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In the meantime, I’ve prepared a little presentation of myself so that you can learn a bit more about the person who created this website:

I’ve evolved considerably since the time I discovered the universe of game.

More than I could have imagined in the beginning.

I traveled a lot over the past few years, especially in Russia, where I’ve been able to improve my game quite a lot (and, more importantly, my ability to convey solidity and masculinity).

In those places, women did not forgive some seduction mistakes that I regularly committed in Western countries.

Despite the power of seduction I managed to acquire back then thanks to years of practice and research, something was lacking.

When I tried to pick up women there for the first time, it was a double blow to my ego.

Sometimes I almost felt like a little kid they were making fun of.

With girls in Western countries, picking them up had almost become a piece of cake: for me, it was just enough to talk to them, tease them a bit, and the trick was done.

With women in Eastern Europe, it was different.

They were looking for more.

They were looking for something I had completely put aside: pure masculinity.

And why hadn’t I worked on it before?

Simply because I had been under the impression that I didn’t really need it to attract girls in my country of origin (in reality, I wasn’t even aware that I could develop it).

And what I’m talking about here isn’t big muscles or other purely visual features of masculinity.

For masculinity is much more than that.

In France (my country of origin), I had mainly focused on my social seduction power: my conversational skills and my ability to convey high social status.

But not on what really matters with male-female attraction: authentic masculinity.

Sure, high social status is attractive. But it will only take you so far. It’s a secondary attraction trigger.

I’m not saying that it isn’t important; far from it. Just that it’s not the first criterion when it comes to sexually arousing a woman.

The most important criterion, the “primary” criterion, is your masculinity.

It’s the masculine energy you give off.

For it is your masculinity that is going to elicit an irresistible urge in women to jump on you and sleep with you.

And since nowadays men in many Western countries do nothing to develop their masculinity (quite the contrary, unfortunately: we are witnessing a feminization of society), we tend to think that the most important thing is how socially skilled we are: being able to have good conversations with others, showing that we have lots of friends, fancying up, and so on.

A typical women thing ;).

Those skills are useful, and I don’t regret having developed them (if I had to do it again, I would without hesitation). But like I said, they only account for second-level attraction.

First-level attraction, which is what matters the most, is your authentic masculinity.

It’s the authentic masculine energy you give off.

And when I ventured out in Eastern Europe for the first time, only armed with second-level attraction techniques, I was rapidly disillusioned.

I wasn’t prepared for the frosty reception some alpha women had reserved for me.

I had to completely overhaul the way I did things.

And I had to develop this aspect of my game I had put aside, along with so many guys nowadays: pure masculinity.

And if you think that developing this facet of my game only helped me attract women in Eastern Europe, you’re wrong.

It has helped me get some astonishing results in Western countries as well.

In order to attract real women—that is to say very feminine women (not “feminist” women, feminine women, don’t misunderstand me ;))—I had to revisit the basics of my communication.

I had to revisit the basics of what I considered attractive.

I had to practice again, observe, understand some things, take interest in some specific facets of female psychology…

It took me quite a long time.

But in the end, it paid off.

It allowed me to develop this aspect of my game I had put aside like never before: pure MASCULINITY.


And again, it goes way beyond physical features.

The key is to develop a complete solidity.

It’s to be fully, integrally solid.

Mentally, verbally, gesturally, ideologically, physically…

When you have developed this authentic masculinity, this complete solidity, you look at the world differently.

And people look at you differently.

And obviously, women look at you differently.

They are naturally attracted to the man you are.

You don’t even need to make an effort anymore.

And, like I said above, it works all around the world, for women remain women no matter where they’re from.

When I came back to France afterwards, sealing the deal with girls had become much more natural and easier for me than before.

The authentic masculinity I had developed and my new way of communicating had made the process a piece a cake.

By mixing this ability to give off a strong masculine vibe with the concepts I had learned in the first place, my competition had become almost nonexistent.

Sealing the deal had become ridiculously simple, as if I had used a cheat code.

Because I focused on what really mattered.

I had developed an authentic and solid masculine aura.

I had learned how to make women feel my true masculinity.

That made me the number one choice for the women I met, be it at a party, at work, at various events, and so forth.

I had fully grasped how male-female attraction worked.

I mastered its most crucial aspects…which are unfortunately ignored or overlooked by most guys.

And everything I’ve had the opportunity to discover over the past few years, I share with you through the articles I publish on my blog and the emails I send you.

All of this will allow you to go much farther than all those two-bit players who solely focus on secondary attraction criteria.

It’ll allow you to communicate in an authentic and truly attractive way.

By being yourself.

Without feeling the need to take roundabout ways or to desperately try to prove your value.

You’re going to embody a naturally attractive archetype.

But an archetype of your own, and thus unique.

Developing an authentic masculinity will make you surpass yourself.

You’re going to build yourself as a man.

You’re going to focus on what really matters.

And when you’ve built yourself up as a man, when you’ve developed a genuine masculinity, you become much more able to address the challenges facing you.

And as you might guess, this goes way beyond picking up girls.

Developing a genuine masculinity is going to help you in pretty much all areas of your life.

And you’re going to discover how you can do this soon enough with what I’m going to share with you on my blog and my newsletter.

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See you soon ;).