What Do Women Want: 8 Things Girls Won’t Tell You (Use This To Attract Them)

What do women want?

How do you figure out what women want and use it to take your interactions and relationships to the next level?

How can you grasp this feminine psychology who seems to defy all logic?

understand womenUs men often see women as being unpredictable, difficult to understand, unsteady, and so on.

Some guys feel completely distraught when trying to attract women or maintain a relationship with a woman…

“Sometimes she acts like she’s interested, and at other times she gives the impression that she doesn’t care at all…”

“At the beginning of the conversation, she was very cheerful, but all of a sudden, she got hysterical…”

“I tried to take the interaction to the next level, but she suddenly seemed to be much less interested, as if she didn’t like me anymore. I don’t understand…”

If you have difficulty figuring out what women want, don’t worry.

You’re not alone.

A lot of guys find it (very) difficult to understand what girls want.

Most guys, actually.

And that’s okay:

Men and women are fundamentally different.

This is due to hormones, genetic material, and probably education and culture.

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In this article, I’m going to dissect female psychology, or at least the parts of it that men seem to have difficulty grasping.

Men typically try to figure out what women want by reasoning as if women were men.

They assume that women think the same way that men do.

But women are not men.

They don’t think like men.

That’s why men and women often have difficulty understanding each other.

Which often leads to misunderstandings and fights… or results in difficulty in taking an interaction with a woman you’re attracted to to the next level.

The 8 key points I’m going to share with you below will help you to better understand women and the way they think.

So if you often ask yourself the question “What do women want?”, keep reading.

You can use this stuff to attract and seduce more attractive girls or to enjoy a better relationship with your girlfriend or wife.

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Let’s start with the first key:

1. Women are ruled by their emotions

The first thing you need to understand is that women are ruled by their emotions.

They are emotional creatures (men are also, but to a lesser extend).

Partly for this reason, girls are often into romantic movies or sitcoms with up and downs.

It makes them live a variety of thrilling emotions.

It’s also the reason why their behavior seem to defy all logic and their actions don’t follow what they say (and sometimes go the opposite way).

“This guy is an asshole, I’m not going to talk to him anymore!”

And yet shortly afterwards, she ends up with him.

what women want in a relationshipTo win a woman over, forget about logical arguments.

Logical arguments (such as “You should be my girlfriend because…”) don’t work.

They don’t trigger any emotional response in the girl’s mind (or at least not a strong enough emotional response).

To win a woman over, what matters are the emotions you make her feel.

It’s what she feels in your presence.

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2. Women have a reputation to protect

Since the dawn of time, women have cared for their reputations.

In most societies, a woman who sleeps with a lot of men is seen as a slut.

By both men and women.

Easy girls who sleep with anyone are seen as whores.

And you’ll agree with me when I say that most girls don’t want to be publicly seen as whores.

That’s why women sometimes (or rather often) play hard to get.

A girl will play even more hard to get if you try to pick her up in front of her friends.

A girl will often show resistance when you try to escalate, just to let you know that she’s not easy or that she’s not a whore.

She wants to preserve her value.

what women want in a manThat’s also the reason why girls don’t clearly state things.

You’ll rarely hear a girl explicitly say “I like you, I want to have sex with you.”

Girls communicate their intentions in a much subtler way.

For instance, by making innuendos in order to incite the man to take action, so that she can’t be held responsible for what happened.

Women hold their reputations dear to their hearts.

That’s why tact, discretion, and social intelligence are great assets when seducing women.

3. Women seek protection

Women have a survival instinct deeply rooted in them (like men, but in a different way).

Until recent times, women needed direct protection from men to survive.

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A single woman was more exposed to hazardous conditions than a woman who had a man to protect her.

Men provided direct protection, resources (food, water, etc.), and shelter.

These were necessary for the survival of the woman and her (future) children.

alpha maleAlthough we don’t live in a world as dangerous and hostile as before (at least in our modern societies), this pattern of thought is still deeply rooted in our unconscious minds, which need much more time to evolve than our lifestyle.

Males are no exception to this reality:

We are attracted to beautiful women because beauty means good health.

Thus, beautiful women have a greater ability to give birth to healthy children. This is in response to the need to reproduce and preserve the species.

Despite the evolution of our societies, we still seek to meet those needs. And for women, this translates into:

  • Attraction toward high status men.
  • Attraction toward clever men (socially calibrated, able to climb the social ladder).
  • Attraction toward men who have a strong physique.

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Let me clarify something here:

You don’t need to fulfill every single one of these conditions to attract women (for example, you don’t need to be rich to attract a beautiful woman).

What you must understand is that each of these points is an asset. They allow you to make women feel safer by your side.

4. Women are looking for stability

For several reasons (including the one we just saw above), women are looking for stability in men.

More specifically, they want emotional stability.

They tend to avoid unbalanced men unable to control themselves.

Stability is synonymous with security and solidity. It is like a rock which she can hang on to.

