How To Meet A Girl: 5 Steps To Find Babes [Complete Guide]

In this article, I’m going to show you 5 exact steps to meet attractive girls

how to meet a girl

You’ll know exactly how to meet a girl you like

Whenever you want.

You’ll hold all the cards to make it happen.

So if you’d like to meet more girls

If you’re tired of not having enough opportunities to date girls

If you’d like to have more choice with women…

Pay attention to what I’m about to share with you.

Meeting a woman is quite easy once you know the traps you need to avoid and what you should do.

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In other words, how to dominate women to make them wet with desire.

And NOT just in bed: you’re going to implement these small actions in other contexts and environments, be it after an approach, on a date, at a party, in your everyday life with your girlfriend or wife (or with your ex), and more… so that the woman you like sees you as a powerful dominant male who is able to satisfy her deepest desires and take her to seventh heaven.

...which is what is going to make her want to sleep with you…and even chase you.

Without further ado, let’s go through the exact steps to meet women you find attractive

1. Develop a mindset that brings women into your life:

The first step to meeting a girl you really like is developing your mindset.

You mindset is the basis of your success with women.

Banish all limiting beliefs

A limiting belief is a false belief that prevents you from making progress.

It’s a self-imposed barrier.

Here are a few examples of limiting beliefs:

  • “Girls don’t like to be approached.”
  • “I must look handsome to attract girls.”
  • “I scare girls away.”
  • “I’m too short to attract girls.”

There’s gaggles of them.

These are precisely the types of beliefs that prevent men from approaching girls they find cute.

We make excuses based on those false beliefs to not approach attractive girls we come across.

You’ve probably already gone out on the street determined to approach, only to come up with an excuse when coming across the first hot girl of your day:

  • “I’m going to disturb her.”
  • “I’m going to look like a weirdo.”
  • “She looks busy, I’m going to wait for the next one.”

It’s these exact beliefs that you must banish from your mind.

social life and skill set to exchange numbers

Who told you that you would disturb her?

Who told you that you would look like a weirdo?

Now let’s ask ourselves this question:

Where do those limiting beliefs come from?


From various things: education, social conditioning, bad experiences (lived by you or some guys you know), and so on.

The thing is, those beliefs prevent you from meeting girls.

In order to meet women, adopt positive beliefs

Instead of undermining yourself with limiting beliefs, you’re going to adopt other beliefs that’ll cause the opposite effect.

You’re going to literally turns things around.

Instead of being limited by limiting beliefs, you’re going to be empowered by empowering beliefs.

It’s as simple as that.

You’re going to rewire your way of thinking so that when it’s time to approach, you don’t tell yourself, “Women don’t like to be approached.” Instead, you’ll think, “Women love to be approached by men like me.” You won’t tell yourself, “I’m going to look weird if I approach,” but instead you’ll think, “She’s going to be super happy to talk to me,” and so on.

how to meet a girl when you're shy

In order to change your beliefs, you need to rethink things.

You need to assume otherwise.

Persuade yourself that you’re good at approaching girls.

Persuade yourself that women love to meet men (which is true by the way).

Persuade yourself that it’s totally okay to talk to people on the street.

How do you do this concretely?

There’s a technique I use which consists of repeating some empowering lines to yourself every day.

Such as:

  • Girls love to be approached by strangers.
  • Girls love to meet new people.
  • I love to talk to strangers.
  • Every day, I take more and more pleasure for approaching women.
  • I love to meet new people.
  • Women see me as a powerful sexual man.
  • I always persist until I have sex with the girl or she clearly rejects me.

Make a list of five to ten empowering lines to repeat to yourself everyday.

You’ll see that after a few weeks (or even a few days), your limiting beliefs will be much less present.

most men have approach anxiety

An effective way to remove limiting beliefs is to prove to yourself—through practice—that they are wrong.

Go approach a few girls on the street and you’ll see that you’re totally able to go around talking to strangers.

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2. In order to meet hot girls, go out:

Where, when, and how to meet a girl you like?

What is certain is that you won’t find her by staying locked up at home.

In order to meet beautiful and interesting women, you must go out.

Go out of your comfort zone.

Don’t be vegging out on the couch in front of your TV or wasting your time on social media.

While you lose this precious time doing nothing, many hot girls are walking around on the streets, in shops, in bars, and so on.

attractive woman making eye contactIt’s when trying something new that you live the most beautiful and exciting experiences.

It’s when trying something new that you have the best encounters.

Here’s why:

When trying something new, you adopt a state of mind favorable to curiosity and interest.

On the other hand, when staying in your comfort zone, you tend to get lazy and bored.

And your actions are going to reflect this.

Here’s an example that illustrates this pretty well:

When you go out every weekend in the same nightclub in which you open girls with the same technique, you get used to it.

Your mind doesn’t operate in discovery mode anymore.

You know the place.

You set up a systematic way of approaching women.

how to meet a girl in college with eye contact

You naturally become less curious and it impacts the way you interact with girls.

On the other hand, when you change venues—as well as how you approach girls—your mind becomes more responsive.

You act in a more spontaneous and cheerful manner.

You have more fun.

You take more pleasure in what you’re doing.

A party becomes interesting when you do things you’re not used to doing.

