Signs She’s Cheating On You (23 Subtle Hints Most Men Miss)

How to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you?

What are the signs a woman is cheating on her boyfriend or husband?

warning signs your girlfriend is cheating

Your girlfriend (or wife) came home later than usual last night.

Usually, you don’t pay much attention to it. After all, it happens to you too.

But lately, her behavior has changed. She’s not the same.

She comes home late more often, or is more distant in your text conversations (in the case you don’t live together).

You start doubting her loyalty.

You imagine her in the arms of another man. You start to feel betrayed. It’s painful.

If it turns out that your girlfriend is cheating on you, then you need to take things in hands.

You need to potentially break off the relationship with her, or make sure it doesn’t happen again.

But first, you must be sure.

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To help you investigate, I’m going to share with you 23 common signs that your woman might be cheating on you.

Let’s go.

1. She claims to be visiting a friend of hers

Sure, this sign alone isn’t a very strong indicator of her cheating on you. But think about it for a second.

cheating girlfriend wearing new clothesWhat would you do if you were cheating on your girlfriend?

You might say something like, “I’m going to hangout with my buddy” or “I’m going to have a drink with some friends.”

Women use the same strategy.

She’ll find an excuse to leave and spend time with that other man.

2. She spends more time (discreetly) on her phone than usual

How to know if your girlfriend is cheating over text?

If your girlfriend or wife spends more time on her phone than usual, it can be seen as a sign.

But you need to know what exactly she’s doing on her phone.

Do you have a way to access her phone discreetly?

girlfriend cheats on phone

Do you ever see her move to another room to use her phone out of your sight?

This could be an additional sign that should tip you off.

She is hiding in order to contact her lover.

Observe her.

I’m not asking you to spy on her all the time, but if you think she’s hiding something use your observation skills.

Also, does she refuse to give you the password to her cell phone?

If so, this refusal is not to be taken lightly.

3. She doesn’t feel like having sex as much as she used to

Your girlfriend seems to have a low sex drive.

You touch her, you caress her.
She tells you that she doesn’t feel like making love, that she is tired.

You insist a little but it is the same answer.

body language and direct eye contact

If it happens just occasionally from time to time, no need to worry. But if it happens on regular basis, again and again, this might give rise to some questions.

4. She is less tactile with you

On a daily basis, your girlfriend is less cuddly.

She doesn’t run her hand through your hair as usual.
She doesn’t give you as many kisses as she used to.
She doesn’t snuggle up to you anymore.

At night, there’s some distance between you.

If you notice a significant change in her amount of cuddling, maybe her attention is elsewhere. That is, for another man.

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5. She’s demanding less of your attention

This sign is not to be taken lightly.

If your girlfriend stops asking for your attention, maybe it’s because she doesn’t need it (or no longer does).

She doesn’t need it because her needs are being met by another man.

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signs she's cheating with a particular person

When a woman asks for your attention, it means she needs your validation.

Specifically, she needs you to look at her, tell her how beautiful she is today, give her a hug…

If you deliberately ignore her and it doesn’t affect her at all, then you can take it as a sign that she’s potentially unfaithful.

6. She disappears for an extended period of time

Your girlfriend suddenly goes away for the weekend.

She tells you that she needs some time for herself.

You tell her you understand. “Love makes you blind” says Plato.

cheating woman she's busy

You trust her until doubt starts to creep in.

You don’t have many details about her little expedition.

It may be quite sincere on her part. But if you combine this sign with others in this article, you should wonder about his loyalty.

7. She doesn’t talk about your joint plans anymore

Your girlfriend used to talk about different projects (apartment, vacations, family gatherings, common purchases, trips…).

She suddenly doesn’t talk mention them anymore.

She doesn’t vibrate like she used to when thinking about your common future.

She seems to be talking more about her personal future rather than yours.

signs a girl is cheating on you

Try to talk about a common project. Gauge her reaction. Is she quick to avoid the subject?

If so, you may see this as a potential sign of adultery.

8. She’s irritable

If your girlfriend is easily irritated, getting more upset than usual, don’t take this sign lightly.

She may feel guilty about cheating on you.

In this case, her sensitivity is at its peak. She feels guilty. It makes her tense.

emotionally distant woman with mood swings

This is why she gets angry more often.

For example, you neglect to clear the table after the meal. Maybe she usually does. But this time, she complains that you’re not involved enough.

She becomes very emotional. These symptoms indicate that there is pressure on her mind.

9. Her showers are longer than usual

If your girlfriend is cheating on you, she may be trying to hide it from you.

If she has slept with another man, she will not want to leave any traces.

For this reason, she’ll take care to erase anything that could be a clue to her adultery.

One of her solutions is to wash her body and her intimate parts thoroughly.

This means more time in the bathroom and especially longer showers.

10. She has unusual marks on her body

How to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you?

Observe her body.

You may notice some unusual marks that are not from you.

Marks that suggest a passionate, bestial sexual act.

cheating girlfriend having a sexual relationship

When you ask her how she did this to herself, she tells you she hit herself in the gym.

