Where To Meet Women: 18 Best Places (+ How To Approach)

There are various places where to meet women.

And this is what this article is all about.

Today, I’m going to share with you 18 great places to meet girls (including single women).

where to meet single women without online dating sites

Whether you’re looking for a girlfriend or just for female friends, you’ll find this stuff useful.

Meeting women will be like a walk in the park, especially if:

  1. You want to meet new people.
  2. You have value to bring to people.
  3. You can take the initiative.
  4. You know how to be socially calibrated.

Of course, the more solid your game is, the better the results you’ll get.

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Without further ado, let’s go through the different places where you can meet women.

Let’s begin with the first place (or rather the first mean) to meet girls:

1. Your social circle:

It may seem obvious, but the easiest way to meet girls is by using your social circle.

best places to meet women

When you have a solid social circle, you naturally meet new people without much effort.

And it makes sense: people from your social circle (whether they are friends or acquaintances with whom you’ve a good feeling) will introduce you to people from their own social circles.

For instance, a person from your social circle can invite you at a party he/she is giving. A party at which you’re going to meet new people…and new girls.

New people you’ll be able to befriend.

And who will in turn introduce you to some people of their social circles.

Your social circle allows you to meet women very easily.

It can be pretty useful for the guys who are too shy to approach girls on the street.

Because here, you don’t really have to approach.

You’re going to be naturally introduced to new girls.

social life to naturally attract women

But above all…

You are pre-validated:

In other words, those girls don’t see you as a complete stranger, unlike if you had approached them in a nightclub or a bar.

You’re at the head of the pack right away.

Girls already place a degree of trust in you and know that you’re not a creep.

Hence the interest of growing your social circle.

2. Meet women at work?

Work can be a great place to grow your social circle.

The office can be a great place to make friends.

It’s not rare that you find yourself working with people with whom you have good feelings.

Depending on the company you’re working in, you may even be lucky enough to attend some events such as team-building events, workshops, after-work parties, and so on…

Events at which you’ll be able to meet new people…and new women.

Work is usually the first place where you meet people when you move to a new town.

It’s like a stepping stone that you can use to quickly build a new social circle.

On the other hand, the office is not the best place to seduce women:

A love affair with a colleague can affect the working environment (especially if it ends badly).

confident men with single women

It’s better to purely use your work as a mean to grow your social circles.

Because it is precisely your social circles that will allow you to meet new girls that you’ll be able to seduce in a more relaxed way.

3. College/University:

College and university, kind of like the office, constitute a nice stepping stone to grow your social circle

But better:

Indeed, in college and university:

  • There are usually more people to meet.
  • You can take more risks and have more fun.

It was during my studies that I met most of my best friends.

Depending on what you’re studying, you’ll be able to meet attractive girls more or less easily.

where to meet women

But either way, your college or university is a great place to make friends who will introduce you to their friends, amongst whom you’ll find attractive women.

4. Dating sites:

Even though I’m not a fan of online dating, I must admit that dating sites can be suitable to some guys who don’t have any other options.

Especially for some introverts who find it too hard to approach women in real life (I recommend practicing in real life, though, because it’s the only way you’re really going to make progress and grow your solidity).

You should have in mind that depending on what you’re looking for (a relationship, a one night stand…), some dating sites are more suited than others.

Some dating sites are better if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, while other dating sites are better for one-night stands.

woman's interest same types

As a general rule, the more time (or money) the subscription requires (to fill up your profile for instance), the more the people using this site will be looking for a serious relationship.

On the other hand, the less time the subscription process requires, the less serious the relationships coming from this site will be.

Which makes sense:

The more you invest into something, the more value you attach to it.

And the less you invest into something, the less value you attach to it.

Have this in mind when choosing a dating site.

5. Dating apps:

Like dating sites, dating apps can be quite useful for meeting women.

online dating site to meet single womenYou’ll find various types of girls on those apps:

  • Some girls who just want to see how it is
  • Some girls who just want to make friends or to chat
  • Some girls who just want to have fun

Those apps are best suited if you’re just looking to have fun (rather than if you’re looking for a long-term relationship).

Because for most of these apps, the subscription process is quick and easy.

6. Bars:

Spirits are running high at bars. People go there to chill out and meet new people.

Bars are great places to meet women.

Especially bars where you can dance and where people move and stand (and don’t have to be sitting at a particular place):

This way, you can more easily meet a variety of people and start a conversation with whoever you want.

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health benefits of cooking classes

It gives you more opportunities than a simple bar or coffee shop where everybody is sitting and staying static.

7. Night clubs:

Like bars, nightclubs are places where a lot of people go to chill out and meet new people (and fuck).

where to meet girlSome clubs are more suited than others to meet women.

I’m not a fan of clubs where the music is blasting loud everywhere and where there’s no relatively quiet places to talk without having to shout.

My favourite clubs are the ones where there are some spaces where the music volume is relatively low, so that you can relax and talk normally.

8. Friends’ party:

Parties hosted by friends are great to meet women.

Spirits are running high. The event doesn’t have the disadvantages of a party in a nightclub.

Since it’s a private party, you are pre-selected.

