How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time In 5 Steps (+ 10 Powerful Kissing Tips)

How to kiss a girl?

How to kiss a woman in an exciting and charming way?

In this article, I’m going to share with you the 5 steps for a perfect kiss

From the foregoing of the kiss to the end of the kiss.

We’re not only going to talk about the kiss in itself, but about everything that encompasses it.

Because what encompasses the kiss is as important as the kiss.

how to kiss properly

Many guys screw it up when they try to kiss a girl for the first time

They miss some steps that are key to kiss a girl perfectly…

Sometimes they leave the girl turned off because they kissed her in a weak or unexciting way.

By putting into practice what I’m going to share with you here, you’ll kiss girls in a way they won’t forget.

You’ll find this of use if you want to further and reinforce your relationship with a girl or to get a nice reputation with her female friends.

Whether you wonder how to kiss a girl for the first time or how to better kiss a girl you already kissed, the tips below will help you.

So pay attention.

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Without further ado, let’s start with a preliminary step that will make the kiss easy and natural.

Preliminary step to kiss a girl: put her into the mood

This preliminary step will make the next steps much easier and much more natural.

This preliminary step is about putting the girl into the mood for being kissed… by you.

It consists in creating an atmosphere charged with sexual tension that is going to make the kiss just a formality.

So that the girl expects to be kissed and wants to be kissed.

If you just met the girl and that you go with her on a date for the first or second time, this sexual atmosphere should already be there.

Both of you have an idea of what’s going on.

Both of you know that this date can potentially slip and get sexual.

Both of you know that this can lead to a romance or a sexual intercourse.

This atmosphere largely depends on the way you behaved with the girl before the date.

The more you’ve expressed your interest and told her that you find her attractive, the more your interactions with this girl are going to be charged with sexual energy.

Unlike the interactions of a guy who’s been hiding his desire, and who bahaved more like a little girl than as a potential lover (the friend zone, sounds familiar?)

In the latter case, the guy will get a confused look from the girl when he goes for the kiss.

I used to get this confused look a lot before getting more experienced with women:

When I would go for the kiss, the girl was surprised.
She didn’t expect me to kiss her.

So remember this:

So that a girl let herself be kissed, she must understand that something is going on between you and her.

She must tell herself as soon as the first date (and even as soon as the approach), that you might try to kiss her at some point.

She must expect to be kissed.

And to this end, you must make her understand that you find her attractive (and this without being needy, and in a shameless and dominant way).

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork of what we’re going to see below, let’s talk about the first step of a perfect kiss…

1) Get closer:

Obviously, in order to kiss the girl, you must be close enough – physically.
If she’s 2 meters away from you, it might be a little complicated.

So get closer to the girl. Or make her come closer.

If you planed to spend the date in a bar or a café, make sure to make the girl sit by your side (if it’s possible, if not it isn’t a big deal since you’ll have other opportunities elsewhere).

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get closer to her:

For instance, if you go for a drink in a bar or a café, it’s no big deal if you can’t sit side by side.

You can always kiss her after the drink, while walking on the street or sitting on a bench.

date at a café

Don’t concern yourself by focusing too much on the kiss.

Just make sure to sustain an exciting atmosphere and to live in the present moment.

Anyhow you’ll be able to get closer to the girl at some point.

Just remember that in order to be able to easily kiss her while having a drink in a bar or a café, it’s better if you manage to be sit next to her.

2) Seize the right moment:

When to kiss a girl?

What is the best time to kiss a girl?

I’ll warn you right now: I’m not going to give you the perfect time to kiss a girl for the first time.


Because this perfect time doesn’t exist.
Plain and simple.

If you wait for the perfect time to kiss the girl, you’re going to be waiting a long time and never going for the kiss.

That being said…

There are some times that are better than others for a good kiss…

There are moments when kissing is easy and natural.

And that’s precisely what we’re going to see here…

As a lot of guys, and like myself a few years ago, perhaps that you tend to get a bit nervous during pauses in the conversation

During those moments when neither you nor the girl are talking…

During those moments when you would like to say something but absolutely don’t know what to say.

What you need to understand is that those moments are normal.
It’s okay to have some moments during a date when no one is talking.

But there’s more…

That’s precisely during those moments of silence that you and the girl can feel this atmosphere charged with sexual energy.

That’s precisely during those moments of silence that you can feel the sexual tension.

And you know what?

how to french kissIt’s precisely during those moments that you can go for the kiss.

