Sexual Tension: 12 Secrets To Build Sexual Tension With A Woman

How to build sexual tension with a woman?

How to make women excited and randy?

When it comes to turn on a girls, the term sexual tension often comes to mind.

When there’s tension, there’s arousal.

signs of sexual tension

Tension is the basis of mutual attraction between a man and a woman.

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You’ve probably already heard of sexual tension…:

You know that you have to generate some sexual tension in order to effectively attract a woman you find attractive.

The thing is, you don’t know how to do so in an effective way.

You’re aware that sexual tension is crucial, but you find difficult to fully grasp the concept… And even more to generate this tension when necessary…

It’s okay.

I had the exact same difficulties when I discovered game (about 10 years ago at the time I write this article).

It was written everywhere that it was necessary to create sexual tension in order not to end in the friend zone of the girl.

It was written everywhere that it was necessary to sexualize the interaction…
That it was necessary to make the conversation sexual…


But I couldn’t find how to do it concretely.

All those tips that I would find here and there were vague and not really actionnable in order to create powerful sexual tension when needed.

Looking back, it makes me smile.

Because now, thanks to years of practice and numerous discoveries, I’ve finaly nailed it.

I’ve been able to fully master some powerful techniques to sexualize an interaction with a beautiful woman.

And now, these ways of doing seem obvious to me.
And soon they will seem obvious to you.

However, in order to do so, you first need to know them, and then to put them into practice (the right way).

And in this article, I’m going to share with you 12 solid ways to create sexual tension with a woman.

Some of these techniques are very easy to use.

You’ll be able to test them during your next interaction with a girl you like.

So pay attention.

Let’s start with the first way to build sexual tension with a girl:

1. Complimenting her on her physical beauty:

Easy to do and very effective when done well.

In order to create powerful sexual tension, you’re going to highlight the fact that something might happen between you and her.

This way, she’s going to see you as a potentiel lover, and not as a potential best friend.

The simplest way to do so is to declare your (sexual) interest to her.

To this end, a compliment on her physique can be very effective. Here are a few examples:

  • “You have beautiful legs.”
  • “You have very sexy lips.”
  • “You have a sensual neck.”
  • “I find you very sexy.”
  • Etc.

You can also pay her a compliment on one of her clothes. For instance:

  • “I like your skirt, it looks very sexy on you.”
  • “I like your shirt, it looks quite sexy on you.”
  • Etc.

Those kinds of compliments are very effective to build sexual tension with women.

lustful overdriveNow, you might be wondering:

Wait but paying her such a compliment on her physical appearance isn’t going to make me look like a needy guy?”

Well, if you say it like a needy guy trying to seek her approval, you’re indeed going to look like a desperate guy.

But if you say it in a self-confident way and that you don’t act needy, you won’t be seen as a needy guy.

Plain and simple.

Does James Bond look like a needy guy when he makes a bold compliment to a woman?


Because he does it the right way.

And when you do it the right way, you show that you are SOLID.

You show that you’re a dominant man who isn’t afraid to express his desires.
You show that you have some balls.
This is a big turn on for women.

And that’s precisely what you want to do here: sexualize. Showing that you are a man who is fully at ease with his desires.

2. Complimenting her on her personality:

Here it’s the same principle as the compliment on her physical beauty.

After the girl said you some interesting stuff about her, you pay her a compliment on her personality.
In a tone that suggests that you find her sexually attractive.

For instance:

  • “Good. I love women who are… forward.”
  • “I love women who stand up for themselves. I find it sexy.”
  • “I like sensitive women.”
  • “I like delicate women.”
  • Etc.

3. Touching her:

Physical contact is a powerful weapon to turn women on.

And there is a reason for that:

When you touch a woman, this one is going to get horny.
Just like she would during foreplay.

There are various ways to touch a woman in order to create sexual tension.

You can touch her when complimenting her (it depends on the compliment: if you pay her a compliment on her skin, you can touch her skin, and if you pay her a compliment on her outfit, you can in a sustained way touch her outfit), you can touch her when inviting her to sit down (you take her by the hand or wrap your arm around her), etc.

4. Rejecting the girl in advance:

Anticipated rejection is something that has been used by many guys out there.

I seldom use it, but I couldn’t not share it with you, because it can be quite useful to stimulate sexual tension.

Anticipated rejection consists in rejecting the girl in advance.
For instance by saying to her:

  • “I like you but we aren’t really compatible.”
  • “You and me, it’s not gonna happen.”
  • “It will never work between us.”
  • Etc.

It puts into the head of the girl a potential relationship with you, while implying that this relationship is not possible.

strong sexual tensionIt makes her think in a subtle way about sex (which make her horny).

