Should I Ignore Her If She Ignores Me (+ 5 Ways To Do It)

Should you ignore a woman who ignores you?

If so, how?

And hat are the traps to avoid?

she's ignoring despite honest communication and mixed signals

We’re going to answer these questions in this article…

…with 5 ways to ignore a woman in order to “force” her to react.

Whether it’s a woman you’ve just met, your girlfriend or your wife, or your ex.

Each of the methods I’m going to share with you here has been validated by experience, by hundreds of readers on hundreds of different women (colleagues, classmates, girlfriends, wives, friends…) who’d started ignoring them.

Let’s get started.

Should I ignore her if she ignores me?

To answer this question, let’s start by reviewing the different situations you might find yourself in with a woman who started ignoring you…

➡️ Different situations:

In which situations ignoring a girl that started ignoring you is likely to pay off?

👉 Situation #1: It’s a woman with whom nothing has happened yet

It may be a woman who had shown interest in the beginning, with whom you felt that something was possible.

You had her attention.

She expressed her interest in you with looks, smiles, maybe even touches…

But gradually (or suddenly, in some cases), her interest in you turned into coldness.

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You seek her gaze, but she seems to avoid it.

You try to create a connection, but she maintains a certain distance.

You try to get her to respond with funny remarks or teasing, but she pays little attention.

If this situation is familiar to you, pay attention to what follows.

👉 Situation #2: It’s a woman who just friendzoned you

It may be a girl you’ve known for some time, with whom you’ve developed some complicity.

You have things in common, you shared emotions together, maybe you even have common hobbies.

But here’s the thing: she sees you as a friend, and nothing more.

And despite all your efforts to convince her otherwise, she’s adamant: you’re a great guy, maybe even “too good for her” (according to her words), and she’s afraid to ruin your friendship.

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She doesn’t see you as a potential sexual and romantic partner.

If this situation is familiar to you, pay attention to what we’re going to see below.

👉 Situation #3: It’s a woman you’re in a relationship with but who lost her interest in you

This could be your girlfriend or your wife.

Her interest in you has decreased in the last weeks or months.

She’s less touchy, less smiling, less invested in the relationship, maybe more secretive about certain things…

Maybe she even want to leave you.

And you may even suspect infidelity.

If you find yourself in this situation, stay with me until the end. What we’ll see together in the rest of this article might be enough to turn things around with your significant other.

👉 Situation #4: It’s a woman who just left you

This could be a girl you were in a relationship with for several weeks, months, or years.

She recently put an end the relationship.

Perhaps abruptly and unexpectedly.

On your side, you may have tried to get her back, trying to patch things up as best you could.

But despite your best efforts to convince her to stay with you, she hasn’t changed her mind.

Your ex is adamant about the breakup: you and her, it’s over.

If you find yourself in this situation, pay attention to what’s coming next.

👉 Situation #5: It’s a woman who is interested in you but just playing hard to get

It may be a woman who wants you but is playing hard to get in order to appear more desirable in your eyes.

That’s the best-case scenario.

If you find yourself in this situation, all you need to do is wait (and not fall into the trap of running after her, since this could kill her desire for you).

In this last scenario, you can ignore her as well if you want, even if that’s not mandatory.

🔴 Why she lost interest in you: the causes

Now that we’ve reviewed the different situations where ignoring the girl could be beneficial, let’s go through the possible reasons why this woman lost interest in you.

This will allow you to better understand the techniques that I’ll share with you after that.

As you’ll see, these different causes can overlap.

Here they are:

👉 She takes you for granted

It’s in the bag.

There’s no longer any doubt about your interest in her.

She may even see you as a guy who is all over her.

In her eyes, you’re no longer the challenge you were when you met her.

She no longer feels the need to win you over, so her interest in you has decreased drastically.

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👉 You’ve become predictable in her eyes

Direct consequence of the previous point.

Your excessive interest in her has wiped out the uncertainty. This uncertainty that is the essence of seduction.

There is no more mystery.

No more surprises.

Nothing to expect or hope for.

And quite naturally, her excitement for you has decreased drastically.

