How To Make Girls Want You: The EXACT Recipe (2 Steps + 5 Powerful Tips)

It is quite easy to make women want you when you master some key principles.

how to make a girl want youAnd in this article, I’m going to share with you a powerful recipe to make girls want you.

And more specifically to make attractive girls attracted to you.

You can use this to turn girls on or to make your girlfriend or wife obsessed with you.

So if you have a girl in your sights (whether she’s a girl who doesn’t know you or a girl from your entourage)…

A girl you want to date but who doesn’t seem to be attracted to you…

Read carefully what follows…

You can even use it to get a girlfriend or to make a girl love you.

In order to make her want you, perhaps you’ve tried to ignore her or look high value by telling her about some interesting aspects of your life

This may have worked (especially if you implemented some specific actions that we’re going to see below), but this may also not have worked (it’s generally what happens).

Or maybe you haven’t tried anything yet for fear of screwing things up.

Now, let’s bust some myths (or, rather, clarify some myths).

It’s often said that in order to make girls want you, you must ignore them.


This is not meaningless.

But the problem with this advice is that it is incomplete.

It works wonders in certain situations, but not in others.

how to make girl want you badlyMore specifically, it works wonders when it gets the girls to ask herself these kinds of questions:

  • Why does he ignore me?
  • What did I do to that led him to ignore me like that?
  • Why isn’t he hitting on me like every other guy does?

When a woman starts asking herself these questions about you, you’ve won.

This is where she starts to become obsessed with you.

This is where she starts to make stories up in her head.

And, in some cases, this is where she start to become totally into you.

Now (this is where it gets tricky), a girl isn’t necessarily going to ask herself those questions if you ignore her.

That would be way too easy.

In order for a woman ask herself these questions, she must have noticed you.

What’s the point in ignoring a girl who hasn’t even noticed you?

What’s the point in ignoring a girl who barely knows you by sight?

Making a girl want you is not as simple as ignoring her.

It’s not as simple as looking hard to get.

That brings us to a key principle to make women desire you:

Be a potential lover.

Get the girl to see you as a potential lover.

Get the girl to notice you and to tell herself that a relationship or sexual intercourse with you is something that might happen.

The first thing to do in order to achieve this is, of course, not being a total stranger in her eyes.

The girl must first know you.

But it’s still not enough.

You should have left an emotional imprint on her mind.

In other words, you should have made her feel positive emotions, which she’s going to link to you.

How do you this concretely?

The key is to make her feel beautiful, feminine, and unique in your eyes (more on that below).

Then, and only then, you can start ignoring her. You can start playing hard to get.

get her to like youAt this stage, she’s going to start missing you.

At this stage, she’s going to wonder what you think about her.

At this stage, she’s going to make up stories about you in her head.

At this stage, she’s going to become obsessed with you.

This is precisely at this stage that playing hard to get and ignoring her will arouse strong desire in her.

Not before.

Because if you just ignore her without having made her feel beforehand that you can be a potential lover, she won’t be able to miss you.

To miss something—and to become obsessed with this thing—it’s necessary that this thing exists in our mind.

You understand now why just ignoring a girl without having made her lived emotions about you beforehand won’t get you anywhere.

What’s the point in playing hard to get with a girl for whom you don’t exist?


To make a woman want you, the key is to be seen as a potential lover while playing hard to get.

how to make a girl like you over textThe key is to be seen as accessible while also being seen as hard to get.

You can achieve this by behaving in ways that get the girl to see you as accessible and in ways that get the girl to see you as inaccessible in succession.

By alternating between phases where the girl feels that something might happen between you and her and phases where the girl feels that she can’t get you, you’re going to arouse a strong desire in her.

In the same manner that someone who alternates phases where he smokes cigarettes and phases where he doesn’t smoke becomes addicted to cigarettes.

Phases where you’ll play hard to get will create a sense of scarcity.

This will create a need.

And you’re going to satisfy this need by being accessible from time to time.

How to be seen as a potential lover (or as accessible):

Now let’s see 5 powerful ways to get a girl to imagine a potential relationship with you…

• Complimenting her on her physical beauty:

Easy to do and very effective.

A bold compliment is a very powerful way to get a girl to see you as a sexual man.

Compliments are very effective to declare your (sexual) interest to a girl.

Especially compliments on her physique.

