What To Talk About With A Girl [25 Topics That Will Captivate Her]

If you’re wondering what to talk about with a girl you like, you’ve come to the right place.

interesting topics to talk about with a girl

In this article, you’re going to learn how to talk to a girl you like in a charming and attractive way.

I’m going to share with you 25 subjects to talk about with a girl, as well as some solid conversation tips that you can use to captivate women.

You’re going to learn which topics work best and which topics you should avoid.

You’ll also learn a powerful tip to avoid lulls in the conversation, as well as an effective way to project social value.

Let’s dive in.

25 topics to talk about with a girl:

Having these topics in mind will help you if you’ve been wondering things like:

  • What to talk about with a girl you just met…
  • What to talk about with a girl on a date…
  • What to talk about with a girl online…
  • What to talk about with a girl when texting…
  • What to talk about with a girl on the phone…
  • And so forth…

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Let’s get started:

1. Her favorite childhood memories:

A great topic is to make her relive emotions from her childhood.

great conversation topics to talk about with a girlfriend

By giving her the opportunity to talk about her most wonderful memories from the time she was a kid, some amazing moments are going to flash through her mind.

Those memories, she relives them one by one.

It thrills her.

She enthusiastically invests in the conversation by telling you about these beautiful memories.

You can then talk about her feelings, the impact they had on her life, and so on.

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2. Her childhood dream:

What did she dream about doing when she was a child?

What were her dreams?

Her wildest dreams?

This is a great topic to get her to create a mental picture of these dreams.

Then you can talk about her actual dreams…why they are different from her childhood dreams (or if she has kept the same dreams, you can congratulate her for having kept her childhood dreams, since it’s something rare)…

Again, you have many courses of action.

3. Where did she grow up:

Where did she spend her childhood?

What was it like to grow up there?

Why did she move out?

Would she rather live there or live where she lives now?

This topic allows you to make the girl relive some memories from her childhood and the positive emotions that go with them.

You can also make assumptions or tease her by using the place where she spent her childhood (you can, for instance, tease her about her accent, about the way she talks or some words she uses, about her physical traits, and so forth).

If you’ve been wondering how to talk to a girl you don’t know, this topic can come in handy.

4. The countries she has visited:

Travel is a great topic for captivating women.

how to find something to talk about with a girlMost women love to travel and to talk about their trips.

But there’s more…

The point of this topic is to also talk about other interesting things such as food (the food of the countries she has visited, her favorite dishes, her favorite restaurants…), what kind of traveler she is (does she prefer nature and adventure, cities and culture, partying, etc.), and so on.

This conversation topic allows you to share your travel experiences and thus reveal your sense of adventure.

5. The countries she wants to visit:

An interesting topic similar to the previous one, except that this time you don’t appeal to her memory, but to her imagination.

This topic allows the girl to dream.

What is her dream destination?

She starts living positive emotions through mental images she creates in her mind.

A great topic to dream together and talk about your wildest travel plans.

6. What she does in her spare time (hobbies, passions…):

A classic yet effective topic.

It is about the girl and allows her to live powerful emotions, because it focuses on her passions.

What does she do in her spare time?

What does she do for fun?

Does she dance?

Does she play a musical instrument?

Does she study something in particular?

You can then talk about her dreams and projects, in some cases.

7. What she did during her last vacation:

A common yet effective topic to talk about with a girl.

She might have traveled, spent some time on something she’s passionate about, lived some exciting moments with her friends, and so on.

Asking her about what she did during her holiday allows you to talk about many interesting things.

If you wonder what to talk about with a girl over text (or what to talk about with a girl on Instagram, or even what to talk about with a girl on Tinder), this one is a great conversation starter (even if it’s always better to talk about it in a real face-to-face conversation).

best thing to talk about with a woman

8. What she’s planning to do during her holidays:

Same as the previous topic, except that this time you’re not going to ask her about what she did during her last holiday, but about what she’s going to do during her next holiday.

This time, you’re not going to appeal to her memory, but to her imagination.

If she’s planning to travel to a place where you’ve already been, you can share your experience with her and give her some advice (this allow you to subtly display more social value and thus become more attractive in her eyes).

9. Her worst date ever:

This topic is great to get the girl to sense your social intelligence.

It allows you to build a connection with the girl.

By addressing this topic, you disassociate yourself from the type of guys she’s about to talk to you about.

You’re not a potential asshole anymore, but a confidante she can share some awkward moments with.

You’re not part of the judged anymore, but of those who judge.

10. The craziest thing she did with a guy:

When you really don’t know what to talk about with a girl you’re on a date with, you can ask her this question:

What is the craziest and most spontaneous thing she did with a guy?

