How To Make A Girl Laugh Over Text: What You Need To Understand (+ 3 Powerful Tips)

In order to make a girl laugh over text in an attractive way, there are a couple of traps you should avoid…

As well as some good practices that make things easier.

And in this article, you’re going to learn what to do to make a girl laugh over text without being seen as a clown or as a needy guy.

flirty text messages for herPerhaps there’s this girl you find attractive…

This girl who gave you her phone number…

Maybe you sent each other a few texts, but it didn’t go very far…

You felt that something was missing…

You felt that there wasn’t this positive vibe that is so important when interacting with a girl

The exchange was lacking fun and reciprocity…

That’s why you might like to learn a few tips to get this girl to smile over your texts, so that you can give the interaction a good dose of positive energy.

Or maybe you just haven’t sent any texts to the girl yet and you would like to learn some tips before you start.

Many men wonder how to make a woman laugh over text, but few manage to do it the right way (that is to say, in a way that will turn her on).

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In order to make a girl laugh over text, you need to understand this:

When you send a SMS to a girl, your message solely consists of text.

It’s not like a real conversation (i.e. a face-to-face conversation), where the message you send to the girl has multiple components: your facial expression, the tone you use, the way you stand, how you move your body…and, to a limited extent, the words in themselves.

And hold on:

In a real face-to-face interaction, the words you use actually account for less than 10 percent of your message.

The biggest part of your message (more than 90 percent) is non-verbal: it is delivered by the tone of your voice, the speed at which you’re talking, your look, your gesture, your posture…

This is something that those who effectively handle humour in real interactions clearly understand.

To get a girl to laugh in a real face-to-face conversation, non-verbal communication is key:

This is how you get the girl to understand that you’re playing with her.

This is how you get the girl to understand that you’re joking.

This is how you get the girl to understand that you’re teasing her.

how to make a girl laugh over textWhen you know how to handle non-verbal signals, it’s easy to use humour in a real face-to-face interaction.

With a low risk of screwing things up, since you can easily see if the girl understood what you meant.

And you can correct things accordingly, simply by adjusting your facial expression.

This is not the case in an conversation consisting only of text.

When you send a text, your message is purely textual.

Purely “verbal.”

Containing only words (that account for only 10 percent of the message you actually communicate in a real conversation).

Meaning that you don’t have the other 90 percent that allow you to easily transmit a good vibe at the right time, and so to deliver your message in an effective way.

That is the reason why you should be careful when planning to use humour in a text exchange, in order to avoid any bad misinterpretations.

Because of this, I’m going to share with you three simple and effective ways to use humour in a text exchange:

The first way to make a girl smile over text is to use smiley faces:

Smiley faces are a very useful way to add an additional dimension to your text.

This additional dimension can be seen as a non-verbal dimension, since these smiley faces replicate a facial expression:

  • a smile 🙂
  • a wink 😉
  • laugh 😀
  • sadness or discontent 🙁
  • surprise or astonishment 😮
  • embarrassment :s

You’re mostly going to use the first two: the smile 🙂 and the wink 😉.

Those smilies are those which best replicate the facial expressions that you would adopt in a real face-to-face interaction when using humour to flirt with her.

You can optionally use the third smiley face :D, but I rarely use it since it conveys a bit too much energy (you don’t want to behave in an overly excited or crazy way, it’s best to stay a bit relaxed).

Smilies are a great way to add an emotional color to your words.
The girl can easily understand that you’re playing with her.

So the first way to use humour in a text is to do it the same way you would in a real face-to-face conversation, but by using smiley faces instead of your real face.

But be careful: smilies are not always enough to convey the right emotions.

They don’t always lead a girl to the right interpretation of your words.

So make sure that the girl will be able to interpret your text the right way.

sweet texts to make her smile

And don’t overuse smilies.

One or two in a text is enough.

More and you run the risk of being seen as immature, like an over-excited teenager or a needy guy way too invested in the interaction.

The second way to make a girl laugh over text is to make private jokes:

A private joke is like a funny story your share with the girl.

No one besides you and the girl (and eventually a few other people from your entourage) can understand this joke.

This funny story is often linked to a situation both of you experienced together or a past discussion you had.

For instance, if once you joked about the fact that she has a bad habit of always breaking glasses when washing dishes after a party, you can easily use humour on this subject without risking a bad interpretation:

“Tell me you didn’t break all your glasses after this turbulent party”

Or rather:

“Tell me you didn’t break all your glasses after this turbulent party :)”

Notice how the use of a smiley face changes the emotional color of the message.

cute text for her

The third way to use humour in a text is to use classic jokes:

Classic jokes can be useful to make a girl laugh over text.

Jokes that aren’t too heavy and that get the girl to see you as a sophisticated (but not too sophisticated) and witty guy.

Keep in mind that you must calibrate your jokes depending on the girl you interact with.

And don’t overdo it.

One joke is enough. Two max.

Unless you want to look like a clown and destroy the sexual tension that exists between you and the girl.

Your goal when texting a girl you like?

Let me remind you what really matters here:

If you got the number of this girl, it’s to see her again in real life.

You didn’t take her phone number to have endless virtual chat sessions with her.

You must restrain the text exchange and remember that your goal is to invite the girl to a date (after putting her at ease through effective texting).

Texting should only be used as a means to see the girl in real life.

And eventually as a means to stay in touch with her and being always present in her mind (for instance, if you can’t see her—physically—during an extended period of time).

Don’t build a virtual relationship with a girl by engaging in endless text conversations

Use texting to see her in real life.

Because it’s in real life that you’ll be able to have really exciting conversations with her.

It’s in real life that you’ll be able to take the interaction to something more sexual (as far as I know, remote sexual intercourse hasn’t been invented yet).

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