How to Get a Girl to Like You (Fast): 23 Great Psychological Tricks

Today, you’re going to learn how to get girls to like you.

I’m going to share with you 23 psychological tricks on how to get a girl to like you quickly and in a natural way.

dating a girl

You can use the tips below to make a girl like you on a date, through texting, online, and so forth.

Some of them are very easy to implement, while others require a little more finesse.

Sometimes you’ll be able to make a girl like you instantly and other times it’ll be a bit longer.

But either way, you’ll get astonishing results.

The women you want will stop ignoring you and will want something to happen with you.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Don’t try to be her friend:

The first thing to understand when it comes to making a girl like you is that you shouldn’t try to become her friend.

If you want her to like you, I suppose that it’s because you want something to happen with her.

Something intimate.

Something sexual.

You don’t just want to have nice conversations around a cup of tea.

If you want her to like you in such a way as to become your boyfriend (or your fuckbuddy), you must get her to see you as a potential lover.

Not as a potential friend.

If you behave like a friend around her, you’re going to be just that: her friend.

If you treat her like a potential friend, and not like a potential girlfriend or fuckbuddy, she’s going to see you as just a potential friend.

So don’t fall into the trap of wanting to befriend her before making your move.

You should make her realize right from the beginning that something is going on between you and her (more on that below).

2. Don’t be all over her:

Like I said, you should make the girl realize pretty soon that something is going on between you and her, but not in a way that makes you look needy.

You shouldn’t be all over her.

You should never behave like a desperate guy who would do anything to get her to like him.

If you do this, you’re not going to attract her. You’re going to do the opposite: turn her off and push her away.

Women are not attracted to low-value guys with no options.

Quite the contrary:

What attracts women are high-value men with lots of options.

And in your opinion, who do you think you’re going to look like if you behave like a desperate guy?

Obviously, you’re going to be perceived as a low-value guy with no option.

If you want to make a girl want you, she shouldn’t have the feeling that she’s your only option (more on that below).

3. Be a challenge:

As you’ve understood, if the girl feels that it’s in the bag, she’s not going to be attracted.

She’s not going to be really aroused.

Now, if she sees you as a challenge, that’s another story.

Feeling that she’s going to have to struggle a little bit to please you is going to stimulate her.

It’s going to make her want to pursue you.

It’s going to make her want to chase you.

Like a little cat with a ball of yarn.

So make sure she doesn’t get the feeling that the game has been won right from the beginning.

And that leads us to the next tip…

4. Leave some mystery:

If you’re wondering how to make a girl feel like she’s losing you or how to make a girl miss you like crazy, this tip is for you.

Mystery is a very powerful tool when it comes to making a woman want you.

It allows her to use her imagination in a way that is going to make her crazy about you.

how to get a girl to like you over textShe’s going to imagine all sorts of scenarios.

Some scenarios involving you and her, as well as some scenarios involving you and other girls (this one is going to trigger jealousy, which is very powerful).

And as a result, she’s going to become obsessed with you.

So, keep some of the mystery alive.

Don’t tell her everything.

Don’t let her be certain about your intentions.

Don’t always answer her texts right away.

Leave some doubt.

That’s how you’ll make her think about you. Constantly.

5. Don’t make her your priority:

If you make a girl your number one priority, guess what happens?

She’s going to sense that she’s your only option.

Because she’ll realize that you’ll be way too invested in her.

And remember what happens when a girl feels that she’s your only option?

Right: she gets turned off.

So instead of making your world revolve around her, focus on what really matters: your life (and the life of your community).

Have some higher goals.

Have something big to focus on.

Fight for something more important and interesting than women.

Fight for your vision.

Women will notice it and will be drawn toward you.

6. Master something:

A man in action is extremely attractive.

When you focus on something to the exclusion of all else, women can sense your true masculinity.

And as you might guess, this is very exciting.

If there’s a girl you like, it’s a great idea to let her see you in action, immersed in your mission.

It can be anything: sports, work, study, a musical instrument…

What matters is not the activity itself but how focused you are.

What matters is how nothing can disturb you in this moment.

7. Be playful:

Being playful is an effective way to break the ice with a girl you like.

You make her experience some emotions and associate these emotions to you.

woman fallShe feels that you’re a guy she can have fun with.

You’re not boring like all those guys who take her too seriously.

What’s more, by being playful, you let her see that you don’t really care.

In other words, you don’t attach too much importance to the outcome of the interaction.

This girl isn’t that important to you.

You have many other opportunities.

