doesn’t have a minute to herself, and therefore no time to text you.

Therefore, she stopped texting.


When a woman tells you that she’s busy, it may also be a lame excuse to reject you or decline your invitations.

Therefore, just because a woman tells you she doesn’t have time doesn’t mean that’s the real cause of her silence.

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👉 She’s met another man

She may have met another man lately.

A man she had a crush on…and who made her forget you.

This is the man she’s now texting.

As for you, she stopped texting.

👉 She’s lost interest in you

She may have lost interest in you.

She may have been attracted to you in the beginning, especially during your first interaction. But since then, her desire for you has decreased.

As the saying goes: out of sight, out of mind.

She has forgotten you over time.

All the more easily as everyone else may be fighting for her attention (the desperate guys on social media, the Instagram influencers she’s following, the streaming services with their constant stream of new video content…).

It’s hard to stay present in your thoughts when the competition for your attention is so fierce.

Especially if you’ve made mistakes that have made you less attractive in her eyes.

👉 She has a technical problem

Less and less likely with the advance of technology, but not to be ruled out: she may have a technical problem.

For instance a mobile network issue that prevents her from sending and receiving texts (this is especially the case if she’s traveling abroad).

Or it may be that she lost her cell phone (and she has no other device from which she can message you, like a computer).

👉 She had an accident

Not the most likely cause, hopefully, but you don’t know…

She may have been in a serious accident.

Stuck in a hospital bed, she’s unable to use her phone…and thus stopped texting.

👉 She’s in a relationship and her boyfriend won’t let her text you

She may be in a relationship, and her boyfriend saw your texts.

He has formally forbidden her to continue this conversation with you.

As a result, she decided to cut off all contact with you…and stopped texting.

👉 She realized that what she was doing was wrong

Similar cause to the previous one.

Here, she forbade herself to continue communication with you.

She may be in a relationship (or married) and realized that she went too far in exchanging messages with you.

She feels guilty towards her partner, and prefers to cut all ties with you.

She also fears being discovered, and the possible consequences on her relationship.

So she stopped texting.

👉 She’s testing you

She may be deliberately ghosting you in order to test your solidity.

She wants to see if you’ll freak out like a weak beta male or if you can remain unmoved like an unshakable alpha male.

So she’s acting like you didn’t exist, just to test you.

👉 She stumbled upon something you were hiding from her

You may have kept something from her (intentionally or not).

She found out, and she’s mad at you.

So she’s ignoring you and giving you the cold shoulder.

The stuff she found may also have radically changed her image of you, and killed her desire for you. In which case she stopped texting because she’s no longer interested.

👉 She has made a discovery about you that created some blockages

This cause is quite similar to the previous one.
The difference here is that what she found is something you weren’t necessarily hiding from her.

She just didn’t know enough about you, and as she started knowing more, she realized that you were not the man she expected.

It could be something that made you appear less valuable to her, or something that scared her…

As a result, she chose to stop texting you…and stopped texting.

👉 Her friends have turned her against you

If this girl randomly stops texting you, maybe it’s because her friends don’t like you and want you out.

They may consider that you are a bad influence on her. Or they may be jealous of their friend and would rather see her single, like them.

As a result, they have ruthlessly slandered you.

This girl allowed herself to be persuaded that she must stop talking to you, and has chosen to cut ties with you.

So she stopped texting.

👉 She wants to restore the balance between her and you

She may have been acting like an easy girl with you lately (maybe she allowed you to kiss her too soon or to sleep with her a little too quickly).

As a result, she’s a bit ashamed.

She may think that you just see her as a piece of meat.

She’s afraid that you see her as a pushover.

To try to restore the balance (and to re-establish her “reputation” in your eyes), she’s deliberately distancing herself from you…by ignoring you.

She prefers to cut all ties momentarily, to ease her conscience and become again an object of desire in your eyes.

she texts me everyday then stops plausible reason constant attention


So much for the possible causes of this girl’s silence.

Let’s now see what you can do to get this woman to start texting you again.

Should I text her? Or is it better to wait for her text?

The first question to ask yourself is this one:

Have you recently sent her a text in an attempt to restart the conversation?

If so, it’s best to wait before contacting her again.

If not, you can consider texting her now (more on that a bit below).

Let me explain:

The problem with texting her too quickly after a failed attempt to get the conversation going again is that it’s likely to make you come across as needy.

Just like all those desperate guys who keep messaging her all day long.

If you do that, you’ll kill her desire for you.

Or worse: you’ll make her despise you.

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she stopped texting me everyday she's upset or she's testing

Keep in mind that you must avoid at all costs acting clingy with her (even subtly).

And what happens every time you text her in an attempt to get her text to you back?
You appear even more desperate to get her attention.

The best thing to do when a woman stops texting you is stop texting her as well.

Don’t show any more interest in her.
Don’t give her any more of your attention.

She’s already had too much.

If you want to regain her interest, you must do the opposite: distance yourself; by cutting off all communication.

This way, she’ll feel that you’re slipping away from her and that maybe you’re not like all those desperate guys who’d do anything to get a little attention from her.

online dating self esteem girl stopped texting me few weeks

So at first, it’s best to wait.

Answer silence with silence.

Let at least a week pass before you send a message.

Even more.

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In fact, the more you’ve acted needy with her lately, the more aloof you’ll need to sound.

This sudden distancing on your part may be enough to intrigue her and make her want to check in on you.

And when she does, you’ll be the one with the emotional upper hand.

And from then on, it’ll be much easier for you to seduce her (provided you don’t make the mistakes listed above).

