Does Silence Make A Woman Miss You (And How To Do It Right)

Does silence make a woman miss you?

If you’re thinking of giving the silent treatment to a woman, it may be because this woman has started given you less attention, or even left you (if you were in a relationship with her).

It could be a woman you’ve just met, your ex, your girlfriend or your wife…

initially lost interest while accepting subpar behavior

She seems less interested than before, less in love, more distant, maybe she’s even mentioned a possible breakup (or has already broken up).

If that’s the case, I have good news for you:

It is likely that the silent treatment will produce some effect on her.


Not necessarily the one you expect.

If you want your silence to produce the desired effect, there are some mistakes you need to avoid.

Let’s dive in.

What is radio silence?

To begin with, let’s clear up any confusion about what a radio silence is.

A radio silence is a period of time, more or less long, during which you have no contact with the other person (the woman you’re interested in):

  • no texts
  • no calls
  • no likes or comments on social media

You deliberately choose to stop giving attention, as if she no longer exists.

What is the psychological effect of the silent treatment on a woman?

The psychological effects of the silent treatment on a woman (when it works) are multiple.

Let’s go through them:

👉 Doubt

If this woman was taking you for granted, your radio silence will have the effect of making her doubt.

She’s going to start doubting your interest in her.

Especially if before that you were giving her a lot of attention.

And naturally, she’ll start to question herself.

own self respect woman loses interest“Why doesn’t he pay attention to me anymore? Doesn’t he like me anymore? Has he met another woman?”

And without even realizing it, she’ll start to invest emotions in you…

…to the point where she might start doubting her decision (her decision to break up, her decision to walk away from you…).

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👉 Fear of losing you

The silent treatment can easily make the woman you’re using it on feel that you are slipping away from her.

She’ll feel like you’re slipping through her fingers.

Until that point, she may have taken you for granted… but this sudden withdrawal of your attention makes her realize that the game is not yet won with you.

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She may therefore feel some anxiety at the idea of losing you for good.
Or at the idea that another woman could get her hands on you.

Even if she wasn’t into you in the first place.

👉 Withdrawal effect

This woman was used to getting regular attention from you.

With this radio silence, it’s now over.

This sudden withdrawal of your attention has left a void in her.

As a result, she may experience a kind of withdrawal effect…and start to miss you.

👉 Awareness

Noticing that she misses you, this woman will realize that you’re more important to her than she thought.

She’ll realize that she actually cares about you.

accepting subpar behavior initially lost interestIn some cases, she may even realize that she’s in love with you.

This may also make her realize that she’s not the center of your world, and that she’s going to have to make a little more effort if she wants to keep you.

👉 Renewed interest

By not checking in on her anymore, you appear to be less accessible to her.

More inaccessible.

And as you probably know, we desire more what is out of reach.

This applies to objects, but also to human beings.

This withdrawal of your attention will naturally make this woman desire you more.

By distancing yourself, you allow yourself to be seen as a challenge again. Unlike all those desperate guys who keep texting her and showing her their interest (who she secretly despise).

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👉 Obsession

As we saw, the silent treatment can quickly cause a woman to question herself.

“Why doesn’t he text me anymore?”

“Is he no longer interested in me?”

“Has he met someone?”

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win someone's approval considered desperate behaviorIf this woman has any interest in you, this questioning can easily grow over time…to the point where the girl ends up obsessing over you.

Realizing that you’re slipping away from them (especially if they’re not used to men walking away), some women can become completely obsessed with getting your attention back.

Some may even start texting you all by themselves, and then even attempt some desperate actions if you keep ignoring them.

👉 Irritation

It may be good for you or bad for you, we’ll come back to this a little below.

Your radio silence can piss off a woman.

She’d gotten used to having your attention, she’s now deprived of it. If it’s the kind of woman who can’t stand being ignored, she may perceive this as an affront (but that’s not a bad thing, as we’ll see).

Or, if she’s already angry at you for not giving enough attention, by ignoring her you’re only accentuating this imbalance.

win brownie points second grade citizen

So much for the psychological effects of the silent treatment on women.

Note also that in some cases your radio silence may have no impact on the girl.

This can be the case if you’re completely out of her field of vision, if you don’t occupy her thoughts at all.

Mistakes to avoid

Let’s now see the traps to avoid with the silent treatment.

If you fall into them, you may drive this woman away even more.

