How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back: The 2-Step Process To Make Her Come Back

how to make your ex want you backHow to get your ex-girlfriend back after a breakup?

How to make her come back?

If your relationship with your girlfriend came to an end and you want to get her back, read what follows carefully…

I’m going to show you a two-step process to get your ex-girlfriend back.

And if you do it right, it might even work even if she’s gotten into a relationship with a new guy.

In the event that you’re still with your girlfriend, what we’re going to see here will help you strengthen your relationship and possibly avoid losing her.

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If you girlfriend just left you and you don’t know why (she gave you a lame excuse)…

Or if you just left your girlfriend and you regret your decision

Or if your relationship with your girlfriend starts to run into difficulties (and you anticipate the day when she might want to leave you)…

You’re going to find what I’m going to share with you here very useful.

Knowing this would have helped me a lot back in the days when one of my exes left.

I suffered quite a lot because of it.

Now I know that I could have gotten them back quite easily.

Yet, at that time I thought it was impossible.

In fact, I just didn’t how to do it.

But looking back, I’m not sure I would have done it (to be honest, I don’t think so) because I just found some better-quality women after that.


Let’s get back to the matter.

To get your ex back, you should distinguish between two cases.

And that’s precisely what we’re going to do during the first step of the process…

Step 1: What went wrong with your ex?

Before taking action, you must know what to do.

You must identify the best techniques to use to get your ex back.

You don’t use the same weapon to destroy a tank and an airplane.

In order to identify which weapons you’re going to use, you first need to ask yourself this question:

Why did my ex leave me?

Typically, you can distinguish between two scenarios:

Either she was bored, or you made her suffer too much.

[Scenario A] Was she bored?

Did you get to a point in your relationship where you was always there for her?

Always catering to her every whim?

Did you behave like a whipped dog?

how to get your ex back when she has moved on

Were you jealous when she was hanging around with her friends or when some guys talked to her?

Were you afraid to lose her, and was she feeling this a bit too much?

In other words, did she have total control over the relationship?

Or, on the contrary…

[Scenario B] Were you making her suffer too much?

tips to help get your ex girlfriend backDid you get to a point into your relationship where you weren’t really paying attention to her, where you would ignore her or even cheat on her?

Did you reach a point where she was getting too jealous, where she would get crazy when you were hanging out with your buddies?

Did you reach a point where she would blame you for not being caring enough, for not being romantic enough?

In other words, did YOU have total control over the relationship and abused this power too much?

Before diving into step two, determine the scenario that best describes the relationship you had with your ex.

Scenario A?

Or scenario B?

It shouldn’t be too difficult.

Step 2: Take action to get your ex-girlfriend back

As you have understood, you’re not going to use the same weapons depending upon whether you fit scenario A or scenario B.

So let’s go through the different strategies you can use:

• If you fit scenario A:

If she had total control over the relationship, or if she was bored, you had an attraction issue.

Sexual tension had disappeared.

There was no arousal anymore.

You weren’t really a challenge in her eyes.

You were taken totally for granted.

There wasn’t any suspense anymore.

There wasn’t any mystery anymore.

And when you take something for granted, you don’t have any desire for it.

Remember when you were a child: you probably desired  the toys on supermarket shelves more than the toys you already had.

When it comes to relations between men and women, it’s no different.

You always find a girl who seems hard to get more desirable compared to a girl who is completely into you right away…

This is even more true the other way around: women find a man who is hard to get extremely attractive .

You see where I’m going with this?

When you seem fully available, you’re less attractive.

You’re not desirable.

In practice:

To get your ex-girlfriend back, you need to make yourself desirable.

You need to present yourself as a challenge again.

In other words, you need to work on your lifestyle.

You need to work on your passions.

You need to work on what motivates you, on what you want to accomplish.

Simply put, you’re going to make her understand that in the end, you don’t need her and that you lead a great life without her.

But above all…

A really effective way to ignite desire in your ex is to make her jealous.

Make her jealous by having a good time with other girls, without hiding it (so that she can see it).

At this point, she’ll understand that she made a mistake by leaving you.

She’ll tell to herself: “I miss my ex…after all, I shouldn’t have left him…”

One always desires more something that everyone wants.

It’s psychological.

That’s how things work.

I have witnessed this many times, both with my ex-girlfriends and with some exes of friends of mine.

When those girls saw that we were having fun without them, they would always come back.

how to get my ex gf back

And curiously, this jealousy-based strategy works wonders in scenario B as well.

Once your ex starts to desire you again, all you need to do is to properly (re)seduce her.

Don’t wait too long, though.

Because if you take too long, she could end up with another guy.

I made this mistake with one ex of mine for whom I had waited three months before trying to get her back. Not to mention that it was a long-distance relationship, which made things even harder.

Let’s now move to scenario B:

• If you fit scenario B:

It means that you had control over the relationship and that you were making your girlfriend suffer too much.

She loved you (and probably still loves you), but in order not to suffer more, she’d rather put an end to her relationship with you.

It’s a way to protect herself emotionally.

the best way to get her back

She was sick of being humiliated and emotionally abused.

She was sick of never being cared about.

She was sick of always being pushed into the background.

In this scenario, it wasn’t an attraction-related issue.

It’s the extreme opposite of scenario A.

In this case, to get your ex-girlfriend back, you need to be more romantic and thoughtful.

You could even need to say you’re sorry for what you did (but without going as far as kneeling before her).

Take her back like a man by telling her that you love her and you shouldn’t have behaved like you did, without pleading with her.

Be a little more romantic.

That’s all.

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