15 Signs She Secretly Wants You (But Is Hiding It)

How to know if a girl likes you secretly?

What are the hidden signs she is secretly attracted to you?

signs that a girl loves you secretly she's talking body language

A woman who secretly wants you will say or do certain things that you can easily spot (if you know what to look for).

And that’s exactly what we’re going to see in this article…

With 15 things that a woman who secretly want you can (and will) do.

Often without realizing it.

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The more of the signs below you spot, the greater the likelihood that this woman secretly loves you.

Let’s dive in.

1 – She justifies herself

A girl who secretly loves you will tend to justify herself more in her conversations with you.

For one simple reason:

She cares a lot about what you think of her.

Therefore, she’ll seek to clarify certain points that are open to interpretation to make sure that you don’t have the wrong preconceptions about her.

She doesn’t want you to have a bad image of her.

She wants you to think highly of her.

body language girl likes she's interested in not everyone

Of course, just because a woman justifies herself doesn’t mean she’s necessarily in love with you. But if she does, that’s a pretty good sign you don’t leave her indifferent.

To confirm her feelings for you, you’ll have to spot other characteristic traits of an attracted girl (like the ones below).

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2 – She looks at you a lot when you’re not looking at her

It’ll often happen that a woman who is secretly in love with you spies on you.

She’ll look at you in a prolonged manner when she knows she’s not being watched (by you).

She likes you, and she can’t help but observe you.

For instance during class (or at work) or when you talk to another person than her in the group.

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3 – She blushes

She may sometimes blush in your presence.

This signals a peak of emotions, characteristic of a woman who has some strong feelings for a man.

It can be at the very beginning of an interaction with you (when saying hello for instance), after you’ve given her a compliment, after you’ve given her a prolonged look, and so on.

4 – She looks down when she breaks eye contact

A woman who lowers her eyes when breaking eye contact is a pretty good sign.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s in love with you, or even that attracted, BUT:

It conveys submission.

She sees you as superior to her.

And therefore probably (at least subconsciously) as a potential sexual partner.

signs she's curious and she's nervous

On the other hand, a woman who breaks eye contact by looking to the side is more indifferent to your charm, or wants to appear so (having said that, if an unknown girl makes eye contact with you again right after having broken it, you can definitely tell she’s interested).

5 – She initiates contact with you by text but not in person

A woman who loves you in secret will make sure to initiate contact with you in a way she feels comfortable with.

In other words: remotely.

If she spontaneously initiates contact with you by text but not in real life, it may be because she’s afraid of engaging in a face to face conversation with you.

Which means that she attaches great importance to the outcome of an interaction with you.

She’s afraid of screwing up by coming to talk to you in real life.

She prefers to do it by message, as she feels more comfortable behind a screen.

key signs true feelings emotional support

So if a woman doesn’t come and talk to you in real life but contacts you on her own via text, it might be a sign that she secretly likes you.

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6 – She touches her hair while looking at you

For instance, she strokes her hair, wraps a strand around her finger, plays with a braid

While regularly looking at you.

She’s consciously or unconsciously trying to draw your attention to her (and in particular to her hair, or her face).

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It’s also a way to calm herself down (she might feel nervous because of your presence, the same way you’d feel in nervous in the presence of a woman you find very attractive).

Just as scratching your face relieves stress, touching your hair is a calming gesture that helps you calm down.

7 – She’s surprisingly quiet in your presence

She’s quieter than usual when you’re around.

Many guys would take this as a sign of disinterest, but it’s the opposite:

Her silence is a sign that she’s afraid of saying something wrong.

She cares a lot of what you think of her, therefore she keeps her mouth shut for fear of saying something stupid in your presence.

She doesn’t want to make a bad impression on you.

On the other hand, when she’s alone with her friends she does not hesitate to let go.

body language signs she's hiding tiny details

Observe her: when she knows (or thinks) that you’re not looking at her, is she more talkative?

If so, that’s a good sign she likes you but is hiding it.

8 – She’s putting on her pretty face when she knows she’s going to run into you

This sign is valid for most women (I recommend you check out this comprehensive article on how to tell that a woman likes you)

A woman in love with you (or sexually attracted to you) will try to appeal to you as much as possible.

And especially to appeal to you visually.

In your presence, she’ll often make sure to:

  • wear sexy make-up
  • be well coiffed
  • be well dressed
  • and so on…

…to make sure that you notice her…and that you find her sexually attractive.

9 – She comments or likes your posts or pictures on social media

A “Like” from a girl on social media (especially if it’s on a post or a picture that few other people like) is a positive sign.

She uses the “Like” button as a way to get your attention.

This sign is even more telling if this girl usually doesn’t like much posts.

Suddenly she likes one of your photos. It’s no accident.

10 – She adds you as a friend on social media

When a woman starts following you or adds you as a friend on social media (Facebook, Instagram, …), it may be a sign that she’s trying to get your attention.

Especially if she only knows you by sight (and has never even spoken to you).

She secretly feels something for you, and would like to get to know you better. Without risking to get rejected (or embarrassed) in front of everyone.

So she uses social media, for a more discreet and less risky approach.

In most cases, she’ll add you as a friend and wait for you to start the conversation.

11 – She apologizes more often than usual

A woman who secretly likes you will make her best to be liked by you.

Consciously or unconsciously, she’ll seek to be accepted by you.

Therefore, she’ll do her best not to displease you.
For instance by agreeing with you on everything, or by often apologizing (sometimes for no reason, or for some futility).

12 – She often finds herself close to you

As if by coincidence, she’s often close to you.

Without necessarily interacting with you or looking at you.

She may even give the impression of completely ignoring you.

As if you don’t exist for her.

notices differences personal details she's ready one on one

Make not mistake:

If she’s hanging around you like this, she probably has feelings for you.

She’s trying to make contact.

She’s trying to get your attention.

And if she ignores you, it’s simply to appear more inaccessible to you, and therefore more desirable (she doesn’t want to be seen like a pushover).

13 – She changes position when she understands that you’re looking at her

If she suddenly changes position when she realizes that you’re looking at her, it means that you don’t leave her indifferent.

She likes you, so she makes sure to look at her best in your eyes.

alone time in daily life person feels spending time

So, if she has let herself go a little (for example if she was standing in a weird way, or if she was slumped on her chair…), the moment she understands that you’re looking at her she’ll immediately reposition herself as to appear more attractive.

For instance, stand upright, sit up in her chair, run a hand through her hair to arranger it, moisten her lips with her tongue, adjust her blouse

This is not a coincidence.

14 – She starts to write something, erases, then starts again

In text conversations, there are times when that girl starts writing something (you see it with the animated “…” that appear above or below the conversation, or with the message “xxx is writing…” that appears momentarily)…

…and then she suddenly deletes what she was writing (the “xxx is writing…” disappears).

…then she starts writing again.

Sometimes several times in a row.

important signs she's single and she plays hard

This is a sign that she’s eager to do things right.

She’s thinking about how she can best phrase her message to make a good impression on you.

Which is something an indifferent woman wouldn’t bother doing.

15 – She mimics you

A woman who mimics your gestures is a woman who feels good about you.

She feels connected to you.

And unconsciously, she copies your movements.

This is a well-known phenomenon in body language psychology, called mirroring.

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