How To Text A Girl You Like: 25 Examples Of What To Text To A Girl (To Get Things Moving)

In this article, I’m going to share with you 25 examples of texts to send to a girl you like.

You’re going to discover how to text a girl you like in an exciting and confident way.

You’re going to learn how to text a girl for the first time, how to ask her out over text, how to text a girl you haven’t talked to in a while, how to text a girl in order to turn her on

I’m going to share with you a myriad of text message examples you can send to a woman to get things moving.

After this, you’ll be prepared to face any situation ;).

texting girls

These examples can also be used to text a girl on WhatsApp, on Facebook Messenger, by email, etc.

How to text a girl you like? Let’s clarify things:

Like a lot of guys, in order to arouse a girl’s interest by texting, you may have tried to send her some complex and overly sophisticated texts…

Maybe you found some text message examples on various blogs or in YouTube videos…

Texts that were certainly original, but that sounded awkward…

Texts that didn’t sound very natural…

Or worse, texts that made you look like a clown or a needy guy.

You need to understand this: your text message doesn’t have to be original or sophisticated.

Girls don’t care.

how to text a girl you just metA solid guy who is conscious of his value and his ability to attract women doesn’t need to concern himself with those things.

By acting in a solid way, the results you’ll get will be much better than the results you would have gotten by acting like a clown or a beggar.

You just need some simple text examples to use depending on the girl and the situation.

You also need some text examples that will inspire you to create your own texts.

It’s always best not to use texts you’ve copied and pasted from some website.

You’ll notice that the texts I’m going to share with you below are relatively simple.

They are short, natural, and not too creative.

This is what makes them so effective.

You actually don’t need to make a big effort to text a girl in an exciting way.

If you try too hard, you’re going look like a strange guy or a guy who’s trying to prove something.

And guess what…

Women are good at feeling those kind of things.

Even remotely.


Let’s get started with the texts I promised you…

• Messages to text a girl for the first time:

You’ve met this gorgeous girl…

She gave you her phone number…

Now it’s your job to send the first text.

There are number of ways to do it, depending on the girl and the context of the interaction you had with her before she gave you her number.

Here are some examples of first texts you can send to her:

“It was nice meeting you 😉 Jack”

Simple and effective.

This text doesn’t put pressure on her to answer you back.

She doesn’t feel pushed to do it.

Most of the time, if there was a good vibe during the first interaction, the girl replies.

“Are you always that nice when meeting new people?”

This is an effective text to get in touch with a girl you’ve approached and who gave you her number.

You’re asking her a question, so you invite her to answer your text, but not in a pushy way.

This text is quite light and shows social intelligence.

“Got home okay last night? Jack”

This may seem like a safe and boring message, but this kind of text works quite well to get back in touch with a girl you met at a party.

It’s natural and rooted in the context of how you met.

“It was nice meeting you, I can’t help but think of the shape of your legs…I couldn’t really focus on my work today, you have a bad influence on me young lady! ;)”

Polite and bold at the same time.

An effective combo to generate excitement.

The girl feels that you’re a solid and confident guy who isn’t afraid to express his desires.

“You have a bad influence on me young lady” shows social intelligence.

The girl understands that you are a normal guy and not some kind of pervert.

Your message tells her in a subtle way that sex is not your priority.

A bold message then, but subtle (further down, I’m going to share with you other examples of bold messages).

“It was nice meeting you, I can’t help but think of your dress…it didn’t leave me indifferent ;)”

The same style as the previous one, but a little softer.

Sign or not?

Is it better to end your message with your name? Or to leave it blank?

To put it short:

For the first text, it is better to sign using your name, in case the girl didn’t save your number in her phone or forgot your name (it can happen after a slightly alcohol-tinged evening).

So if in doubt, end your first text with your name.

Apart from that, it’s not necessary.

And it’s better if you don’t do it, because it will sound natural.

Do you sign the texts you send to your friends?

Do you sign the texts you send to your fuckbuddies?