And she gets even more turned on by the fact that one always desire what it’s out of reach (in this case, you).

This technique can be quite powerful, but you have to use it correctly:

I’ve seen a lot of men use this sexualization technique the wrong way.
Many guys overuse it and it looks weird.

So if you want to use this technique, don’t overuse it.
Do it at the right time and don’t try to use it at all costs.

5. Disagreeing with her:

We can’t really call this a sexualization technique, but it’s so powerful to turn on feminine women that I couldn’t not talk about it.

It consists in disagreeing with girl about something she said.

It can also be done by not believing her about something she said, not approving what she said, etc.

Why is it so powerful?

Because when you do this, the girl can feel your masculinity.
She can sense your ability to stand up for yourself and fight, as a real man.

Unlike all those weak guys who constantly agree with everything she says, in order to desperately please her (guess what: those guys never manage do take the interaction to the next level, they never manage to turn on the girls they like).

6. Physically rejecting her:

This can seem like a pretty strong term, but I couldn’t find another term to describe this technique.

Physically rejection is a kind of combination between the previous technique and physical touch.

You put your hand on the shoulder (or the arm) of the girl and slightly push her away.

A good time to do this is when the girl just said something that you can interpret as silly or disqualififying. Or something that you can interpret in a way that puts her ousite of her your league.

Ideally, you’ll push her away with a little smile on her face, so that she feels that you’re playing with her.

But still, she is subconsciously going to feel like you’ve rejected her.
And it’s going to make her more attracted to you.

It’s going to increase sexual tension between you and her.

You make her want to come back to you, as if she had something to prove.

This is very effective to get a girl to chase you.

You shift the script and get her to invest.

7. Declaring that you’re not hitting on her:

This is a really fun way to build sexual tension.

And this is very easy to do.

This technique consists in insisting on the fact that you’re not hitting on her.

Basically, you’re going to declare this just before complimenting her:

I’m not hitting on you, but I find your dress really sexy.

Then you can add more, for instance by saying a few minutes later:

Okay, I might be hitting on you a little bit, but I have to say that I find your shoes very sexy.

When you insist in anticipation on the fact that you’re not hitting on her (even if you are), you precisely put into her head the picture of a relationship with you.
The picture of you hitting on her.

You emphasize the fact that you are man who might be hitting on her (unlike the guy who’s trapped into the friend zone).

8. Emphasizing your sex differences:

This technique consists in highlighting the fact that you are a man and that she is a woman.

To do so, you can for instance say to her:

  • “You ladies, you are more like this…”
  • “You ladies, you often like to…”
  • “I’m a man, I don’t do this as easily as you do…”
  • “We men are different, we are less able to…”
  • Etc.

You get it.

9. Dancing with her:

Remember what I said about touching her?

Dancing implies an ongoing physical contact between the girl and you.

But there’s more:

When dancing with her, you can give her a sustained look that is going to make her horny (more on that below).

You can physically pull her towards you.

You can physically push her back.

And so on.

Dance is made for sexual arousal.

There’s a whole dynamic that allows you to create and maintain a high sexual tension.

10. Giving her a sustained look:

This one is quite simple: it consists in looking at the girl right into the eyes.

An extended gaze is very powerful to arouse a woman.

You look right into her eyes, while remaining silent.

how to create sexual tension with my ex girlfriendThere’s a pause in the conversation?
Look at the girl, right into the eyes.

Don’t bother shifting between the eyes of the girl: choose one eye and stare at it. While relaxing your facial muscles.

And wait until she looks away or break the silence.

Don’t look away (or worse: down).

11. Dwelling on her lips:

Lips constitute a sexual part of the face.

Lips are used in kissing, licking, breathing, expressing pleasure, and so on.

Dwelling on the lips of the girl you’re talking to for a few seconds is very effective to introduce the idea of sex into her mind.

You can give her the impression that you dwelled on her lips accidentally, as if you’d been distracted.

Or you can do it deliberately, by complimenting her on her lips. That way, you combine two powerful techniques (the look on her lips + the compliment on her physical beauty).

12. Dwelling on a sexual part of her body:

This technique is based on the same principle as the technique above.
But this time, you’re going to be bolder.

You’re going to admit shamelessly that you’ve been distracted by a part of her body:

The girl is talking to you.

Your look drifts to her cleavage, and dwell on it for about 1-2 seconds.

Right after that, you redeem yourself and you start looking at her again (in the eyes).

Then you say something like:

“Sorry, I didn’t listen, I’ve been distracted by your cleavage.”

This is a clever way to pay her a bold compliment on her body, while remaining polite and socially calibrated.

You counterbalance by saying that you’ve been distracted, and by apologizing (yet in a self-confident way).

It’s bold and subtle at the same time, and above all very effective.

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