How to Tease a Girl [9 Powerful Tips to Make Her Want You More]

In this article, I’m going to show you how to tease a girl and make her want you more.

What you’re going to discover below are the exact techniques that I use to inject positive emotions and excitement in my interactions with women.

how to tease a girl with sweet words

It gets girls to see you as a guy they can have fun with, and above all as a guy who can be stimulating in bed.

As a result, the interaction is anything but boring. The girl feels that you don’t take her seriously and this turns her on.

Now, the process of teasing can be quite hazardous if not done properly. There are some traps to avoid which we’re going to cover below.

Let’s dive right in.

5 Effective Ways to Tease a Girl

Before running through the teasing techniques, let’s review our goal here.

Let’s take a look at what teasing really is.

Teasing a girl is about making fun of her in a playful way.

It is about making fun of her without being insulting.

The goal here is to inject fun and positive emotions into the interaction, not the opposite.

That’s why it is crucial that you apply the techniques below using the proper tone of voice and facial expression.

You should also tease the girl on stuff that is likely to elicit the intended emotional reactions (more on that below).

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Now that you have a clearer view about what we want to do here, let’s start with the first way you can tease a woman:

1. Making a funny assumption about her:

This technique is about coming up with a funny or exaggerated assumption about the girl.

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It can be an assumption about her character, what she does in life, her projects, and so on.

Here’s how it works:

You spot something (an apparent character trait, a piece of clothing, the way she moves…) and use it to create your funny assumption.

Here are a few examples of how to tease a girl with this technique:

“You’re a taxi driver.” (if she wears something yellow)

“You are an astronaut.”/“You want to be an astronaut.” (if she wears a NASA T-shirt or another piece of clothing that makes you think about space)

“You’re an arms smuggler.” (if she wears a T-shirt with a gun on it, or if she wears rangers)

“You’re a serial killer.”/“Don’t kill this guy, he’s innocent.” (if you’ve noticed that she tends to give mean looks to certain people)

Examples are countless.

You don’t even have to spot something about her: you can anticipate an answer to a question you’ve asked her, for instance:

– You: “What do you do for fun?”
– Her: *thinks about what she can answers you*
– You: “You’re doing arms trafficking.”
– Her: Hahaha!

And then you can add something like this if you want:

– You: “You have the look of an arms smuggler.” (you can say this even if she looks nothing like what arms smugglers look like, if there is such a thing as ‘an arms smuggler look.’)
– Her: Hahaha!
– You: “That must be your shoes.”

It must be something exaggerated in order for the girl to realize that you’re teasing her. She must instantly feel that you’re playing around.

The less exaggerated it is, the more you’ll have to deliver it with a playful tone and face.

And conversely, the more exaggerated and crazy your line sounds, the less you’ll have to use a playful tone and face to make sure that the girl perceives it as a tease.

how to tease a girl on social mediaAfter the girl laughs and tells you that you’re wrong, you can keep teasing her a bit by insisting.

You explain her why she must be as you described her in your teasing.

But don’t fall into the trap of insisting too much.

Insist one or two times at most.

After that, it’ll become annoying or weird.

2. Not believing what she just told you:

You can use this technique in combo with the technique we just saw (for instance, just after the girl laughs and tells you what she is really doing in life), during your approach or at any other moment in the conversation.

The girl tells you something and you act as if you didn’t believe her.

Here are a few examples:

– Her: “I’m an accountant.”
– You: “No…that’s not possible.”
– Her: “Haha, why?”
– You: “You look too dreamy.”
– Her: Blablabla…

– Her: “I’m from Sweden.”
– You: “I don’t believe you.”
– Her: “Haha, why?”
– You: “You’re a brunette, you can’t be from Sweden.”
– Her: Blablabla…

Stimulating, isn’t it?

Much more exciting than when you keep listening to her and nodding like a well-dressed little dog.

3. Repeating what she just told you in a caricatured manner:

The girl says something in a certain tone of voice or with a certain facial expression, and you decide to imitate her by repeating and exaggerating her answer.

For instance:

– Her: “I’m an accountant.” (said in an over-confident way)
– You: “I’m an accountant.” (imitating her in a caricatured way; you exaggerate her tone of voice, facial expression, and posture)

Imitating the girl when she tells you something other guys would be impressed by (for example, if she tells you that she’s an actress or a model) is an effective way to make her feel that you have high standards.

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body language teasing game

Another example, at a party for instance:

– Her: “Julia, bring me this drink pleaaaase.” (addressing her friend and losing control over her voice at the end of her sentence)
– You: “Julia, bring me this drink pleeeaaaaase.” (imitating her in a caricatured way)

4. Looking disappointed by what she just told you:

The girl tells you something about her, her tastes, her hobbies or whatever that disappoints you (or that you can pretend to be disappointed about).

