15 Signs She Is Hiding Her Feelings For You (COUNTERINTUITIVE)

How to understand that a woman is hiding her feelings for you?

What are the signs she loves you but is hiding it?

What are the signs she is denying her feelings?

she holding back her feelings positive body language

A woman who is hiding her feelings shouldn’t surprise you.

Women are afraid to be perceived as easy girls, sluts or pushovers.

That’s why they usually communicate more subtly than men.

They use innuendos, clues in their body language, innocent little remarks supposed to tip you off about their interest in you…

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So don’t be surprise if a girl who loves you doesn’t outright reveal her feelings for you.

Most girls won’t, and will even do the opposite: hide their feelings for you.

To the point where they may even send you signs of disinterest (I’ll show you which ones).

If you notice these particular signs of disinterest in combination with some of the subtle signs of interest we’re going to see below, you can be sure you don’t leave her indifferent.

Let’s dive in.

How to know if a girl has feelings for you but is hiding it: 15 mixed signals

Many things can lead a woman to want to hide her love for you.

For instance, it may be because you took her a little too much for granted, or because she feels you used her or disrespected her…

One way or another, you abused her love, and she wants to make you pay for it, by stopping showing you interest.

It can also be because she doesn’t allow herself to engage in a relationship with you, because of circumstances that would make it an impossible love (she’s about to move far away, she’s already in a relationship, and so so).

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So there are many reasons why a woman may hide or deny her feelings for you.

all the signs she is confused about her feelings she's hiding

This desire to hide her feelings often translates into signs of feigned (often exaggerated) disinterest, like those we’ll see just below.

If you spot some of these signs repeatedly, it’s likely that this woman is actively trying to hide her feelings for you (especially if you also spot some of the subtle signs of interest that we’re going to see below).

Let’s start right away with the signs of simulated disinterest that this girl may (deliberately or not) throw at you:

1 – She gets mad at you

A girl in love with you who is frustrated by your apparent lack of interest in her (your lack of initiative, your lack of attention, your interest in other girls…) will get angry more often than normal.

She resents you, and her resentment may manifest itself in characteristic mood swings. Or by a certain irritability.

If before that she was nicer with you, it’s probably a sign that she secretly loves you.

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It pisses her off that you haven’t made a move yet (especially if you’ve been implicitly holding out the promise of a great relationship with you).
Or that you start hanging out with other girls.

So she decided to be awful to you.

2 – She deliberately ignores you

If she’s ignoring you in an exaggerated way, it should tip you off about her feelings for you.

This is likely to be a strategy to make herself more inaccessible — and therefore more desirable (one always desires more than one can have).

She may have realized that she displayed too much interest at first, and therefore seeks to counterbalance this excessive demonstration of interest by withdrawing all her attention.

She may also do this to take revenge on you for abusing her love for you (for instance if she feels that you used her, or that you took her for an idiot).

She’s in love, but out of pride she acts like she’s not:

She doesn’t look at you anymore.
She doesn’t talk to you anymore.
She sometimes deliberately doesn’t even answer to the questions you might ask her.

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3 – She’s hurtful to you

A woman who has secret feelings for you can be hurtful to you for several reasons:

For revenge (as seen above).

But also to make you react (it’s a way to get your attention without being seen as a girl who’s trying to get your attention…and therefore for a girl who is all over you, which she is).

That’s why she may throw hurtful remarks at you.

Again and again.

tell tale signs developed feelings more than just a friendShe may delivered these remarks in a calm and nonchalant tone, sometimes with a pinched little smile.
Or in a more annoyed tone (see sign number one).

For an uninformed man, this behavior can be confusing.

It can even hurt. Especially if she knows which of your buttons to push (we’ll come back to this a little bit lower).

Now, you must see these hurtful remarks for what they are: a mark of her feelings for you.

An indifferent woman wouldn’t bother making such remarks to you.
She wouldn’t even look at you.

4 – She deliberately makes you wait for her texts

It’s one of the signs she is denying her feelings over text.

Remember the first sign of the list: she deliberately ignores you.

By text, it translates into a simulated lack of interest on her part, often exaggerated.

She deliberately takes a lot of time to respond to each of your messages.

If you spot this sign in combination with sign 12, you can be sure that she seeks to be more desirable in your eyes…and thus you don’t leave her indifferent.

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5 – She claims that there’s nothing between you

When you ask her if she has feelings for you…

Or when you tell her that it’s not gonna to happen between you (for instance because you’re already taken)…

She looks surprised and says something like: “You got the wrong idea, there was nothing between us.”

