How To Get Women To Chase You [17 Psychological Tricks]

How to get women to chase you?

few tips make women chase

Women love to be pursued, but sometimes the best way to attract their attention is to make them do the chasing.

While traditional pickup strategies are often common knowledge, there are several psychological tricks you can use to make a woman pursue you.

From challenging her to gently pushing her away, we have got all the tricks lined up for you.

But beware, don’t use them too soon, as you don’t want to risk scaring her away.

Instead, be strategic and know when to use a particular trick.

With them at your disposal, you’re sure to make her go head over heels for you.

These powerful tricks, if used correctly, will set you apart from the rest.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Stop chasing her

Chasing a woman is something most men do without second-guessing themselves, believing that it will make her like them more.

However, it rarely works and can actually have a negative impact on your chances.

If you keep chasing a woman, she will eventually become aware of your intentions and stop respecting you. She’s likely to see you as desperate and a potential stalker, causing her to back away and become scared of you.

make a girl chase to avoid friend zone

So, if you want a woman to chase you, stop chasing her.

You have to show her that you’re interested in her, but don’t give away too much.

Show her that you’re confident, independent and that your life doesn’t revolve around her.

Let her wonder what you’re doing and why you’re not chasing her. Make her curious about you.

When she sees that you’re not desperate to get her attention, she’ll start to wonder why.

She’ll want to know more about you and will start to chase you instead.

2. Ignore her

Ignoring a woman is actually a great way to make her chase you.

Women naturally have a craving for attention and when they don’t get it from a certain person, they often become intrigued by that person and want to learn more.

This is why ignoring her isn’t a sign of disinterest, but rather a sign of cautious interest.

If you don’t give her all the attention she might be used to, she’ll be more motivated to make the effort to get your attention.

You’ll be able to see if she’s genuine about her feelings for you and if it’s something that can turn into something more.

most guys chasing women instead of make her chase

It’s important to remember to be tactful with this.

You can’t ignore her too much, or else you’ll just end up making her feel unimportant.

Make sure you balance out the ignoring with enough friendly interactions to show her that you’re still interested.

That way, she’ll want to make the effort to get your attention and you’ll be able to tell if she’s truly interested.

3. Withdraw all your attention after making eye contact

When you make eye contact with someone, it sends a signal that you are interested in them.

By following that up with a sudden shift away from them, you show her that you are not desperate.

This kind of playfully flirty behavior can cause a woman to become intrigued by you and make her want to know more.

girls chase confident man mentioned earlierWhen you make eye contact, look away and stop pursuing her, it can make her feel as though you are in control.

This can make her want to chase you to try to see if she can get your attention.

She won’t want to miss out on the opportunity and can be spurred on by the challenge.

By withdrawing your attention, you gain power in the interaction.

She won’t know if you are interested in her or not and this can make her feel drawn to you, creating an urge for her to pursue you.

4. Withdraw all your attention after complimenting her

Giving a woman a sincere compliment and then withdraw all your attention can be an effective way to make her want to chase you.

It’s kind of counterintuitive since you’re essentially pulling away in the moment when the connection feels strong, but it’s actually an incredibly effective strategy.

This approach works because of the way our brains are wired.

We’re naturally drawn to things that are slightly elusive rather than overly available.

By giving someone a compliment, you’ve triggered positive feelings.

When you then withdraw, their brain is left wanting more of the positive feeling and they’ll be driven to seek it again.

dating life attract women with sexual tensionAnother reason this approach works is because it creates anticipation.

The person will be wondering why you didn’t pursue the connection and it primes them to think about you and that positive feeling.

This opens the door for them to reach out and for you to create a stronger bond.

Creating this dynamic can be tricky, but it’s well worth the effort.

Withdrawing after a compliment is a subtle yet powerful way to spark someone’s interest and make them want to pursue the connection.

5. Disagree with her in a detached way

When it comes to building a strong connection with a woman, it’s often good to challenge her ideas and opinions in a detached yet meaningful way.

When you disagree in a detached way, the woman will likely feel the desire to chase you for validation, as it demonstrates your strength and ability to stand your ground.

She may become intrigued and want to learn more about your beliefs, as she recognizes that your opinion is one worth listening to.

confident men make her chase or lose interestWhen you remain aloof, confident but respectful when you disagree with her, it can spark her interest and create a sense of challenge.

It signals that you’re strong and self-assured enough that you don’t feel the need to cave in just to make her feel comfortable.

Plus, it demonstrates that you have your own opinions and won’t be swayed by hers—something that is always attractive.

In addition, women often get bored when men agree with everything they say.

Disagreement can spark the kind of animated conversation that women love because it’s stimulating and engaging—and it’s a great way to showcase wit and intelligence.

6. Make her see you with other women

If you want to make a woman want to chase after you, one technique is to let her see you with other women.