This is the way it becomes memorable.

So get out of your comfort zone.

You’ll seduce girls in a more unique and exciting manner.

Try new things as often as you can, whether it is approaching girls with new lines, going out to new venues, purchasing a course to improve yourself, and so on.

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Where to go out to meet women?

There’s a myriad of places where you can meet girls.

Bars, nightclubs, the street, shops…as well as other places that are less obvious.

Below, we’re going to see how you can engage in a conversation with a girl anywhere.

As I was saying, there are many places where you can meet girls:

  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • The street
  • Shops
  • The supermarket
  • Public transportation
  • University/college
  • The office
  • Various events

The key is to constantly be on the alert.

Constantly be ready to approach wherever (and whenever) you go.

approach immediately and move things forward

By following this rule, I’ve had the occasion to meet attractive girls in unexpected places, such as tourist offices or public toilets (yes, you read that right).

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3. Approach:

If you want to meet hot and sexy girls, you must remain prepared.

You must be ready, any place, any time.

This is the key to meeting a lot of beautiful women.

The mistake that most pickup artists make:

I often see so called pickup artists planning pickup sessions.

And that’s great.

Or, should I say, it’s better than nothing.

But here’s the catch:

It takes time.

Unless you walk around in a busy area where there are a lot of pretty girls, you won’t be coming across hot girls every 5 minutes.

Sometimes you’ll have to walk for 15-20 minutes before finding a girl you really find attractive.

Back in the day, I would walk around for 4 hours on the street, and only approach 10 girls (or less…) during these 4 hours.

I could approach more girls, but I wanted to approach girls I really found attractive.

how to meet a girl for the first time in coffee shops

Don’t make the mistake of approaching every girl you come across.

If you start approaching girls you don’t find attractive, you’re not going to behave in the same way as you would with a girl of your taste.

You’re going be less motivated, less interested, less masculine when interacting with this girl.

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That’s why you should only approach girls you find attractive (they don’t have to be super-hot girls, what is important is that they have something that can turn you on).

Because these are the girls you want to train yourself to approach.

These are the girls you want to have sex with, not the others.

Instead of planning pickup sessions, consider your entire daily life a pickup session.

Each time you go out, whether it is to buy groceries or to go to work, be ready to meet girls.

Even if you’re in a hurry, don’t miss good opportunities:

Approach the girl, tell her that you don’t have much time and that for this reason you can’t stay and talk to her, and take her number.

It will make you even more hard to get.

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Approach attractive girls in a natural way.

Don’t use generic pickup lines found on the internet.

The words you’re going to use to start the conversation must be tailored to the girl.

They must be unique.

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Women don’t like to be approached like dozens of other women before them.

A woman wants to feel unique.

That’s why you’re going to use contextual openers.

In other words, openers that are customized depending on the situation.

opening line to approach women in major citiesA contextual opener is an opener you find in the moment.

That’s what makes it effective.

Your approach must be spontaneous.

That way, you won’t look like a robot repeating memorized sentences.

You won’t feel like you’re playing a role.

You’ll stay YOURSELF.

To easily and quickly find good contextual openers, you can use an element of the environment or a particular feature of the girl (such as something she’s wearing).

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4. Seduce:

Meeting girls is not limited to the approach phase.

If you want to meet a girl, it’s not just because you want to talk about the weather.

It’s because you want to seduce her sexually…and sleep with her (and probably start a relationship with her as well).

That’s why you should…

Make her want to be with you.

Project positivity.


Be full of positive energy.

girl with coffee after yoga classes

Bring her value.

Don’t be needy.

You must not look like a desperate guy.
Women don’t want that.

Have some love to GIVE.

You don’t need love, you live a rich and exciting life and have friends with whom you live enriching experiences.

This is what you should project.

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Bring some positive energy to the girls you meet.

Make their day unique.

And don’t put yourself under pressure.

Simply aim to have a good time with the girl.

Be attractive.

Adopt an open and dominant body language.

And don’t be invasive: don’t lean toward the girl when you talk to her. Instead, stand tall (you’re not needy, remember?).

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And stop complaining.


Be playful.

Women love that.

online dating sites to meet women - positive impression

And, last but not least, dress properly.

As an accomplished adult male.

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5. Close:

To take the interaction to the next level, the key is to build some sexual tension as soon as possible.

You must sexualize the interaction.

The girl must know that you find her attractive.

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But you also must make sure that she sees you as a challenge.

For instance, at some times, you pay her a compliment (in order to show her that you find her attractive), and at other times you push her away so that she can’t take you for granted.

Some so called experts or coaches state that you should absolutely talk about sex in order to sexualize a conversation. This is bullshit.

You can create sexual tension without talking about sex (check out this post to learn more about sexual anticipation).

I rarely (if ever) talk about sex with the girls I meet.

And that doesn’t prevent me from having sex with them.

connect with women and don't take rejection personallyExpressing your desire shamelessly is a surefire way to create sexual tension.

This way, she understands that you find her attractive and that both of you know that something is going on between you.

Compliments can be a very effective way to do so, as well as your gaze and touch.

That’s how you’ll make her think about sex (even more than by talking about sex, and without running the risk of being seen as a pervert).

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