How To Turn A Girl On Sexually: The 13 BEST Ways (She Will Want You)

It’s simple to turn a girl on.

how to turn her on with sexual desire

Did you know that you can turn on a girl quickly and easily, without putting much effort into it?

Well, in this article I’m going to share with you 13 powerful ways to turn women on and make them want you.

You can either use these techniques in isolation or combine them.

There are a lot of ways to turn on the girls you find attractive.

And that’s what we’re going to see below…

Without further ado, let’s begin with the first technique:

1) Turn a girl on by complimenting her:

Some people claim that you should never compliment girls, others (not as many, though) will say that complimenting girls is the key.

To tell you the truth, whether you should compliment girls depends very much on the context and the timing.

If you make the wrong compliment in the wrong place at the wrong time, chances are that you’ll be disappointed by the girl’s reaction.

On the other hand, if you make the right compliment at the right time—and that the girl sees you as a normal guy (and not as creepy)—chances are that this compliment is going to literally turn her on.

A good compliment is very effective to sexualize an interaction.

The goal of sexualization is to get the girl to think about sex, whether consciously or unconsciously.

To get the girl to consider (or at least imagine) a relationship with you.

To get the girl to feel that something is going on between you and her.

Sexualization is therefore a powerful weapon to avoid being friendzoned.

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A good compliment allows you to make a woman feel precisely that way.

inner and outer labia

In order for your compliment to have the desired effect, you’re going to customize it based on the girl and the context:

You can compliment the girl on her clothes, her hair, her jewelry, or even pay her a more audacious compliment directly on her physique (her eyes, legs, and so on).

For instance:

  • “I like your dress, I find it very sexy…”
  • “I like your T-shirt, it suits you very well…”
  • “I like your jeans, very sexy…”
  • Etc.

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If you want to make a bold compliment on her physique directly and you’re not at ease with this sort of thing, you can end your sentence with a question that is linked to the compliment.

For instance:

“You have beautiful legs, do you work out?”

A good compliment is a compliment that suggests that you find the girl sexually attractive.

Such compliments are very effective ways to turn a girl on.

You make her feel that there is something in her that you find attractive.

It puts a possible relationship with you into her head.

And it makes the rest of the interaction very exciting.

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shoulders straight significant turn on

This is one of my favorite ways to turn women on.

If you’ve ever wondered how to turn a girl on with your words, compliments are a powerful way to do it.

However, when complimenting the girl, you must (and that leads us to the second technique to turn on girls)…

2) Look deep into her eyes:

The look on your face is very important when arousing a woman.

Especially when you approach her (when delivering your first words) or when you compliment her.

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When you look deep into her eyes, she feels that you’re at ease with what you’re saying.

She feels that you’re honest.

She feels that you’re authentic.

She feels your dominant personality.

So when talking to a girl you want to seduce, look right into her eyes.

This way, you’re going to captivate her.

She’s almost going to feel hypnotized.

fire her up with sexual arousal

Look tells a lot.

So look her deep in the eyes.

And don’t look away.

Wait until it’s her who looks away.

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It’s even more effective when there’s a lull in the conversation (for instance, when you’re on a date with her and neither of you are talking).

3) Make a ballsy projection:

What I call a ballsy projection is something you say to the girl that implies that you’re going to enter a relationship (romantic and/or sexual) at some point.

For instance:

“You’ll have to take this off when I introduce you to my mother.” (by pointing at one of her clothes)

“Is that how you’re going to educate our children?” (if she has just said something rude or ridiculous)

“I’ll take you there for our honeymoon.” (for example, if you’re talking about dream destinations or you walk past a travel agency).

To ensure that your projection is well received, you can deliver it with a playful tone.

sexual assault she's ready

A ballsy projection allows you to subtly turn on a girl you like by getting her to imagine various romantic scenarios with you.

If you’ve been wondering how to arouse a woman, try this out.

4) Disagree with her:

When you constantly agree with a girl on everything, you kill any sexual tension that might exist between you two.

Because when you do that, you become dull.

You become insipid, sanitized.

Like artificial food devoid of taste.

When you do this, the girl can’t feel your masculinity.

She can’t feel the man inside of you.

That’s why these kind of interactions rarely lead to sex (or a romantic relationship).

You won’t turn a girl on by agreeing with her on everything.

Nor will you turn her on by showing her that you have all sorts of things in common.

What really turns women on is your aura of masculinity.

It’s the masculine energy that you make her feel.

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feminine girl aroused intense gaze

This energy is going to excite the feminine part of the girl you want to seduce.

And that is going to generate powerful emotions in her.

