How to Be Dominant in Life (24 Traits to Possess to Become a Real Alpha)

If you’re wondering how to be dominant as a man, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to learn 24 powerful ways to become more dominant.

how to be dominant man

Knowing these 24 traits of the alpha male will help you move in the right direction.

You’ll learn the things you have to work on in order to become a more solid guy.

And in the end, you’ll feel more powerful, more confident, and more serene.

Men will respect you and women will be attracted to you.

Not to mention the positive impact it will have on all the other areas of your life.

Without further ado, let’s start with the first trait of the dominant male:

1. To be dominant, know yourself:

If you wonder how to be dominant as a man, start by knowing yourself.

The alpha male knows himself.

He knows who he is.

He has a system of values which serves as a foundation that allows him to move in the right direction.

He doesn’t deviate from his system of values; instead, he takes action in order to be in tune with it.

He does what he thinks is right for him and his tribe.

Even when he seems to be the only one thinking what he thinks, he copes. Because he knows that the way he sees things is fair and just.

This is what allows him to move forward while remaining a man of integrity, preserving his identity and his strength.

The dominant man knows himself.

He is aware of his strengths and his weaknesses. That’s what allows him to act in the best way possible, regardless of the situation.

2. The dominant male controls his emotions:

The alpha male is no slave to his emotions.

He’s able to put things into perspective without letting himself become trapped by his feelings.

He stays serene when the storm hits.

Unlike all those weak guys who have no control over their emotions, the alpha male slows things down and appeals to his sense of reason.

The dominant man is fully aware that he has to think logically and rationally.

That’s what allows him to make the right decisions.

how to be dominant in life

The beta male, on the other hand, finds it much more difficult to handle emotions.

He has a harder time thinking rationally and not letting his emotions take over.

His lack of emotional control leads him to vacillate at the slightest external disturbance.

The dominant male is able to remain calm and peaceful when the storm hits.

He is able to remain serene and not panic.

He is like a rock.

And thus he is seen as a man with whom one should be.

He is considered reliable and dependable.

3. The dominant male is not afraid to speak his mind:

The alpha male isn’t afraid he might offend or displease others.

He doesn’t look for external validation.

He takes responsibility for his words.

Conversely, the weak guy doesn’t dare say what he thinks. Instead, he will hide out of fear that he might be called out and rebuked.

The weak guy will do everything he can to please, even going as far as denying his values and convictions.

That’s what makes him unattractive.

That’s also one of the reasons others often treat him like a doormat.

As you have understand, this is not the case with the dominant male, who remains himself even when others find him offensive.

That’s what makes him attractive.

That’s what make people respect him.

You might not agree with him, you might believe that he goes too far, but you can respect him for his authenticity and audacity.

The dominant male displeases but attracts, while the weak guy pleases but leaves people unmoved.

4. The dominant male doesn’t try to be friends with everybody:

When you try to appeal to everyone, you quickly become flat and boring.

What you need to understand is that since there will always be disagreements between people, if you want to appeal to everybody, you’ll have to behave in a way that doesn’t offend anybody, meaning you will believe in a way that doesn’t inspire anyone either.

You’re going to adopt an attitude that is dull and boring, and that doesn’t really appeal to anybody.

If your priority is to be friends with everyone, you’ll find it hard to be a strong and charismatic leader.

The dominant takes action while remaining in tune with his goals and his system of values.

That leads him to make some decisions that are not always universally cheered.

5. The dominant man has the ability to say no:

The dominant isn’t afraid of saying no.

He isn’t afraid of setting boundaries.

The weak guy, on the other hand, is afraid of the consequences of saying no.

You can become more dominant today by practicing saying no.

It trains you to not let people push you around.

how to be dominant in text

Now, the goal isn’t to say no just to say no, like a teenager being bratty.

The goal isn’t to seek dispute and conflict for their own sake.

The rule here is to refuse to accept the unacceptable.

The dominant man doesn’t let others subdue him, especially when doing so would be against his interests.