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It’s one of the easiest places where you can meet and seduce women.

You can even bang the girl on the spot.

Such parties are also great to meet people that will help you grow your social circle, which in turn will help you meet even more women.

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9. Dancing lessons:

Dancing lessons (salsa, for instance) are great to meet women and also to meet people that will help you grow your social circle.

You’ll also be able to meet new people during the events organized by your dancing group (it is common practice for a dancing class to organize events in bars in order to practice dancing skills while chilling out with new people).

house parties in new city

You can seduce the women in your dancing class, but it can be better to just befriend them in order to grow your social circle and have more opportunities in the middle and long term.

Indeed, the women in your dancing class probably have many female friends they’ll introduce you to.

10. Cooking lessons?

Okay, these can be places where you’ll meet some women.

But don’t go there if your only goal is to meet women.

The key is to put your time into something that really interests you…and to take the opportunity to meet women on the way.

11. The gym:

I don’t know about you, but I have a thing for girls who work out.

And obviously, gyms are a great place to find girls who work out.

best way to meet women outsite of bars and clubs

The pitfall to avoid here is that of hitting on anything that moves.

The gym is not a nightclub.

Many women just want to be left alone and finish their workout without talking to anyone.

What’s more, you’re going to come across those women all year round (or at least during the time of your membership).

That’s why it’s better to avoid being labelled as a the player or the pickup artist of your gym as soon as your start your membership

best place to meet before a nice date

It’s better to take things slower:

If you spot an attractive woman, don’t jump her bones right away.

Take your time.

Wait a few workouts if necessary.

Let her notice you.

Let her see that you’re not that player who hits on anything that moves.

12. Social media:

This works more or less the same as dating sites. Except that on social media, people don’t subscribe specifically to meet people.

That’s why you’ll find there a smaller ratio of women willing to chat with you.

where to meet girlsWhat’s more, on social media, bangable girls are often hit on by a whole bunch of guys.

Some girls get dozens of messages each day from random guys who just want to fuck them.

That’s why social media is far from the best place to meet women. This environment is far from being to your advantage.

The best way to approach a random girl on social media is to first approach her friends, so that she can see—after that you have befriended her friends—that you’re not a complete stranger.

You’ll be pre-validated.

This is definitely not the best place to meet women, because as I said, you must compete with too many guys and you can’t really use your gaming skills like you would in real life.

13. Shops:

Shops are often full of hot girls with whom you can start a conversation.

You can even choose the shop to visit depending on the type of girls you want to meet.

14. Malls/shopping galleries:

As with shops, malls and shopping galleries are great places to meet women.

sole purpose of grocery shopping

They are even better than shops, because unlike in the latter, you don’t have the feeling of being looked at by the vendors when you approach the girl.

15. Public transportation:

Not the easiest place to start a conversation with a women (in fact, it depends on the situation; there are some times where it can be quite easy).

Chances are that you regularly come across attractive girls during your time riding public transportation.

To start a conversation with a girl who’s sitting next to you (or standing next to you), indirect game is the way to go.

For instance, you can ask her about what she’s reading or what game she’s playing on her phone, and then get the conversation flowing.

You can also use direct game, but with a relatively low level of energy in order to keep the the girl from feeling any social pressure from the people around you.

Note that it can be easier to approach a girl in the hallway leading to the subway, because there she will feel less social pressure (on the other hand, in a subway train everyone can listen to your approach). This is especially true if you use a direct approach.

beautiful woman spending time in a railroad station

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16. The street:

Probably one of the best places to continuously meet attractive women.

On the street, you have an unlimited choice of women, and a substantial number of beautiful women you can meet will be found there.

communication skills for approaching women

Don’t try and claim that you don’t come across at least one or two hot chicks each day when you’re out on the street.

What I like about street pickup is that women don’t go out on the street with the anti-player shield they often have when hanging out in bars and clubs.

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On the street, nobody talks to them (except maybe some creeps or some beggars, who obviously can’t compete with you).

Even if many guys know that it’s possible to approach women on the street, the guys who take action and open girls on the street are actually extremely rare.

Many guys fear rejection or are just never in the mood and thus never go for it.

best places to meet single womenTo meet women on the street, direct game is the way to go.

It’s not a nightclub. Women are on the move and appreciate straightforwardness.

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One of the advantages of street pickup resides in the fact that women are often alone.

Therefore, they’re not afraid of being judged by their friends (as would be the case in a nightclub or a bar).

On the street, you’ll come across many lone wolves with whom you’ll be able to have an instant date (for the record, yesterday I went to drink a coffee with a pretty brunette just ten minutes after approaching her).

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17. Museums:

Museums and art galleries are unexpected places to meet women.

You can meet many gorgeous girls there from all over the world.

You can approach women in the same way you would approach them on the street: by using direct game and being yourself.

Museums are great places to meet intelligent women who take an interest in culture and civilization.

18. The beach/the pool:

I’ve several times had occasion to meet gorgeous women on the beach or on the pool while on vacation.

You can naturally engage in a conversation with some girls or invite them to join you for beach games (beach volleyball, for instance).

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