It’s precisely during those moments that you can take action in a natural way.

These are the best moments to kiss a girl…

These pauses in the conversation where both of you are looking at each other in the eyes, without saying anything…

It’s precisely during those moments that you can come closer to the face of the girl and get your lips close to hers, and kiss her.

So instead of worrying about those moments of silence, wait for them eagerly. And use them.

If the girl doesn’t say anything and just stares at you, with a relaxed face and dilated pupils, she longs for one thing: being kissed.

Now, if the girl is very talkative and always fills in the blanks, you can instigate yourself those moments of silence.

To do so, you can pay a bold compliment to the girl, while looking deep into her eyes, and during the 2-3 seconds of silence that follow, take this opportunity to kiss her.

Here’s an example:

– You: “You know what?”
– Her: “What?”
– You: “You have very sensual lips…”

She stops talking, thinks about something to say, you kiss her.

Which leads us to the third step of a good kiss:

3) Start out gently:

What separates a good kiss form a bad kiss is how this one is initiated.
It’s how tactful you are at the beginning.

A kiss that is to rough will make you look like clumsy or inexperienced.

For a good kiss, start out gently.
Don’t stick your tongue in the mouth of the girl right away.

Escalate gradually.
Make things hotter step by step.

For instance, start by kissing the upper lip of the girl. Repeatedly. While gauging her reaction. Play it crescendo.

It’s even more important if you want to kiss a shy girl.

kissing tutorials


If the girl is very horny and the sexual tension is at its peak, you can use your tongue right away.

It happened to me on several occasions with girls I made very horny before the kiss. Sometimes it was even the girl who would jump on me to kiss me.

4) Raise the temperature gradually:

Before going through this step, you can first go through step 5 (I’ll explain why below).

As we saw above, you’re not going to act very horny right away (with exceptions, as we saw above).

You’re going to start out gently.

You’re going to gauge the reaction of the girl. See if she’s rather shy… Or she lets herself go easily, if she gets horny fast, and so on.

And you’re going to adapt to the girl.

In oder to give her a good kiss, she must feel at ease.
She should not feel that you rush things.

You must be in tune with her.

If she doesn’t use her tongue, then don’t use your tongue.

You can have a little lick to make her understand that she can use her tongue if she wants, but if after that she still doesn’t use it, then don’t use your tongue. You’ll wait a bit for the french kiss.

Take your time and escalate gradually.

Some girls need more times than others to feel fully at ease to take the kiss to the next step.

Pay attention to her reactions and act accordingly.

Use your hands (this is effective to make her horny):

Grip the back of her head in a more or less gentle and sensual way.

You can also place your hand on the side of her face.

You can also grab her waist while kissing her.

Then gradually escalate by heading toward more sensitive areas such as her thighs, her belly, her breast

Again, do it gradually.

5) Stop:

A good kiss is a kiss that doesn’t last indefinitely.

perfect first kissThe girl should ask for more.

So keep your first kiss relatively short.
Don’t make it last several minutes…

The girl will appreciate your kiss even more.

You’ll make things hotter and hotter through your next kisses.

Basically, you’re going to alternate between step 4 and step 5.

Each time, you’re going to take things a little further. By raising the temperature more and more.

And this way, you’ll always leave the girl wanting more.

She’ll get more receptive to your next kisses.

She’ll get hornier and hornier, and always more willing to be kissed in a hotter and hotter way.

BONUS : 10 kissing tips to kiss a girl perfectly:

Here are 10 powerful tips to make your first kiss a breeze (and to leave the girl more attracted to you).

1) Don’t put any pressure on yourself:

Don’t ask yourself those questions:

  • When to kiss her?
  • What if I’m a bad kisser?
  • What if she rejects me?

When you put pressure on yourself, you’re not relaxed.

And that doesn’t create the right conditions to kiss the girl in a natural and exciting way.

2) Don’t ask for permission:

Don’t request her permission to kiss her.

You would look like unsure of yourself or weak. Or like a guy who doesn’t know what he wants.

So don’t ask a dumb question such as “Can I kiss you?” just before kissing her…

Ultimately, you can tell her that you want to kiss her, by looking at her right into the eyes, and then kiss her.
But under no circumstances should you ask for permission.

This girl you’re attracted to wants a man who knows what he wants and who can take action on his own. Not a wimp who never goes for anything.