You might tell yourself that by inviting the girl to talk about another guy, you may cause her to lose her interest in you (for the benefit of the other guy). But that is not the case (especially if it’s a distant memory).

On the contrary, the girl is going to associate those emotions with you.

Because you’ll be the man who made her relive those emotions, and you’ll be the man in front of her at this moment.

This conversation topic is great to make her feel some powerful emotions and turn her on.

11. Her jewelry and tattoos:

If the girl you’re talking to has some tattoos or wear a particular type of jewelry, you can dive into this topic.

Do they have meanings?

Why did she choose this tattoos or this jewelry?

This way, you can address some topics such as mysticism, psychology, and so on.

You can also encourage the girl to talk about an important chapter of her life, about her life philosophy, and the like.

things to talk about with the girl you love

12. Her favorite movies / TV series:

What is her favorite movie?

Her favorite TV series?

In what way is this movie (or TV series) different from the others?

Who are her favorite characters?

From here, you can make assumptions about her character, about what fascinates her, about the sensations she’s looking for…and moving towards deeper discussions.

You can also tease her. For example, you can say something like, “It seems that you have a dark side,” if she told you that she loves to watch scary or disturbing movies/series.

This conversation topic opens up a multitude of possibilities.

You can discuss movies in a number of situations: when you wonder what to talk about with a girl when texting, on a first date, and so on.

13. Her favorite book:

What is her favorite book?

What kind of books does she like to read?

If she doesn’t read books, does she read magazines?

As with movies and TV series, you can make some assumptions about her character, about what fascinates her, about the kind of emotions she’s looking for…and you can tease her as well.

14. Her musical tastes:

What kind of music does she listen to?

What is her favorite band?

What kind of emotions is she looking for through the music she listens to?

a few ideas and things to talk about for a good conversation

It might seems like a boring and unoriginal subject, but it all depends on how you bring it into the conversation:

Most guys bring up this topic the wrong way and look boring and unexciting as a result .

However, you can bring up this topic in an exciting and unexpected way:

Simply by making assumptions about what her musical tastes might be according to the way she dresses, the way she talks, her personality traits

15. Her fantasies:

Here I’m not necessarily talking about sexual fantasies, but about fantasies as a whole.

A girl may very well fantasize about having a particular car (true story, my mom fantasized about having a Jaguar), she may very well fantasize about wearing particular jewelry or expensive clothes, and so on.

By definition, to fantasize means to conceive fanciful or extravagant notions, ideas, suppositions, or the like.

Addressing the topic of fantasies is a good way to arouse a girl by uncovering her desires.

If you’ve been wondering what to talk about with a girl at night, now you’ve got the answer.

16. Her favorite sport:

Does she play sports?

Does she work out?

What is her favorite sport?

If she does play sports, it might be something she’s passionate about.

What is she looking for by working out?

Is it purely to have a sexy body, or is there something else?

From here, you can make assumptions about her psychology; for example, if she’s an individualist or a team player, or if she’s a warrior who has a need for competition.

You can share your experience with her and let her appreciate your knowledge on the subject.

17. Her favorite dish:

A classic yet effective topic.

By asking her what her favorite dish is, you make her imagine the sensations she would feel by savoring this dish.

But there’s more…

10 subjects to talk about with a girl to keep the conversation flowing

Talking about her favorite dish allows you to addressing the topic of cooking in a larger sense.

Can she cook?

What kind of dish does she cook best?

Some girls are passionate about cooking and will invest into the conversation in order to talk about this passion of theirs.

18. Her favorite dance:

Does she dance?

What kind of dancer is she?

What kind of dance does she prefer?

Many girls take dance lessons.

That’s why it is a great conversation topic that allows you to make assumptions about the girl you’re talking to:

Based on the type of dance she likes, you can make assumptions about her personality. Is she a dreamer? Is she a calm and sweet girl? Or is she a wild and torrid woman? You get it.

19. Pets:

Does she have a pet?

funny stories and things to talk about with a girl on facebook

If she has one, this one is probably her little darling.

Be curious about him or her and you’ll get the girl talking.

Is she a dog person or a cat person?

You can start to play with her by defending the opposite side (cats if she prefers dogs, dogs if she prefers cats).

20. What she is studying:

A bad topic if she doesn’t like her studies, but a good topic if she loves what she’s studying (or at least if her studies are necessary for a profession she loves).

If the girl you’re talking to is a student and you feel that her studies are important to her, you can spend time on this topic.

You can then make some funny assumptions:

For instance, if she studies to be a doctor, will she be ruthless with her patients? Or will she be sweet and careful?

If she studies mathematics, is she going to become a nerd?

You get it.

You can also follow up with her projects for the future, her career aspirations, her life goals, her dreams, and so on.

That’s a great topic to talk about with a girl you just met.

