Things to say to make your ex girlfriend jealous (instantly)

What are the best things to say to make your ex girlfriend jealous?

How to make your ex girlfriend jealous when she has a new boyfriend (so that she wants to leave him and start dating you again)?

quotes to make your ex girlfriend jealous

Your girlfriend left you. Or you dumped her.

You are now her ex.

You want to get her back. Or make her regret breaking up with you.

As a result, you’re looking for a surefire way to make her jealous.

Such ways?

There are dozens of them.

And today, we are going to look at one of them in particular.
Which consists in one sentence.

THE best thing to say to make your ex jealous:

The ultimate goal: make your ex see you as THE man to date (again)

She made a firm decision. Or maybe it was you.

You want to make her regret the separation. Make her come back.

Either way, you can make her jealous.

Best of all:

By making her jealous, you’ll get her to see you as the guy to date.

To the point where she may even become obsessed with you.

It’s no longer her who’ll feel in a position of power but you.

If you say this line the right way, she’ll see you as the guy to chase.

how to make your ex girlfriend life miserable

To her, you won’t just be an ex.
But a special ex.

An ex that she’s going to have to work her ass off for.

Which will make you stand out, compared to all her exes (or guys who tried to sleep with her) who acted desperate with her.

And that’s precisely the purpose of this quote I’m going to share with you below: get her to see you as a guy who is anything but desperate.

How do you do that?

By getting her to see you as a guy who has options (more on this below).

To have the desired effect, this line must have a key ingredient:

An implicit phraseology.

What does it mean?

That you have to be vague.

You have to leave a shadow zone.

You have to leave room for interpretation, for your ex’s imagination.

Not only because it’s precisely what will allow her to start thinking about you non-stop (by asking herself a lot of questions about you)…

…but also because it assures you not to get caught.

The last thing you want is your ex feeling that you tell her this in the hope of making her jealous.

regret losing

Because if your ex feels that you are using this line intentionally, it will not have the desired effect.

On the contrary.


First of all, because it’ll make her see you as a manipulator.

Secondly, because she’ll see you as a desperate guy, ready to do anything to make her jealous.

You must avoid this at all costs.

Because instead of making your ex want to chase you, it will turn her off and make her run away.

With that in mind, let’s look at a concrete example.

THE best thing to say to make your ex girlfriend jealous:

Here it is (you’ll find other subtler variations of it further down):

“I met this girl, we get along pretty well”

Yes, it’s that simple: mention another woman you could be more interested in than your ex.

ex regret leaving

Many variations of this quote are possible.

Let me give you another example:

If your ex says, “This summer I visited that city,” you can reply (verbally or via text), “I had the opportunity to go there too, I recently met a girl who happens to live there.”

This can be enough to make her jealous.

But careful!

The key thing here is the way you say these words.

You must not say line in an overly enthusiastic way.

You must not sound like you are forcing things.

You shouldn’t sound like you’re mentioning this other girl with the goal to make her jealous.

Otherwise you risk coming across as a desperate guy, ready to do anything to get her back.

So make sure to remain detached.

How to make this sentence even more powerful:

To be sure to make your ex jealous with this quote, the best way is to proceed in a subtle way.

In stealth mode.

She must not realize that you are trying to make her jealous.

To do this?

The girl you mention must not be the main focus of your line.

It is best if she’s in the background, accessory.

Let me give you an example:

Your ex tells you, “I visited New York last month.”

You can tell her: “Oh yeah, I just met a girl who went there too. It’s a very animated city.”

The main focus here is New York. The girl mentioned is secondary.

She’s just there to complete your sentence.

That way, she’s getting jealous without thinking that you’ve told her this to make her jealous.

Other things you can say to make your ex jealous:

Let’s see some more variations of this quote.

“Did you visit the Metropolitan Museum? I’ve heard it’s worth it. An Italian girl I met last week visited it last month.”

In this example, the girl you mention is incidental. She simply complements the topic of conversation.

Another example:

Instead of saying “I met a super pretty girl,” say, for example:

“A pretty girl I just met recently saw this movie” while showing her the trailer on your phone.

The “super pretty” part is optional because it may get your ex to realize that you’re trying to make her jealous (so if you say it, make sure to say it in a calm, detached tone).

But again, if you’re not sure, the best you can do is going for the most subtle option.

That way, you take no unnecessary risk.

Instead, you may for instance say:

“There’s this woman from LA I just met who recently saw this movie, she told me it’s worth it.”

It all depends on the context. But remember this: you must not give the impression that you’re trying to prove something or impress your ex.

You should say your line in a nonchalant, detached way.

Another example:

Instead of saying, “I now sleep with women regularly”, say:

“A booty call did this to me last week.”

It could be, for instance, that she forgot to turn off the water.

This quote should come naturally in the flow of the conversation.

You don’t want to give your ex the impression that you’ve premeditated something.

You’re just having a conversation. It’s something that’s on your mind and you express it.

Just subtly prove to your ex that you have options.

That’s what will reawaken her desire and make her attracted to you again.

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