This creates a sense of competition in her mind and can make her want to compete with other women to get your attention and affections.

One way to do this is to be social in public and talk to other women in the presence of the woman you are interested in.

Keep conversation light and upbeat, and let her see that you are friendly and great with women in general.

first date many women play hard to get

In addition to making her believe that she has to work to have your attention and affections, this can also make it apparent to her that you are a desirable catch, and that other women are vying for your attention.

This can be an effective tool when it comes to making a woman want to chase after you.

7. Speak well of another woman

Showing admiration for another woman in front of your girl can make her jealous and, in turn, make her want to pursue you even more.

This is because, on a subconscious level, she will start to compare herself with the woman you admire, and she may feel the urge to try to “win” your attention.

It could be something as simple as talking about how great another woman’s hairstyle is, or how you admire her professional accomplishments.

Important: You don’t want to appear too obvious about the fact that you are trying to make her jealous, so keep it subtle.

8. Date multiple women

Dating multiple women can give you an advantage in the dating game because it shows that you have a certain level of charm and confidence that is attractive to women.

Women like men who appear to have options because it makes them feel desired and special.

When you date multiple women, you demonstrate that you’re not desperate for someone to be with, which will make them want to be with you even more.

get girls to chase you by building attraction works wonders

Be honest and upfront about your intentions.

Don’t be afraid to tell them you’re seeing other people, but be respectful and make sure to give each woman the attention she deserves.

Taking the time to get to know each woman and show her that she’s important to you can help create a strong connection between the two of you.

Finally, let them know how you feel. Women appreciate it when men are straightforward and express their feelings, so being honest and making your intentions clear can make them feel comfortable and more likely to pursue you.

9. Have your own social circle

Women are attracted to people who have a life outside their own and have a range of different relationships.

They like to see that you’re well-liked, popular, and can bring something unique and special to their lives.

Having your own social circle will show women that you’re an independent, outgoing, and confident person who is comfortable in their own skin.

You’ll convey an air of comfort and security, which is always attractive.

Not only that, but having your own social circle gives you a lot of opportunities for networking and meeting new people.

Women love to meet and connect with new people, so by having a wide circle of friends, you’ll be more likely to attract their attention.

tactical game first move on friends

Additionally, having a social circle will make you more desirable in terms of your lifestyle, showing that you’re invested in your own happiness and social life.

Overall, having your own social circle will make women want to get to know you better.

It conveys a range of positive qualities that are highly sought after, making you an intriguing and attractive person.

10. Adopt a relaxed body language

If you want women to be attracted to you, having a relaxed body language is key.

Relaxed body language projects confidence and shows that you are comfortable with yourself.

It also conveys that you don’t need anyone else to make you feel good, and that can be incredibly attractive to women.

When you have relaxed body language, start by keeping your face relaxed, looking more open with a slight smile.

Keep your posture straight and relaxed without any tension.

This combination of facial expression and posture will create a welcoming and confident vibe that will make women feel more attracted to you.

other girls start chasing dating coach

On top of that, use your body language to show that you are interested in her and don’t be afraid of a bit of physical contact.

Lean in slightly, maintain eye contact, and use hand gestures to tell stories and emphasize your points.

This will make the conversation flow more naturally and be more engaging.

By adopting a relaxed body language and showing interest, you will become more attractive to women and make them want to chase you.

11. Don’t be reactive

If you want women to chase you, it’s important to refrain from being reactive.

Reactive behavior means instantly responding to the moment without considering the consequences of your actions.

Taking the time to remain in control and thoughtfully consider your response will demonstrate to women that you are confident and in control of your emotions, which is very attractive to women.

good listeners get girls to chase

Instead of automatically reacting in a certain way, you stay in control and grounded.

Taking a beat before responding allows you to show respect for yourself and others, demonstrating that you are emotionally intelligent.

Non-reactivity also allows you to make conscious decisions about how you engage with others and the world.

This means that instead of automatically assuming the worst or attending to others’ emotions, you have the opportunity to choose how you interact.

Women are drawn to men who have an awareness of themselves and the space they occupy, which is only possible with a sense of non-reactivity.

12. Use your body language to make her feeling rejected

Using body language to make a woman feel rejected can be a powerful tool for drawing her closer to you if done correctly.

This could include facing away from her, not making eye contact, not reacting to her efforts to get your attention, or even leaning back in your chair and folding your arms.

These subtle but critical moves tell her that you are unapproachable and that she is not completely accepted.

This can ignite a “rejection-chase” dynamic that often endear women to the man who seems uninterested.

spend time with only person genuinely interested

Women are naturally drawn to men they perceive as hard to get.

By showing her that you’re standoffish or uninterested, you’re increasing the challenge and creating a sort of “rejection-chase” dynamic.

This will make her feel like she has to work for your attention and approval and make her want to keep chasing you.