21. Her most embarrassing moments:

A juicy topic since it allows the girl to relive some moments of her life when she felt vulnerable.

She talks to you about them and can feel your protective nature.

But what I like most about this conversation topic is that it allows you in turn to share a moment of your life you’re not very proud of.

As a result, the girl realizes that you’re not afraid of coming off as vulnerable and that you don’t try to look perfect in her eyes at all costs.

She realizes that you’re authentic and that she can trust you.

Those intimate moments that you share allow you to create a connection with the girl.

22. Her phobias:

Does she have some phobias?

If so, what are they?

A powerful topic to make her tingle.

Quite useful to let her appreciate even more the positive emotions you’ll make her feel the rest of the conversation.

As with the previous topic, you can talk about your phobias in turn and let her see your vulnerable side.

23. What turns her on the most in a man:

Which character trait in a man turns her on the most?

How does it make her feel?

Encourage her to expand on her answer.

She’s going to get turned on by reliving the sensations you ask her about.

In addition, you can use the information she gives you to behave in a way that is going to make her horny (without overdoing it, of course; otherwise, you could look weird or needy).

If you’ve been wondering how to talk with a girl over text in such a way as to arouse her (and start sexting), you can use this topic.

24. The craziest thing she has done in her life:

A great topic to make her feel some powerful emotions and give her a thrill.

fun anecdote to get her hooked in a pleasant conversation

It can be an extreme amusement, an extreme sport, a load of nonsense, or a huge mistake she made when she was younger, a crazy and spontaneous decision…

It can be anything.

In addition, by addressing this topic, you get the girl to tell herself that you have some standards.

It is a bit like if you were trying to determine how cool she is or how adventurous she can be.

25. Her plans and dreams for the future:

What are her dreams?

Her plans?


Without the psychological barriers she imposes on herself.

What does she really dream about?

WHY do these topics work?

We always feel more at ease when we have a little idea of what we can say to a girl to captivate her.

It makes us feel more at ease.

It makes us feel more relaxed.

We know where we’re heading (or at least we have a map in case we get lost).

There are some topics that work better than others when it comes to captivating a woman you’re attracted to.

More precisely, there are some topics that allow you to captivate girls quite easily, while other topics will bore them to death (or make you look like a needy guy who is trying to prove himself and who is no different from the other guys who’ll have approached them before you).

Many men fall into the trap of talking about things that don’t resonate with the girl:

They fall into the trap of talking about things that don’t interest the girl (and that even annoy her).

And the worst part that they think they are doing great.

They think they are on the right track.

Because they use some poor advice they found on the web (shitty advice, unfortunately, but they find this out when it’s too late).

Such as:

“To arouse a girl’s interest, she must see you as a high-value guy, so you must demonstrate that you are high-value.”


“To make a woman want you, you must show her that you lead a very interesting life.”

The kind of advice you find all over the place.

This kind of advice is not meaningless, but it is incomplete.

It’s often misinterpreted and used the wrong way.

A lot of guys take this advice as such and put it into practice when talking to a girl they like.

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As a result, they become annoying.

And the only thing the girl can think about is running away.

small talk about a woman's friendsWhy?

Because typically the guy only talks about himself.

He tries to market himself.

He tries to raise his profile.

He tries to prove his value.

He tries to show to the girl that he leads an interesting life.

And so on…

Simply put, he tries to demonstrate to the girl that he’s worth her affection.

2 problems arise:

First, the guy looks like he’s trying to prove something. He looks like an insecure guy. The girl feels that something is not right.

And second, the girl becomes bored shitless. Because when you’re in a conversation with someone who just talks about himself, it becomes boring quickly.

To captivate a woman, there’s a better way:

But what?

I’m getting to it…

The best topic of conversation to talk about with a woman to captive her is…herself.

things to talk about with a girl you just met for a long conversationBecause what interests a woman the most is herself.

Now, it’s not hard to understand that if you only talk about yourself in an attempt to prove your worthiness, you’re going to annoy her pretty quickly.

Let me say this one more time:

The best topic to enthrall a woman is herself.

That’s what she finds most interesting to talk about, whether she’s conscious of it or not.

So instead of making the conversation about yourself, make the conversation about the girl you’re talking to.

Focus on her.

Instead of wondering about how you could market yourself, wonder about how you could market the girl.

Ask yourself how you can get her to feel interesting and unique.

This way, the girl will find you way more interesting and confident (because you won’t look like someone who tries to make an impression by talking about himself).

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So in order to thrill a girl with whom you’re talking—and thus stand out from the crowd—stop trying to talk about yourself.

Instead, make sure to get the girl to feel interesting by making the discussion about her.

Another important thing to have in mind to enthrall a woman is that you should make her feel emotions.