For instance:

– Her: “Yesterday, I watched the last episode of <Name of a TV show many girls are watching>.
– You: “No…don’t tell me you’re watching this…” (by giving her a disappointed look, with a little smirk)

Basically, you can use this technique anytime the girl says or does something after which you can tell her: “No…don’t tell me you’re this kind of girl…”

It makes it look like she has to get your approval.

how to tease a girl to make her fall for youYou’re different from all those guys who make sure to agree on everything with her and approve everything she’s saying.

And as you might guess, it turns her on.

Bonus tip:

You can make this technique much more powerful by coupling it with physical touch.

Here is how to do it:

  1. The girl tells you something you decide to look disappointed about.
  2. You say something like “No…” or “No…not you…”
  3. You put your hand on her arm or shoulder, then (gently) push her away

You’ll notice that it will turn her on and make her naturally come back to you.

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5. Making it look like you’re rejecting her:

This technique is about stating that it’s not going to work between you and her.

how to tease a girl sexually

You can use this technique in combination with the technique we just saw.

The girl tells you something you deem disappointing about her and you use this to tell her that it’s not going to work between you and her.

For instance:

– Her: “I like this TV show so much!”
– You: “That’s not going to work between us.”

– Her: “I didn’t like this movie.”
– You: “It’s not going to work between us.”

– Her: “I don’t like cheese.”
– You: “It’s never going to work between us.”

You can also use a feature of her appearance in order to reject her, for instance: “I love blondes, you’re brunette, it’s never going to work between us.”

There are countless more examples of this technique.

I must stress out that the pretext you use to reject her must be something that isn’t really serious. Remember, the goal here is to generate positive emotions by playing with her.

physical teasing in dating life

This technique is powerful in a way that gets the girl to see you as a challenge. You make her want to chase you.

On top of that, it allows you to generate sexual tension, since it implies that something might be going on between you and her.

It’s going to make her imagine a potential future relationship between you and her, which is going to make her horny.

Traps to avoid when teasing a girl

As promised, let’s sift through some mistakes you must avoid when teasing a woman.

If you fall into one of those traps, chances are your teasing won’t produce the desired effects (but rather the opposite).

Trap #1: Using the wrong tone

If your teasing is ambiguous (in other words, if the girl is unsure of your intention), she may feel offended or insulted.

For this reason, it is crucial that you make sure that the girl immediately realizes that you’re teasing her.

positive chemical reactions

To this end, you must use the right tone of voice as well as an appropriate facial expression.

Deliver your line playfully and without being aggressive. Add a little smirk if necessary.

Trap #2: Overdoing it

If you keep teasing her over and over or if you insist with one of your teases, you’re likely to come off as a weirdo or as a guy who’s trying to prove something or impress the girl.

That is going to lead the girl to see you as a needy guy who lacks social intelligence, which is going to kill her attraction.

So take it easy.

girl with social skills

You can view your teasing as some spices you would add to a bland dish: a little makes the dish very tasty, but too much and it will become inedible.

Trap #3: Teasing her about something serious or something she’s self-conscious about

If the girl has a bit of fat on her stomach and is self-conscious about it, don’t tease her about it.

If she just lost her job and feels pretty bad about it, don’t tease her about this either.

best friends feel insecure

If you tease a girl about something she’s really concerned about, she’s likely to feel offended or insulted.

It’s going to produce the opposite effect as the one intended.

Trap #4: Teasing her when sexual tension is high and you’re about to kiss her (or more)

There are times in an interaction when it’s better to not tease the girl.

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Teasing is designed to make her laugh.

It’s designed to break the ice and lighten the mood.

Thus teasing is particularly appropriate at the beginning of the interaction, but much less so when you’ve been on a date for two hours and that the sexual tension is getting high.

beautiful woman with dirty thoughts

Make her laugh at the wrong time and you’re likely to kill the sexual tension.

How to tease a girl over text

The challenge when teasing a girl over text lies in the fact that she cannot see your face or hear your tone of voice.

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It makes it harder for the girl to understand whether you’re playing with her or insulting her.

That’s why you must make sure that your message is clear enough so that the girl interprets it the right way.

So be careful, and use smiley faces if necessary.

second date stop checking your phone

The first two techniques we saw at the beginning of this article work great when it comes to teasing a girl through text messages:

  • Making a funny assumption about her by using her character, her appearance, something she just texted you, and so on.
  • Not believing what she just texted you.

You can also use the fifth technique (pretending you’re rejecting her), but make sure to include a smiley face ;).

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