👉 You’ve displayed neediness

This cause is similar to the first one, but worse.

It’s often a mistake men make as a result of a woman starting ignoring them.

They start to question her about her coldness, about what she thinks of them, about her feelings for them…

Which makes them sound needy…

…and make her want to run away.

Because it causes her to see them as guys who desperately need her.

As guys who have no other option but her.

article helpful she's ignoring me and giving silent treatment

Women are attracted to men who have options.

They are attracted to men they know (or feel) are desired by other women (what scientists call this phenomenon “mate choice copying”).

A man who doesn’t have any option gives rise to distrust.

Consciously or unconsciously, a woman will choose to put some distance between her and such guy.

Because instinctively, she’ll consider him as a man of low value.

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✨ The remedy

What the above attitudes have in common is the constant attempt to create a connection between you and the girl. As well as the lack of uncertainty about your feelings for her (the two are related).

To turn this around, you need to attack the problem at its source: this constant attempt to create a connection, and the certainty that comes with it.

…By doing exactly the opposite.

That is, by…

…distancing yourself.

girl ignores despite eye contact and cold shoulder

This will allow you to break this vicious cycle you’re in.

Your detachment will surprise the girl, making her wonder what could have happened for you to start ignoring her.

She’ll start to question herself. A lot of questions about your interest in her will invade her mind. Until she becomes obsessed with you.

Your distancing will also allow this woman to miss you.

She’ll start to crave your attention, and then naturally feel the need to get it again.

It’s at this point that you’ll observe a radical change in her behavior.

How to distance yourself from a girl to make her want you?

Now that we’ve laid some of the groundwork by going over the most common scenarios and causes that may require distancing, let’s take a look at some concrete ways to do it.

👉 Method# 1: Complete radio silence

The most radical way to distance yourself from a woman: radio silence.

As the name suggests, this method consists of operating a complete radio silence.

That is to say to cut all contact with the girl:

  • Not texting her anymore
  • Not calling her her anymore
  • Not answering her texts anymore
  • Not answering her calls anymore
  • Not reacting to her stories (or to any other of her posts on social media)

girl ignores and longer interested despite playing games

How long should this radio silence last?

It all depends on the context and the relationship you have with this girl.

It can range from a few days to a few weeks (or even several months, in some extreme cases).

As a general rule, the more you’ve displayed neediness with this woman, the longer your radio silence should be.

Note that the ideal length of your radio silence will also depend on other factors, such as the competition anxiety (jealousy) you might make her feel and the attitude you’ll adopt at the same time.

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👉 Method#2: Response time

This is a soft variant of radio silence.

This method consists in distancing yourself from this girl just by exaggerating your response time to the texts she sends you.

Nothing simpler:

Make her wait more than usual before texting her back.

This may be particularly effective if she’s used to always get a quick response to the texts she sends you (immediately after she sends them, or no more than a few minutes after).

If you suddenly start replying to her texts several hours (or even days) after receiving them, she’ll perceive this as a sudden drop in your interest in her.

Which will make her curious.

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woman ignores text messages clinical psychology

She’ll feel that she might be losing you, which will make her see you again as a man to conquer.

The fear of losing you permanently will force her to pay more attention you.

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👉 Method#3: The length of your answers

Here’s what you need to understand:

The longer your texts, the more interested in her you appear (because you seem more invested).

And conversely, the shorter your texts, the less interested you appear (because you seem less invested).

Note that this also works in a face-to-face interaction: the more you talk, the more interested you seem (because the more you sound like you have something to prove), and the less you talk, the less interested you seem.

woman ignores own thing I feel confused and stop texting

So: you can make the girl feel that you’re distancing yourself from her by deliberately keeping your texts (very) short.

For instance, instead of sending her an elaborate response to a question she asks, just send her a simple “No”, or “No idea”, or another very short response (one or two words, just to answer her question as briefly as possible).

Without trying to restart the conversation with a question.

She needs to feel that you’re not trying to create a connection or move things forward. Rather, you want her to think (or to suspect) that you don’t care about her.

You want her to see you as completely indifferent.

Note: you can combine this method with the previous one (taking time to respond, and keeping your answers short).