You’re not like the needy guy who is so afraid of what the girl might think of him that he doesn’t dare play with her or tease her.

Not only is this guy boring, but his behavior also makes him look needy.

Being playful is an effective way to break the ice in order to be able to create a connection afterwards.

You also make her feel that you she can have a stimulating moment with you in bed as well.

So don’t be afraid to mess a bit with her.

8. Let her see that other girls appreciate you:

If you’re wondering how to get a popular girl to like you or how to make a girl jealous and want you back, this trick is for you.

Remember what we talked about in the beginning of this article:

Women are attracted to high-value men with a lot of options.

When a girl notices that other girls like you, your value immediately increases in her eyes.

This can make the difference between a girl who isn’t interested in you and a girl who sees you as a potential lover.

That’s how powerful notoriety can be when it comes to making girls want you.

It can even get you out of the friendzone or get a girl to like you after she’s rejected you.

And don’t think that the girl is going to cease being interested in you if she starts noticing that you might end up with other girls (I used to think that before).

It’s the opposite that happens.

The more girls that are chasing you, the crazier the girl you want is going to be about you.

9. Don’t brag about yourself:

High-value men don’t brag about themselves.

They don’t need to.

The guys who brag about themselves are the ones who need to prove something. The ones who need to compensate for something. The ones who are unsure of themselves.

By bragging about yourself, even subtly, you send the following message:

“Hey, I deserve your attention, please like me!”

Quite the opposite of the message you wanted to send in the first place, right?

By bragging about yourself, you actually produce the opposite effect as the one intended.

It’s much better to just say nothing and let the girl find out your qualities and achievements by herself.

On top of that, she’ll find it much more impressive. She’ll wonder what the other interesting things about you that you didn’t tell her are.

And as you’ve learned, the imagination of a woman is one of your best allies in arousing her.

10. Make it about her:

Not only should you not brag about yourself, but you shouldn’t talk too much about yourself either.

Basically for the same reasons: it’s going to make you seem boring and look like you need to compensate for something.

Instead of that, make the conversation about the girl.

Focus on her.

Be curious about her.

Find out what makes her unique.

If you’ve been wondering about how to make a girl you like feel special, that’s exactly how you do it.

By making it about her, you’re going to captivate her.

And she’s going to see you as an interesting guy (even if you didn’t talk about yourself).

11. Give her a deep look:

If you wonder how to make a girl like you at first sight or how to get a girl to like you without talking, this trick is for you.

Your gaze is one of the most effective tools to make women feel that something is happening between you.

Through your gaze, you can convey emotions. You can project something that is going to make the girl attracted.

how to get a girl to hug youTo make a girl like you through your gaze, look her deep in the eyes for a prolonged period.

Without looking away.

Wait until she’s the one looking away.

There are times in the interaction when this is particularly effective, such as during a lull, when neither you nor the girl are talking.

An intense gaze at this moment is a very powerful way to create sexual tension.

It’s going to make her feel that something is going on between you and her, and thus get her to like you.

12. Touch her:

Physical contact is another effective tool when you want to turn a girl on.

Through physical touch, you can break the ice and create excitement.

Firstly, the girl is going to feel a kind of sexual connection between you and her (thanks to the physical sensations you’re going to make her experience).

And secondly, she’s going to feel your masculine character (which is going to make her horny).

There are many ways you can touch a woman.

You can do it accidentally or on purpose, in a more or less deliberate manner.

For instance, you can touch her to move her, you can touch her to check the fabric of her sweater, you can touch her to gently and playfully push her away when teasing her, and so on.

13. Compliment her:

I love to compliment women.

It is such an easy and effective way to make them like you.

When you give a genuine compliment to a girl—a compliment that implies that you find her attractive—it makes her feel desired.

It gets her to see you as more than just a friend.

Because she tells herself that something might happen between you and her.

And as a result, she starts imagining all sorts of sexual or romantic scenarios with you in her head.

And she’s going to start to like you, plain and simple.

14. Make projections:

Here, what I call a projection is something you say to the girl that implies that you might end up in a relationship in the near future.

For instance, you walk by a travel agency, point at one of the destinations that is advertised, and say something like:

“Look at this beautiful landscape, I’ll take you there for our honeymoon.”

See what it does?

It puts the eventuality of a relationship with you in her head.

In other words, it makes her imagine herself in a relationship with you.

As a result, it leads her to see you as more than just a friend.

That’s basically the same principle as what we saw above.

15. Smile (but not always):

Your smile, when used correctly, can be another powerful tool to get a girl to like you.