Now, if she doesn’t text you again during your period of radio silence, you can consider contacting her again.
But not before you’ve completed this radio silence (minimum one week).

How can I text her again without looking needy?

As we saw above, if you haven’t sent her any messages for a while (a week or more), you can consider texting her again.

But not just anyhow.

First, you should avoid at all costs messages that make you sound like a needy guy begging for affection.

Even subtly.

Women are particularly sensitive and have a kind of sixth sense that allows them to detect when a guy is a little too interested, even remotely.

That’s why your text should convey the impression that you’re detached, without expectations.

The goal is to restart the conversation without coming across as a guy who is desperately trying to get her attention (even subtly).

You should therefore avoid messages that could put pressure on her. Or messages that could make her feel forced to answer. Like messages that call for a response.

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, if you want to increase the chances that she’ll get back to you, it’s better to avoid sending her texts with a question.

This kind of text makes you sound like a needy guy, even like a beggar (by definition, after you’ve asked a question you are waiting for something).

It makes the girl feel in charge.
Which causes her to feel even more in demand.
And even less willing to answer you.

Sure, if you ask her a question she might get back to you, but she’ll do it without much enthusiasm. She’ll see this task as a chore. Which is not good for the rest of your dialogue.

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most women stopped texting red flags cancel dates

To really get your conversation going again (that is say to recreate a conversation in which the girl is fully engaged, with enthusiasm and excitement), it must be her idea.

To this end, it’s better to not include a request (such as a mere question) in your message.

But there’s another benefit to this kind of message: you won’t lose value in her eyes if she doesn’t answer.

You didn’t ask a question or make any kind of request.
Your text didn’t call for a response.

So if she doesn’t answer you, it doesn’t sound like she disrespected you.

The girl can’t really tell herself  that treated you like a mop, or that you have no self-respect if you text her again later.

she stopped texting me out of nowhere rekindle things every day

Then, as you have understood, your “reactivation” message should not make you look like a needy guy, who’s all over her.

For this reason, keep it short.

Because the longer your text is, the more invested you appear.
And conversely, the shorter your text, the less invested you appear.

The mistake here would be to send her large blocks of text.
There’s no better way to scare a woman away by message (the size of the text alone is enough to repel her, without her even needing to read it).

she stopped texting me after we slept together stay patient

So keep your text short.

And ideally make it look spontaneous, so that she can tell herself that you didn’t really plan to contact her: for instance, you just saw something that reminded you of her or related to a private joke you had with her, or you just ran into a friend who told you about her, or you saw her from afar while you were shopping with a friend, etc.

A spontaneous message, without fuss.

You just share good emotions at a given moment.
Without expecting anything in return.

So again, if she doesn’t respond, your value won’t be diminished in her eyes.

If she answers, fine.
If she doesn’t respond, it’s not a big deal, you can always try again later.

Careful: if she doesn’t answer, don’t text her again immediately (as you’ve understood, you must not give her the impression that you’re desperate to get her attention).

Wait at least a week or two before texting her again, so that you don’t come across as an overly invested guy.

She may even text you back in the meantime.

And if she continues to ignore you?
Move on (this may entice her to finally responds to you, feeling that she may be losing you for good).

she stopped texting every day open room and more tipsNote:

There is an advanced technique that you can use to “force” a woman to answer you (“force” her psychologically, in the sense that she will not be able to help wanting to answer you).

This technique consists of a simple message, of two sentences maximum, which allows you to push certain emotional buttons in a woman’s brain.

You’ll learn about it in more detail in the page you’ll find a link to at the bottom of this post.

Frequently asked questions

Let’s now answers some questions that come up frequently among my readers and subscribers on this topic:

➡️ How to deal with a woman’s silence?

First, don’t panic.

Keep a cool head.

Above all, you should not give in to the temptation to text her again in the hope of restarting the conversation.

It would only push her further away.

Hold off.
Give her the same treatment.
Ignore her.

Meet other women, work on your projects, have fun on the side.
This girl should not be your priority, nor the center of your concerns.

The more emotionally detached you are from her, the easier it will be to deal with these periods of silence (and the more attractive you’ll be in your communication with her).

She should be the one chasing you, not the other way around.

➡️ How to react when a woman walks away?

Don’t react.
Don’t try to catch up with her.

The more you’ll look affected by her distancing, the more you’ll drive her further away.

Because by showing yourself affected by her behavior, you’re subtly communicating to her that she can control you.

And she takes you for granted.

She stops seeing you as a challenge.

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If you want her to stop pulling away, you have to become a challenge in her eyes again.

And for this, you have to show indifference.

She has to feel that she might be losing you (or that she is losing you).
She must feel that finally you might not be interested in her.

➡️ Why isn’t she texting me?

There are a whole bunch of reasons why a woman may stop texting you (see the list above).

But in most cases, a prolonged silence from a woman is due to a problem of desire.

Because a woman who really wants you will always find a way to contact you (and stay in touch with you).

If you don’t hear from her for a week or more, you’ve probably made some mistakes that caused her to take you for granted. And/or you haven’t attracted her enough to make her feel the desire to maintain active contact with you.

➡️ Can I call her?

Texting her is preferable.

Because a call is intrusive.

It makes you look like a man who lacks social intelligence, or a man who has nothing better to do.

Remember: you must make this woman feel a certain detachment on your side.

A call is too much of an investment on your part.

This woman should not feel that she is your priority in life.
On the contrary.

Just send a short, spontaneous text message, without waiting for a response from her.

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