How To Seduce A Woman: The Definitive Guide (+ 2 BIG Traps To Avoid)

Today, we’re going to see how to seduce a woman in a solid (and fast) way.

We’re going to talk about solid attraction.

Because being able to seduce girls is great…

But if you act like a weak guy, you won’t get very far.

No matter how many seduction techniques you know.

charm a womanIf you display fragility, you’ll have a hard time attracting feminine women. In other words, the women you want to seduce as a solid guy.

Because as a solid man, you want to seduce real women.

Real women are attracted to real men.

And a real man radiates solidity.

A real man seduces in a solid way.

And in this article, we’re going to see precisely what you should do to seduce a woman in a solid way.

Not seduce her like a wimp…

Not seduce her by being shamed…

Not seduce her in a roundabout way…

But seduce her in a SOLID way.

Seduce her as a real man.

Proud of who he is.

Proud of his masculinity.

That’s the way you’ll attract attractive women.

Women that will help you grow as a man.

how to seduce a woman with words

Women who won’t constantly try to break your balls.

A solid man commands respect.

He sets the game.

And women love this.

And whatever certain women may say, it’s by putting your balls on the line that you’ll be able to seduce women in a solid and effective way.

But as you can imagine, you should do it in a certain manner.

And that’s what we’re going to see in below…

Let’s start by running through two fatal mistakes that many guys make when trying to seduce girls they find attractive…

How to seduce a woman: 2 BIG traps to avoid

Before giving you the game plan for seducing attractive women, I must share with you the 2 main traps which most guys fall into when trying to attract a woman they want.

Most often, it’s one of these two mistakes that prevent them from hooking up with women they want.

Many guys are aware that they must not make those mistakes, but most of them ignore how to avoid them (and that’s precisely what I’m going to show you below)…

Let’s start with the first mistake:

The first mistake guys make when trying to seduce a woman they find attractive is…

Falling into the FRIENDZONE.

In other words, to act in a fashion that gets the girl to see you as nothing more than a friend.

“Sorry, but I’d rather just be friends…”

What you need to understand is that although you’re likely to still be attracted to the girl several months after meeting her, if you did nothing to make her feel that something was going on between you and her, the game is probably already lost.

At this point, the girl will see you as a mere friend.

Just like one of her female buddies.

There’s a big difference between men and women that you need to understand:

Men are mostly attracted by the physical beauty of women (let’s not be hypocrites).

As for women, they’re mostly attracted by the masculinity of men.

And if you constantly act like one of her female friends, the girl you want to seduce won’t be able to feel your masculinity.

She won’t be attracted to you and will put you in her friendzone.

And you won’t be able to seduce her anymore.

It reminds me of a good friend who always planned to befriend girls in order to become (or to try to become) their boyfriend afterward…

He would spend months building a (friendly) relationship with the girl, developing rapport, spending time with her, and so on.

It would often last four, five, or six months…

To ultimately fail to take the relationship to the next level.

The girl would either reject him or be picked up by another guy before he could even try anything.

And this isn’t surprising.

Because at this point, the girl simply saw him as a friend.

A very good friend, sure, but still a friend.

Just like one of her female friends.

seduce a woman sexually

He rushed unwillingly (or should I say willingly) into the friendzone.

And in retrospect, it’s not difficult to see why such behavior kills attraction:

Deep down, women are looking for a man.

They are looking for a male figure. Virile and solid.

And when you do nothing to convey those traits, the girl can hardly feel any attraction.

But there’s more…

When you do everything to avoid confrontation

When you choose to first befriend her and become her best friend…

You look like a coward.

You show the girl that you lack courage…

You show the girl that you don’t have the balls to act as a man.

This is what leads girls to treat you like a pussy.

To seduce a woman in a solid way, she must see you as a potential lover and not as a potential best friend.

Remember this.

Now, let’s talk about the second mistake guys make when trying to seduce women…

The second mistake guys make when trying to seduce a woman they find attractive is…

To act like a desperate guy.

To act like a needy guy.

To act like a man who is completely into her.

Everything from the really desperate attitude to the sticking around kind of behavior.

Either way, you look like a beggar.

And when a guy adopts this kind of behavior with a girl, she feels that something is wrong with him.

She feels that he’s going to take value from her rather than bringing her value.

In the end, she feels that the guy is weak.

She feels that he’s fragile.

And as you might expect, it’s not attractive.

Sure, if the guy makes the girl understand right away that he’s interested, he won’t be seen as just a friend, and that way he won’t fall into the friendzone. BUT since he’ll have acted in a desperate fashion, he won’t be seen as a potential lover, either.

