How can you tell if your ex is jealous? (5 subtle signs)

How to tell if your ex is jealous?

Is my ex jealous of my new relationship?

is my ex jealous

You broke up. Or your girlfriend dumped you. Your romance has ended.

You are now her ex.

Maybe you still see her from time to time (at parties, with friends, in college, on the street…).

Or maybe you don’t see her at all anymore.

Anyway, you’d like to know if she’s jealous (out of curiosity, pride, or to get her back).

And…that’s exactly what we’re going to cover here.

With 5 signs that your ex girlfriend may be jealous.

Let’s start with the first sign:

1. She catches up with you

You’ve started to move on, but your ex contacts you.

Via WhatsApp, text… or she calls you directly.

She then asks about you:

“Hey, what’s up?”

“It’s been a while, how are you?”

During the conversation, she may ask you if you’re seeing another girl or if you have met someone else:

“Are you seeing someone?”

“Do you have a new girlfriend?”

If you answer her questions, she asks for more details like, “How did you meet?”

Her tone of voice doesn’t lie.

She seems very curious about your new love life.

That’s a sign that your ex is jealous.

2. She spies on you

Often, after a breakup, the person who initiated the breakup cuts all ties.

She deletes all the pictures of you from her phone. She also gets rid of items that make her think of you.

In short… She makes sure that she doesn’t keep some stuff that reminds her of the man she wants to forget.

She may delete you from her list of friends on social networks, or even block you.

It’s hard to tell if your ex keeps pictures of you on her phone or some gifts from you.

For social networks, all you have to do is log into your account and check if she’s still in your “contacts” or “friends”.

If she’s kept you in her contacts, she may be spying on you.

Does she comment on your latest posts? Do you see her online often?

If so, your ex may be jealous.

3. She is trying to make you jealous

How do I know if my ex is trying to make me jealous?

She tells you about a new man she met recently: “he’s nice”, “he’s so charming”, “he’s handsome”

With a big smile on her face when she mentions this stranger.

It’s clear to you: “My ex-girlfriend is trying to make me jealous”

She is using a stratagem to arouse your desire and make you jealous too.

She’s jealous and looking for revenge.

how to know if your ex is jealous

She may also post on social media pictures of herself surrounded by handsome strangers.

Or post her text conversations with other men publicly.

And curiously, all these posts or screenshots are conveniently easily accessible to you.

If she knows that you’re going to see these photos (which is almost certain), then it’s very likely she’s trying to make you jealous, as a result of the jealousy she feels herself.

Typical behavior of a jealous girl.

4. She’s trying to make you regret the breakup

Your ex changed her hairstyle. She’s started working out to keep her figure. She’s wearing sexier makeup than before. She’s renewed her wardrobe.

She seems sexier, more feminine and even more provocative.

She may even be showing off on social media or at parties you attend in the hope of getting your attention.

She works out in an enticing outfit and makes sure you see her (for example, by walking past your window, or posting a photo on Instagram).

She posts pictures of herself on social media while traveling to a paradise destination.
Or she sends them directly to you.

In short, she’s trying to get your attention, and constantly presents herself in the best light.

This could be a sign that she’s trying to make you regret the breakup.

Keep this sign in mind if you wonder how to tell if your ex is jealous.

5. She misses you

She misses you.

You know it because she directly expresses it: “I know we’ve broke up but I miss you”.

Or, “I don’t want to see you with someone else”.

Your ex doesn’t have your attention anymore. This is painful for her.

She may not have expected to suffer from this lack of attention.

In this situation, her imagination can play tricks on her.

She’ll imagine that you’re giving this attention (so precious to her) to another woman.

It’ll drive her crazy.

How can you tell if your ex is jealous – Final thoughts:

Let’s recap the signs that indicate your ex is jealous:

  1. She catches up with you
  2. She spies on you
  3. She tries to make you jealous
  4. She tries to make you regret the breakup
  5. She misses you

If you notice any of these behaviors, it’s very likely that your ex is jealous and therefore still attracted to you.

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