Positive emotions (mainly) contrasted with negative emotions (sparingly).

It’s through these emotional riches that you’re going to captivate girls you’re talking to.

You’ve noticed that most of the topics I gave you above follow these principles:

  1. They’re about the girl.
  2. They make her feel emotions.

That’s why they are so powerful.

To captivate a girl, you need to talk to her heart.

❌Conversation topics you should avoid:❌

It’s better not to make the girl feel too many negative emotions. They don’t put her into the right emotional state for the rest.

That’s why it’s better to avoid talking about too serious or severe topics (especially at the beginning), such as:

  • Politics.
  • Religion.
  • Death.
  • Overly serious/severe stories that kill the mood.

What’s more, I advise you to avoid typical men stuff that would completely turn her off.

A conversation is a dialogue.

You should talk about things that raise at least a modicum of interest in the girl.

Note: these tips particularly apply in the beginning of an interaction/relationship with a girl, when you want to put her at ease. Once she feels at ease with you and she starts trusting you, you can talk about deeper things and take more risks.

⭐ 3 powerful conversation tips for dating girls

Let’s now run through 3 powerful tips to enthrall a girl you’re talking to…

Here we go:

1. The best stories you can tell a girl:

When you tell a story or an anecdote to the girl you talking to, you can tell it in a way that is going to make you more attractive.

You can tell stories that reveal that you are a high-value man.

More precisely:

Some stories are going to make her feel that you are a trustworthy man women appreciate, who knows how to handle and protect them.

You can, for instance, tell a story involving your little sister (or another female family members)  or a female friend of yours:

  • “This weekend, I went to a movie with my little sister.”
  • “Yesterday, we had a birthday party for a girl I really appreciate.”

It implies that you lead an active life and that you have some female friends that appreciate you…

So it shows that women appreciate your company.

And thus that there must be something interesting about you.

But remember: don’t try to bring this into the conversation at all costs. Do it only if it’s relevant or if the girl asks you about it.

Some anecdotes about your trips or your holidays with friends:

If you don’t have any anecdotes to tell about a trip, you can simply make the girl understand in a subtle way that you were here too:

For instance, if the girl tells you “I went to Italy this summer,” you can say “Did you visit Milan?” (or another city which you’ve also visited) and then ask her some very specific questions that imply that you know this city and that you probably visited it too.

It’s much more subtle and effective than saying “That’s so cool, I’ve been there too!” like a needy guy who would try to prove his value to the girl.

Don’t hesitate to mention some events to highlight your passions or your favorite activities (if they are worth mentioning).

2. An effective way to project social value:

Take advantage of opportunities that allow you to convey social value.

For instance, if the girl you’re talking to tells you that she visited a particular place, you can tell her that Julia, a friend of yours, also went there.

If she tells you that she’s a ballet dancer, you can tell her that one of your friends is also a ballet dancer (if that’s the case).

Even better: instead of saying this in a straightforward way, tell her some anecdotes that imply this.

It’s a much more subtle and effective way to do it, because this way, you won’t look like a guy trying to prove something or to market himself.

So do it in a subtle way, and don’t do it every time you have the opportunity (if so, it would be too much and you would look like a guy who tries too hard to prove himself).

3. A powerful tip to avoid lulls in the conversation:

Do lulls in the conversation frighten you?

Would you like to know an easy way to avoid them?

There’s a powerful tip you can use that I named “The Disapproval Tip”:

This tip consists in disagreeing with the girl you’re talking to.

When you disagree with a girl, she’s going to try to defend her position.

She’s going to argue.

On the other hand, when you always agree with a girl on everything she says, the conversation is going to get boring pretty quickly. You’re going to run out of things to say quite fast.

And you could even look submissive and unable to impose your point of view.

what to talk about with a girl you like in text conversations

That being said, don’t try to turn the conversation into a harsh debate.

Remember: you should have a good time and you should put the girl at ease.

That’s why it’s better to avoid talking about things like politics, because most people have very strong positions and will defend their positions at any cost (despite the fact that many people don’t understand at all how things really are and only repeat what they heard on TV or radio).

Here are a few examples of things about which you can easily disagree with the girl without driving her crazy:

  • a lover’s quarrel involving your friends (who is right, he or she?)
  • what kind of gift you should get to your friend
  • a movie (she likes one of the characters but you don’t like him/her)
  • a song (is it good or not?)
  • a restaurant (is it good or not?)
  • a holiday destination
  • a clothing brand

There are countless things on which you can disagree with a girl.

What to talk about with a girl? Remember this:

Women love to talk about themselves.

share interests and guilty pleasures

Or, at least, they love it when the discussion is about them.

If the girl talks more than you, it’s a good sign.

It shows that she’s investing in the conversation, and thus that she’s interested.

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