6. The dominant man isn’t afraid to express his desires:

Especially with women.

When he finds a woman sexually attractive, he isn’t afraid to tell her.

He isn’t ashamed to express his desires.

Quite the opposite of the weak man, who will do everything he can to hide his interest when he interacts with a woman he likes.

The dominant man isn’t afraid to be sexually suggestive and proactive.

It’s one of the things that makes him so attractive.

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In other words, how to dominate women to make them wet with desire.

And NOT just in bed: you’re going to implement these small actions in other contexts and environments, be it after an approach, on a date, at a party, in your everyday life with your girlfriend or wife (or with your ex), and more… so that the woman you like sees you as a powerful dominant male who is able to satisfy her deepest desires and take her to seventh heaven.

...which is what is going to make her want to sleep with you…and even chase you.

Women get turned on by his strong and vigorous demeanor.

So, when you interact with a woman you like—especially when you’ve just met her—grow a pair and shamelessly express the fact that you find her sexually attractive…

…while remaining dominant and solid (that’s the key).

7. The dominant man controls his body language:

The dominant man controls his movements.

His body language is relaxed and serene.

Just by observing the way he moves his body, you can sense that he’s solid.

He’s calm, he’s relaxed.

He moves his body in a conscious and controlled way.

how to be dominant to a sub

The weak guy, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have any control over his movements.

As you’ve probably noticed, beta males have a tendency to move in a stressed and nervous way.

They often make jerky and uncontrolled movements.

You can feel stress and tension in the way they move their bodies or stand.

You can feel they’re not at peace.

You can feel they’re not relaxed.

Those jerky and uncontrolled movements are nervous reactions to external disturbances.

It reflects the fact that they don’t fully control the situation.

The dominant man, on the other hand, consciously controls his movements.

He has the situation in hand.

He has control over his body.

8. The dominant man occupies space:

The dominant man doesn’t hesitate to occupy space.

He is present.

He naturally takes place.

This means:

  • He stands tall.
  • He adopts open body language (he opens his chest and puts his shoulders back).
  • He assumes a wide stance so that his balls can fully breath.

This posture is an indicator of his high status.

9. The dominant man walks like he’s the boss:

The dominant man walks relatively slowly, but with robust steps.

His way of walking exudes confidence and solidity.

You can feel that he’s the boss.

The weak guy, on the other hand, often walks too fast and with light steps, like a frightened little gazelle.

You see the difference?

The alpha male knows that his way of walking reflects his status. And he uses it to his advantage.

10. The dominant man has a serene look:

The dominant has a controlled and serene look.

His face is relaxed. There is no tension in it.

Therefore, you can sense he has everything under control.

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You can feel his confidence and serenity.

He isn’t afraid to stare at someone for a long time when talking to them.

His interlocutors immediately feel that they’re talking to a strong and powerful man who is in control of the situation.

The weak guy, on the other hand, has a stressed and scared look.

There is tension in his face.

He has shifty eyes.

You can sense he’s stressed.

You can sense he’s not at peace.

He’s afraid to look others in the eye. As a result, his interlocutors can feel his frailty. They can feel that they’re not dealing with a solid guy.

The dominant man, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to look others in the eye. He doesn’t look ashamed when he is caught staring at someone else.

11. The dominant man speaks with a calm and relaxed voice:

The dominant man controls his voice.

His voice is fluid.

He takes time to deliver his words.

He speaks in a relaxed and calm way, without tension in his voice.

His voice is deep. It comes from his belly.

The weak guy, on the other hand, speaks with a stressed and jerky voice.

He struggles to control his flow and his pitch.

He speaks with a weak voice that lacks depth.

And he talks too fast for fear of being interrupted and not being able to deliver his message.

As a result, his words awkwardly overlap.

And since he is stressed, you can feel tension in his voice.

You can feel he’s panicking.

It reinforces his counterparts’ sense that he is a weak guy.

As you have understood, this is not the case with the dominant man, who speaks with a calm, slow, tension-free voice.

how to be dominant at work

You can feel that he is in control.

