How To Approach A Girl At A Party (Without Getting Rejected)

If you’re wondering how to approach a girl at a party, or what to say to a girl in a club to spark her interest, the answer might surprise you.

how to talk to girls at parties real life social gatherings

Because the most effective approach is also the most counterintuitive.

And that’s precisely why this approach works so well.

This kind of approach is easy to master, but very few guys think about it when they wonder how to talks to girls at parties.

I’ll tell you all about it in this article.

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Let’s dive in.

How to approach a girl at a party: the approach that works

First thing first:


The last thing you want when you approach a girl at a party is to come across as a needy guy.

You don’t want to be seen as a desperate guy, who is only there in the hope of getting laid.

For this reason, play it cool.

Don’t jump like a hungry dog on everything that moves.

Start by having a good time with your friends, without paying attention to the people around.

That’s how the women around will see you as a cool guy, who just came here enjoy with her friends.

This will immediately make you much more attractive in the eyes of women than all those needy guys who ostentatiously check out the girls at the party.

That being said…

Don’t fall into the trap of taking too long to approach either.

Especially if you made eye contact with a girl you find attractive.

Because in that case you could be seen as a weak beta male who’s afraid to go and talk to her.

And another guy could approach her and pick her up instead of you, which could be quite frustrating (I know what I’m talking about, it happened to me several times).

So when you get the chance…:

Approach her without headaches.

To approach a girl at a party, indirect game is the way to go.

That is to say an approach where you don’t directly express your interest for the girl.

So no direct approach like those you could use to approach a girl on the move in the street.

In a house party or in a bar or club, you’ll meet the girl again and again, so take it easy. Nice and slow.

And on top of that, she’ll probably be accompanied by her friends, whom you’ll probably approach at the same time as her.

approach women with common interest and numbers gameSo it’s best to go for a relaxed approach, where the girl can’t really reject you.

The simpler the better.

That’s how you make sure the girl doesn’t see you as a creepy guy who has memorized a sophisticated pick up line.

Your pick up line can be as simple as: “Hi, are you guys having a good time?”

Or: “Hi, what are you drinking? Looks delicious.”

Or: “Hi, are you from <name of the city you’re in>?”

But your opening line isn’t the most important thing here:

What will largely determine the success of your approach is the way you deliver it.

It’s how you say it.

The key is to say it in a way that makes the girl perceive you as a confident and successful guy who has plenty of options with women.

And therefore doesn’t need her.

And who talks to her just to pass the time, or out of curiosity, but without being attached to the outcome of the interaction (unlike all the needy guys who approach her to try desperately to get laid).

To this end, you’re going to deliver your words in a detached, almost blasé way.
By speaking relatively slowly.
With a relaxed body language.

In short, by adopting the attitude of a guy who has nothing to prove.

Just the opposite of the over-enthusiastic guys who get way too excited at the idea of talking to a girl like her.

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Advanced Tip:

Avoid having to walk across the entire room to get to her, as your approach would look far too calculated (like a missile heading straight for its target, or a predator charging at its prey to devour it).

Instead, approach her when she’s near you, or in your path.

Your approach must feel spontaneous (remember: you’re not here to hit on girls, but just to have a good time).

How to approach girls at parties: what is the limit?

When it comes to approaching girls at parties, guys tend to think that if their approach doesn’t work as expected, it’s game over.

And so they quickly give up if they see the girl isn’t that responsive.

And that’s a pity.


At a party, it’s like in a video game, you kind of have multiple lives.

In many cases, all you need is to persist.

99% of guys give up at the first sign of rejection.

good personality low risk daily lives

At a party, making a strong connection with a solicited girl can sometimes be a long process.

When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time on a game you probably know: World Of Warcraft (WOW).

It’s a game in which there are missions to do in teams (with your “guild”), including difficult missions that take place in “dungeons”. In each of these “dungeons” there were very resistant bosses you have to kill.

In some of these dungeons, it took several minutes to kill a boss even with 40 players against it.

The boss would hit so hard that it would kill a character in 2 or 3 hits… but the healers in the group made sure that didn’t happen. And they kept on casting healing spells.

Some players would eventually get killed by the boss, but they were resurrected thanks to special powers that some members of our group had.

It was hard, but in the end, with persistence and confidence in our game, we’d succeed. Eventually the monster would run out of life and fall under our constant fire.

With a pretty girl it a party, it works the same:

If you persist and don’t give up at the first hurdle, you can go much further than you think.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, but in the video game they can heal you or resurrect you, here it’s different.”

What if I told you that you could regain HPs (Hit Points)? In other words, not see your attractiveness drop in the eyes of the girl, and even make it skyrocket?

Women like persistent men.

If she doesn’t reject you categorically, you must persist.

This is the first way to stand out from the crowd.

By letting her see that rejection doesn’t affect you, you impress her.

You can also regain HPs by using jealousy, in order to get the girl to say to herself: “If all these girls are hanging around him, there must be a reason, maybe I should have talked to him more…”

You go talk to other girls by making sure she sees you doing so, then you come back, as if nothing happened.

most important part conversation skills and making eye contact big deal

Persistence + Jealousy. That’s how you heal yourself and get back on the attack.

At a party, you can approach the same girl up to 4 times or so (sometimes less, sometimes much more). After a few attempts, you’ll notice that her barriers will start to break down, as you’ll have broken the ice and built enough attraction to make her want to know you.

The key is not making attraction-killing mistakes.

As long as you don’t, you can create as many lives as you want with your ability to persist and use your environment to arouse her desire and curiosity.

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