How To Make A Girl Obsessed With You [8 Psychology Tricks]

How to make a girl obsessed with you (whether it is your girlfriend, your wife, or a girl you’ve just met)?

How to make a girl think about you to the point where she’ll start obsessing over you?

how to make a girl obsessed with u and not just your friend

That’s what we’re going to see in this post…

With 8 proven ways to make a girl addicted to you.

These 8 strategies have not only been tested (and proven) by thousands of my readers on thousands of different women…

They are also based on powerful addiction principles, which are the reason why so many hot girls get so easily addicted to some average guys who understand and master those principles (sometimes unconsciously).

If you want to drive the woman you like crazy about you, you can’t miss on them.

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In other words, how to dominate women to make them wet with desire.

And NOT just in bed: you’re going to implement these small actions in other contexts and environments, be it after an approach, on a date, at a party, in your everyday life with your girlfriend or wife (or with your ex), and more… so that the woman you like sees you as a powerful dominant male who is able to satisfy her deepest desires and take her to seventh heaven.

...which is what is going to make her want to sleep with you…and even chase you.

Let’s get started.

1. The Exit Strategy™

You’re chatting (yes, you, the girl) with a guy you’ve just met.

He has shown interest in you. You know that you don’t leave him indifferent.

He intrigues you, so you’re open to the possibility of getting to know him more, just to see.

When suddenly, in the middle of the conversation, he tells you he has to go. He has things to do and can’t stay with you any longer.

Then he leaves.

And BIM.

You feel like a void (you, the girl).

The guy has just created a lack.
A lack characteristic of a feeling of addiction.

how to make someone obsessed with you psychology girls love guys

Here’s is the thing you need to understand:

In order to get addicted to something (on someone, in our case), you must first miss it.
And in order to miss it, you must must experience a lack of it.

That’s exactly what the guy did in the example above.
He created a shortage.

In a way, the girl was enjoying the moment. And the guy ended it by slipping away.

He turned off the TV at the best moment of the movie.

So an effective way to make a girl start obsessing over you is to use what I called The Exit Strategy™.

At a moment when the discussion is in full swing, you slip away.

This strategy works particularly well:

  • In nightclubs, on girls you’ve approached in the venue or before: after having a chat with the girl you slip away to go check in on your friends. And you come back later to chat with her again.
  • At parties in houses/flats (in the same way as in nightclubs).
  • During breaks at work, college, university…: for instance at the coffee machine, where you start chatting with a girl and then end up the conversation when the energy is high.

⚠️ Important: don’t do it at the wrong time.

THE bad time to slip away is when the conversation has dried up. The moment when it starts getting boring.

If you slip away at that time, you won’t really create a lack. Instead, you’ll send the message: “I’m leaving because I ran out of things to say.”

So make sure to leave when the conversation is in full swing.

2. Distanciation

This trick requires absolutely no effort.

It consists in distancing yourself from the girl.

As if she doesn’t exist, or is secondary to you.

It can be as simple as taking hours to answer her texts, or plainly ignoring her in your day-to-day life.

When you do this, the girl starts to question herself.

She wonders why you suddenly stopped paying attention to her.

She run all sorts of questions through her head that mark the beginning of her obsession with you.

3. The push

This trick works particularly well on women who are used to having guys at their feet.

On unapproachable, confident women who are used to reject guys.

Such women are like a spoiled child who always gets everything she wants.

Since she always gets everything she desires, she no longer desires much.

A spoiled child who finds herself in a doll store and knows that she can have any doll she wants is not going to be really excited about getting one more doll.

Because she knows she can have anything, anytime she wants.

Now, what happens if you forbid that child a particular doll?

What happens if you tell her she can have any doll in the store, except that particular doll?

Well, in most cases, the child will go on a whim to get the doll she was told she couldn’t have.

Even if this doll has nothing special.

psychology tricks to make any woman obsessed only the illusion

The child will do everything to get this doll simply because it was refused to her.

She saw this doll as inaccessible…and as a result she became obsessed with it.

Can you see what I’m getting at?

When a woman who is used to having all the guys at her feet comes across a man she can’t get (or believes she can’t get), she’ll often do everything she can to get him.

For she will not bear his indifference towards her.

And so she’ll make this man an obsession.

Like that child who was denied a doll.

Just because she can’t have it, she’s gonna do whatever it takes to get it.

Remember that sometimes you have to push a girl away to attract her.

By showing yourself as unattainable, you’ll be seen as different from all those needy guys crawling at her feet…and you’ll become an obsession for her.

So the next time you interact with a girl who constantly rejects other guys, make sure you push her away.

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4. Competition anxiety

When a woman sees that other women compete for your attention, she can’t help but find you sexually attractive.

Even better:

She feels that there’s some competition for you, and that she could lose you to another woman.

This competition anxiety causes her to become focused on you…and thus to obsess with you.

She’ll do everything to get your attention and arouse your interest, so that you choose her and not another.

So make sure the girl you want sees (or feels) that other women might be interested in you.

how to make her obsessed with you so many guys

If possible, make sure she sees you with her own eyes interacting with other women.