It’s a way of not losing face.
And to minimize the humiliation she might feel at the time.

6 – She emphasizes your defects

She regularly push your buttons, making remarks about your defects (or your possible complex).

For instance: “You’re small” (if you’re not tall), “You’re skinny” (if you’re not very muscular), “You’re ugly” (if you’re not that handsome), and so on.

The goal?

Destabilize you.

Take her revenge for the lack of reciprocity on your part, by pressing where it hurts (see sign number 3: she’s hurtful to you)

She may also do this to test you. To see if your self-confidence is as unshakable as it seems.

In any case, it’s the sign that she’s interested in you, maybe totally in love with you (even if at first sight it may look like the opposite).

If she didn’t feel anything for you, she wouldn’t even bother to make that kind of comment.

7 – She mentions another man in an attempt to make you jealous

If you made her feel hurt or ignored her excessively, she may decide to take it a step further by trying to make you jealous.

Like mentioning another guy.

Just like that, out of the blue, in the middle of a conversation.

A guy she finds “handsome”, or “tall”, or “muscular”, or… (insert here a physical asset that you lack).

Her goal is simple: to make you anxious.

To make you experience fear of loss.

To make you feel that she might be slipping away from you, that you might lose her to another man.

In order to renew your interest in her.
Or to hurt you, to take revenge for your apparent lack of interest in her.

dating advice women tend hidden feelings

So much for the signs of simulated disinterest that a woman who hides her feelings could throw at you…

…in order for you to tell yourself that she’s not interested.

Now, as you can imagine, if she has feelings for you, she probably wants to go further with you.

Only, she wants to appear desirable, and thus a bit inaccessible (or at least she doesn’t want to be seen as all over you).

So she hides her feelings, feigning indifference, or pushing you away.

But since she wants something to happen between you, she’ll also take action to move things forward.

She’ll send you (often unwillingly) some subtle signs of interest, which will allow you to confirm her feelings for you.

Here they are:

8 – She’s watching you

She’s secretly watching you.

She looks at you discreetly, when she knows (or thinks) that you’re not watching.

emotional support female friends long conversationsSometimes it’s something you can sense, using your side vision (when you pretend to be focused on something in front of you but you’re actually paying attention to what’s happening on to the side, where the chick is).

You can also use the reflection of a mirror (or a window) to observe this woman furtively. Or ask a friend to watch her for you, so you can catch her looking at you.

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9 – She spies on you on social media

A sign difficult to spot, since she’ll usually do this when you’re not looking (from home for instance).

That said, she may very well do it in class or at work.

To catch her, you can use the same strategy as the one described above: ask a friend to observe her discreetly.

What is she doing on her phone?

10 – She asks your friends questions about you

It could be questions about your love life, or more mundane, seemingly innocent questions.

In short, she asks your friends about you.

It’s a sign that she’s emotionally invested in you.

But she doesn’t want you to know it.

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11 – She makes sure to look good when she knows she’s going to run into you

She makes sure she’s well dressed, well coiffed, well made up… when she knows she’s going to run into you.

Her goal is obviously that you notice her…and find her sexually attractive.

She wants to leave a lasting impression in your mind.

12 – She texts you spontaneously

If she contacts you spontaneously by message, out of nowhere, make no mistake: she’s probably interested.

Especially if she doesn’t really have a serious reason to do so (like a favor to ask you).

If she sends you a message of her own (whether it’s on WhatsApp, on Instagram, on Messenger…) to start a conversation, that’s a sign she’s looking for contact. And thus that she probably wants something to happen with you.

13 – She tries to get your attention

A woman in love with you will regularly try to get your attention, so that you know she exists (and that you don’t forget about her).

Often, she’ll do so in a stealth manner, so that you don’t think she’s trying to get your attention.

Most of the time, she’ll do so while ignoring you at the same time.

She may for instance start talking or laughing louder when she knows you’re nearby, while making sure not to look at you.

14 – She likes your social media posts

As we’ve seen, a woman who secretly loves you will try to get your attention.

In real life or…remotely.

And one remote way to do this is to like some of your posts (pictures, status, stories…) on social media.

If in parallel she sends you one or more of the simulated signs of disinterest seen above, you can be sure that she wants you.

15 – She is possessive

You feel her tense when she catches you talking to another woman.

Her attitude suddenly changes when you mention another girl during a conversation.

In some cases, she may even become hysterical.

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