❌ Doing it when it’s not appropriate

One of the goals of the silent treatment is to appear more desirable, by causing a woman to doubt your feelings for her.

This is a technique to use on women you’ve given too much attention, or who take you for granted.

In order to shake up their beliefs.

But this might not be your case.

It might be that the woman you like considers you too unattainable.

right man behaved desperately all the timeYou may have neglected her too much, by not giving her enough attention.

In that case, silent treatment would only make the situation worse, by exacerbating this imbalance.

Instead of shaking up her negative beliefs, it would only reinforce them.

In case the woman you like is mad at you for not giving her enough attention, what she needs is more attention, more presence. Not the other way around.

❌ Giving in like a weak guy

For your radio silence to have the desired effect, it needs to last long enough.

Depending on the girl and the context, a few days may be enough. But for others it’ll take several weeks.

If you give in and contact her again before your radio silence has produced its effect, you won’t achieve much success.

You’ll remain stuck at the same point.

You might even make the situation worse.

low social value text messagesEvery time you reach out to this women, you appear more invested.

And if that woman has drifted away from you because of too much interest on your part, you’ll only make the matter worse.

So be patient.

Resist the temptation to contact her again during the initial period of your radio silence.

❌ Sounding like you’re pouting

Remember: one of the goals of the silent treatment is to get the girl to doubt your feelings for her.

She needs to feel like she no longer has control over you.

She needs to feel that you’re slipping away from her.

Thus, she needs to see your radio silence as indifference.

You must make her think that you don’t care about her anymore, that you’ve definitely moved on.

However, if she thinks (rightly or wrongly) that you’re angry at her, your silence will produce the opposite effect.

She’ll see you as a man who is still emotionally attached to her, because full of resentment towards her.

Worse: she’ll see you as a frustrated guy, dominated by his emotions.

Which is anything but attractive.

power of silence most important thing

So don’t give her the impression that you’re pouting.

Don’t go as far as blocking her on social media and messaging apps.
Don’t look annoyed when you run into her in real life.
Don’t completely ignore her if she talks to you or sends you a message.

You want her to see you as an indifferent guy. Not as a man who is mad at her.

❌ Showing excessive enthusiasm when she contacts you again

When the girl gets in touch with you (which is likely to happen if you properly carry out your radio silence), don’t get too excited (and most importantly, don’t show her).

If you do that, you’ll break the image of the indifferent guy that you’d managed to create in her mind during your radio silence.

And you’ll be seen as an imposter.

The girl will feel that your radio silence was just a strategy to try to win her back and she’ll immediately lose interest in you again.

man's heart man miss

By being overly enthusiastic when she contacts you again, you’re again acting like a man who is all over her, who she can use as she pleases.

So don’t fall into the trap of being an enthusiastic guy when she gets back in touch.

Stay relatively detached.

She’s the one who has to chase you.

She’s the one who has to prove to you that she deserves your affection.

Not the other way around.

❌ Keeping ignoring her

The last mistake to avoid with the silent treatment: making it longer than necessary.

If you keep ignoring the girl after she’s reached out, chances are she’ll get bored and eventually move on for good.

You can ignore her the first time, but beyond that it’s an unnecessary risk.

If she makes the effort to contact you again, reward her with a bit of attention.

The right way to use silence

Let’s see how to start a radio silence with a woman you like.

When to start a radio silence?

For your radio silence to produce the psychological effects described above, the girl must obviously notice it.

She has to feel it.

For this reason, you must start it abruptly, without warning.

Stop all communication with her all at once.

As soon as you feel that it is necessary.

That is to say :

  • When she starts ignoring you (“ghosting” you) or when she’s silent all of a sudden
  • After she has disrespected you (stood you up, took too long to respond to your messages or didn’t respond at all, openly flirted with another man in front of you)
  • When she starts playing with your feelings
  • After she has dumped as a result of experiencing a sudden lack of interest in you
  • And so on…

How long should your radio silence last?

As long as necessary.

That is to say, as long as it takes to make that woman experience the psychological effects described above.

man miss considered desperate behaviorThere is no ideal duration for a radio silence. It all depends on the girl and the context.

For some women, one or two days is enough, for others it requires several weeks.

Either way, don’t contact her during the first week (at least).

If she reaches out to you after two days, fine, your radio silence will have served its purpose and you’ll have achieved your goal.

If not, be patient. Wait at least a week or two before you consider texting her.

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