For instance:

  • “You have beautiful legs.”
  • “You have very sexy lips.”
  • “You have a sensual neck.”
  • “I find you very sexy.”

You can also pay her a compliment on her clothes or look.

For instance:

  • “I like your skirt, it looks very sexy on you.”
  • “I like your shirt, it looks quite sexy on you.”

Those kinds of compliments are very effective ways to turn women on.

Now, you might be wondering:

“Wait, but paying her such a compliment on her physical appearance isn’t going to make me look like a needy guy?”

Sure: if you say it like a needy guy trying to get her approval, you’re indeed going to look like a desperate guy.

But if you say it in a self-confident tone and without acting needy, you’re not going to be seen as a needy guy.

It’s as simple as that.

Does James Bond look needy when he makes a bold compliment to a woman?

Of course not.

Because he does it the right way.

how to get a girlfriendAnd when you do it the right way, the girl realizes that you are SOLID.

She realizes that you’re a dominant man who isn’t afraid to express his desires.

She realizes that you have some balls.

This is a big turn on for women.

And after that, when you start ignoring the girl, you’re going to leave her wanting more.

She’s going to miss your attention, much more than if you’d behaved like a shy guy afraid of making her feel beautiful and feminine.

That’s the principle of push-pull.

• Complimenting her on her personality:

After the girl says some interesting stuff about herself, compliment her on her personality, in a way that suggests that you find her sexually attractive.

For instance:

  • “Good. I love women who are…forward.”
  • “I love women who stand up for themselves. I find it sexy.”
  • “I like sensitive women.”
  • “I like delicate women.”

And after that, you play hard to get.

You start ignoring her or acting in such a way that she sees you as inaccessible.

• Touching her:

Physical contact is a powerful weapon to make a girl want you.

It’s a powerful weapon to get her to see you as a potential lover.

And there’s a reason for that:

When you touch a woman, she is going to get horny to a greater or lesser extent, just like she would during foreplay.

There are various ways to touch a girl in order to trigger the desired sensations:

You can touch her when complimenting her (it depends on the compliment: if you compliment her on her skin, you can touch her skin, and if you compliment her on her outfit, you can touch her outfit in a sustained way), you can touch her when inviting her to sit down (you take her by the hand or wrap your arm around her), and so on.

• Giving her a sustained look:

Looking the girl right in the eyes.

An extended gaze is a very powerful way to get a woman to see you as a potential lover.


You look right into her eyes while remaining silent.

There’s a pause in the conversation?


Look the girl right in the eyes.

Don’t bother shifting between her eyes: choose one eye and stare at it while relaxing all your facial muscles.

And wait until she looks away or breaks the silence.

how to make girls want you

Don’t look away.

And NEVER look down.

• Dwelling on a sexual part of her body:

This technique is very powerful.

It is about admitting in a shameless way that you’re distracted by a part of her body.

It can be her lips, her breasts, her legs, and so forth.

Here’s how it goes:

The girl is talking to you.

Your gaze drifts to the sexual part in question—for instance, her cleavage–and dwells on it for about one to two seconds.

Right after that, you redeem yourself, start looking her in the eyes again, and say something like:

“Sorry, I wasn’t listening, I was distracted by <part of her body>.”

Using our example:

“Sorry, I wasn’t listening, I was distracted by your cleavage.”

In fact, you don’t even have to tell her that you were distracted by her body parts: you can just redeem yourself and look at her again as if nothing had happened.

What is important is that she notices that you dwelled on said body part.

Because this is how she’s going to feel desired, beautiful, and feminine in your eyes.

This is how she’s going to feel that you could be sexually attracted to her.

And after that, when you start ignoring her, she’ll be even more obsessed with you.

BONUS: How to make girls want you with pre-selection:

Pre-selection is about being seen with other girls.

When a woman sees you with other women, here’s what happens in her mind:

  • She’s certain that you’re a normal guy and not a creep (since you hang around with girls and they seem to appreciate you).
  • She sees you as a man women want to be with.

You are pre-selected.

Your value is increased in her eyes.

It’s even more effective when the women she sees you with are laughing and clearly having a good time with you. In short, when they value your company.

Pre-selection is a powerful tool that you can use to be seen as inaccessible as well as a potential lover.

Think about it when you hang out with your female friends.

They can help you make the other women want you.

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