A steady man that can’t be broken is a real turn on for women.

It’s also reassuring.

This quest for steadiness explains why women constantly try to test and break us.

what girls want

Most of the time, they don’t even do it consciously.

When you try to seduce a girl, she will try to undermine your efforts at some point…in order to raise her value and to test your solidity.

She’ll want to see if you’re the type of guy who gives up at the first sign of difficulty or if you’re the kind of man who is able to persist in the face of obstacles.

Women throw spikes and shit tests at you to see if you’re going to get all emotional like a little girl or if you can stay solid like a real man.

Do you understand why some girls often behave in a mean and bitchy way?

They want to see if you’re going to lose your mind or if you can stay dispassionate.

And when you pass the test (in other words, when you don’t react to her bait), you score points.

It makes feminine women attracted to you.

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5. Women know how to charm you (and they love to do it)

Since they’ve never had the physical advantage that men have, women have had to develop other assets to survive and climb the social ladder, such as seduction.

Throughout the last several thousand years, women have developed an expertise in the art of seduction.

It comes in various forms:

  • Physical (make up, clothes…)
  • Behavioral

Women love to be desired.

beautiful womanThey love to feel desired.

It’s not rare that a woman gets a man hooked to make sure that he’ll want only her and not another one.

That’s why some women blow hot and cold:

At some times they show interest, at other times they show disregard…in order to drive us crazy, to get us to doubt, to get us to obsess about them…

They don’t always do it consciously, but either way, it works.

6. Women are seeking direction

Whether they’ll admit it or not, most women seek structure.

They seek direction.

They’re looking for a frame within which they’ll be able to evolve and express their emotions.

They need to feel led.

what women want in bedThey need to feel that they can just let go by giving in a man who takes over.

In practice, this translates into an attraction toward men who can lead.

Women are attracted to men who can take charge.

They love to feel led.

They love to be in the presence of a man who can make decisions.

We’re not necessarily talking about becoming a tyrant, but to show her that you can take the lead.

In practice:

  • Decide where you’re going to take her for a drink or a lunch.
  • Decide when you’re going to meet for your date.
  • Decide where to sit and when to go out of the bar.
  • Decide which movie you’re going to watch with her.

Show her that you can lead.

Show her that you have everything under control.

Show her that you can take firm and quick decisions.

Even if some people will claim the opposite, most women find this extremely exciting.

It’s a real turn-on for very feminine women.

It shows social intelligence and ability to take action.

In other words, an ability to climb the social ladder and react quickly in case of aggression.

7. Women are looking for a real man

Opposites attract.

Femininity is attracted to masculinity, and vice-versa.

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That’s why feminine women are attracted to masculine men.

They can’t control this attraction.

It’s unconscious.

When a woman is attracted in an uncontrolled way to a man she doesn’t find nice (to an “asshole,” to a “macho” man, to an “ugly” guy, and so on), it’s because this man radiates powerful masculine energy which attracts her feminine parts.

femininityHere we’re talking about something that occurs under the radar.

We’re talking about opposite energies, the Ying and the Yang.

That’s why creating powerful sexual tension allows you to make a woman so horny.

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That’s also the reason why you should aim to ATTRACT and not to please:

When you try to please, what you do in reality is polish the differences that exist between you and the girl.

You try to kill this tension that makes her attracted to you.

That’s why a lot of men end up in the friendzone: they do everything to please the woman they want to seduce by agreeing with her on everything, by making sure to have the same interests as her or to have a lot of things in common, and so on.

And in the end, the attraction is shattered.

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8. What women really want

What women really want is a man who know what he wants.

 Women want a man who has a direction.

They want a man who has a vision.

They want a man who is in control.

what women want in menAs this Russian saying goes:

“The man is the head, the women is the neck.”

In your relationships with women, you must be the head.

Women want a man who knows what he wants.

Not a man who’s constantly asking himself what women want.

Not a man who’s always making compromises so that his girlfriend can like him and avoid tension (it might help you in the short term, but in the long run, it will kill the sexual tension that exists between you and her).

The problem is that when you constantly wonder what women want, you become a follower.

Instead, you should be a leader.

Know who you are and what you want:

Women don’t want a man who tries to be what he thinks he should be.

They don’t want a man who tries to be what he thinks others want him to be.

They don’t want a man who tries to want what others want him to want.

You get it?

Women want a man who acts on his own terms.

They want a man who is authentic.

Not a man whose behavior is ruled by others.

Not a man whose identity is malleable.

They don’t want a man who is going to waver at the slightest disturbance.

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They want a man who is solid and who knows what he wants and who he is.

That’s what women want.

They want a head for whom they can be the neck.

The real question to ask is not what do women want, but “What do I want?”

What do you want to accomplish in life?

Once you’ve found your true self (and not a pale shadow of what you think women want), you’ll have truly become a man women want.

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Stay solid,

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