How To Talk To Women (To Attract Them): 9 Powerful Tips

How to talk to women in an attractive way?

How to talk to girls so that they see you as a potential lover (and not as just a friend)?

How to talk a to a girl you like in a way that makes her want to chase you?

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If you want to know what (really) attracts women in a conversation, pay attention to what I’m going to show you below.

As you’ll see, it goes far beyond the words you say to her (but don’t worry, we’ll cover that as well).

It’s possible to sexually attract women by speaking in a very particular way

that allows you to speak directly to her animal brain (which is the center of her sexual impulses).

And that’s exactly what we’re going to see together in this article.

First, I need to warn you about THE trap most guys fall into when they talk to a woman they like.

Because if you fall into this trap, it’ll be much harder for you to attract the girls you want.

What to talk about with a woman to attract her: the trap that most men fall into (without even realizing it)

When you talk to a woman you like, it’s normal to want to make a good impression

To show yourself at your best…

In order to be seen as an interesting guy, with numerous qualities.

As a superior man, that is above the rest.

Except that (and this is where it gets tricky)…

…by doing this, you often produce the opposite effect.

Talking about yourself?

When you focus the conversation on yourself, you become boring…and sometimes pathetic (the term is a bit harsh, but not that far from reality).

Let me explain:

1) You may have a very interesting life, be a great guy, have a lot of qualities and assets that are supposed to “impress” the girl, but if you only talk about yourself (which happens more easily than you think), she’ll get bored.

Because what really interests her is not talking about you…
It’s talking about her.

If you want to make her feel good during your conversation (and thus be able to turn her on), you must make her feel interesting, unique.

And if you only talk about yourself, you don’t give the opportunity to express herself…and to sound interesting.

body language eye contact on what she's wearingEven worse:

2) The more you talk about yourself, the more needy you appear.

Because the more you sound like you want to prove something.

Like you’re compensating for something.

This causes the girl to feel that something is wrong.

And most importantly, that you’re probably not very successful with women (because a man who is successful with women wouldn’t feel the need to make such an effort to impress her).

So don’t fall into the trap of making the conversation about you.


Talk about her.

Make the conversation about the girl you’re talking to.

Focus the discussion on her.

Be genuinely interested in her.
Be curious about her.
Dig deeper in the topics you’re talking about (instead of remaining on the surface).

She’ll feel interestingand (paradoxically) will find YOU interesting (even though you’ll have hardly talked about yourself).

…or things that are likely to interest her

You can also talk about things that are not directly about her but that are likely to make her live some emotions.

Things that make her laugh, that surprise her, that turn her on.

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paying attention to body language lock eyes when talking to women


Now that we’ve laid down these conversational basis, we can get to the heart of the matter…

How to talk to women in an attractive way: masculine non-verbal communication

If you want to talk to women in an attractive way, the first thing you need to understand is that the words you say don’t matter that much.

And indeed: it’s only recently that words appeared in the human way of communicating.

Before that, humans communicated in a more animal way (think about apes): with gestures, facial expressions, screams or other oral sounds…

And this animal way of communicating is still ingrained in us.

We still speak this animal language.
At least on a subconscious level, without sometimes realizing it (it has been ingrained in us by millions of years of evolution).

The tone of our voice, our facial expression, our gesturessay much more than the words we use.

Especially when it comes to sexual attraction.

According to a now famous study, the words we use account for less than 10% of the message we want to convey.

Of course, this percentage may vary according to the nature of the discussion, but it give us an order of magnitude that is rather close to reality.

eye contact small talk to make feel specialDuring the seduction process, the words you use are only a pretext.

A pretext to communicate on a much deeper level with the girl. At a subconscious, vibrational, energetic level.

Deep down, you both know that what you’re talking about is not that important.

And if you do it right, you both feel that something is happening between you. Whatever you’re talking about.

Something sexual.

For instance, a woman you approach in a solid way will know very well why you approached her (to sleep with her, ultimately).

And even if you’re talking about the weather, she’ll sense that you have a desire for her. She’ll know it. She’ll feel a sexual tension between you and her that will turn her on…

Provided, of course, that your non-verbal communication is solid enough.

Because for a woman to be sexually attracted, she must see you as a potential sexual partner.

In other words, as a confident, sexual man.

She has to feel that masculine vibration in you.

➡️ If you haven’t done so yet: take a look at this article in which I show you how you can master women in a way that will turn them on.

In other words, how to dominate women to make them wet with desire.

And NOT just in bed: you’re going to implement these small actions in other contexts and environments, be it after an approach, on a date, at a party, in your everyday life with your girlfriend or wife (or with your ex), and more… so that the woman you like sees you as a powerful dominant male who is able to satisfy her deepest desires and take her to seventh heaven.

...which is what is going to make her want to sleep with you…and even chase you.

When you talk to a woman, you make her feel this masculine vibration through…

1) Your voice:

And more specifically how you use it.

Starting with…

👉 A low voice pitch:

Do you go high when you speak, or do you stay low?

If you go up in pitch when you speak (especially when you’re making a statement), you’ll sound nervous, insecure, hesitant. Which will make it difficult for the woman you’re talking to to sense your masculinity.