It is most effective when you’ve just met her, when you don’t have other reasons to give her a smile than because you find her attractive and want to get to know her.

It’s at this moment that your smile has the most power.

But beware:

For your smile to be valuable, you shouldn’t smile constantly.

If you smile constantly, you’re not only going to come off as a weirdo or retarded, but you’re also going to come off as a needy guy who tries too hard.

You should smile at the right moments, when the girl deserves it, and/or when you want to inject positivity into the interaction.

16. Show social intelligence:

Social intelligence, as originally defined by Edward Thorndike in 1920, is “the ability to understand and manage men and women and boys and girls, to act wisely in human relations.”

Social intelligence is a quality women find very attractive.

Men who have a high level of social intelligence are usually perceived as high status.

And conversely, men who show a lack of social intelligence are usually perceived as low status.

Having a high level of social intelligence allows you to understand things and manage people, where men who lack social intelligence just can’t do it.

Thus, it allows you to climb the social ladder and acquire high social status. At least that’s how women are going to perceive it.

how to get a girl to like you again

When a girl realizes that you have a high level of social intelligence, it makes her see you as higher value.

It makes her more attracted to you.

17. Nice clothing:

How you dress reflects your social status.

At least that’s how people (and especially women) see it.

If you dress like a wealthy businessman, people will perceive you as a wealthy businessman.

On the other hand, if you dress like a bum, people will perceive you as a bum.

Plain and simple.

Your clothing is one of the first things people will use to form an opinion of you when they meet you.

So make sure to dress properly, like a man, with clothes that fit you.

It can make a huge difference when trying to make girls like you.

18. Good fitness:

Your fitness is as important as your clothing.

A good shape is not only sexy, it also reflects a particular mindset.

It shows that you have the discipline and determination to forge your body.

It shows that you can take control of your health.

These are attractive qualities that will help make girls want you.

Like your clothing, it can make a huge difference.

19. Don’t complain so often:

Guys who complain all the time are extremely boring.

They bring boredom and negativity in the interaction, and although it might be useful sometimes, more often than not, it’s a pain in the ass.

Complaining too often will make girls run away.

It’s going to make you look like a frustrated guy.

It’s going to make you look like a guy who has no control over his life.

Like a guy who doesn’t take responsibility for what is happening to him.

And as you might guess, this is not attractive.

Instead of complaining, focus on what needs to be done in order to move into the right direction. It’s going to make you much more likable.

20. Lead:

Women are drawn toward leaders.

They want to be with men who can be in charge.

Making decisions and taking the initiative is not only going to make things move in the right direction, it’s also going to make you much more attractive.

Quite the opposite of guys who stay idle waiting for things to happen.

When a woman notices you leading, it makes her see you as high status.

And as you’ve understood, it gets her to see you as a potential boyfriend.

21. Make your move:

If you don’t want to end up in the friendzone of the girl you want, don’t wait too much before making your move.

If you do nothing, she’s going to see you as a guy who doesn’t have the balls to take action, or as a guy who has no sexual desire in her; in other words, as an asexual guy. And the attraction is going to fade pretty quickly.

Conversely, by making your move as soon as you can, you communicate to the girl that you are a man of action.

You also sexualize the interaction right away by making it obvious that you see her as more than just a potential friend.

She might reject you (at least the first time), but she’ll like it.

And she’s going to see you as more than just a potential friend.

22. Show bravery:

Bravery is a very attractive quality.

When a woman realizes that you can be brave, it makes her like you even more.

It makes her sense your masculinity, which is going to turn her on.

It’s also going to impress her, especially if you do something she’s afraid of doing herself.

It’s going to make you stand out.

So make sure to practice bravery every day.

When something makes you a bit afraid, take action.

Don’t let fear stop you.

Make it a habit to go out of your comfort zone.

23. Be proud of your masculinity:

If you’re wondering how to make a mean girl like you, this can be the solution.

Some girls are mean to you because they don’t see you as a strong guy.

They don’t see you as a potential boyfriend and thus want to make sure to let you know that you have absolutely no chance with them.

I can assure you that they usually have a totally different attitude toward high-value guys they see as strong and masculine. Guys whose balls they can feel (in a figurative sense, of course, at least initially).

first steps to be attractive

With a higher level of dominance than their level of nastiness, you can break the ice and make them finally see you as a potential boyfriend.

It starts with being aware of your value and your potential, with seeing you at least as equal in value to others (and especially to the girls you want to hook up with).

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