How To Be An Alpha Male: 17 Things That Make A Man Alpha

If you’ve ever wondered how to become an alpha male, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to run through 17 traits of the alpha male.

how to be an alpha male

Assuming these alpha male characteristics can bring big changes in your life.

Whether you want to know how to be an alpha male in a relationship or how to be seen as an alpha male by other guys, you’ll find this list helpful.

In the end, you’ll feel more confident and powerful.

Women will find you more attractive.

And men will respect you more.

Let’s get started right now with the first trait of the alpha male:

1. The Alpha Male keeps his composure:

Emotional control is one of the keys to the alpha male’s attitude.

If you’ve ever wondered how to act like an alpha male, this is the first thing you must have in mind.

The alpha male is no slave to his emotions.

He can put things in perspective without getting emotional.

He has the ability to remain calm during a storm.

Where the weak beta male gets controlled by his emotions, the alpha male appeals to reason.

The alpha man thinks logically.

He expresses a rational line of thoughts.

As a result, he is able to make the best decisions.

how to be the ultimate alpha male

Weak beta males, on the other hand, have a hard time dealing with their emotions and feelings.

They often have trouble getting their emotions under control and expressing a truly rational line of thoughts.

They often find it harder to not let their emotions interfere.

Their lack of emotional control leads them to waver at the slightest perturbation.

That’s not the case with the alpha male, who knows how to remain calm and serene when things go rough. Like a rock during a storm.

Be it in the face of his wife/girlfriend’s hysteria, a conflict with another man, and various other dangers…

The alpha male doesn’t panic, but instead remains calm and relaxed.

As a result, he is considered as a man to be with.

He is seen as a reliable guy we can count on.

2. The Alpha Male isn’t afraid to displease:

The alpha male isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

He isn’t afraid to shock.

He isn’t afraid to displease.

He has the fortitude to live with what he says.

Quite the opposite of the weak beta male who is afraid to speak his mind and prefers to hide shamefully.

The gutless and fragile guy will do anything in order to please and be liked by others. He will even go as far as repudiating his values and principles.

That’s why the latter isn’t attractive.

That’s also the reason why people don’t respect him and walk all over him.

That’s not the case with the alpha male, who remains true to himself, even if it displeases others.

That’s what makes him attractive.

That’s what makes people respect him.

You may disagree with him or think that he goes too far, but you respect him for his authenticity and his audacity.

Alpha males displease but attract.

Beta males please but leave indifferent.

3. The Alpha Male controls his body language:

The alpha male’s body language is calm and relaxed.

Just by observing the way he stands or moves his body, you can tell he’s solid.

The dominant male has some composure. He is relaxed.

how to be an alpha male body language

He makes his gestures in a conscious and controlled manner.

Quite the opposite of the weak beta male, who doesn’t control his body language.

The fragile guy has stressed and nervous body language.

He makes sharp and uncontrolled movements.

His gestures are just nervous reactions to external disturbances.

You can feel that he is tense when you observe the way he moves his body or the way he stands.

You can tell that he isn’t relaxed.

You can tell that he isn’t at ease.

His nervous body language betrays the fact that he doesn’t entirely control the situation.

That isn’t the case with the dominant male, who consciously chooses to make his gestures.

The alpha man controls the situation.

He controls his body.

4. The Alpha Male takes up some space:

How much space you take is an indicator of your social status.

That is true for apes, lions, and for men, among many other species.

If you’ve been asking yourself how to stand like an alpha male, how to sit like an alpha male, or how to walk like an alpha male, remember this:

The alpha males takes up some space.

The dominant male controls the territory.

He takes up a lot of space for two reasons:

  1. To show that he’s the one in charge.
  2. Because he feels safe and thus puts himself at ease.

Not only does his ability to occupy space make him look powerful and high-status, but it also makes him feel powerful and high-status:

The more space he occupies, the more his body feels safe and produces confidence-boosting hormones such as testosterone.

5. The Alpha Male has a serene look:

The alpha male has a relaxed and controlled gaze.

His facial expression is unstressed and relaxed. There’s no tension in his face.

Therefore, you can tell that he is at ease.

You can feel his confidence and control.

alpha male behaviorHis gaze is relaxed while remaining solid and neutral.

This goes a long way towards being seen as an alpha male.

The alpha male isn’t afraid to look the person he’s talking to in the eyes.