You’re not going to make her feel this powerful masculine energy by agreeing with her all the time.

One way to make her feel this masculine energy is precisely to make her feel your warrior spirit, your incorruptible personality.

That’s why you must not change who you are to please her.

You must not bend.

Because if you do so, she will see you as weak.

As I said, you must make her feel your masculinity.

And an easy and simple way to do this is to disagree with her.

requisite juices flowingYou can do this by having an opinion different from hers and defending your point of view in spite of the fact that she doesn’t share your opinion.

Or by persuading her that she’s mistaken on a particular subject with intelligent arguments .

If you do this, she’ll find you much more exciting that all those boring guys who always try to agree with everything she says.

You’ll have made her feel your masculinity.

And this way, you’ll have awoken her femininity.

And she’ll feel magnetically attracted to you.

So the next time you talk to a girl you’re attracted to, resist the temptation to agree with her on everything she says.

Because if you fall into this trap, you can be sure that there’ll be no sexual tension between you and her…and that you won’t go beyond the friendzone.

5) Take all your attention back from her:

Taking back your attention after having given it to her.

When you take your attention back from a girl, she is going to try to get it back.

Or at least she is going to wonder why you don’t give her some attention anymore.

  • “Why doesn’t he look at me anymore?”
  • “Why doesn’t he talk to me anymore?”
  • “Why doesn’t he laugh with me anymore?”

All kinds of questions are going to run through her head.

She’s going to feel titillated.

And if she’s a woman who is used to having men at her knees, she’s going to want to chase you.

Like a spoiled child who throws a tantrum when he can’t get a specific toy.

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sexual relationship sex hormones

She’s going to become a predator, wanting to conquer you.

To make a woman chase you, you must learn how to flip the script.

You must learn how to become the prey.

Because if you always act as the predator, the girl won’t be able to act like one herself.

She’ll always be the prey, and you the predator.

By flipping the script, you allow her to become the predator.

You make her want to to chase you.

And when she has decided to eat you, you’ve won ;).

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6) Reject her:

This technique is quite similar to the one we just saw.

It consists of subtly rejecting the girl, but in a way that allow you to sexualize the interaction.

Here are a few examples so that you understand what I mean:

  • “Too bad it’s not going to work between us.”
  • “It’s a pity that you’re blonde, I only date brunettes.”
  • “I would have loved to take you out for a drink, but you look a bit crazy, I’m afraid of what might happen.”

You make a comment in which you point out the impossibility of a relationship between you and the girl.

partner's brain orders

By feeling rejected this way, the girl is going to want to come back and seduce you.

She’s going to want to prove you wrong.

It can even make her addicted to you.

7) Turn a girl on with the secret:

If you reveal all the details of your life and all your intentions right away, there’s no mystery anymore.

There’s nothing more to find out.

The interaction is much less exciting.

There’s no excitement of potential future discoveries anymore.

That’s why you should never say everything about yourself to a woman you want to arouse.

how to turn on your girlfriend with sexual desire

Like poker, you should never lay all your cards on the table before you’re sure to win, or without being ready to lose your stake.

You can say to her that you find her attractive, but never say to her that you’re totally in love with her or that you can’t live without her… (unless you’ve been with her for a long time and she’s madly in love with you, and even then…)

If you’ve just met the girl, you should never fall into the trap of killing the mystery that surrounds the interaction.

Because mystery arouses curiosity.

Mystery is exciting.

The girl is going to want to know more.

She’s going to want to test you.

She’s going to feel titillated.

She’ll be seduced without knowing it.

8) Touching her:

Establishing physical contact with a girl is a subtle way to add sex to the interaction.

Indeed, what is sex if not the ultimate form of physical contact?

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Physical contact is a powerful weapon to turn a girl on.

Women are very sensitive to physical contact.

But you should touch her at the right time, with ease and without acting like a pervert.

➡️ If you haven’t done so yet: take a look at this article in which I show you how you can master women in a way that will turn them on.

In other words, how to dominate women to make them wet with desire.

And NOT just in bed: you’re going to implement these small actions in other contexts and environments, be it after an approach, on a date, at a party, in your everyday life with your girlfriend or wife (or with your ex), and more… so that the woman you like sees you as a powerful dominant male who is able to satisfy her deepest desires and take her to seventh heaven.

...which is what is going to make her want to sleep with you…and even chase you.

Few men know how to touch women in an exciting way.

That’s why, by mastering the art of touching, you’ll be ahead of the game.

fuzzy feeling increases blood flow

To effectively touch a girl, the key is to do it in a totally natural way.

It must be something completely normal for you.

The girl will then feel totally at ease with your contact.

