How To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous On WhatsApp (Or Text)

How to make your ex girlfriend jealous on WhatsApp (or text) ?

What should I post to make my ex jealous?

how to make a girl jealous on text

If you’re looking to make your ex girlfriend jealous on WhatsApp or via text message, I have good news for you:

It can be done pretty easily.

And that’s precisely what we’re going to see in this article.


Let’s start with the basic attitude to adopt to produce the desired effects.

How to make your ex obsess over you (remotely):

The worst mistake you can make after a breakup would be to contact your ex non-stop.

Let her breathe.

This is the first crucial step to make her jealous.

Relax and take a step back as well (go out with friends, focus on your work, go to the gym).

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And it doesn’t matter whether it’s you or her who ended the relationship.

Don’t send her any messages for a while (a week, two weeks, even a month or more).

This way, you’ll implicitly communicate to her that you’re not desperate, that you’re not needy, that you’re detached, and therefore that you’ve sort of forgotten about her.

That will intrigue her.

And it will make you stand out, unlike all the other guys who got down on their knees to get her back (or try to sleep with her).

Those panicked guys who sent her tons of messages, who harassed her with calls…

You’re going to do the opposite.
And this way, you’ll be much more attractive in her eyes.

This will create the right conditions, the fertile ground to make her jealous.

how to make your ex girlfriend jealous on social media

By giving her space and maintaining a detached attitude, you’ll give free rein to her imagination.

She’ll wonder:

“That’s weird, we broke up and he’s not contacting me like all my exes have in the past”.

“Has he ever loved me?”

“Could it be possible that he met another girl?”

“Has he already forgotten about me?”

This can drive her crazy and give birth (even though you didn’t mean to) a feeling of jealousy.

This radio silence strategy is effective because it requires almost no effort on your part (only the discipline not to contact her).

Make your ex want to chase you by text:

You practice silence. Your ex-girlfriend is worried. She starts to get jealous (see my article on the subtle signs your ex is jealous).

She’s likely to send you a text soon.

Your phone rings. Your ex left you a text.

The jealousy is probably already there.

You have revived the flame.
But beware, you must not extinguish it, you must keep the fire going.

For this reason, don’t get too excited.

Don’t react like an overexcited kid (or like her lapdog) to her message.

Maintain a detached attitude.

Don’t respond immediately.

how to make your ex jealous

Then, keep things light.

Don’t be pushy.

Let her initiate contact.

SHE must be the one chasing, not you.

Just answer her texts, making her wait more or less time before each of your answers (that said you can from time to time answer quickly, as to not be seen as a guy who is making her wait on purpose).

That way, you’ll maintain a sense of mystery.

She’ll see you as a challenge.
And it will turn her on.

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Everything we’ve seen so far can be enough to make an ex jealous.

But you can go one step further…

…by sending her a very special message.

What text should you send to your ex girlfriend to make her jealous?

There is a very special text message you can send to your ex-girlfriend to make her jealous.

A message whose goal is to make your ex see you as THE man to chase.

A small sentence that puts her in hunting mode.

The idea behind this text?

Make her feel that you have options.

By mentioning another woman.

There are a multitude of possible variations.

Here’s an example:

“I met this super cute girl, we’re really getting along”.

Another example:

If your ex writes “This summer I visited this city”, you send her:

“I went there too, a girl I met recently and who happens to live there invited me to her place last month. Did you visit the museum XYZ?”

The idea of another woman having you could make your ex (very) jealous.

But be careful!

You don’t want to sound like you’re forcing things.

You shouldn’t seem like you’re purposely mentioning that you’re dating other women.

Otherwise you risk looking like a guy trying to prove something.

Now let’s take a look at how you can decrease the risk of looking like a guy who’s trying to manipulate her:

How to make this text even more powerful:

To be sure to produce the desired effect on your ex, the best way is to proceed in a subtle way.

In stealth mode.

She must not realize that you are trying to make her jealous.

To do this?

The girl you mention should not be the main focus of your message.

She should not be in the foreground, but in the background.

She should be incidental.

Let me give you an example.

Your ex writes: “I went visited Paris last month.”

Your furtive mentioning of the other woman could go like:

“Oh yes, an Italian girl I met last month went there too. It’s a very unique city.”

The main object here is Paris. The girl mentioned is secondary.

She just completes your message (but in your ex’s subconscious the effects produced will be just as intense).

More examples of powerful texts to make an ex girlfriend jealous:

Let’s take a look at some other variations of this text…

“Did you visit the Metropolitan Museum? I’ve heard it’s worth it. An Italian girl I met last week visited it last month.”

In this example, the girl you mention is incidental. She simply complements the topic of conversation.

Another example:

Instead of sending the text “I met this super pretty girl”, write for example:

“A pretty girl I just met saw this movie” while showing her the trailer of the movie on your phone.

The “pretty” part is optional because it could get you caught.

Remember that you should be as subtle as possible, as to not sound like you’re trying to manipulate her.

For this reason, it would be better to phrase it this way: “A girl I just met saw this movie, from what I’ve heard it’s pretty cool”.

It all depends on the context.

But remember this: you must not give the impression that you’re trying to prove something or impress your ex.

Another example:

Instead of writing: “I’m now sleeping with women on a regular basis” send her this:

“A booty call did this to me last week.”

It could be, for instance, that she forgot to turn off the water.

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