It sounds hard to believe.

It looks more like marks of intense physical connection (like spanking or slapping).

This could be a sign of passion and therefore infidelity.

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11. She is gradually excluding you from her social circle

Your girlfriend insists to see her friends alone.

She doesn’t want you to come to the restaurant with her and her relatives.

If she’s cheating on you, it’s likely that she’s gradually putting distance between you and her network of friends and family.

12. She is gradually excluding herself from your social circle

Your girlfriend declines your mother’s invitation for Sunday lunch.

She used to join you.

She doesn’t want to come to your sister’s birthday party.

She came last year.

She doesn’t want to have lunch with your friends.

other suspicious behavior cheating girlfriend

All these behaviours may indicate that she wants to reduce her ties to your family and friends.

She’s trying to gradually detach herself. This may be a sign that she’s cheating on you.

13. She spends more time on her appearance than usual

If your girlfriend takes longer than usual to get ready before going out (without you), this can be a sign of infidelity.

She might be getting dolled up for someone other than you.

Pay attention to this.

That said, many women are always trying to look good and get attention.

So don’t torture your mind too much with this.

14. She has less time for you

Her Saturday was usually for you.

Her Tuesday night was dedicated to a restaurant, movie, dance bar…with you.

That is not the case anymore.

And it happened suddenly.

day to day life busy scheduleDo you find some time for the two of you to replace these activities that you used to do together?

If the answer is no, it’s a sign that her interest in you has waned.

It may also be a sign that you are being cheated on.

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15. She has a new passion

Your girlfriend admits that she loves tennis.

She’s developing a strong interest in a new musical instrument, a new sport…

Yet she has never expressed such an interest before.

You’re puzzled.

loyal girlfriend acts like new person

She may have developed an interest in her lover’s passion.

A sudden interest in a new field can thus be indicative of infidelity (especially if you combine this sign with the others in this article).

16. She is interested in your schedule

Your girlfriend asks you about your daily routine.

“What time will you be home?”, “What station are you getting off at?”, and so on.

If your girlfriend is asking these practical questions, she may be trying to plan a date with her lover.

I suspect she's cheatingShe doesn’t want you to catch her while she’s on the arm of another man. She simply does not want to be caught red-handed.

Pay attention to these questions. They can be an indicator of possible deception.

17. You spot unusual activity on her social media accounts

Go take a look at her Instagram (or Facebook) profile.

You may see public comments from strangers on her profile, such as “You’re beautiful” or “Gorgeous”.

This can be normal.

But maybe it’s time to check if one of these unknown profiles has slipped through the cracks (in other words, if they managed to get in touch with your girlfriend via her private messaging).

You might be in for an unpleasant surprise…

18. She refuses to make a video call with you (in case of a long distance relationship)

You’re in a long distance relationship. You don’t have the opportunity to physically see your partner.

The only way to see each other: video calls (Skype, FaceTime…).

If your girlfriend doesn’t want to make a video call, she might be hiding something.

she needs space is she cheatingMaybe it’s because she has cheated on you and feels guilty.

She’s uncomfortable showing herself to the camera.

Or worse: there is another man by her side.

If she refuses the call on a regular basis, then it’s possible that she’s cheating on you.

19. She doesn’t make her relationship with you official on social networks

Your girlfriend still has a “Single” status on her profile. Despite being in a relationship with you for several months.

This may be a sign that she’s not sure she wants to stay with you.

She may be leaving the door open for other partners.

If you add this sign to others on this list, then she may be unfaithful to you.

20. She no longer says “I love you.”

Your girlfriend used to tell you “I love you”.

She doesn’t say it anymore.

Maybe you don’t hear it at all.

When talking about love, actions speak louder than words: “There’s no such thing as love; only proof of love.” as the saying goes. But still.

If it used to be frequent and now it’s gone, you can take it as a sign of infidelity.

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21. She smells another man’s perfume

You come home at night. She’s there.

A strange male odor hangs in the hallway.
“Weird” you say to yourself.

You pick up her scarf hanging on the coat rack.

A new masculine smell has appeared on some of her clothes.

physical intimacy girlfriend cheatedThis could be a sign that a kissing has taken place.

Another man hugged her.

His scent would then have diffused onto your girlfriend’s clothes (or skin).

22. She calls you by another name

Your girlfriend or wife suddenly called you John instead of Mike?

You’re confused.

She’s quick to apologize. But the mistake is made.

It may be that a certain John is occupying her thoughts. It may even be her lover.

It could be a colleague, of course. But when this event occurs, it’s quite revealing.

It means that another man is occupying her thoughts.

And therefore your girlfriend or wife may be cheating on you.

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23. She has cheated on you in the past

Your girlfriend has cheated on you before.

You’ve forgiven her.

But note that if your girl has cheated on you in the past, she may do it again (especially if you haven’t adjusted your attitude).

should i ask my wife to see her phone

We reached the end of the list.

One important note:

Some of these signs taken individually should not make you panic. On the other hand an accumulation of them should cause you to be pretty suspicious.

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