👉 Method#4: Total withdrawal of your attention

This is the equivalent of radio silence, but “in real life.”

You’ll find this strategy of use if you come across this woman regularly in your daily life (for instance if she’s a coworker, a girl from your college or university, or a girl who hangs out with the same people as you).

first move someone else or other guys in such situations

It consists in ignoring her, purely and simply.

That is to say:

  • Not looking at her anymore
  • Not talking to her anymore

But WITHOUT giving her the impression that you’re angry at her.

This last point is very important.

Because if you give her the impression that you’re pouting, she’ll see you as a man she has hurt, and therefore as a guy who’s been fucked (not in the way you’d like to).

You don’t want her to see you as a frustrated guy, full of resentment for her.

Remember: you want her to think or believe that you don’t care about her at all. So that she starts seeing you as a man to win.

So ignore her in a serene and relaxed way.
Just like you didn’t care at all.

If she wants to interact with you (for instance if she asks you something), respond in a brief but courteous manner, with a casual little smile.

👉 Method#5: The lazy one

This strategy (which you’ll combine with the previous ones) consists in not investing yourself in the conversations you might have with her.

In other words:

  • Not fillings the gasps
  • Not asking her any question
  • Not expanding on your answers

As if you were too lazy to keep the conversation going with her.

This attitude will force her to see you as a guy who doesn’t really care about her, which will break the image of that needy guy she had made of you.


Now that we’ve reviewed 5 effective ways to distance yourself from a woman in order to make her want you, let’s see the traps to avoid when she’ll finally react and get closer to you.

She ignored me so I ignored her: what are her possible reactions (and what next?)

In reaction to your detachment, a woman can have different reactions.

Here they are (you may observe several of these reactions at the same time, in the same woman):

👉 She’ll look at you more

Either obviously or discreetly.

Either way, her gaze is an expression of her renewed interest in you.

She’ll observe you out of curiosity, or in an effort to get your attention again.

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Keep ignoring her at first, to allow her interest in you to grow.

The mistake here would be to start giving her too much attention again.

If you do that, you’ll be back to square one.

👉 She’ll get closer to you

She’ll stand closer to you (sometimes pretending to ignore you).

She’ll find herself “by chance” in the same places as you.

This will be no accident.

She’ll be looking for opportunities to interact with you.

By standing close to you, she’ll increase the chances that you’ll look at her or engage in a conversation with her again.

Same advice as before: keep ignoring her before you give a little of your attention.

👉 She’ll talk to you more often

Or she’ll simply start talking to you again.

For instance, she’ll find a lame excuse to start a conversation with you.

My advice:

Don’t show too much enthusiasm when you see that this woman is talking to you again.

Stay detached.

You can ask her questions in return, but always make sure she’s the one who’s most invested.

👉 She’ll text you more

Same as above.

The only difference here is that she’ll be talking (or rather writing) to you…from a distance.

Here, don’t fall into the trap of responding to her instantly or sending her large blocks of text (unless you want her interest in you to drop again…).

👉 She’ll start to tease you

Typical of a woman who’s trying to create a connection with a man.

She’d like to have more of your attention. She’d like to create (or recreate) a complicity with you. She wants to play with you (in order to seduce you).

Here, you can either keep ignoring her…or playing along with her (but always making sure you keep the upper hand).

👉 She’ll try to hurt you (but don’t worry)

Typical of some women looking to get an indifferent man to react (or looking to test a guy’s self-confidence).

She’s frustrated by your indifference, and as a result she makes sure to get you to react by any means.

When the teasing fails, she’ll step it up a notch with…the harsh or harmful remarks.

By pressing your buttons.

For instance by telling you that you’re short if you’re not tall, by telling you that you’re ugly if you’re not that handsome, by telling you that you’re skinny if you’re not very muscular…

With the objective of making you lose your composure (and maybe also to take revenge for your indifference).

better sense with latest articles on mixed signals

If a woman makes this kind of remark to you, don’t react badly (don’t react at all, or take it with a smile).

Keep your cool and see it as a sign of interest on her part (as counterintuitive as it may seem).

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