How To Win Your Wife Back [7 Proven Ways]

How to win your wife back before it’s too late?

how to get your wife back a few helpful things

If your spouse has left you, there are 4 things you should avoid doing at all costs.

These are 4 traps men naturally fall into, that drive their wife away even more.

We’re going to review them one by one just below.

Once this is done, we’ll get to the 7 proven strategies to win back your wife (before divorce, or during separation).

The traps to avoid

Many men naturally fall into one or more of these traps, because intuitively these mistakes seem to be the right thing to do.

Except that it’s quite the opposite: by making these mistakes, they drive their spouse even further away.

Here they are:

❌ Trying to convince her with logical arguments

This is the most common mistake.

Trying to convince her rationally.
By cold, rational arguments.

Except there’s nothing rational about love.

Love is something irrational.
It’s at the emotional level that it is plays out (especially in women).

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You may have the best arguments in the world (even arguments that include your possible children with your wife), but they’ll have little effect on her decision.

Because these cold, logical explanations won’t make her feel anything.

They won’t change her emotions.

And no matter how much you manage to convince her on a rational level that she should stay with you, if her emotions don’t follow, she won’t come back (or stay). Period.

Even worse:

By trying at all costs to convince her (by overwhelming her with arguments, explanations, logical demonstrations, and so on), you’ll sound desperate.

Which is anything but attractive.

And will only reinforce the negative emotions she feels towards you.

Driving her away even more.

❌ Begging her

Begging a woman might make her feel emotions.

But not the right ones.

The emotions you’ll make her feel by behaving like a beggar are the opposite of the emotions you need to make her feel to win her back.

When you beg a woman, you appear completely dominated.

Like a weak, submissive man who she can do with as she pleases.

All she’ll feel at that moment is embarrassment, contempt, disappointment.

And instead of making her want to come back (or stay), it’ll only reinforce her choice to leave you.

Don’t make that mistake.

❌ Trying to make her feel sorry for you

This is a slightly softer (but equally destructive) variation of the previous mistake.

It consists in (more or less deliberately) turning into a depressive shit in the hope that she’ll come back (or stay) out of pity for you.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), it doesn’t work that way.

Women are attracted to strong, powerful men. Not to wrecks that are sinking into the abyss.

Do that and you’ll have nothing but contempt.

❌ Threatening her

Or blackmail her.

Your threats will only cause her to experience negative emotions, which will make her want to run away even more.

And even if it worked, it wouldn’t lead to a healthy relationship. Let alone a solid, long-term relationship. Because this woman would stay with you under duress, not because of any love for you.

By the way: are you able to carry out your threats?

For a threat to be a deterrent, it must be credible.

And for a threat to be credible, people need to know that you’re capable of carrying it out (and that you will).

So don’t lose points foolishly by making threats on the fly.

You’ll be seen as a desperate man, who has no other options left to get back his wife.

How to win back your wife: 7 proven ways

Let’s look at the techniques and strategies that work when it comes to winning your wife back.

These different methods will allow you to make your woman feel the right emotions.

Emotions that will make her want to come back (or stay). By making her see you again as a man to be with, as the man in her life.

Combine these different strategies for maximum effectiveness.

✅ Distance yourself from her

Counterintuitive, but extremely effective.

By distancing yourself, you’re doing the opposite of what she expects.

Indeed, she probably expects you to act clingy with her.

Getting clingy with a woman who is pull away is a common mistake men tend to make (sometimes without even realizing it). They desperately try to connect with her.

They question her about her sudden change in behavior, they ask her what’s wrong, they act more attentive, more present…to the point where they end up smothering her.

And she starts seeing them as a guy in need.

Which makes her want to run away even more.

how to win my wife back after hurting her few practical things

When you distance yourself (whether through radio silence or by ignoring her), the opposite happens:

She wonders why you’re suddenly paying less attention to her, she wonders about your feelings for her, she wonders why you’re not trying to get her back…

It tickles her, to the point where she may begin obsessing over you.

But there’s more…

This sudden distancing can also make her feel like she’s losing you, maybe permanently.

She experiences a fear of loss that quickly turns into a lack…and a desire to win you back.

Turning the tables like this is quite effective in getting your wife back.

✅ Change (subtly) on problematic points

Your wife may want to leave you because of recurring problems in your relationship.

And more specifically, because of problems related to you.

Maybe you have a tendency to get angry too often, maybe you’ve been letting yourself go lately (you put on some weight, you lost your job…), maybe you’ve let a boring routine set in, maybe you’ve stopped given her enough attention…

Problematic points that could have driven this woman away from you emotionally or killed her desire for you.

how to get my wife back emotionally she's left feeling words

You must address these issues.

For two reasons:

  • For a lasting relationship (if you don’t address the problem at its root, there is a good chance that your wife will want to leave you again in the future)
  • For shaking your spouse’s current beliefs (to get her to think that she might be wrong about you) so that she feels the need to reconsider her decision

Identify what was a problem in your relationship (and in particular the problematic points related to your habits and behavior) and correct them.

Without giving her the impression that you’re doing it for her.

This last point is fundamental.

Because if you give her the impression that you are making all these changes for her, you’ll be perceived as a desperate man, ready to do anything to win her back…

And therefore as a man who has no other option but her (which is not attractive to a woman).