More specifically, don’t look at your hand touching the girl when you establish physical contact. Instead, look at the girl in the eyes or around them.

Where do you touch a girl to turn her on?

You can start with the arms, the hands…then the hair, the neck…then the legs…and so on.

Do it gradually.

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9) Polarize:

You can create sexual tension by polarisation.

That is to say by implying that YOU are a MAN, and that SHE is a WOMAN.

The key is to make her feel that she’s a woman and that you’re a man.

She must feel like a woman and, above all, she must feel that YOU are a man.

This is going to awaken her feminine nature and arouse her. She’s going to think about sex.

sexual excitement blood flow

Now, you’re probably wondering how this should be done…

Well, you can do it by simply seizing the opportunities in the conversation.

Here are a few examples:

“You have a pretty dress. If I had been a girl, I would have bought the same. But unfortunately I can’t, I am a man.”

“Do you girls always do that?”

“We men don’t react in the same way as you girls.”

And so on.

10) Talk about sex:

You can turn a girl on by talking about sex.

If you’re at ease with that, you can openly talk about sex.

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You can also make a double entendre.

Talking about sex allows you to arouse the girl by making her think about sex.

It gets her to picture sexual scenarios into her mind.

You stimulate some areas of her mind and you can almost get her wet.

Here are some things you can say to bring sex into a conversation:

“My friend couldn’t sleep last night; she was woken up at 3am by neighbours who were fucking.” Then you add, “They were making so much noise, the girl must have been banged hard!”

By stressing sexual words such as “fucking,” “banged,” and the like, you get the girl to feel and imagine the scenario and get turned on.

inner thighs and more intimate erogenous zones

You can also bring sex into the conversation by asking questions such as:

“Is it true that women love sex more than men?” In the case you’re not very at ease with asking this kind of question, you can add, “A friend of mine told me this a few days ago and she seemed really convinced.”

Another way to easily talk about sex is to bring up gossip, such as “Mike slept with Julia,” “Steve cheated on Deborah,” and so forth. It’s an easy way to talk about sex while being relaxed and detached.

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How to turn a girl on over text?

The best texts to turn girls on are sexual messages.

Sext messages.

But not just any sext messages…

The most effective text messages to turn on girls are text messages containing exciting words.

Words that are likely to arouse the mind of the girl.

Because women are excited by words.

Words arouse their imagination.

Girls can think about many exciting things.

They can interpret the words they hear in a way that is going to turn them on.

sensitive area scientifically speaking

One of the advantages of the texting is that it stays between you and her.

It’s private.

There’s no social pressure.

This way, the girl can let go more freely, without being afraid of being judged by her friends.

Another advantage of texting is that you can reply whenever you want.

And this way, you can maintain this exciting vibe as long as you wish.

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Here are 3 practical tips to turn a girl on in a solid way by sending her sexts:

11) Be direct, but don’t overdo it:

Women are attracted to self-confident men.

You must be this kind of man while texting a girl you want to turn on.

But this doesn’t mean that you can do shit and go too far.

most effective way to build rapportYou won’t send texts such as: “It was nice meeting you, I look forward to fucking you hard this week…”

It won’t work.

There’s no charm in it.

No subtlety.

It’s way too direct.

The girl will think that you view her as easy or as a slut.

And then it will be game over.

It’s better to send subtler messages, such as:

“It was nice meeting you, I can’t help thinking about your hips… I couldn’t really concentrate on my work today, you are a bad influence on me young lady ;)”

12) If she is shocked, move on without apologizing:

Sometimes the girl will happen to be shocked.

Or she will appear to be shocked.

In some cases she will really be shocked.

In other cases she will only appear to be shocked in order to protect her reputation in your eyes and/or not to be seen as easy.

she's comfortable with sexting

In this kind of situation, don’t apologize.

Don’t act like a shy guy who is not at ease with what he writes and who is afraid of losing the girl.

You would kill attraction.

You would kill the excitement that the girl might feel.

Instead, simply agree that you can be too direct sometimes, and move on:

“Haha I didn’t think you would take it that way. I must admit I can go a bit too far sometimes. I’ll allow you to punish me ;)”

13) Quickly sexualize your texts:

Don’t be afraid to sexualize your text messages.

If you had a solid and exciting interaction with the girl before taking her number, a light sext won’t do any harm.

Sexualize the exchange as soon as the first message.

And continue to raise the temperature with your other text messages.

orgasm she's sending slow kisses

Text messages sprinkled with sexual hints are a very effective way to turn on girls.

They are much more exciting than a boring “How is it going today?”

Put this into practice; you might be surprised by the results ;).

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