How To Start A Relationship With A Woman [4 Crucial Steps]

How to start a relationship with a woman?

What are the mistakes to avoid when starting a relationship with a girl if you want this relationship to last?

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That’s what we’re going to see in this post.

With the keys to starting and building a solid relationship with a woman.

The tips below have already helped thousands of my readers and subscribers start a serious relationship with a woman they liked, so pay attention.

Let’s start with the basics.

How to have a lasting relationship with a woman (2 key ingredients)

When it comes to a serious relationship, women are mainly looking for two things:

One is obvious (because they actually say it), the other much less so (they either don’t talk about it or pretend the opposite).

The success of your relationship will depend on your ability to juggle these two contradictory expectations.

1 – Stability

This is the most obvious expectation of a woman for a serious relationship.

For a relationship to be serious, it must be long-term oriented.

And for this relationship to be long-term oriented, it must be stable.
At least to a certain extend.

There should be a certain continuity of love.

For a woman to feel confident about starting a serious relationship with you, she has to see you as a stable guy, who can bring her comfort and security.

And not as a guy who goes off in all directions, who changes his mind all the time or who doesn’t know what he wants.

She must be able to feel reassured on the future of your couple.

And to think that a serious relationship with you is possible.

how to start a new relationship most women same way

Let’s move on to the least obvious expectation of a woman in a relationship…

An expectation that many men miss…

And that causes many of them to be dumped (or cheated on) by their girlfriend or wife.

2 – Uncertainty

If you want a woman to fall (and stay) in love with you, you must make sure she sees you as a man worthy of her love.

And not as a desperate guy who is all over her (or as her docile lapdog).

But also and above all:

You must make her want to seduce you.
And to continue to seduce you throughout your relationship with her.

special girl how to make her ready for a relationship comfortable talkingHow do you do that?

You do that by maintaining a sense of uncertainty.

Which will sometimes lead her to think that you might not be as much in love with her as she is with you.

Or that you might be interested in other women.

In a subtle way (it’s not about outright threatening her or torturing her psychologically).

The goal is simply to ensure she never ceases to see you as a challenge.
As a trophy to be won.

She should never take you totally for granted.

That’s what will allow you to keep your girl interested in you, even chasing you.
Rather than getting her bored and making want to leave you or cheat on you.

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Mistakes to avoid at the beginning of a relationship

You must avoid these mistakes no matter what stage of your relationship you’re in.
But it’s even more crucial to avoid them at the beginning of the relationship.

Because if you make these mistakes, you won’t be seen as an attractive man by the woman you want to settle down with. And she won’t be as attached to you as she would have been.

Even worse:

Given that at the beginning of the relationship your girlfriend is not that attached to you yet (and is not yet sure she wants to commit to you), making one or more of these mistakes at that moment may drive her away.

Here they are:

Mistake #1: Expressing too much interest

If you show too much interest in this woman too soon, she’s likely to see you as a desperate guy, who is easily impressed and therefore doesn’t have many opportunities with girls.

She’ll sense that something is wrong (“He’s not used to women being interested in him, there must be a reason for that”) and will rapidly lose interest in you.

Not to mention the fact that showing too much interest destroys the uncertainty, and therefore the mystery that makes her see you as a man to conquer.

This causes her desire for you to drop significantly.

perfect person best way to start a relationship social circle

Don’t show your girl that you’re in a hurry to commit.

Don’t rush things.

Instead of reassuring her on your feelings for her, you’ll scare her away.

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Mistake #2: Letting her decide everything

What makes a woman sexually attracted to a man (and see him as a guy to start a serious relationship with, and not just a friend) is above all his masculinity.

And you make a woman feel your masculinity by your attitude.

And it starts with…

Taking charge.
Being directive.

This is essential if you want your girlfriend to respect you as a man, and to consider a long-term relationship with you.

Especially if she’s a very feminine woman.

Mistake #3: Desperately trying to please her

This one is vicious, because it’s counter-intuitive.

Nothing is more repulsive to a woman than a needy guy.

If you show yourself to be needy, she’ll only want to run away from you.

And what do needy guys usually do?

They try to please by all means.

By doing a lot.

For instance, by being constantly attentive to her.
By agreeing with her on absolutely everything.
By allowing her to disrespect him.
And so on.

inevitable demise past experiences many women

Don’t fall into this trap.

Because it’ll produce the opposite effect of the expected one.

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The stages of a serious relationship

For a relationship with a woman to become serious, there is a key step you need to take: that’s the second step listed below.

And for this relationship to last, there is a mistake not to make: we’ll cover this in this fourth step in the list below.

But first, let’s start at the beginning, with the first stage of a relationship with a woman:

1 – First contact

For there to be a relationship, there must of course be a first contact.

It’s during this stage that you’ll get to know each other…

…and that a mutual sexual attraction will be born.

And…you’ll eventually sleep together (perhaps very quickly, within a few days or even hours).

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But this is only the first step.

If you’re looking for a serious relationship with a woman, you need to create…

2 – Attachment

This is the pivotal stage.

The one that determines if your relationship will remain at the stage of a booty call (or one night stand) or become a real love relationship.

At the beginning of this stage, you’re not sure if it’s serious or not.

You’ve slept together (or gotten very close) but you’re still evaluating each other.

Some people call this stage the “pre-relationship”.

How long for this pre-relationship to become a real relationship?

That depends on how quickly you manage to make the girl feel something strong for you.

It’s usually a matter of weeks.

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most important thing first time hardest part

The key here is to continue to seduce her, while avoiding the mistakes seen above.

Don’t be in a hurry to commit, so that she doesn’t see you as a guy who is totally into her…and still feels the need to chase you.

And implement what I show you in this article.

3 – Passion

That’s it, you’re officially in a relationship.

You’re on cloud nine.

At this stage, everything feels like pure bliss and happiness.

All you have to do is enjoy the moment

while keeping avoiding the mistakes seen above.

(Because her desire for you can quickly drop if you stop being the one she was attracted to in the first place)

4 – Routine (which you’ll have to break)

In every relationship, there comes a time when the excitement of the beginning fades.

When your significant other is now part of your daily life.

A trap many men fall into at this stage of the relationship is to let themselves go.

To think that their girlfriend will stay with them no matter what…
And that they no longer need to seduce her.

A big mistake.

new relationship with one special girl girlfriend partIf your girlfriend or wife stops seeing you as a challenge, she’ll look for that excitement elsewhere.

Or stay with you but not love you like before.

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You don’t want this to happen.

So don’t let the routine set in.

Maintain a sense of uncertainty.

Keep some mystery in your relationship.

Don’t tell your girlfriend everything.
Leave some grey areas open to interpretation.

That’s how you’ll remain the center of her attention.

heart broken girl likes such thing men tend to doAnd of course, don’t forget either to create a future for your relationship.

For your relationship to thrive, make sure you have plans together.

For instance, starting a family.

It’s the logical and natural continuation.

And it will cement your relationship by giving it a real reason to exist (in addition to help breaking the routine).

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