So look at the girl right into the eyes, get your face closer to hers, and kiss her.

3) Don’t be hesitating at the moment of kissing her:

At the moment of kissing her, don’t hesitate.
Don’t be wavering.

Women want men. Not wimps.

If the girl you want to kiss displays signs of interests, take this as an encouragement or as an invitation to kiss her.

4) Don’t biff too hard at the beginning:

Especially if you never kissed her before (unless you’re at an advanced stage of seduction and that the sexual tension is very high).

As a general rule, don’t stick your tongue into her mouth right away (unless the girl is really horny and takes the initiative).

Take it slowly.

Let her guide you.

Adapt yourself.

It’s actually the only step of the seduction process where you should let the girl lead.

how to kiss a girl in schoolWait until she uses her tongue to use yours.

Wait until it’s her who accelerates the pace.

If the girl you want to kiss is kind of shy and hasn’t used her tongue after several minutes, you can make her understand that you’re okay with that by slightly sticking your tongue into her mouth, then by taking it out.

This way, she’ll understand that she can let go and do the same.

5) Use your hands:

Grab her face. Grab her neck. Run your fingers through her hair (at the back of her head or on the side, without messing up her hair).

Caress her, starting with not too intimate areas (start with the lower back, the waist, the neck…).

Then turn up the heat by going for her breast, her legs, her booty…

Turn up the heat gradually.

6) Alternate between romanticism and bestiality:

Surprise her from time to time.

When you’ve been kissing her in a romantic and gentle way for several minutes, become wilder by bringing her in real close and caressing her in a much more passionate way.

She’ll get even more horny.

If you wonder how to kiss passionately, that’s the way to go.

This contrast is pretty exciting.

It shows her that you can be unpredictable (in the good sense of the word) and that you can surprise her if you want to.

7) Make pauses:

how to kiss a girl romantically for the first timeYou managed to kiss her, alright.

But that’s not a reason to kiss her non-stop for 2 hours.

It could become really boring.

And you could look like a needy guy or a teenager who has never experienced a kiss before.

But above all: if you kiss this girl too long, without break, she’s not going to miss your mouth.

On the other hand, if you kiss her only 20 seconds or less, and that you stop kissing her and lean back to look at her and/or to continue the conversation, she’ll have the time to want to be kissed again.

So let her the time to miss your kiss.
Leave pauses.

That’s the way you’ll create a kind of addiction.

8) Vary the pace:

For a really good kiss, vary the pace.

Remember tip number 6:

By varying the pace, you create contrast.
You break the routine.

Hence the interest of varying the pace from time to time:

At some times you kiss her in a very slow and romantic way, at other times you kiss her in a wild and passionate way.

9) It she rejects you, don’t let yourself be affected:

A lot of guys fall into this trap:

They try to kiss a woman, she rejects them, then they act as if they’d been definitely rejected, and look disappointed and frustrated.

Huge mistake.

When I go for the kiss for the first time with a girl, it’s not rare that I get rejected.
It’s not rare that the girl resists (or looks like she’s resisting).

I never let this affect me.
In fact, I enjoy it.

And I keep the same attitude.

What you need to understand is that when a woman shows resistance when you try to kiss her for the first time, she does it to test you. In order to see if you’re the kind of guy who easily gives up.

how to kiss a womanShe also does that to increase her value in your eyes. Not to look too easy.

It’s also a way to ease her conscience and tell to herself or to her friends that what happened was not her fault.

So have in mind that it’s normal if a girl shows resistance when you try to kiss her.

She doesn’t do that out of meanness or because she isn’t attracted to you.

That being said, if her rejection is categorical, it’s probably that she isn’t interested and that you should move on.

10) Eliminate bad breath:

Obvious, I know. But you don’t want to ruin your kiss because of a bad breath.

So think about it. And take some chewing-gums with you, just in case.

You can even offer one to the girl a few minutes before going for the kiss. It may put her more at ease (because that way she’s not going to ask herself if she has a good breath or not).

What you need to understand:

Many guys see the kiss as an end in itself.

Yet, the kiss is not the final stage of the concretization.
The final stage is sex.

The kiss, even if it may have a strong meaning, remains a foreplay before the sexual intercourse.
You should use it to warm the girl you want to have sex with.

And remember: don’t just kiss her on the mouth. Kiss her also on the neck, behind her ear, on her shoulder… On all her body parts actually.

That’s the way you’ll make her really horny and end up bedding her.

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