In real life of on social media.

If that’s not possible, don’t tell her outright that there’s demand for you (you would just sound like you’re trying to prove something, and thus produce the opposite effect as the one intended): just leave some hints that could lead her to think that there might be some other women in your life (see trick number 5 below).

5. The female rival

Pretty similar to the previous trick.

It’s just that this time, you’re going to be a bit more direct.

It consists, when you discuss with the girl you want to make addicted, in mentioning another girl.

But not in any way…

You’re going to speak well of this other girl.

For instance:

“We have a new coworker at work. Her name is Emilie, she has beautiful hair and is super nice.”

“There is a new student in our group in college, Jessica, she’s really nice, she dresses well and is rather sexy.”

You get the idea.

how to make a girl obsessed with you over text good old fashioned compliments

This may sound like nothing, but try it on a girl you want and she might very well feel an urge to chase you.

Especially if she’s used to having all the guys at her feet.

She suddenly hears that another girl could potentially dethrone her… that you potentially prefer this other girl.

It creates a sense of anxiety.
And it arouses curiosity.

Why aren’t you like all those guys all over her who would do everything to get her affection?

How come you mentioned another potentially more attractive girl?

It’s a bit like when a woman you’re in love with starts tell you about a guy she finds super attractive and would like to get to know better.

Not a pleasant thing to hear.

It makes you feel that she’s slipping away from you.

And makes you even more obsessed with her.

6. Detachment

This trick could help you if you wonder how to make a girl faithful.

You see, when women give us advice on how to keep a woman, they tell us that we have to be attentive, that we have to listen, that we have to please our girl, and on and on.

On the one hand, they’re not completely wrong.

But on the other hand, if you follow their advice to the letter, it will be very difficult for you to get the girls you like crazy about you.

most reliable guy on how to make your crush obsessed with you

Of course, you have to give your girlfriend attention.

But the thing is, a lot of guys fall into the trap of giving her too much attention.

They are always ready to do anything for their girlfriend, they’re all the time at her service… Even to the point of sacrificing their own projects and their own identity…

If you behave like that, guess what: the girl will quickly consider you as a mop. And she’ll treat you like one.

If you want your girlfriend to obsess over you, you must convey the opposite.

You must sometimes act like you don’t want to keep her.

true personality shine so she'll feel safer in meaningful relationship

You must from time to time give her the impression that keeping her is not that important to you (which ideally should be the case).

If you do this, she’ll start to wonder.

She’ll ask herself: “Does he love me? Sometimes I have the impression that I’m the love of his life, sometimes it seems like he doesn’t really care… I don’t get it…”

And she’ll start becoming obsessed with you.
Without even realizing it.

So don’t be all over her.

Don’t contact her every day to see her, or she’ll quickly get bored.

Instead, act aloof from time to time.

Make her wait, allow her to miss you and to question herself about you.

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7. Low emotional investment

Don’t start imagining things with a girl you’ve just met.

Don’t project yourself too much (if at all) in the future with her, like living a romantic relationship with her, marrying her, having children with her…

Otherwise you’ll invest way too much emotions in her.

In that girl you hardly know, and you’re absolutely not sure you can get.

If you do this, you’ll give her way more importance than she should have.

body language to make a girl obsessed obsessed and absolutely love

You’ll put pressure on yourself and the girl will feel it.

Which will drive her away from you.

Instead of attracting her, it’ll push her away.

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Like an investor, you must invest smartly.

Don’t invest all your emotions on a girl you barely know.

In addition to risking to suffer emotionally, you’ll have much more trouble making her obsessed with you.

Because you’ll put pressure on yourself. Like an investor who put everything on a risky financial product.

You’ll get cold sweats every time the girl changes her attitude. And you’ll start behaving like an insecure, needy guy.

girl remember all the answers other girls

Whereas if you invest intelligently—that is to say you bet little at the beginning, to see if the girl is worth it—you’ll be much more relaxed…and naturally present yourself as a challenge.

But that’s not all…

If you diversify your investments (by betting on several girls at the same time), you’ll also be able to identify which girl is really worth your attention, time and energy.

Which will also make you behave in a much attractive way.
Because you’ll be the one who chooses, and not the other way around.

8. No plans

When you start talking about your plans to your girlfriend from the very first days of your relationship with her, by describing your future with her in a very serious and committed way, you become much less interesting in her eyes.

Because you remove all mystery about your intentions and your feelings for her.

As a result, she starts seeing you as a guy who is way too serious about his relationship with her.

And she starts taking you for granted. You cease to be a challenge in her eyes.

final words best idea play hard

Even worse: by being too hasty, you get the girl to think that you have no other option than her.

Unlike the alpha guy who is in abundance with women, has plenty of options, and thus is not in a hurry to commit. Because he is selective.

So when you start a relationship with a woman, take it easy.

Don’t make plans for the future too quickly.

Keep challenging her to see if she’s worth it.

That’s how you’ll allow her to obsess over you.

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