How To Deal With A Shy Girl [9 Keys To Dating Her Properly]

How to deal with a guy girl and win over her heart?

That’s what we’re going to see in this post, with 9 keys to dating a shy girl properly…and avoid the pitfalls that most guys fall into when they try to deal the deal with a shy woman.

many shy girls genuinely interested in first interaction

As you may have noticed, shy girls can be confusing.

Over the course of my life, I met a lot of sexy shy girls whose shyness didn’t make things easy.

They don’t communicate much, they don’t take initiatives, they often don’t feel much comfortable when you escalate… which can be disturbing for a guy.

If you’re currently dating (or trying to date) a shy girl, what I’m going to show you here will definitely help you move things forward with her.

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Let’s get started.

1. Keep in mind that a shy girl is less expressive than other women

Shy women are naturally reserved and hesitant.

They are less comfortable expressing their desires.

They’re afraid of showing too much.

They don’t take action. They don’t take initiatives.

You’re always the one who proposes a date. You are always the one who sends the first text. You are always the one who initiates physical contact.

Which could make you question her interest in you.

shy girlfriend body language comfort zoneI already found myself in a similar situation with an ex-girlfriend of mine. I thought she didn’t care about me. However, I learned afterwards that she was totally into me from the beginning. Even though she gave the impression of being completely indifferent.

She was just shy and waiting for me to escalate.

Keep in mind that escalating is your responsibility.

As a man, you have to lead. You have to take charge.

This advice is valid with most women, but even more with shy girls.

2. Don’t be shy

As you’ve understood, shy women show less interest and take less initiatives than other women.

This is why if you’re shy, it won’t be easy to get things moving forward.

It won’t be easy to break the ice and to turn up the heat.

So if you want to make things happen with a shy person, don’t act shy.

earn her trust and help her feel safe

You also need to understand that a shy woman is not looking for a shy guy.

She wants a guy who can take her out of her routine. A guy who pulls her up.

And above all, a guy who brings her what she doesn’t have (confidence, social ease…).

In short, a complementary guy.

So anything but a shy guy.

3. Take initiative

By nature, the shy woman is a follower.

She lacks self-confidence and therefore rarely dares to propose anything.

So she waits.

That’s why if you want to pick up a shy girl you have no choice but to take initiative.

Because if you wait for her to take the initiative, you may be waiting a long time, especially at the beginning.

And you’ll most likely end up in the friend zone (she’ll see you as just a friend, as there will be no sexual tension). Plus, she’ll see you as a guy who doesn’t have the balls to take action.

So don’t wait too much before taking action.

Be proactive.

4. Don’t despair if she never takes initiative

As we’ve just seen, if the shy girl you like rarely takes initiative, it’s totally normal.

So don’t despair if you feel like you’re always the one making the first move and proposing something.

If she doesn’t take initiative, it doesn’t mean she’s not interested.

shy girlfriend feel uncomfortable social anxiety10 years ago I had a relationship with a very shy girl.

She never texted me by herself. I was always the one who texted first.

And she never proposed anything.

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So I started to think that I wasn’t important to her, that she didn’t care.

And when she had postponed a date for the umpteenth time, I broke up with her in a rather harsh way.

Later, her friends told me it had hurt her a lot, and that she was actually in love.

So remember, if this shy girl never proposes anything, it’s not that she doesn’t love you. It’s just that shy girls rarely take the initiative.

5. Don’t expect too many signs of interest from her

Since the shy girl is less expressive than the other women, the signs of interest she’ll send you will be less frequent and less obvious than with “normal” girls.

So if you can hardly spot any signs of interest from her, don’t worry.

Just tell yourself that she likes you and don’t bother with indicators of interest (see key number 1).

nice way stop worrying

Even with more expressive women, focusing too much on signs of interest is a mistake: it puts you in a follower’s position. Instead of being proactive and taking the lead, you become passive and reactive.

So don’t bother with those indicators of interest (that said, if you’re interested in the topic, you can still check out my article on shy female body language).

6. Qualify her

The shy girl is less confident than the others and appreciates all the more that we make her feel beautiful and interesting.

So to seduce a shy girl, don’t hesitate to show your interest by complimenting her and making her look good to other people.

This will make her feel more confident and comfortable around you.

She’ll open up more and may even start being more active.

7. Avoid teasing her too much

Shy women tend to be self-conscious and insecure.

So be careful with nasty jokes and teasing that could undermine her already fragile confidence.

Such jokes can be effective with super confident women, as to make them perceive you more as a challenge. But with shy women, it’s likely to do more harm than good.

You can tease her from time to time, just to play with her, but take it easy.

8. Don’t rush things

One step at a time.

Don’t be in a hurry.

You need to make her feel comfortable first.

And as you might guess, a shy girl takes more time than a confident one to feel at ease.

If she rejects you the first time you try to kiss her, it’s not that she’s not interested. It’s simply that things are moving a bit too fast.

In this case, try again later (on the same date or on the next one), without rushing her.

shy girlfriend building trust computer screen


Don’t get me wrong: I’m not telling you to wait weeks before you make a move.

If you wait too long, the girl might get bored or starts seeing you as just a friend (=> friend zone).

Here, it’s just about being aware that it’s normal for a shy girl to offer some resistance and reject your advances at first.

9. Don’t think she’s constantly introverted

Believe it or not: a shy girl can be a real tigress in bed.

When she’s away from judging outsiders, she frees herself.

She’s shy with strangers. Not with those she knows well and who are part of her inner circle.

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