You can feel that he is confident.

And that leads his counterparts to feel less confident.

12. When the dominant man has something to say, he says it:

We just learned that the dominant man speaks in a calm and relaxed way, but that doesn’t mean that he never raises his voice.

When the dominant man speaks, he is heard.

He talks loud enough to not only be heard by everyone, but also because he believes in what he’s saying. He knows his shit.

And when he has something to say, he says it.

He knows the value of words.

He doesn’t speak simply to hear the sound of his voice; he speaks when he has something important to say.

He’s not all talk.

13. The dominant man has a strong body:

The dominant man is physically strong.

He is robust.

His physical condition allows him to properly deal with rivals and aggressors.

His body condition is strong. It allows him to command respect more easily and naturally.

having power and influence over others

The weak guy, on the other hand, has…a weak body.

His physical condition makes him a target of choice for predators, who would rather attack him than risk messing with a strong and powerful alpha male.

The dominant man is aware of that and that’s why he takes action in order to solidify his body even more.

He doesn’t let himself go.

14. The dominant man is protective:

The dominant man protects his tribe and his females.

Whenever there is a conflict, he rises and defends the members of his group.

That’s what makes him a respected and admired man.

The members of his group know they can rely on him.

They know that he’ll always be there to protect them.

This is the opposite of the weak guy…who is unable to protect his relatives and who would rather avoid conflicts.

That brings us to the next point…

15. The dominant man is combat-ready:

The dominant man is not quarrelsome, but he’s ready to fight if it’s necessary.

how to be dominant personalityHe doesn’t look for trouble, but if he finds himself in a conflict, he’ll do everything he can to put an end to it and emerge victorious.

The dominant man is not the impulsive guy screwing around at every corner.

But if things come up that make it necessary for him to fight, he’ll fight.

It is important to be prepared if things go wrong.

And to be ready to give your all in case of conflict.

16. The dominant man has a goal:

This is a crucial aspect of the dominant man.

Unlike all those beta males who wander aimlessly, the dominant man has a direction.

Unlike all those beta males who constantly try to find themselves, the dominant man builds himself up by taking action.

Every day, he makes progress toward his goal.

Every day, he adds a stone to the building.

This fire in his stomach makes him extremely attractive.

Others take notice.

It commands respect and admiration.

17. The dominant man is active:

Again, the dominant man takes action.

He reaches his goals by any means necessary.

Unlike weak guys, he doesn’t wait for opportunities to fall into his lap.

He doesn’t let laziness prevent him from moving toward his goals.

If he’s tired or his motivation starts to fak, the dominant man is able to find the resources to take action.

The weak guy, on the other hand, is passive and just lies on his back waiting for things to happen. He just hopes for the best without ever taking action to get things moving.

18. The dominant man leads:

The dominant man is a leader.


He doesn’t lead for the sole purpose of leading.

He doesn’t lead in order to look more attractive or charismatic.

He leads because it’s necessary.

He leads because it’s what the members of his group need.

He naturally takes the lead whenever the situation requires.

He takes the lead whenever it’s necessary.

He is proactive and takes the initiative to solve issues or accomplish goals.

19. The dominant man isn’t easily diverted from his purpose:

Whether it is a short-term goal or a long-term one, the dominant man doesn’t let himself be diverted from it.

He isn’t easily distracted.

When he sets a goal, he does what he has to do to reach it.

how to be more dominant man

He doesn’t let himself be distracted from achieving his goal.

The alpha male analyses the obstacles standing between him and his goals, then takes action in order to destroy them so that he can keep pushing forward.

This is the exact opposite of the weak guy, who is easily diverted from his goals by other people, various temptations, or by any other obstacles standing between him and what he wants.

The weak guy would rather avoid difficulties and give up.

He chooses to resign himself to his fate rather than risking confrontations or putting in effort.

As a result, he seldom gets what he wants.

20. The dominant man takes risks:

Unlike the weak guy, the dominant man isn’t afraid to take risks.