13. Use reverse psychology

Reverse psychology works by helping you create a little bit of mystery and intrigue around yourself and your relationship.

By using a subtle ‘I don’t need you’ attitude, you can often push a woman to try and prove her worth to you, rather than the other way around.

For example, if you’re on a date, don’t gush over everything she says or does.

Be a little more reserved about expressing your enthusiasm, and let her think you’re not quite as interested as she’d hoped.

This can make her want to work harder to prove that she can win you over.

how to make her chase you and avoid the friend zone

On the flip side, avoid pushing her away with too much aloofness.

A little bit of mystery can be effective, but if you take it too far, she may end up feeling shut out where she should feel welcome.

At the end of the day, reverse psychology can be a useful tool when it comes to finding lasting love.

Just use it sparingly, making sure to keep a balance between intrigue and warmth.

14. Don’t send her messages immediately

Sending messages to women right away, especially those messages that try too hard to impress, can potentially have a negative effect on your chances of getting a response.

The key is to build tension and anticipation.

That’s why it’s important to wait to message a woman until you have something of value to say.

For example, if a woman expresses interest in a topic you’re knowledgeable about, don’t jump to reply right away.

Wait a few hours (or even days) and then send a thoughtful message that demonstrates you understand her point of view and can add something to the conversation.

When done right, this can create the kind of intrigue and interest that will make her want to reach out to you.

beautiful woman nice guy key pointersIt’s also important to know how to handle a conversation once it gets started.

Keep conversations light, respectful, and fun.

Don’t be pushy or overly aggressive with your messaging.

Move the conversation forward slowly and be sure to leave some things unresolved so she’ll want to keep talking with you to learn more.

Ultimately, by taking your time, you can create a situation in which the woman feels a need to chase you.

15. Keep your texts short

Keeping your texts short can be a great way to make a woman want to chase you.

For two reasons:

1) Short messages leave a lot of room for mystery and intrigue. If you keep your texts short and to the point, she’ll be left with a lot of questions and she’ll be more likely to text you back and keep the conversation going.

2) Short messages show that you’re busy and important, so higher status.

So instead of sending her long walls of texts like desperate guys do, keep your texts short.

16. Don’t desperately try to make the conversation

When you don’t try to continue the conversation, you’re showing her that you don’t need her or her attention.

That you don’t need anyone to make your life complete.

And when a woman realizes this, she will usually find it irresistible, making her want to be the one to make it complete even more.

So how do you achieve this?

Well, when she starts talking, don’t be too quick to respond.

Let her do the talking, and when it’s your turn, speak in short, concise sentences.

huge difference make her chase you

Show her that you have a life outside of her, and that you don’t need her to be happy.

This will give her an irresistible urge to chase you and stay in your life.

Try it out and see what happens.

17. Gently push her away

Pushing a woman away can make her want to chase you as a man.

This is a concept based in human psychology known as “reciprocal pursuit”.

Essentially, what this means is that if you show a slight lack of interest in a woman, she will likely become more interested in you.

This reaction is an automatic response in humans, and it is a natural instinct that tells us to pursuit someone when we feel like we are being rejected.

how to get girls to chase by pulling back

So, don’t be afraid to be a little aloof and distant with a woman.

Give her some space, but still treat her with respect.

Show her that you’re interested, but don’t be overly attentive.

This subtle balance can create an attraction between the two of you that will make her want to chase you.

It’s a simple psychological trick, but it can be very effective in helping you create an exciting and rewarding relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

➡️ How do you make her chase you through text?

Here are five little tips to make women chase you through text:

1. Don’t be too available or responsive. If you always respond instantly or drop whatever you’re doing when she texts, she won’t feel the need to pursue you.

2. Be mysterious. Don’t disclose too much information in your texts and respond with just enough content to keep her guessing.

3. Show your interest. Let her know that you’re interested in her but don’t be overbearing; let her know that you’re interested without being pushy.

4. Challenge her. Ask her interesting questions that make her think, or playfully tease her to keep the conversation lively.

5. Don’t be too predictable. Vary your responses, and throw in a few surprises. Keep her guessing and wondering what you’ll say next.

➡️ How to make my wife chase me again?

To make your wife chase you again, use the tips listed above in the article.

Act aloof most of the time, without (and this is key) giving the impression that you’re sulking (otherwise you’d seem way too invested in her emotionally, which would make her feel that you’re under her control…and would kill any desire she might have to pursue you).

➡️ How do you know if she wants you to chase her?

If she wants you to chase her, she’ll show signs of interest and then pull away.

She’ll flirt with you, then act distant.

She might give you signals like eye contact, smiles, and lingering touches, then disappear.

She’ll text or call you inconsistently, leaving you wondering what she’s thinking.

She may also give you subtle hints that she wants you to make the move to demonstrate your interest.

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