Do you sign the texts you send to your girlfriend?


how to start texting a girl

You’re now in possession of several messages you can send to a girl for the first time.

Adapt them to the girl and to the situation.

Let’s now dive into the kinds of texts you can send to a girl to invite her on a date…

• Messages for asking a girl out:

How to text a woman for a date?

You’ve sent the first text to the girl you like…

She has answered you back…

You’ve run through a nice little text exchange…

Now, what text can you send to ask her out?

How do you take her out on a date?

That’s what we’re going to learn here…

“A new bar is open downtown, I want to go there. Are you free tomorrow at 6pm?”

Simple, effective and exciting: you suggest that she try something new (the new bar).

It’s more than a simple date: it’s an adventure.

“Are you free tomorrow at 6pm for a walk? It’s going to be a beautiful sunny day.”

Simple, easygoing, and natural.

It’s going to be a sunny day, so you suggest enjoying it by going for a little walk.

For instance, I used this kind of text to have a little walk on a sunny Saturday with a girl I met in a club the night before.

“Are you free Wednesday at 5pm to grab a coffee at Coffee Shop X?”

Simple and effective.

It might seem common and boring, but again, this is why it works so well.

Do you try to come up with ultra-sophisticated or original texts when you invite your friends or girlfriend to hang out with you?

Of course not.

It would even sound strange.

By keeping it simple, you show to the girl that you are a normal guy, not a crazy pickup artist or a guy who tries to trick girls into liking him.

“I have to do a little shopping tomorrow to buy a new pair of gloves. Would you like to join me?”

This text is easy to send and doesn’t make you vulnerable.

It doesn’t put pressure on the girl, either.

Because whatever her answer might be, you’re going to do your shopping.

You simply invite her to join you.

Whether she accepts or not isn’t going to change anything about your mission (to buy a new pair of gloves, in our example).

This text has also an exciting touch: you suggest a quest (finding gloves). A quest to which you invite the girl to participate and help you.

“I want to taste some cocktails downtown. Are you coming with me?”

You shamelessly express your desire: drink some cocktails downtown.

And you ask the girl if she wants to join you for a relaxing time.

This proposition is made in an exciting way, since it’s made with an authoritative tone.

It makes the girl feel your dominant personality.

You express your desire without shame.

And you honor her by inviting her to join you.

You choose her among all the other girls to keep you company.

“I’ve just downloaded <name of a movie that girls like>, would you like to come watch it with me?”

Not very original, but if there’s a good vibe between you and the girl, she’s going to enthusiastically accept.

What is very advantageous about this text is that the girl is going to come to your place, which is good if you want to have sex with her.

“I’ve everything needed in my kitchen to cook <name of a dish that girls like> but it’s a bit too much for one person to eat. Are you free on Tuesday evening?”

A little more original and funny than the previous examples while remaining simple and natural.

Here’s another variant:

“I’ve everything needed in my kitchen to cook <name of a dish that girls like> but I’m going to need an assistant in order to cook it 😉 Are you free on Tuesday evening?”


You’re now in the possession of several examples of what to text a girl you like in order to get her on a date.

Adapt them to the girl and the situation.

• Messages for a girl you haven’t seen in months:

There are probably some girls that you have lost sight of…

Some attractive girls with whom you would like to get back in touch…

In order to ask them out and move the relationship to the next level.

But before that…you’re going to need to “reactivate” the girl.

You’re going to initiate contact again.

You’re going to refresh her memory about you and arouse her interest

Because a girl you haven’t talked to in a while is not going to feel such at ease and excited as a girl with whom you’ve recently lived an exciting interaction.

In order to reactivate her, you’re going to send her a text that suggests that you accidentally thought about her.

Here we go:

“I just came across your favorite restaurant. Are you still alive?”

You just came across her favorite restaurant and therefore thought about her, and that’s why you’ve decided to send her a text.

You trigger positive emotions by mentioning her favorite restaurant, and you kind of playfully ask her how she’s going (by asking her if she’s still alive).

“I just came across your favorite bar 😉 How is it going?”

This is in the same vein as the message above.