He isn’t afraid of conflict.

He is aware that sometimes one cannot avoid conflict if one is to survive or create a better world for one’s tribe.

From time to time, he will have to take risks to neutralize enemies or obstacles.

21. The dominant man doesn’t let fear paralyze him:

In case of danger, the dominant man may feel some stress, but this also gets his adrenaline pumping.

When he feels this excitement, he transforms it into positive energy or aggressiveness, which allows him to neutralize his attacker or any other obstacle.

He doesn’t let this slight feeling of stress turn into fear and paralyze him.

Instead, he welcomes it and makes a powerful ally out of it.

And even if he were to be caught off-guard by fear, he wouldn’t let it paralyze him.

The dominant man is able to force himself into action.

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He is able to get a grip on himself.

He is able to take action in spite of his fear.

He is able to overstep his bounds.

The weak guy, on the other hand, dreads this slight rush of adrenaline and starts to panic when it shows up.

He lets this excitement turn into incapacitating fear, preventing him from taking action.

22. The dominant man persists despite difficulty:

The dominant man doesn’t let himself be discouraged by difficulties.

He is aware that difficulty is part of the game and that in many cases it’s impossible to avoid it.

The weak guy, on the other hand, gives up easily…as soon as things get a little bit difficult.

And let’s not even talk about failure…

The weak guy is afraid of failure.

He’s so afraid of it that he chooses to not even try.

As you might guess, this is not the case with the dominant man, who chooses to push forward despite failure.

He is aware that failure is part of the game.

And in case of failure, he gets back on his feet and keeps pushing forward.

He has the will to win.

23. The dominant man is generous:

The dominant man takes care of his tribe.

He shows generosity by sharing accumulated resources with his fellows.

That’s one of the reasons people follow and support him.

He is a solid and caring man, who puts the good of his community ahead of his personal comfort.

how to be dominant in a conversation

He is a provider.

He brings value to his community instead of leeching off it.

24. The dominant man shows the way:

The dominant man doesn’t tell others how to behave or how to act, he shows them.

He shows them by his actions.

He sets an example.

He lives in the way he considers to be the best.

And everyone—men and women alike—want to be at his side.

He galvanizes others to action by his ideas, his vision of the world and the future, or his dreams.

To be more dominant, copy these attributes.

Incorporate these attributes into your behavior and you will become a dominant man.

You’ll become more and more like the dominant man that so many men want to be.

This will have a significant impact on most aspects of your life.

[BONUS] How to be more dominant in bed:

A lot of guys get it wrong when it comes to having sex with a girl:

They treat women like angels…as if they’re innocent creatures.

And after that, they wonder why they struggle to please women in bed.

They wonder why they can’t make them wet and sweep them off their feet.

My advice to these guys: be more dominant in bed.

That’s precisely what we’re going to talk about right now.

Understand this:

To be dominant with a woman in bed, don’t make love to her: fuck her.

You must be strong and act like a man.

If you play it soft during the whole sex act, you’ll look soft and you’ll leave her dissatisfied.

Women want sex. They want hard and wild sex. No matter what some people might claim.

To be dominant as a man in bed, don’t hesitate to fuck her hard.

Don’t hesitate to treat her like a bitch.

how to be dominant man in the bedroom

Don’t hesitate to talk dirty, to spank her, to pull her hair, to firmly grab her body parts, and so on.

Try this and see how it arouses her.

It may seem kind of harsh, but that’s how it works.

Of course you shouldn’t do it in a way that is going to hurt them, but simply be firm enough so that they feel that you can be dominant.

That’s the way you’ll make her feel who is in charge.

That’s the way she’ll be able to feel your masculinity and be completely into you.

When you satisfy a girl in bed, she’s going to want to see you again.

She’s going to want to be fucked by you again and again.

Conversely, she won’t be interested in this guy who treats her like a little angel and who is afraid to act as a man and dominate her.

So make sure to kind of mistreat women in bed sometimes.