The girl won’t be attracted at all.

She’ll be completely turned off.

Frankly, how can she be sexually attracted by a guy who acts like this?

how to seduce a girlSo make sure you don’t act like a desperate guy:

Make sure you don’t look needy.

The best way to do so is simply not to be needy.

Don’t make women your priority.

Put your projects and your dreams first.

You do this by putting what really matters for you before women.

That’s how you’ll grow as a solid man to whom women are naturally attracted.

When you have plans that keep you motivated and moving forward, you’re much less likely to act like a needy guy.

Because at this point, you’ll be detached from the results of the interactions you live with girls.

Unlike the guys whose life revolves around women, you’ll have greater plans than just getting into a relationship or fucking a girl.

Women will see (and feel) that and treat you as a high value man.

They will treat you as a solid guy and give in into your solidity.

So much for the two big mistakes that keep men from seducing women they’re really attracted to.

Now that we ran through these two big traps, let’s get serious.

Let’s set up a solid assault plan that will wipe out the likelihood that you’ll fall into one of those traps.

How to seduce women in a SOLID way:

Now, I’m going to share with you two keys that will immunize you against what we just saw.

By implementing these two keys into your way of acting, you’ll be sure not to fall into the friendzone, while being sure not to be seen as a needy guy.

You’ll be sure that you won’t leave them indifferent.

You’ll be sure that they’ll see you differently than most of the other guys.

You’ll be sure that they’ll become attracted to you in some way or another.

Cause they’ll feel your SOLIDITY.

They’ll feel your masculinity.

This true masculinity that is missing in so many guys.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the first key:

• Key number 1: express your desire

The woman you want to seduce should feel as early as possible that something is going on between you and her.

To this end, you must express your desire early in the interaction.

You must announce her in a more or less straightforward way that you find her attractive.

Without being ashamed by your desire.

In other words, by being completely at ease with what you say.

An effective way to do this is to compliment her:

A good compliment is a very effective way to make a girl feel that something is going on between you and her.

In order for your compliment to have the desired effect, you’re going to customize it based on the girl and the context.

You can compliment the girl on her clothes, on her hair, on her jewelry, or even pay her a bolder compliment directly on her physique (on her eyes, her legs, and so on).

For example:

  • “I like your dress, I find it very sexy…”
  • “I like your jeans, very sexy…”
  • “You have very sexy lips…”

If you want to make a bold compliment directly on her physique and that you’re not at ease with this sort of thing, you can end your sentence with a question that is linked to this compliment.

For instance:

“You have beautiful legs, do you work out?”

A good compliment is a compliment that suggests that you find the girl sexually attractive.

Such compliments are a very effective way to turn a woman on (much more so than compliments on personality, that you could give to either men or women).

beautiful womanYou make her feel that there’s something in her that you find sexually attractive.

It puts a possible relationship with you into her head.

It makes the rest of the interaction very exciting.

And it gets the girl to feel your masculinity.

This is how she’s going to feel a powerful masculine energy that is going excite her femininity and make her want you.

And at this point, the girl will be attracted to you like a magnet.

Under the condition of…

(and that leads us to the second key…)

• Key number 2: not being needy

If you act like a needy guy, the girl you want to seduce will see you like…a needy guy.

She will see you like a desperate guy.

And, as you have learned, this must be avoided.

You must act in a way that the girl understands (or at least believes…) that you don’t need her.

It is crucial that she understands that you’re not completely into her.

Unlike all those fragile and desperate guys who would do anything to get into a relationship with her.

You stay SOLID.

You express your desire in a calm and confident way.

You find her attractive, but if she’s not interested, it won’t affect you much.

It won’t distract you from your life’s mission.

And at that point, the girl will instantly place you above all the needy guys she’ll have come across so far.

She’ll feel much more at ease and relaxed by your side.

And she’ll just give in into you.

She’ll yield to your solidity.

She’ll allow herself to fully express her femininity.

And at that stage, having sex with her will be just a formality.

how to seduce a woman with touch

So :

  • Express your desire (this will keep you far away from the friendzone)
  • Without being needy (this will keep you from being seen like a desperate guy)

To seduce a woman in a solid way, you must combine these two keys.

If you forget one of them, you might end up either as her best friend or her doormat.

Incorporate those two keys in your way of acting with women you like, and you’ll notice the difference.

Unlike all those fragile guys who try to trick girls into making them interested or who act completely desperate, you’ll attract and seduce women in a solid and authentic way.

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