On the other hand, if you stay low in pitch when you talk, you’ll sound much more solid, in control of the situation. Which will allow women to feel your masculinity.

Here I’m not telling you to force your voice. But simply to speak with a deep voice, one that comes from the belly.

👉 A slow voice:

When you speak slowly, women feel your control.

They perceive you as the boss.
As the dominant male.

On the other hand, when you speak too fast, they sense a lack of control.

They perceive you as a nervous guy, who is not respected by others (because he’s used to being interrupted, that’s why he always talks so fast, hoping to finish his sentence before being cut).

The solid man is relaxed.

He takes his time.

He puts down his words without pressure.

👉 Silence:

The confident sexual man is not afraid to leave pauses.

He’s not afraid of moments of silence in conversation.

Whether it’s after finishing a sentence, or before answering a question from his interlocutor.

Not only do these moments of silence allow for arousing sexual tension to build, but they also make the girl feel that you’re not desperate to be liked by her (unlike the insecure guy who would immediately try to fill the gaps).

whole thing open ended questions about favorite movie

This ability to remain calm in those moments of tension makes you extremely attractive to women.

Because this is what makes them see you as the prize.
As a challenge.
As a trophy they’ll have to fight for.

2) Your facial expression:

Your facial expression is another key component of your non-verbal communication.

The micro-expressions on your face during an interaction are an integral part of the message you are sending.

If you adopt a nervous facial expression, what you say will be polluted with stress and anxiety. And the girl will feel it.

On the other hand, if you adopt a relaxed and playful facial expression, the girl will immediately feel it as well, and find you much more charming.

natural flow to talk to women

To adopt the facial expression of a solid man, relax the muscles of your face.

Relax your forehead, eyelids, jaw, cheeks, lips…

You shouldn’t look tense.

On the contrary, you should appear (and be) completely relaxed.

3) Your look:

I could have put the look in the facial expression section, but it is so important that I chose to treat it in a dedicated part.

Your eyes transmit a lot of information. A lot of emotions.

It’s often said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul.

There is a reason for that.

Your eyes reflect your internal state.

People can know everything about it in a glance…at your eyes.

Here’s how to use your gaze to attract a woman you’re chatting with:

👉 When you talk to a woman, look her in the eye.

Don’t have a shifty eyes.

Otherwise you’ll be seen as a guy trying to hide something, or as an insecure guy.

You can look away from time to time when she’s talking (or during a moment of silence) but when you are the one talking, look into her eyes.

What you’ll say will have a much bigger impact.

And you’ll be seen as a much more confident man.

And therefore as much more attractive.

👉 Adopt a relaxed look.

Relax your eyelids.

Don’t have your eyes wide open like a panicked little animal that is about to be killed by a predator.

The nervous man is not attractive.

Even worse: he makes his interlocutor feel nervous too, by emotional contagion.

Which is the opposite of what you want to make a woman feel to attract her.

eye contact to talk to women easy ways


You now know how to adopt a masculine non-verbal communication that attracts women.

Whether it’s at an auditory level (your voice)…
Or at a visual level (your facial expression).

Note that the two are linked.

Adopting a relaxed facial expression will naturally make you speak in a deeper voice.

And speaking with a deeper voice will naturally help your facial muscles to relax.

There are even some facial expressions that “hear” each other, such as smiling (depending on whether you are smiling or not, your voice will sound different, try it).

[Advanced] 5 things to do when talking to women (to be seen as an attractive man)

These last tips will help you adopt the right attitude in your conversations with women you like.

Let’s go.

1) Be authentic

Don’t try to give a false image of yourself.

A man who is completely comfortable with himself is extremely attractive to women.

This shows a certain maturity and solidity that women are looking for in a man.

So don’t be afraid to show yourself as you are when talking to a girl.
With your qualities…and your flaws.

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2) Don’t be needy

Neediness turns women off (and makes them run away).

Women despise men who are desperate about sleeping with them. Men who behave with her like her little lapdog.

They chase guys who don’t need them.

Because they find them much more stimulating.

They see them as a challenge.

So don’t fall into the trap of sounding too interested during your discussions with the women you want.

Don’t make the mistake of seeking their approval.

Don’t have any expectation when talking to a woman.

3) Don’t take them seriously

At least not all the time.

Women (especially beautiful women) are tired of all those guys who are into them and who treat them like goddesses.

If you do the same, you’ll be disqualified from the start.

To get a pretty girl interested, you must do the opposite.

Don’t take her seriously.

Tease her.

Be playful.

Don’t be afraid to offend her a little bit (I said a little bit, it’s not about being insulting).

4) Make them feel that you have options

Women are naturally attracted to men that other women desire.

This is a phenomenon that scientists call “mate choice copying”.

So if in your conversations you can subtly make women feel that other women like you, they’ll only be more attracted.

5) Lead

An active man, who takes things in hand, is extremely attractive to a woman (even to “strong independent” women).

So take charge when necessary.

For instance, by redirecting the conversation to get it going where you want it to go (changing the topic when it gets monotonous, stopping answering questions the girl asks you in order to refocus the conversation on her, etc.).

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