You’ll notice how it arouses them.

You’ll also notice that some women love being spanked or having their hair pulled, and that every girl love to be more or less mistreated during sex.

It makes them really horny.

It allows them to reveal the bad girl inside them.

[BONUS] How to be dominant in a relationship:

Being dominant in a relationship can help you (a lot) make your girlfriend attracted and fall in love with you (for lack of a better term).

Right now, I’m going to give you some powerful tips you can put into action to appear more dominant (and to be more dominant) with your girlfriend or your wife.

So if you wonder how to be more dominant in a relationship, stay tuned.

Let’s go:

• Don’t look for validation from your girl:

To be dominant in a relationship, you should never look for validation from your girlfriend or wife.

Because if you do this, you’re going to convey that you need her affection.

You’re going to look needy (and not only look, you’ll actually be needy).

Not only does this kind of attitude makes you look weak (and thus absolutely not dominant), but it also makes women run away.

Being dominant in a relationship starts with not putting your girl on a pedestal.

Consider yourself as having greater (or at least equal) value to hers. Otherwise, the game is already lost.

• To be dominant in a relationship, always be leading:

To be dominant in your relationship, be in charge.

Your ability to lead is key.

Women are attracted to men they can just give in to.

They love when their man controls the situation.

It is your job to direct things, to escalate, and take the interaction to the next level.

• Don’t ask:

If you want to kiss her, to establish physical contact, to ask her a bold question…don’t ask for permission.

Just do it.

Again, the dominant man takes action.

If you always ask permission to your girl for every single thing you do, you’ll look weak (besides feeling like shit).

Instead of asking for permission, just take action, or…

• Give her orders:

Giving a girl orders is a simple and effective way to appear dominant.

Instead of asking her a question or a request, just give her an order.

You can do this in a lot of situations: you can command her to sit (or to stand), to give you something, to answer your questions, to change position during sex, and so on.

Basically, you’ll be asking for the same thing, but in a much more dominant way.

For some girls, that’s a real turn-on.

• Make it a habit to look your girl right in the eyes when you talk to her:

Look your girl right in the eyes when talking to her.

Or more specifically, right in the eye. Because if you keep switching between the left eye and the right eye, you’ll look a bit nervous.

Choose an eye (her right eye or her left eye), then stare at it (when you talk to her).

By looking the girl right in the eye when you talk to her, you’ll appear dominant and solid (you also feel more dominant and solid).

• Don’t be hesitant:

Women want a man who knows what he wants.

Not a man who is constantly unsure and always questioning himself.

To be dominant in a relationship, don’t be this weak guy who is afraid to take action.

Don’t be this weak guy who is constantly doing things halfway.

When you say something to your girl, say it without hesitation.

When you say to a girl that you would like to see her again on a date, say it with conviction, without your voice going up in pitch like you would when asking a question.

When entering into a bar or a restaurant with your girl, don’t be hesitant when choosing a place to sit. Find a table, walk toward it, and sit down.

• Be unshakable:

Some women will frequently test your solidity with shit tests or various attempt to knock you off balance.

It’s only natural.

They do that either to test you or to look less easy.

Some girls will do that to see if they can easily control you.

Don’t play their game.

Be unshakable.

Don’t let these shit tests affect you.

By being unshakable, you’ll be much more dominant in your relationships and interactions with women.

• Show persistence:

Showing persistence is crucial if you want to be dominant in a relationship.

Some women you’ll interact with will deliberately reject you, either to test you or to not look too easy (to protect their reputations).

Often a girl will reject you initially only to let herself be kissed (and more) afterward.

Most of the time she’ll do that to ease her conscience and raise her value.

That’s why you should always persist before considering that a girl is not interested.

how to be dominant man in relationshipSome girls will reject you several times before giving in to you.

The key here is not letting yourself be affected by those rejections.

Show emotional stability and keep a masculine and playful attitude.

Women will find you much more dominant and attractive.

This is a turn-on for a lot of women.

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Stay solid,

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