How To Make A Girl Fall For You Over Text [2 Simple Steps]

How to make a girl fall far you over text?

What text to make her fall in love?

how to make a girl fall for you through text a few minor imperfections

If you want to make a woman obsessed with you over text, there are 2 things you need to do:

  1. Start by sending her a message like the one you’re going to discover below…
  2. Then add the secret ingredient I’m going to reveal to you in the second part of this article…which will make her start obsessing over you (even if—especially if—a lot of other guys are hitting on her).

It’s simple, but extremely effective.

Because it taps directly into the psychology of addiction (dut don’t worry, it’s ethical).

Let’s start right away with the first step, with…

A nice text to make her fall in love


This message alone isn’t be enough to make her obsessed with you.

To make a woman fall in love with you over text, you have to do something else in addition, which we’ll see right after.

But first, let’s start at the beginning:

Planting a seed in the girl’s mind, which will gradually grow into a feeling of love.

This seed, you’re going to plant it by sending her a very particular message.

A message in which you’re going—more or less subtly—to express your interest in her.

So that she considers you as a potential lover.

And that she feels that something could potentially happen between you and her (and if something has already happen, that she feels that you might be serious about her).

Here’s an example of text you can send her to plant this seed.

“It was nice meeting you, I can’t help but think of your smile… I couldn’t fully concentrate on my work today, you are a bad influence on me young lady ;)”

This is also a good example of flirty message to send to a girl you just met.

You give her a little compliment that indicates that she doesn’t leave you indifferent (and that you’re not ashamed to show it)…

…to which you add a touch of humor so that she also feels that you don’t take her too seriously.

how to tell a girl you love her on text deep conversation girl smile

If you already know the girl, just delete the first part (the “It was nice meeting you”) and keep the rest.

Of course, the text above is just an example, so that you get the idea. It should be adapted according to your personality, your style, and what you find attractive in this woman (in my example, I used her smile, but it can be anything else: one of her clothes that you found sexy, her gaze, her lips, etc.).

Note: you’ll find other examples of texts you can send to a woman you like in this post (including texts to make her think about you).

How to make her obsessed with you over text: the secret ingredient

Now that you’ve express your interest in this woman with a first message, she knows that you like her.

She sees you as a guy with whom something could potentially happen.

But it doesn’t mean that she’s herself interested in you yet.

That’s where this second step comes in.

With the secret ingredient that allows you to create a strong love desire in a woman.

If you’re wondering how to make a woman fall in love with you remotely, pay close attention to what comes next.

make girl fall love you through chatting double texting light hearted personality

This psychological trick is not only powerful, it is also extremely simple.

It just consists in…

showing disinterest.

By suddenly becoming distant.

For instance, by stopping sending her messages (don’t text her for a few days, or more).

Or by taking more and more time to answer her texts.

Or by making your texts shorter and shorter.

Or by including signs of disinterest in your texts.

So that she doesn’t understand what’s going on.

And that she feels (or thinks) that you’re slipping away from her.
And that you might not be interested in her after all (or you might not be interested in her anymore).

dating love message role play inside joke

That’s when the magic happens:

This girl who saw you as a potential romantic partner suddenly feels rejected by you.

Your indifference intrigues her.

And she can’t help but feel the need to win you back.

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texts to make her miss you she's important stronger connection

Put yourself in her shoes:

She was already starting to imagine a possible relationship between you and her…and now you’re acting like she doesn’t exist anymore.

Or worse: as if you had met another woman.

This can drive a girl crazy.
Even if she wasn’t particularly interested in the first place.

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By the way, this last point is so powerful that I’ll dedicate an entire section of this post to it…:

How to make a girl jealous over text?

If you want to make the girl you like completely crazy about you, you can use jealousy.

dating apps text a girl who lost interest during previous conversations

She’ll feel that other women are competing for your attention and affection, which will make her want to fight for your attention and affection as well. To prove to you that she’s better than the others.

She’ll see you as a guy that women want, which will directly influence her desire for you (scientists call this phenomenon “mate choice copying”).

To dig deeper in the topic of jealousy (and how you can use it in your text conversations with the women you like), go check out this extensive article.

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