“I just saw this nice pic of you on Instagram, you have to tell me about it :)”

You just saw an interesting of her on Instagram or Facebook (of her holiday, her trip, an interesting venue she went to, etc.)

And you use this as a pretext to get back in touch with her.

“The play starts at 9pm, Julia got us the tickets. Don’t be late ;)”

This one is very ingenious.

You purposely make a mistake by sending this text to the wrong person (the girl you want to reactivate).

When she replies, you just says to her that you made a mistake and that this text was for another girl or for a friend of yours.

You can then ask her how she’s going and start a conversation.

This text has another purpose: social proof. It shows (or at least implies) that you live an interesting life and that you have some friends with whom you do exciting things.

It is quite a powerful way to text a hot girl you want to hook up with.

Let’s now move on texts you can send to turn a girl on…

• Sexting messages to send to a girl:

If you’re playful and you want to turn a girl on over text, you’re going to love what I’m going to share with you here.

I’m going to share with you powerful sexting messages to turn on girls.

You can send one of the following messages to a girl you just met, to a girl in your social circle, to your girlfriend, and so on.

Those texts are very effective ways to avoid being friendzoned.

how to text your crush

You make her feel—without shame—that you find her attractive and that something might happen between you and her.

Exactly what weak guys don’t dare to do, since they are afraid to “rush” the girl and get rejected.

Let’s go:

“I can’t help thinking of your legs…do you work out?”

In this example, you compliment the girl on her legs in quite a bold way.

You invite her to answer you back by asking her if she works out.

This question has another purpose: it allows you to make your bold compliment more easily.

That is quite useful if you’re not at ease with these kind of bold compliments.

You mention the girl’s legs because you want to know if she works out.

Note: you don’t even have to ask if she works out. You can simply send her the compliment as such: “I can’t help thinking of your legs.”

It’s up to you.

“You have a very sexy booty. Do you work out?”

In the same spirit, but bolder.

The girl feels sexually attractive in your eyes.

And she gets turned on.

“I can’t help thinking of your dress. You looked very hot in it.”

This is in the same vein as the previous messages.

You compliment her on her dress and you mention the fact that you found her very hot.

“You’re becoming more and more attractive.” (if you’ve just talked about what she was doing in life, about her passions, her projects, her dreams, her job, her studies etc.)

A subtle way to pay her a compliment (other than on her physical beauty).

You show her that you value her personality.

“What are you wearing right now?”

The best time to send this message is when she’s in bed, because it’s likely that she’ll be dressed very lightly.

This kind of text leads the girl to give you an opening so that you can point to the fact that she must be very sexy if she’s dressed this way.

Very effective way to raise the temperature.

sms to text a girl in the morning

“Prove to me that you’re in bed.” (to send right after she said where she was or what she was doing)

The goal here is to get the girl to send you a picture of her in bed.

This is very effective at turning the conversation into an exchange of pics which will be hotter and hotter 😉 (the girl has to prove you that she’s in bed by sending you a picture of her lying on her bed).

“What are your favorite techniques to turn a guy on?”

By asking her this question, you get her to imagine how she would proceed to turn a man on.

As a result, she’s going to think of a way to turn on a guy she’s attracted to (because most of the time, a woman is going to want to turn on a man when she’s attracted to him).

By asking her this kind of question, you allow her to get turned on by her imagination.

“What turns you on sexually in a man?”

By asking her this kind of question, you get her to visualize and feel what turns her the most in a man.

This way, you allow her to get turned on in a similar way than the previous example.


You’re now in possession of examples of solid sexting messages to turn on girls you like.


What you need to understand when you text a girl you like:

Don’t overdo it.

message after a long timeYour goal is not to engage in an endless virtual conversation.

Your goal is to successfully ask the girl out for a face-to-face interaction.

So that you can interact with her in real life.

So that you can turn the interaction into something more sexual.

If you delay the real-world interaction too long, the girl is going to feel bored and chances are she’ll end up seeing you as just a friend.

Hence the importance to proceed in a solid and effective way.

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