So change, but change for yourself first.

Without expecting anything from your wife (or ex-wife).

Change in a nonchalant way.

✅ Increase your value

This is the exact opposite of mistake number 3 seen above (making her feel sorry for you by turning into a looser).

Women are naturally attracted to men of high status (it’s coded into their genetics, for reproductive…and survival purposes).

By taking actions to boost your status, you immediately become more attractive to women.

This can include improving your fitness by exercising more, dressing better, increasing your income, expanding your social circle, and so on.

Not only will it directly boost your attractiveness, but some of these changes may also have the effect of intriguing your spouse by getting her to think that you might be doing all this for another woman (especially if you do them in a nonchalant way, as advised in the previous point).

✅ Making her jealous

Women can’t help but be attracted to men they know are desired by other women.

It’s biological.

Scientists call this phenomenon “mate choice copying.” And you can exploit it to make your wife want to chase you again.

All you have to do is make her feel (or see) that other women are interested in you.

And that you might be more interested in some of those other women than in her.

This will immediately increase your attractiveness to her…and stimulate her hunting instinct by getting her to see you as a trophy to be won.

For this to work, you just have to make sure you’re subtle enough that your spouse doesn’t think it’s a deliberate strategy on your part to get her back.

✅ Keep some mystery

Your wife may have lost interest in you because there was no more mystery in your relationship.

You were telling her absolutely everything.
She knew everything you did.

There was no doubt in her mind that you loved her dearly.

She was certain that you would stay with her for life, no matter what.

As a result of that?

She took you for granted.

She stopped seeing you as a challenge.

She stopped seeing you as a man to seduce.

And the excitement of the beginning faded.

Allowing her to want to chase (or be chased by) other more mysterious men.

wife tells fix things marital problems

To win back your wife (and keep her attracted afterwards), you must keep the mystery alive.

You must leave some grey areas, open to interpretation.

Grey areas that will allow her to wonder about you and your interest in her…to the point of becoming completely obsessed with you.

✅ Be more directive

Maybe you wife got tired of you because you had gone soft.

Maybe you had become passive.

Maybe you had started letting her make all the decisions.

But here is the thing:

Women are naturally attracted to men who know how to take things in hand (which is perhaps what attracted her to you in the first place).

If you’ve stopped being the man in the relationship, it’s no surprise that she’s gradually lost her desire for you. Especially if she was forced to take on this role to compensate (nature abhors a vacuum).

wife's heart ultimate goal re establish unconditional love

If you want to make your wife attracted to you again, you must be more directive.

You’re the one who has to lead.

Without being hesitant or undecided.

And without waiting for her validation or approval.

✅ Be okay with the idea of losing her

Counterintuitive, but can make a huge difference.

As we’ve seen, the longer you hold on to this woman, the more she’ll resistand want to run away from you.

On the other hand, if you accept the idea of losing her without trying to hold on to her, you’ll produce the opposite effect: you’ll surprise her, intrigue her, to the point where she’ll wonder if she’s not making a mistake by leaving you.

Moreover, being ready to lose her will naturally make you adopt a much more attractive attitude: you’ll no longer be afraid to be yourself and to displease her by defending your opinions and points of view, unlike the nice little puppy who tolerates everything and anything in the hope of being liked by her (and who in the end gets nothing but contempt).

So don’t be afraid to lose her.

And make sure she feels it.

This is paradoxically what will make her want to come back.

How to get your wife back from another man

You may be in a situation where your wife has left you for another man.

To get her back, implement the advice given above…and follow these additional rules:

👉 Don’t badmouth him

Don’t fall into the trap of denigrating or castigating her lover (at least in front of her).

You’ll only come across as a jealous, frustrated, fucked (in not in the good way)…which is anything but attractive, and which will only drive her further away.

Instead, keep your cool.
Stay in control.
Stay calm.

Don’t show any sign of frustration.

First, it will surprise her (because she expects the opposite)…

And second, it will cause her to question your interest in her (“Is that all it does to him? I thought he had feelings for me… So he doesn’t love me?”), to the point where she’ll see you as a man who’s slipping away from her, and therefore a man to win back.

👉 Don’t try to convince her

Don’t try to convince her that you’re better than her lover.

Don’t try to convince her that she should stay with you either.

It would make you sound like a desperate, needy guy.

Do the opposite:

Don’t try to convince her of anything.

Even encourage her to go and join her lover.

Without showing signs of anger or frustration (a little disappointment at best).

In doing so?

She’ll start having doubts.

She’ll wonder if she made the right choice.

And if you do it right, she’ll quickly realize that YOU are the one she should be with.

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Here’s what you must tell yourself:

If this woman is unfaithful with you, you don’t lose anything.

You don’t have to feel wronged.

You’ll find another one, younger, prettier, more devoted.

It’s up to this woman who’s been unfaithful to prove to you that she deserves your affection. Not the other way around.

👉 Be firm but don’t expect anything in return

You can condemn her actions and set limits for the future, but without it being open for discussion.

Above all, she shouldn’t feel hesitation in your gaze or in the tone of your voice.

You don’t expect any validation or approval from her.

Remember: you must be ready to lose her.

That’s what will keep her attached to you, and determined to keep you.

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