He can maintain eye contact.

This allows him to effectively deliver his message.

His serene look gets his interlocutors to feel that they’re dealing with a solid man who has the situation under control.

The fragile guy, on the other hand, has a stressed and scared look.

His face is tense.

You can tell that he is stressed.

You can tell that he’s not serene.

He is afraid to look others in the eyes.

He has shifty eyes.

His interlocutors sense his fragility when they’re speaking with him.

They feel that they aren’t dealing with a strong and solid man.

6. The Alpha Male speaks with a calm and relaxed voice:

How to talk like an alpha male?

Speaking like an alpha male is not that difficult.

You must understand that the alpha male controls his voice.

He takes the time to put out his words.

His voice is fluid.

He speaks in a serene and stress-free way, without tension in his voice.

He speaks with a deep voice, coming from his belly.

The weak beta male, on the other hand, speaks with a stressed and jerky voice.

He hardly controls the speed and pitch of his voice.

He may also talk with a voice that lacks power, a voice that lacks depth.

And he talks fast for fear of being cut off and not being able to finish his sentences.

His words awkwardly overlap.

He stresses out, and as a result we can feel some tension in his voice.

We feel that he panics, which reinforces his opponents or aggressors, who sense some fragility in his voice.

That’s not the case with the alpha male, who speaks with a calm, slow and stress-free voice.

We feel that he has the situation under control. We feel that he is confident.

This leads his opponents or aggressors to feel less confident and take another look at the situation.

7. The Alpha Male doesn’t tolerate everything:

To become an alpha male, stop tolerating everything.

The weak beta male who wants to be accepted and liked at all costs by others has a tendency to tolerate things that he shouldn’t tolerate.

Since he wants to avoid conflict at all costs, he lets everything pass.

Someone goes too far? He lets it pass.

A woman treats him like shit? He lets it pass.

A dude molests his daughter? He lets it pass.

You get the idea.

alpha male vs beta male

Does this guy look like an alpha male to you?

Nowadays, for fear of appearing intolerant or heinous, many guys let everything pass.

And as a result, people respect them even less.

As you might expect, that’s not the case with the alpha male.

The alpha male doesn’t tolerate everything.

When someone goes too far, he doesn’t let it pass. He intervenes.

You can’t just push him around like that. Nor can you push around his friends and relatives.

The alpha male commands respect, and as a result, he gets respect.

8. The Alpha Male is firm:

The weak beta male is flabby.

He is hesitant.

He lacks intention.

You can’t really sense some power or strength in him.

The alpha male, on the other hand, is firm.

Not always, but at least is when it’s necessary.

He can show resolve and take firm action, whether it is with women, in his business projects, in an altercation, and on and on.

When he has decided to do something, he doesn’t stop halfway through.

That’s one of the reasons why people view him as a tough guy.

9. The Alpha Male is physically strong:

If you’ve been wondering how to look like an alpha male, remember this:

The alpha male has a solid physique.

His physique allows him to face rivals or aggressors, or to dissuade them from attempting something against him.

The weak beta male, on the other hand, has…a weak physique.

His physique makes him a target of choice for predators.

how to dress like an alpha male

The alpha male takes action in order to solidify his physique.

He makes sure to remain physically strong.

Quite the opposite of the weak beta male, who neglects his fitness and lets himself go.

10. The Alpha Male doesn’t let himself get distracted from his goal:

Be it a short-term goal or a long-term goal, the alpha male doesn’t allow himself be distracted from it.

Once he sets a goal, he does what it takes to reach it.

He doesn’t let other people, temptations, or various obstacles prevent him from achieving it.

The alpha male takes note of the obstacles that stand between him and his goal, then takes action in order to smash (or avoid) them in order to be able to continue on his way towards what he wants to accomplish.

The weak beta male, on the other hand, is easily distracted from his goal (if he has a goal at all), be it by other people, by temptations, or by any other obstacle standing in the road.

He prefers to give up.

He prefers to resign himself to failure rather than risk a confrontation.

That’s why he seldom gets what he wants.

He does nothing but dream and look on with envy at the accomplishments of solid men who give themselves the means to take action in order to reach their goals.

The alpha male isn’t afraid to take risks.

He isn’t afraid of confrontation.

He is aware that quite often the latter is unavoidable and that it is his duty to neutralize obstacles that stand in front of him.

