My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Me: What Should I Do? (You Have 3 Options)

if she cheats must i let her goMy girlfriend is cheating on me

My wife is cheating on me

What should I do?

These may be the thoughts running through your mind right now…

They remind me of the weeks that followed the day when I learned that my now-ex-girlfriend had been cheating on me.

You’ll agree with me when I say that it’s not the best emotional state you can be in.

But how to do deal with infidelity?

That’s what we’re going to learn in this article.

I decided to write this article in response to a question that asked by a reader of RTS.

Here is his question:

“Hi Jack,

Thank you so much for your posts that have helped me a lot to become more solid with women and in my life. I have question:

How should a man react when he finds out that his girlfriend has been cheating on him?”

A common question, unfortunately.

What should I do in case my girlfriend is cheating on me?

How must I react?

First and foremost, ask yourself why she might be cheating on you:

Here, a distinction should be made between two cases.

So that you can identify what case matches your situation, I’m going to ask you to honestly answer the questions below.

Because depending on the answers to these questions, your situation will either match case A or case B.


Case A: Do you get the feeling that she’s bored?

Have you got to a point in your relationship where you are always there for her?

Always catering to her every whim?

Do you easily get jealous when other guys are talking to her?

Are you afraid to lose her?

Does she feel that?

In other words, does she have total control over the relationship?

Case B: Do you make her suffer too much?

my girlfriend is cheating on me but i love herHave you got to a point in your relationship where you don’t really pay attention to her like you used to do before?

Have you got to a point where you ignore her a little too much?

Have you got to a point where you’re cheating on her?

Have you got to a point where it’s her who’s always jealous, who’s going crazy when you hang out with your buddies?

Have you got to a point where she blames you for not being caring enough? For not being romantic enough?

In other words, do YOU have total control over the relationship?

• If you find yourself in case A:

If she’s being unfaithful, it’s probably because she’s bored.

She’s not having fun with you (anymore).

She doesn’t feel excitement.

You may be smothering her a bit too much.

You may be on her back all the time.

You may tend to be too jealous.

You may act like a beta male too often.

She doesn’t find enough solidity in you.

She doesn’t feel enough masculinity.

signs your GF is cheating on youWomen are hardwired in a way that they are attracted to dominant males. To alpha males.

Even if they find those males too stupid, too brutal, too mean, and so on.

They don’t choose who they are attracted to.

They are programmed to be attracted to a certain type of men.

They are programmed to be turned on by a certain type of behavior.

And if she’s not finding this in you, she’s going to start looking to other men. More dominant men.

Because nature abhors a vacuum.

And if you don’t make her feel your masculinity, she’s going to let other men make her feel theirs.

And naturally, she’s going to cheat on you.

Or she won’t, but she will be frustrated and your relationship will deteriorate.

If your girlfriend or wife is cheating on you, it’s because she needs to feel some sexual tension.

She needs to feel sexual attraction.

She needs to feel attracted to you.

The good news is that if she’s still with you, it means that she probably loves you.

Otherwise, she would have left you.

my girlfriend is cheating what should i do

Before explaining to you how you can fix this and make her faithful again, there’s something I must tell you…

It’s better if you leave her and start something fresh with someone new.

It’s better if you start a new relationship from the ground up, where you won’t screw things up.

Because now that she has cheated on you, you’re cucked by definition.

I know it sounds harsh, but it’s a fact.

You know it and it might affect you and your relationship with this woman.

You’ll constantly have it in your head that she cheated on you.

That being said, you can stay with this girl and make her faithful by changing how you behave toward her.

To fix this and make her faithful, you should act and behave in a way that will turn her on and make her attracted to you.

You must make her want to chase you. So that she doesn’t even think about looking to other men.

To do so, you’re going to generate fear aversion. By being more hard to get. By not catering to her every whim.

You’re going to play the same game as she’s playing now by hanging out with other girls, by devoting more time to your social life, by being more distant with her, by not answering her messages right away, and so on.

This way, she’ll understand that in the end, she can’t take you for granted and that she’ll have to fight in order to keep you.

But the most important (and what is going to make fear aversion even more intense) thing is to change your attitude and your mindset.

You must behave not like a beta male, but more like an alpha male.

Not like a pussy, but like a dominant man.

You must take the lead.

You must do what it takes to improve YOUR life. Every aspect of it: business (make money), health (build a strong body), intellect (learn new things), and so on.

Your mindset and your attitude are connected.

If you think like an alpha male, you will behave like an alpha male.

You will display dominant traits.

You will talk in a more dominant way.

You will move in a more dominant way.

And so on.

That’s how you’ll make your girlfriend or your wife addicted to you.

Let’s now talk about the other case…

Case B.

• If you find yourself in case B:

If you find yourself in case B, it might not be a desire-related issue.

She might cheat on you out of revenge.

You make her suffer. And since she feels psychologically mistreated, she tells herself that she can do the same to you.

“If he’s cheating on me, then I’m going to cheat on him.”

If infidelity is deserved, you can’t really react negatively to that.

When you’re in this situation, in order to fix things, you just need to get your shit together, or make sure that it less affects your girlfriend.

• The third option: none of these situations sound familiar to you?

my girlfriend is cheating on me and i like itIf you don’t find yourself in case A or case B, perhaps your girlfriend is not fit to be in a relationship (at least not right now).

Maybe she just wants to have fun (at least that’s what she thinks).

Maybe she just got out of a long relationship and she’s not ready to settle down right now.

At that point, it’s not your fault, so your best option might be to leave her.

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