What A Woman Wants From A Man In A Relationship [11 Things]

What do women want in a relationship?

If you’re wondering what women need in a relationship (and what they expect from you), keep reading.

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There are many things women expect from men they’re in a relationship with.

If you want your girlfriend (or wife) to stay with you, you must satisfy her needs.

Some of these needs and expectations are obvious, others much less so (because women aren’n aware of them, or don’t admit them).

And that’s precisely what we’re going to see in this post.

Satisfy these needs and there’s a good chance that your woman will be yours for life.

Neglect them and she’s more than likely to end up leaving you unexpectedly (or cheating on you).

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In other words, how to dominate women to make them wet with desire.

And NOT just in bed: you’re going to implement these small actions in other contexts and environments, be it after an approach, on a date, at a party, in your everyday life with your girlfriend or wife (or with your ex), and more… so that the woman you like sees you as a powerful dominant male who is able to satisfy her deepest desires and take her to seventh heaven.

...which is what is going to make her want to sleep with you…and even chase you.

Let’s dive in.

1 – Women want stability

One of the conscious expectations of a woman in a relationship with a man is stability.

She wants a stable man.

Stable emotionally.

Then financially (especially if you plan to start a family).

The most important thing here is emotional stability.

Because it’s the foundation of everything.

Show emotional stability right off the bat to make the woman you like feel that you’re a man with this essential masculine trait.

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You can make her feel your emotional stability by your self-control.

That is to say by your ability to remain calm when the situation becomes tense or difficult.
By showing composure where a weak guy would break down.

Women need to see you as an unshakable rock they can hold on to in a storm.

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2 – Women want attention

Women need attention.

They need attention from men…and even more from their man.

You must give her enough attention to make her feel loved and desired.

Whether it is by looking at her, by complimenting her, by doing little things for her, by engaging in activities with her…

Without your attention, she’ll feel neglected.

She’ll suffer and might want to end the relationship (or get her dose of male attention elsewhere, that is to say from another man, and thus cheat on you).

3 – Women want some challenge

A mistake that men often make in their relationships with a woman is allowing her to take them for granted.

Behaving like her little lapdogs.

Or thinking that they have nothing more to do, that their girl will stay with them no matter what.

So they stop seducing her, they stop being charming, they neglect their attitude with her…

As a result, they stop being attractive in her eyes.

The attraction fades and the relationship starts to falter.

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To avoid this, continue to seduce your girlfriend once you’re in a relationship with her.

Never take her for granted.

Always keep some mystery about your intentions and your interest in her.

“The very essence of romance is uncertainty” wrote Oscar Wilde.

This is true at the beginning, but it’s also true throughout the whole relationship.

Make sure you remain a challenge to your woman, so that she’ll always want to seduce you.

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4 – Women want emotions

Women need to feel alive.

And to feel alive, they need to live emotions.

So make sure you break the routine on a regular basis.
Surprise her from time to time.

Whether it’s by discussing things that captivate her or make her laugh, by surprising her with a present, by doing exciting activities with her…

5 – Women want tenderness

Caresses, cuddles, kisses

Tenderness is essential in a relationship.

Women crave tenderness.

According to the research, it may even be more important than sex.

It’s during these moments of affection that you’ll strengthen (or repair) the connection that exists between you and your woman.

This connection which is essential to the development of love in a couple.

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Just be careful not to fall into the trap of being too present.

To fully appreciate your petting, your girlfriend needs to be able to desire it.

And to be able to desire it, she shouldn’t have them too often (the rarer something is, the more desirable it becomes — and conversely, the more frequent something is, the less desirable it becomes).

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6 – Women want tension

…and more specifically sexual tension.

If you want your girlfriend or wife to keep seeing you as her sexual partner (and not as just a friend), you need to maintain some sexual tension between you and her.

things a woman needs in a relationship deeper connectionYou need to maintain some arousal between the two of you.


By regularly sexualizing your interactions with her.

Sexually suggestive compliments, passionate touches… interspersed with signs of indifference so that she never takes you for granted and keeps wanting to chase you…

7 – Women want protection

Physical protection (she needs to feel that you can protect her physically)…

…and financial protection (she needs to feel that you can provide for the family).

When it comes to primal sexual attraction, the first point (physical protection) is the most important. But you shouldn’t neglect the second point (financial protection), as it may be critical if you plan to start a family (even if your girlfriend defines herself as a “strong and independent” woman).

She’ll have much more esteem for you if you can provide her with this security.

8 – Women want ascension

In order for you to better understand this expectation, I must introduce the concept of hypergamy.

Hypergamy (colloquially referred to as “marrying up”) is a term used in social science for the act or practice of a person marrying a spouse of higher caste or social status than themselves. It is mostly practiced by women.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Women are hypergamous by nature.

This means that they tend to seek a partner of higher social status than than themselves.

But (and that’s where it gets tricky), just because she’s found that higher status partner doesn’t mean she’ll stop searching.

She may very well continue to search for a partner of higher status.
For a man of status higher than the first high status partner she found.

And, if she finds it, she might leave her first partner for the new higher status partner she found.

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Now don’t worry: not all women are like this.

But there are more than you think.

This phenomenon was constrained in the past, when divorce was forbidden (or marginal). But with the recent “liberation” of women…things have changed.

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If you want to reduce the chances of this happening to you (even if you think your girlfriend or wife “isn’t like that”), make sure you are constantly growing.

Do whatever it takes to grow your status and become more powerful (socially, financially…).

So that your girl feels that her social status is growing (through you).

And that she never ceases to see in you a hope of future social ascension.

Thus increasing the chances that she continues to love you, and only you (talking about love, you can also have a look at this post on what to do to make a girl fall in love with you).

9 – Women want a direction

Women want a man who knows how to take things in hand.

A man with initiative.

Women are biologically hardwired to be attracted to leaders (this goes back to the concept of hypergamy we described above).

By taking the lead in your interactions and relationship with your girl, you make her feel this alpha male trait that she finds so exciting in a man.

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10 – Women want a frame

Consciously and unconsciously, women expect men to set a frame.

They expect men to set limits, to draw a line somewhere.
And to take action when this line is crossed. Firmly if necessary.

These limits can concern her habits (for instance harmful practices, like smoking), or her attitude towards you (for instance a possible lack of respect).

When you set limits in this way, your girl feels the man in you.

She feels your masculinity.

woman wants lasting relationship with real menAnd not only does it make her more attracted to you, it also makes her want to respect you.

But there’s more…

It also makes her feel that she cannot take you for granted. That you’re not like all those weak and desperate guys who tolerate everything and anything, and who act like mops with her (and whom she secretly despises).

11 – Women want goodness

In order for your girlfriend or wife to feel loved and trusted by you, you must be caring.

When you set boundaries, it’s not out of malice, but primarily for her sake and for the sake of the relationship.

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