11. The Alpha Male isn’t easily controllable:

The alpha isn’t a slave.

He doesn’t allow himself to be enslaved.

Not like all those weak beta males that you can easily subdue.

The alpha male has a taste for freedom and does what it takes to remain free, whether it is in the way he acts or thinks.

12. The Alpha Male doesn’t let fear paralyze him:

If you want to be an alpha male, this point is crucial.

In the face of danger, the alpha male may feel fear at the beginning, which is nothing more than excitation (neutral excitation at first).

That’s when it becomes interesting:

When he feels this sensation, he turns it into positive energy or aggression that allows him to crush his enemy or any other obstacle standing on his way.

He doesn’t let this excitation turn into fear and paralyze him.

alpha male strategiesHe trusts this excitation that his body generates in the face of danger.

He welcomes it, acts upon it, and makes it a powerful ally.

Quite the opposite of the weak beta male, who is afraid of this excitation and as a result starts to panic when the latter arises in his body.

The beta male lets this excitation turn into an incapacitating fear.

He becomes completely paralyzed.

And therefore, he doesn’t act.

He allows himself to be dominated.

That’s not the case with the alpha male, who knows how to deal with his adrenaline rushes in order to exploit them.

And even when he appears to be surprised by fear, the alpha male doesn’t allow himself to be paralyzed by it.

He forces himself.

He sees past it.

He is able to take action in the presence of fear.

He overrides it.

13. The Alpha Male is active:

Again, the alpha male takes action.

He gives himself the means to get what he wants.

He doesn’t wait for it to fall into his lap.

He doesn’t let laziness keep him inactive and prevent him from getting what he wants.

He finds the energy to act.

The weak beta male, on the other hand, is passive.

He waits for things to happen.

He does nothing but hope, without ever taking action to make what he wants happen.

14. The Alpha Male persists despite difficulty:

The alpha male doesn’t let difficulty discourage him.

He doesn’t quit at the first hurdle.

He is aware that difficulty is part of the game and that he can’t avoid it.

how to be more alpha male in a relationship

Conversely, the weak beta male is easily put off.

He doesn’t persevere and resigns himself at the first hurdle.

He is afraid of difficulty and chooses to avoid it.

He prefers to stay in his comfort zone.

And that’s precisely what he does most of the time: staying in his comfort zone, without ever seeking to push beyond his limits, without ever seeking to confront adversity.

And we’re not even talking about failure…

The weak beta male is afraid of failure.

He is so afraid of failure that he prefers not to attempt anything.

That’s not the case with the alpha male, who doesn’t let failure discourage him.

The alpha male is aware that failure is an eventuality, but it doesn’t scare him.

As we saw earlier, he doesn’t allow himself to be distracted from his goal.

He advances, despite difficulty and possible failures.

And in case of failure, he gets back on his feet (if he can) and starts up again with renewed vigor.

15. The Alpha Male has a will to power:

The alpha male is ambitious.

He wants something big for himself and his people.

That’s why he seeks to gain as much power as he can.

He wants to make his actions and decisions count.

He wants to be able to impact the world around him.

The weak beta male, on the other hand, has no ambition.

He doesn’t really want to make a difference in the world, or he’s just to afraid to do what it takes.

He has no fire that burns inside him.

He allows himself to settle for less than what he wants because he believes that wishing for more is pointless.

The alpha male has this intense fire that burns inside him, and this gives him the will and the energy to achieve great things.

He is a conqueror.

He doesn’t settle for something mediocre.

He aims high.

16. The Alpha Male has high standards:

The alpha male is in a state of abundance.

He has plenty of options.

And he can choose the best.

The weak beta male, on other hand, doesn’t have that luxury.

He doesn’t get to choose, and thus he accepts everything.

He has low standards and takes whatever is left.

17. The Alpha Male is a man other men want to be with:

If you’ve been wondering what does it mean to be an alpha male, we could sum it up this way.

The alpha male is the THE man other guys want to be with.

They want him at their side.

And that’s pretty understandable: he is a strong, courageous, and reliable man. A man who has a vision. A man who has the ability to lead them towards a better future.

That’s what makes other men want to join him.

That is not the case with the weak beta male, who leaves other guys totally indifferent (at best) or just makes them want to crush him.

The alpha male is a man other men look up to.

He is a man you want to have at your side.

How to Be an Alpha Male – Final Thoughts:

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